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1/ Being a survivor of the #Rwandan genocide that happened in 1994…

I cannot help but notice similarities between what the west is doing with #sudan and what they did with #Rwanda — which was “rescue their own white people, and abandon the local BLACK to doom and death” ImageImage
2/ So far both #USA and #UK have apparently prepared planes to removed “their citizens” from #Sudan — this is what happened in #Rwanda too

In rwanda - white people were told to leave their black friends behind, and those black people were butchered to death…

This is awful 😳
3/ My family had a dreadful experience of this white privilege… my family was a mixed family - French/Belgians married to #Rwandans

They allowed white people, their spouses and only mixed raced kids! Any black adopted kids/ cousins etc had to stay behind … and perish!

Awful😳 Image
4/For those curious to know - my mother’s family were practically erased from the earth, she survived by virtue of marriage that had forced her to leave her parents city and to relocate to my dads city!

Then half my fathers side was affected by the white privilege repatriation😪

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Apr 24
1/ Good morning!
I am still not over the crisis that has been whipped up regarding #DianeAbbott regarding a conversation about distinguishing between RACISM vs PREJUDICE 😳

The articulation may have been clumsy, but I invite someone to explain something to me…
2/ I have Jewish friends- they’ve white skin outwardly.
The only thing that identifies their Jewishness is “name” and of course when they literally tell you “I’m Jewish”

Is it antisemitic to say “a white Jewish person is able to use their white skin to shield away from racism”
3/ As far as I am concerned #DianeAbbott ‘s discussion centred around “our outward appearance influences the way racism/prejudice can be used to harm minorities”

Most Jewish people I know (directly) are white skinned, until they told me they’re Jewish - I’d no idea whatsoever🤷🏾‍♂️
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Apr 23
1/I feel sad this evening about race relations in the UK…
The fact that 2 demographics that collectively have experienced genocides/crimes against humanity at hands of “white supremacy” cannot seem to understand each other is tragic

One demographic CANT hide behind white skin😪
2/ The Jewish community endured and fortunately survived the horrors of the holocaust - a period where white supremacy aryans: confiscated their livelihoods, subjugated them, sent them to labour/murder camps

Black people endured and survived centuries of similar abuses 🤔🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
3/Yet today because of a clumsy wording in a context of a much broader discussion— about RACISM vs PREJUDICE… Jewish people are joining with the British media to whip #DianeAbbott publicly, whilst belittling her lived experiences of racism, by highlighting their pain as superior
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Apr 23
1/ It has just come to my attention that none other than @Baddiel is using his Jewishness to attack #DianeAbbott, and indeed signal her for abuse

Let me remind people of how Baddiel articulated his apology to a BLACK man JasonLee
At 3:40

@narindertweets Image
2/ In @Baddiel apology for his antiBLACK racism, he says to JasonLee:
I quote: "...Stuff happened to me, that helped me understand how you (BLACK) must have felt. As I became more well known PARTICULARLY as I put my JEWISH identity a bit more forward, I experienced racism"
3/ In @Baddiel 's apology, he implies that outwardly, without him putting out his Jewishness, Baddiel is ABLE TO PASS as a causal white man.

He experienced heightened racism and abuse, ONLY WHEN he exposed his Jewishness.

BLACK people CANNOT hide their SKIN
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Apr 23
1/ Racism Vs Prejudice

Everyone on this earth 🌍- of any race, orientation, ability, gender etc can face discrimination and prejudice

RACISM as it was designed by WHITE Europeans centred around the outward appearance of an individual, with WHITENESS being a protective factor
2/ As we have seen from #Israel with regards to their comments and attitudes towards BLACK people, ARAB people, it is very much possible for people who are outwardly non-of-colour to identify with white supremacy and commit racism against people who are outwardly of colour🤷🏾‍♂️🤔😳 ImageImage
3/ it doesn’t however suggest or mean that all Jewish or all Israeli people are outwardly white.

Similarly, People from the Middle East (including settlers who fly in from USA, Europe, Australia, Russia, Ukraine etc) can be outwardly protected from white skin influenced racism!
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Apr 22
1/ About #DrOki, the @TheBMA - and some of the responses I am seeing from "random" people.

RACISM is a DREADFUL experience for those of us who are not WHITE, who have to experience a form of hate crime that centres around "White is superior, any other race is lesser than"
2/ #Racism in the form that we know it today, centres around Eugenics spread by EUROPEANS as they sailed around the world, invading non-European lands and subjugating the populations they found.

It involve(s)(d):
3/ The issue we have today is that:
When BLACK people/ASIAN people/ARABS/CHINESE (anyone who isn't white) points out how UGLY, EVIL, PAINFUL racism is:
There's a white person somewhere who feels awkward/fragile/emotional and to feel better - they have to SHUT DOWN minority voices
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Apr 21
2/We as a country are reaching dangerous times - we are living a situation where politicians pander to the xenophobic views of voters in order to gain votes and stay in power!

I’m still astounded that @Mark_J_Harper practically skirted around @adilray ‘s concerns with NO empathy
3/ It is highly inappropriate for politicians of all sides to use xenophobia towards minorities as bouncing board to gain votes

The Tory party, @reformparty_uk and other right wing parties are particularly prone to doing this! Sadly @UKLabour has started to emulate this: awful
4/The UK needs to look in the mirror and start holding its politicians to account

I’m tired of seeing white British people clutch their pearls when Black/Asians say “the UK is a racist country”- white voters are enabling the abuse of people like @adilray then acting shocked😳 🤔
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