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1/14)#Uranium #mining #stocks have been thrashed by global market meltdown⏬ but U #investing thesis👨‍🏫 is most bullish in 4 decades!🤠🐂 This🧵will bring U up to speed🏇 on how a record U supply deficit⤵️⛏️ is colliding💥 with a global #Nuclear #Energy Renaissance⤴️🌞🏗️⚛️ 🌊🏄‍♀️👇2
2)Entering 2022, #Nuclear fuel consultants UxC & TradeTech estimated 200M lbs of #Uranium demand versus just 135M lbs of mined supply🔀 for a ~65M lbs primary deficit.↕️ #Nuclear utilities are drawing down inventory & relying on ~20M lbs of Secondary Supply to fill the gap.⛏️👇3
3)But then #Russia invaded #Ukraine🪖 turning global #Nuclear fuel market on its head.🙃 Russia's 39% of global enriched #Uranium, 27% conversion & 14% of mined U supply have been disrupted by US & EU sanctions, shipping bans & self-sanctioning by western utilities🇷🇺⚛️⛏️⛔️🇺🇸🇪🇺👇4
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#energy is life; and is the foundation upon which complex industrial civilization is built. Our #EnergyCrisis has begun; and we face the slide into #Collapse as that foundation crumbles.
#OPEC reveals production declines for May 2022.…
The #Diesel crisis won't be fixed by new refining capacity.…
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1/19) #Uranium - a Tutorial👨‍🏫 walking U thru the #Nuclear fuel cycle, what it is, the stages & issues involved, so U can understand the term that has every Uranium investor smacking their lips today: Overfeeding!😋 Here's a thread that I hope gives U some key insights.🌞⚛️⛏️🧵👇2
2) #Uranium is a very different fuel than #coal & #gas that are burned "as is" in #electricity power plants.🏭⚡️ #Nuclear reactor fuel needs to be specially processed & then loaded into fuel rods that are then loaded into reactors to generate #CarbonFree electricity.🌞⚛️⚡️👇3
3) Mined #Uranium⛏️ is processed into drums of Yellow Cake #U3O8🛢️ that in the west are shipped🚢🚛 to plants in Canada, US & France for "Conversion" into a new form called #UF6 which is then shipped in cylinders🚛 to plants in US & Europe for "Enrichment" into reactor fuel.⚛️👇4
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A reminder that Nicola Sturgeon is on board with the 'New World Order'. She is no nationalist. She works for the globalists. This horrible woman would not think twice about completely destroying Scotland in order to please her globalist masters. She has already started doing it.
Sold her soul. #ResignSturgeon
Her government is normalising and glorifying porn to Scottish school kids 🤬 This is something being pushed by the globalists and being implemented by many governments. Especially in the West.
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#Africa #Algeria #Spain #UE

"Crise entre l'Algérie et l'Espagne: l'Union européenne avertit Alger"…
La sortie des responsables de l'UE a vite fait réagir la mission de l’Algérie auprès de l’UE. Par voie de communiqué, la mission algérienne « déplore la précipitation avec laquelle la Commission Européenne a réagi sans consultation préalable, ni vérification aucune,
.. auprès du gouvernement algérien, à la suspension par l’Algérie d’un traité politique bilatéral avec un partenaire européen, en l’occurrence l’Espagne, sans s’assurer que cette mesure n’affecte ni directement, ni indirectement ses engagements contenus
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The @EnR_Network held its first in person meeting in over 2 years in #Lisbon. After a first day of fruitful discussion on collaborative action between Energy Agencies, today, the network held a seminar on #energy and #water #efficiency at national and local levels.
The President of @EnR_Network, @nelsonlage highlighted the role of energy agencies in the #GreenTransition, as enabling agents acting between international and local level, to balance the three dimensions of the #EnergyTrilemma: Security Affordability #Sustainability
Sec of State @Joaogalamba described the vision for national-local level governance towards #NetZero in 2050: "energy agencies work to mobilize local authorities, economic players, and citizens to fight #ClimateCrisis, to foster cities’ pivotal role to deliver the #EUGreenDeal"
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Every day is a groundhog day when it comes to the #EU banning Russian oil.
The fact that EU reps have been talking about banning Russian oil every day for 3 months, while each time claiming unity and consensus, means they're unable to enforce a total ban
But even a partial ban, which these fools are trying to enforce without having laid out in advance any alternatives, is a foolish thing to do. The #EU is ruled by dangerous bureaucrats. #Russia #Ukraine
Belgian PM: "Your foreign policy can only survive if your middle class is still able to defend it...Having the buy-in from our population is an important thing because I fear we're in for a long period of instability & we need to make sure that people are not suffering too much"
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"Europe’s concerns have changed since #Russia invaded #Ukraine and the West responded with sanctions. In just a few weeks, energy security has eclipsed the climate crisis."…
"Three months into the invasion, the energy war being fought far from Ukraine already has its winners and losers. The #EU, and #Germany in particular, clearly fall into the loser category." #Ukraine #Russia
"The #EU has made 2 mistakes...The 1st is haste to reduce its dependence on Russian gas...without securing a reliable & affordable alternative... (relying) in the short term on LNG...imported from US, Australia & Qatar in tankers (each holds abt enough to supply France for 1day)"
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Asian coal cracking to new highs today.Sri Lanka is bankrupt and has only one day of fuel, Senegal out of jet fuel, Nigeria etc..the Biden administration’s energy policy can no longer be set by small NGOs and well-meaning green kids…we better issue executive order suspending 1/4
The Jones Act, greenlight the Keystone pipeline, and begin permitting LNG export facilities again FAST. Our energy policy needs to be reworked immediately. Poor countries are being priced out of the distillate markets which will lead to global food catastrophe. Just think 2/4
@GretaThunberg and @Earthjustice will have contributed to children around the globe dying from lack of food availability because their climate shaming didn’t come with a complete understanding of proper, incremental energy transition policy. When the East coast runs out 3/4
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@sharonmeter1 @POTUS Because the Federal Reserve (and other central banks) will first go after #Bitcoin in order to replace it with #CBDC (#Fedcoin in the #USA) in accord with #KlausSchwab's #WEF communist/fascist '#TheGreatReset':

@rustyrockets- The #GreatReset: A Warning:

@sharonmeter1 @POTUS @rustyrockets Warning ‘#Fedcoin’ is coming – and it may ‘replace cash and hurt savers as well as allowing gov to track your payments:…

The US dollar could go digital. Here’s what you need to know…

#TheGreatReset #GrestReset #KlausSchwab #WEF
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1)The #Uranium #mining #stocks #investing thesis👨‍🏫 in May 2022 is now the most bullish it's been in 4 decades!🤠🐂 Here's a thread to bring you up to speed🏇 on how a record Uranium supply deficit⤵️⛏️ is colliding💥 with a global #Nuclear #Energy Renaissance.⤴️🌞🏗️⚛️ 🌊🏄‍♀️🧵4U👇2 Image
2)Entering 2022, #Nuclear fuel consultants UxC & TradeTech estimated 200M lbs of #Uranium demand versus only 135M lbs of mined supply for a ~65M lbs deficit for many years to come.↕️ #Nuclear utilities draw down inventory & rely on ~25M lbs of Secondary Supply to fill gap⛏️👇3 ImageImage
3)Then to make matters worse, #Russia invaded #Ukraine🪖 turning the #Nuclear fuel market on its head.🙃 Russia's 39% of global enriched #Uranium, 27% conversion & 14% of mined U supply are a target of emerging US & EU import bans & self-sanctioning by western utilities🇷🇺⛏️⛔️👇4 Image
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Moneycontrol brings to you a special series of stories that will attempt to capture the ground reality of the #powershortage across the States.

#PowerShock ⚡️ analyzes the complexities, challenges, & possible solutions to the ongoing #energycrisis.


A thread 🧵
#Power generators are owed over Rs 1.1 lakh cr by power discoms yet they continue to sell #electricity to them. 💡

@rachitaprasad brings us important details. Read about the payment crisis faced by the power sector only on #PowerShock⚡️…

#PowerShock | The Discom Story: There’s pain and it ain’t new.

Here are the reasons for #discom woes. Take a look 👇…

by @GoRasika | #EnergyCrisis #PowerOutage | @rachitaprasad
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1/8 Russia is demanding that European buyers pay for their gas in roubles. The driver for that is the freezing of #Russian foreign reserves and the #sanctions on the central bank.
#SanctionsRussia #NaturalGas #EnergyCrisis
2/8 Nominally, buying Russian gas is not banned, but that supposes that Russia will accept currency instruments it can't sell to support the rouble.
3/8 Hence the strange-sounding alternative to straight rouble payments that Russia has proposed: Gazprom's clients would open rouble accounts with Russian banks, but still pay in EUR or USD.
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"La crisis de la energía en el mundo de hoy" Antonio Turiel

Estamos en fase de desinversión de las grandes compañías petroleras desde que el 2014 se dieron cuenta de que el negocio no era rentable. @amturiel @pubpolcenter 1/9 Image
En nov 2010, la @iaeaorg reconoció que el Peak Oil del petróleo crudo fue el 2006 y trató de dar un mensaje positivo recurriendo a los llamados petróleos alternativos (arenas bituminosas, fracking, biocombustibles), pero la oferta sigue sin poder satisfacer la demanda 2/9 Image
Nov'12 Descenso producción del petróleo crudo convencional
Nov'18 Desfase entre la demanda y la oferta. Picos de precio
Oct'20 Aviso sobre la caída de la producción de aquí a 2025

2021 3 % déficit de oferta sobre demanda
2025 faltará el 50% del petróleo necesario 3/9 Image
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#heatoreat #energyprices #EnergyCrisis #energy #CostOfLivingCrisis

tweeps, just got in from work, shit just got real....... Mum's in tears.....

standing charge also doubled
two further things to note,

the letter also warns that their bill will increase *the the same percentage* in October, ie: to £6,600

the doubling of standing charges is, according to Martin Lewis, to *cover the cost of the companies which went bankrupt*

and I have a question
how the hell are businesses going to cope, expenditure will feed back in to price rises across the board, including food.

Also: what about old peoples' homes??????

there is no cap for business.....
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FEB 14, 2022

The Global Oil Balance is Much Tighter Than is Believed


#oilprices #CrudeOil #energycrisis #opec #ESG #GreenEnergy #fintwit #eft #oott #energy #oilandgas #SaudiArabia #RussiaUkraine #RussiaCrisis #ElectricVehicles
Last week’s events will be remembered for many reasons but for us, the major market mover was the International Energy Agency’s admission that global oil demand is wickedly higher than what the agency was willing to admit previously…

Why did it take so long for the agency to reconcile its data series? It is a mystery. You might be thinking that this is some sort of academic debate but it is not.

In our previous columns, we have written about the topic of “missing oil”…

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1 Ethereum transaction consumes 238.22 kWh
#tweet100 #Ethereum #energycrisis #DeFi #Refi #DAO #Explorationists Image
On Jan 09, 2022. 1262 transactions occured in a day. That's 30,063.364 MWh Image
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Be afraid, be VERY afraid. Today's #Expreshit JRM article: Supply Side Reforms

NHS privatisation, remove worker rights, bash unions further, reduce unemployment benefits EVEN FURTHER, deregulate the banks - they've already had a £1 BILLION tax cut, whilst the rest of us suffer.. ImageImage
ELECTIONS BILL: VoterID disenfranchises MILLIONS of Labour voters, MILLIONS, let that sink in
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Government’s decision to allow homes to be built to low standards of #energyefficiency cost owners of new build homes £234m last year
#LibDems analysis shows scrapped #zerocarbon standard would have saved owners £200 a year… #ToriesOut #ToriesDoNotCare
/2 #energyefficiency #housingcrisis
Mold, leaks, rot: how Brad Pitt’s post-Katrina housing project went horribly wrong… #GreenHomes #housingstandards #InsulateBritain
/3 The project seemed cutting-edge, if not utopian..which incorporated next-gen features like solar panel roofs, energy-efficient heating and cooling, and sustainable materials.Each house would be sold well below cost: $150,000. #HousingCrisis #NewOrleans
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8 ways to reduce your heating bill. A thread 👇🏾

Here are some really easy ways to insulate your home for CHEAP that can help reduce your heating use. I have many of these in my home and they have been so beneficial. #energycrisis #energybills #CostOfLivingCrisis
1. Window Draught Excluders (£10.99 for 4.9m)

Add this all around the inner perimeter of your window whilst open. This will seal the window and cover any gaps reducing cold air coming through. V cheap and I found this easy to put on myself.

Amazon Link:
2. Door Draught excluders (£24)

You can put a sausage beanie at the bottom of the door to stop the heat escaping (£24). I have this at my front door and it’s very good.Or you can put a brush seal instead (£5).

Brush Seal:
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[#NATO war propaganda]
US orders families of #Kyiv #embassy staff to leave Ukraine | Jan 23
- In a travel advisory published on its website, the State Department said that there were reports Russia is planning significant military action against Ukraine.…
The #misinformation spread by the British Foreign Office is another evidence that these are the #NATO countries, led by the Anglo-Saxons that are #escalating tensions around #Ukraine | Jan 24
-We call to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense…
[War criminals: #NATO-#ISIS-#AlQaeda-#CIA]
We call on the British Foreign Office @trussliz to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense and focus on studying the history of the Tatar-Mongol yoke” a representative of the Russian FM told | Jan 22…
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❓ How will the confrontation between Russia and the West develop further?

Military operations, prolongation of the conflict, the split of Ukraine. Three opinions from RDV sources.

Thread 🧵👇
🇷🇺🇨🇳 China and Russia will unite against #USA. #Putin travels to #Beijing on February 4. #Russia is fighting, #China is paying. China benefits because it weakens #UnatedStates and diverts its attention from itself.
🇺🇸🕔 #US will "eternally" delay resolution of conflict. Russia is trying to obtain guarantees to limit #NATO's eastward expansion, when there is a shortage of #oil and #gas. It will be difficult for #Europe to agree to Iranian scenario, other scenarios for Russia are not terrible
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another massive cargo plane carrying arms (and more contractors?) paid for ENTIRELY BY THE BRITISH PUBLIC lands in #Kiev #Ukraine to arm one group of Ukrainians against another group of Ukrainians


04:07 UTC 18.1.2022

#embezzlement @cabinetofficeuk

#Poland - (not to be left out in the fray)

returning from #US Nuclear Naval Base in #Kitsap (#Bangor) where they arrested and imprisoned protestors against nuclear weapons for 3 years. They put up banners, sprinkled blood on the ground, scattered sunflower seeds and prayed.

JAKE11 62-4134 RC-135 59 yr old cold-war relic, repurposed tanker (now surveillance flight) sets out on another day of expensive, polluting, pointless provocations around #Kaliningrad, #Russia

img 2: typical day's provocations. 3: costs to taxpayer
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#LIVE the return leg of… from #Kiev #Ukraine

We have no say over how our money is spent and abused, embezzled

This has GOT to stop. This country is being run by psychopaths, cross party with ZERO LEGITIMACY, no authority

snapshot 17th January 2022 15:30

Every 5 weeks, #NATO military planes over #Britain & #Europe use the same amount of energy, produce the same amount of #CO2 as ALL UK/EU citizens use for EVERYTHING in an entire year

#energycrisis is #UK .gov engineered
(Pay attention to the route)

still #live…

HUGE cargo transport Boeing C-17A Globemaster III
RRR6887 ZZ178 Brize Norton, #Kiev, Brize Norton

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