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"With the lockdowns implemented worldwide, each of us should possess an increased understanding of the suffering of Julian Assange."
It’s been over eleven years since war crimes were revealed by Wikileaks and still the only persons punished for it have been the publisher who exposed the evidence and the whistleblower, Chelsea Manning, who leaked the documents.
Despite successfully placing millions of documents important to the public interest, in the public record, many people hold a negative view of Julian Assange. It wasn’t always like that. In 2011, it was the People who saved him from being illegally taken from the Embassy.
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The #FreeAssange bus has arrived
#FreeAssange The world is watching
Aboard the #FreeAssange bus
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Robert Miller

Formerly called Number Six, I was held in a government facility for resigning from #MI6 after learning about a #depopulation programme code-named The #NewNormal.
Starsailoress @k_helca
aka @SnowdogChampion

Formerly called @Wicked_Nikita, I was held in @Rijksoverheid @Defensie facility for trying to report #MH17 & #TORTURE of Julian #Assange, after learning about #WarOnRussia 1st🚩falseflag above #Biden's #Ukraine
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Comment: I've not exactly been in denial of our reality.
Yet I have been dismissive of much as it has arisen.
Take absolute heap!

But, I may have missed the boat to pushback on the realty here-and-now?

The quality of arrived matters of government and more

in matters of our and international politics. Of Covid handling. Of now surpressive tactics on our selves. Of the omissions or censoring... propaganda and control

I was surprised after January 6th the USA didn't literally meltdown. Here UK were kicking back too now. Infact

around the Western democracies we see distrust of governmental leans by large swaths of us.
Still, I see in the wings entities wanting society to fall. To then step in and say, lead.

I don't go this.
Nor do I go current leans in Western govs.

I'm utterly a decentralised
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When a friend creates a video for you😇 @thecure
We used to have @pinkfloyd parties at Dean's wall.. when @YouTube was YouTube, not taken over by @Google, that signed a contract with the @CIA, so watch out if you use @gmail 😂 #BigBrother watching

Julian #Assange in #Room101
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Hunt joined @Citi as VP #mortgage unit. It looked like gr8 career move. Housing market booming & NYC- based bank, then 6th-largest lender in USA, was ® 3.5% of all home loans. She supervised 65 mortgage underwriters at her #CitiMortgage HQ

📨 @rogerwaters
💰 31 million 😸 @catturd2
NYC📍 @rogerwaters

I searched "Pros and Cons of whistleblowing" on Tw

Julian #Assange could use #Money🎤 🎹 like that


"Woman who couldn't be intimidated by #Citigroup wins 31 million"…
#ProsAndConsOfHitchhiking thread with @catturd2™ & @rogerwaters. Mainly 100% me talking. This about a @pinkfloyd song. RIP🍃Syd.

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@arendtiana @JohnnyVedmore @DenisS0rn @_whitneywebb Some 'jerk off' @CNN reporter finds & interviews #OsamabinLaden & his lesdership, and then @cnnbrk

"Bin Laden will attack
USA & #Israel"

#911Truth RIP #BillCooper
@arendtiana @JohnnyVedmore @DenisS0rn @_whitneywebb @CNN @cnnbrk #911Truth👆
#Bush #SkullAndBones

In Johnny's article, #KlausSchwab is having breakfast in NYC on the morning of 9/11 at a synagoge with a Rabi, ex- World Jewish Congress, or so, watching the scheduled
9/11 show

Carte blanche for #GreatReset & #NewNormal
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#MH17 #NATO #Israel
1st falseflag #WarOnRussia
Brzezinski scipt

✈🚀🚢 🚔
Subpoena #USSVellaGulf


RIP Prof. #JoepLange

📨 @PieterOmtzigt
📖 #MH17
📨 @SaskiaBelleman


📨 @mfa_russia @Dpol_un
📨 @rusembassynl

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Worldwide ppl demand #JulianAssange is freed on the 2yr anniversary of his kidnapping

11 APRIL 2021
LA 12h
DC 12h
LONDON 10-16h 🚌
LONDON 11.30-16h 📢

& more tbc

10-11 APRIL 2021
Sunset/Gower 12h
@CBS bldg⏯️ Hollywood Blvd⏯️
@CNN bldg.

@action_4assange @SlowNewsDayShow @drgloryjjjjj958

11 APRIL 2021
UK Consulate 11am

(2nd/47th Streets)

Rally and press conference for the international day of action for #JulianAssange

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@catturd2 Enjoy the radio show😸
@catturd2 😸R😸o😸g😸e😸r😸

💌 @rogerwaters💎

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#DollyParton 🐏Dolly

#CovidVaccine Side Effects of 2nd Dose! What its like to get #COVID19 #Vaccine. He was lucky😂enough to receive #Moderna💉 via employer. He experienced numerous Covid symptoms during this process. Not easy & it was not fun, but he thinks it was worth😂it!
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Nobel Peace Prize nomination deadline is 31 January.

Nominations are themselves protective, but a win would be so politically protective it would very likely secure Julian's freedom.

See thread for:
Who can nominate
Example nominations
Why Julian should win
Who can nominate?

University Professors
Members of Parliament
Members of Government
Current Heads of State
Directors of Peace Institutes

If you don't fit the criteria, convince someone who does, draft it for them.

Full list:…

Note: Deadline 31 January
I'll be adding to this thread until the Nobel Peace Prize nomination deadline on 31 January. The thread is simply a guide of possible elements to mention.

Nominations are made through an online form on the Norwegian Nobel Committee's website.

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Kapitalismus heißt Krieg und Krieg heißt Propaganda. ImageImageImageImage
Kapitalismus in der Krise heißt Faschismus. Die Superreichen sind die Faschismus-Macher. Auch Hitler wurde durch das Kapital an die Macht gebracht und diente seinen Interessen, was das Kapital vergessen machen will.
Kapitalismus heißt permanenter Klassenkampf von oben, ständige wachsende Umverteilung nach oben und immer größeren Massenarmut in mitten größtem Reichtums.
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Du bist weder links, noch progressiv, noch liberal, noch demokratisch, noch ein "guter Mensch", wenn du für Zensur bist. Zensur dient immer nur den Herrschenden
Alle die jetzt Zensur, Vorsicht Fakenews&Verschwörungstheorie schreien&Gesinnungswächter spielen dienen dem Großkapital
Wer entscheidet heute über den Sinn und den Nutzen von Corona-Maßnahmen? Die, die die Interessen aller Menschen im Blick haben oder die, die die Interessen der herrschenden Superreichen und ihrer Pharmaprofite im Blick haben.
Wer entscheidet heute darüber, was Fakenews und Verschwörungstheorien sind? Die, die die Interessen aller Menschen im Blick haben oder die, die die Interessen der herrschenden Superreichen im Blick haben?
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Lots of journalists are currently writing stories ahead of the court's decision on Monday about Julian's US extradition.

What backgrounders (articles or videos) about #Assangecase would you recommend they read?

This is an excellent 'What's the big picture?' summary by @ggreenwald with @suigenerisjen and @Sulliview

This is also very informative with @bartongellman @rebecca_vincent @ewenmacaskill

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Julian helped jail pedophiles in Australia in the 1990s. He also helped Icelandic police convict Sigurdur Thordarson on multiple counts of child abuse. One of Thordarson's child victims committed suicide. (Thread)

Thordarson went on his child abuse crime spree while working as an informant for the US government. At his trial, he was diagnosed as a psychopath by the court-appointed psychiatrist. He was also convicted of forgery and fraud against numerous businesses and @wikileaks.
After Thordarson was released from prison in Iceland, the US government flew him to Washington DC again, where he became the "star witness" against #Assange. The US government gets someone who will say and do anything. Thordarson takes revenge on the man who put him in prison.
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