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#TankTuesday #ColdWar #Tanks #History - While Germany's Leopard 2 MBT differs from Leopard 1, it's the longest production tank "brand" I know. Leopard 1 debuted ~1965. 55+ years later, Leopard 2 is still in service. Not sure when production ended. Great clip from @PhilLoder!
@PhilLoder 2/ Germany's stunning 65-ton #Leopard2PL modernizes 142 slab turret L/44 120mm Leopard 2A4 #tanks inside and out for Poland. Dziękuję @r116440 @RyszardJonski @1WBPanc.
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We are attending @ComeniusUni's debate on EU-Russia relations in the wake of #WarinUkraine 👉 we'll enjoy interventions from TEPSA Chairperson Lucia Mokrá, @_PaulSchmidt (@oegfe), and Aliaksei Kazharski

We'll also be highlighting the best bits here on Twitter, as always

This event takes place in the framework of our upcoming book "Russia and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals", published by @SpringerNature and edited by @MichaelKaeding (@unidue), @JohannesPollak (@WebsterVienna), and @_PaulSchmidt (@oegfe)

.@_PaulSchmidt introduces the book, describing it as a "journey through the political diversity of Europe [...] you will find out that geography, history, politics, economics, all have a role in defining a country's relations to #Russia"

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(1/ ) Let's talk #MoskvaWarship , aka #MoskvaSunk ! So, there has been a lot of false information and a lot of rumours about this sinking, but there has also been a clear consistent thread of information throughout the entire reporting of the incident which can clearly
(2/ ) be seen in a coherent way. Let's look at what's been reported and try to construct a plausible scenario from it.… First of all, let's review the article from Naval News showing satellite imagery of the Moskva in flames. At least one vessel is
(3/ ) standing by to the south. Early reporting by the Ukrainians claimed the #AdmiralEssen had been hit as well. This may have conflated an incident from April 3rd, or that frigate's engagement with a TB.2 on April 11/12, the day before the battle in which the #Moskva was hit.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4648: Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin in Beijing — Putin is off his game.

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #EmotionalIntelligence #BarackObama #VladimirPutin
2/ This image of Vladimir Putin, in conversation with President Obama, was taken in November of 2014 in Beijing at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit.

(Photo Credit: Pete Souza)
3/ We cannot see President Obama's face, but Putin's expression is uncharacteristically emotional. This degree of public display — particularly from Putin — is rare from the leader of a country.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4647: When Barack Obama went toe-to-toe with Vladimir Putin in Normandy

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #EmotionalIntelligence #BarackObama #VladimirPutin
2/ On 6 June 2014, President Obama and Vladimir Putin met in Normandy as part of the commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.
3/ The above image was taken by Pete Souza. Souza is a photojournalist and the former Chief Official White House Photographer — for both Presidents Ronald Reagan as well as Barack Obama.
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#AnyQuestions “With rising energy costs, should we be exploiting our gas and oil reserves?”

@EdwardJDavey “The truth is that price of gas/oil is set globally so even if we produce more it won’t help. Good news is renewables can cut people’s bills.” #CostOfLivingCrisis
@RobertJenrick argues that Govt are helping people with #CostOfLivingCrisis.

@EdwardJDavey “This is just a swindle! The chancellor is telling you, Robert just repeated it, that he’s cutting taxes. He’s not, he’s shoving yr taxes up…conservatives have completely lost the plot!”
“There should be visa free access to our country for #Ukranian refugees. No visas! Says @EdwardJDavey

“We allow wealthy people from over 50 countries to enter 🇬🇧 visa free, with no security checks…. Why can’t we allow Ukrainian mothers and children fleeing Putin’s bombs?”
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El jefe de #Chechenia, #RamzanKadyrov, discutiendo la operación especial en #Ucrania, pidió al líder #ruso, #VladimirPutin, que permita que los militares terminen lo que comenzaron. Habló sobre esto en un mensaje de video en su canal de #Telegram.
“Nosotros los guerreros no estamos de acuerdo con estas negociaciones, con estos acuerdos, pero esta es la voluntad política, tenemos al presidente para esto, como él dice, así debe ser, somos los soldados que estamos luchando, lo hacemos no pretendemos dar marcha atrás,
y hacemos un llamado a la dirección del Estado en la persona del presidente, para que nos dejen terminar lo que él empezó. Estamos felices de apoyar y defender, estamos limpiando #Ucrania de esta gente de Bandera ”, enfatizó #Kadyrov.
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1. One of the strange features of #German-#Russian relations during the last 20 years was the physical contact of German politicians with #Putin & Co. To be sure, similar photographs of #VladimirPutin hugging Berlusconi, Modi, Macron, & other non-German leaders exist too.
2. But the range of politicians on both sides who, over the years, went beyond diplomatic handshakes is surprising. One suspects continuation of a #KGB practice in these physical approaches from the Russian side.
@RusVerstehen @deruforum @russlandRU @TerekMedia @Konflikt_Sicher
3. Yet one wonders why various German politicians, like Matthias Platzek below, would allow or even initiate such embarrassing scenes with representatives of an authoritarian regime. Political instinct & expert advice should have warned German politicians against such encounters.
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Sanctioned Russian oligarchs are getting serenaded by the world’s smallest violin as the EU, UK, and US band together to seize their assets. #RussiaInvadedUkraine
In his State of the Union earlier this month, President Biden promised oligarchs that the West would “seize your yachts, your luxury apartments, your private jets". #RussiaInvadedUkraine
And so far…

Superyachts owned by Russia’s business elites have been impounded in Italy, France, Spain, and the UK territory of Gibraltar. #RussiaInvadedUkraine
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This ⬆️ has no doubt happened because #VladimirPutin has instructed his military leaders in the field to commit atrocities against #Ukraine citizens as a means to demoralize them. Take note,…
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#Rusya devletine ait bir TV kanalının editörü Marina Ovsyannikova, dün akşam en çok izlenen #haber programının canlı yayınına çıkarak "#Savaş'ı durdurun!" diye bağırdı ve habercinin arkasından, üstünde "Size burada #yalan söylüyorlar" yazan bir pankartı kameraya tuttu.
'Kanal 1' editörü Ovsyannikova ayrıca önceden bir #video kaydetmiş, bu videoda #Putin'i savaştan sorumlu tutuyor ve Rus devlet televizyonunda yaptığı çalışmalardan dolayı #Rus halkından özür diliyor.
Tercümesi: "#Ukrayna'da yapılanlar bir suçtur ve saldırgan #Rusya'dır. Bu saldırganlığın sorumluluğu tek bir adama aittir: #VladimirPutin. Babam Ukraynalı, annem #Rus ve hiçbir zaman düşman olmadılar. Bu kolye [gösteriyor] #Rusya bu kardeş katli savaşını durdurmalı."
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Thanks for FINALLY “upping the ante”, @jensstoltenberg !!! #VladimirPutin is like a 2yr-old throwing a temper-tantrum. What he needs now is NOT soothing (diplomatic) words BUT CLEAR LIMITS set by adult thinkers. THOSE YOU SET BELOW ARE CRYSTAL CLEAR.
.@KremlinRussia_E Do let me extract subtext of Jens’ announcement for you: attack or harm any @NATO material support convoys headed towards or already in #Ukraine️ or any @NATO material storage places anywhere within territory of @NATO Alliance & @NATO WILL IMMEDIATELY RETALIATE
Come to think it through that statement by @jensstoltenberg probably explains the sad scramble over the delivery of those polish planes yesterday, @AVindman, no? NOW that he has put that clear warning statement out, I am sure @ZelenskyyUa will receive the planes ASAP!🛩🛩🛩🙏🤞🏻👌
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Actualmente disponemos de 5 documentales en las plataformas @NetflixES @MovistarPlus y @PrimeVideoES que permiten aproximarnos, directa e indirectamente, a la personalidad y trayectoria política de Vladimir Putin y al conflicto con Ucrania. #VladimirPutin
En @MovistarPlus: “Putin: de espía a presidente”. Miniserie documental de tres episodios. Dirigido por Nick Green en 2020

Episodio 1: El ascenso de Putin
Episodio 2: Enemigos y traidores
Episodio 3: La política de Putin
En @PrimeVideoES disponemos actualmente de tres documentales sobre Putin:

1- “Los testigos de Putin”( 2018): A través del material de archivo personal,Vitaly Mansky nos descubre las causas y consecuencias de la “Operación Sucesor”,entramado político que llevó al poder a Putin.
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El viaje del primer ministro de #Israel, @naftalibennett, durante la mañana de shabat para entrevistarse con Vladimir Putin provocó una ola de consultas ¿Puede el PM profanar el shabat? ¿Debe recibir autorización para ello? ¿Es correcto lo que hizo? Sale #hilo. #Ucrania #Rusia
Naftali Bennett encabeza el trigésimo sexto gobierno y es la décimo tercera persona en ocupar el cargo. Es el más jóven en llegar al puesto (49 años) después de Netanyahu (quien asumió a los 47). Pero marcó un hito en la historia del país: es el primer PM judío observante.
Según el mismo declara, se identifica con la corriente ortodoxa moderna, viste la tradicional kipá, come #kosher y respeta las reglas del shabat. Estás últimas tienen como objeto evitar los trabajos creativos para encauzar dicho día hacía lo familiar y lo espiritual.
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In May 2020 a “freedom” anti mask, anti infection control, anti restriction movement began called KBF. Simon Dolan was leading it? Remember this Monaco millionaire who gave a shit about chavs & idiots freedom? #RussianMoney #antivaxxers…
But as tens of thousands died he and his bandits including Anna Brees who tagged Simon’s PR company PHA media were filming “empty hospitals” telling you there was no pandemic. I mentioned #Gazprom & Simon KBF Dolan didn’t I?…
Incidentally Sikora was by Dolan & suddenly was appearing in the media soothsaying. Dubbed “professor positive” Until we shared his horrid Anti nhs video. He works for private healthcare. Healthcare America or HCA for short. Here’s the video again..
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#FakeNews alert!!!⚠️
#FactCheck: No, #Russian president #VladimirPutin didn't praised PM Imran Khan and announced to sign an Oil pipeline deal.

We did a fact check and found the subtitles to be edited on a video by Guardian news

#UkraineRussianWar #russianinvasion
Claim: Russian President Vladimir Putin in a press conference praised PM Imran Khan & will sign a major oil pipeline deal”.

Fact: Vladimir Putin did not announced to visit Pakistan to sign an oil pipeline deal. The subtitles have been edited to praise current government.
On Feb 27-28, 2022, multiple SM users shared a clip of Vladimir Putin speaking in a press conference saying "This week I hosted the Prime Minister of Pakistan, a brave man..... and soon I will visit Pakistan to sign a major pipeline deal.”
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From January, but still relevant...

A little background from @LeeSmithDC…

"#VladimirPutin didn’t need the green light that #JoeBiden gave Russian forces during his marathon press conference last Thursday for a “minor incursion” into Ukraine.

The Russian president already knew the U.S. commander in chief couldn’t stop him even if he wanted to.
Sure, Putin has seen the polling and knows foreign entanglements won’t help a Democrat hemorrhaging support from his own party.
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#VladimirPutin / #Putin

Vision, politics and strategy for a better world

Listen first, then judge ⬇️

#journalism =

long thread ⬇️⬆️
Oscar®-winning filmmaker #OliverStone unprecedented access to the Russian president #VladimirPutin in 12 interviews over 2 years, no topic off-limits.




Watch #Ukraine on Fire:
The Real Story

Full Documentary by #OliverStone (Original English version)…

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According to the students, with each passing day, things are getting worse. In the first few days, they could hear only gunshots.…
One of Modi’s fiercest critics, West Bengal CM #MamataBanerjee extended her ‘unconditional support’ to the PM while keeping aside ‘domestic disagreements’ in this period of crisis.
"The main assurance for the safety of Indian students in Ukraine can only be given by Putin,” #Ukraine’s Ambassador to New Delhi Igor Polikha said.…
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4635: Ron Johnson, Moscow, and the 4th of July
#VladimirPutin #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #Moscow #Russia #RonJohnson #NonverbalCommunication
2/ I'm sure you remember back in the summer of 2018, over the July 4th Holiday — when Seven U.S. Senators and One Congress Person traveled to Moscow to meet with Russian foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov.
3/ The Seven US Senators were Ron Johnson (R-WI), John Kennedy (R-LA), Richard Shelby (R-AL), Steve Daines (R-MT), John Hoeven (R-ND), John Thune (R-SD), and Jerry Moran (R-KS) — and the one US House member was Kay Granger (R-TX).

Note all of these politicians are Republicans.
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GREAT WATCH! US makes #Nebenzya read his own expulsion notice from UN & that of 11 of his colleagues = retaliation for #Putin diabolically declaring war on Ukraine at the very moment that at UNSC his ambassador #Nebenzya was chairing a meeting on Ukraine!
NB: villainous #Nebenzya lies until his end: journalists ask him if he knows who is on the list & what they’re are being kicked out for & he replies that he does not! #Nebenzya , treacherous arsehole: GAME OVER! We don’t forgive. we don’t forget. You should have expected US! 😆😁
PS: #Nebenzya also lies in hia replies about the reason for the expulsions which US has clearly indicated is SPYING. Finally, he has the nerve to claim that this step that US has taken is in contradiction to the Host Country agreement of the UN & to the Geneva Convention rights.
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Switzerland adopts EU sanctions against Russia…
Ok, so above is a truly boring legal document but here the fun bit (initially from @RFERL website): The announcement came as Russia's mission in Geneva announced that Lavrov @mfa_russia , who had been scheduled travel to the Swiss city on 1/3 to address UN Human Rights Council
had been forced to cancel his trip due to the sanctions imposed by EU countries! 😁😆😂🤣😉 So with his foreign minister effectively now on a ‘no fly’ list and his UN ambassador Nebenzia effectively personna non grata in NY because of his demonically bad behaviour there on 23/2…
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🔵#Hilo | La decisión de #Putin de preparar el arsenal #nuclear para una mayor capacidad de reacción provocó la condena de #EEUU y la #OTAN. La #GuerraEnUcrania supone un terremoto para toda #Europa y las ondas sísmicas se extienden hasta #España. +Claves⬇️
▶️La estrategia de #VladimirPutin de "escalar para desescalar" llega tras ver frustrada su ofensiva militar.
▶️#Rusia aumentó sus amenazas tras las sanciones económicas de #EEUU, la #UE y otros aliados.
▶️¿Qué consecuencias trae la #GuerraRusiaUcrania?👇
▶️El alza de precios es la 1ª consecuencia del conflicto.
▶️El repunte del gas y el petróleo refuerza la espiral inflacionista.
▶️La incertidumbre puede elevar los costes de financiación.
@pablocerezal, @MiguelValverde4 y @gtrindadearias vía #Expansioncom.
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