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Not @AmerAcadPeds conflating race & genetic ancestry, arguing that the latter predicts risk of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, and misusing the term “race-conscious medicine” without citing the trainee women of color @MarieVP_HU @tsaiduck77 who coined it #PedsTwitter #MedTwitter 1/
To be clear, race-conscious medicine is about #RACISM in medicine. The idea originates in critical race theory and legal+education policy with the aim of exposing the ways these allegedly neutral institutions—including medicine!—propagate racism.…
If you want a better sense of why subbing purported ‘genetic ancestry’ for race is NOT race-conscious, read:…
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"Aamer Anwar ... in their quest to prove that Scottish cricket is “institutionally racist”, believes other sports should also now be examining whether they are doing enough to promote inclusivity and diversity."

#SportsGov #Racism

Behind Paywall…
"The review is due to published today but it is understood that it has already led to instances of alleged bigoted and discriminatory behaviour being reported to Police Scotland."

#SportsGov #Racism
Cricket Scotland

Behind Paywall…
Almost 450 examples of Cricket Scotland institutional racism revealed in 'shocking' report

#SportsGov #Racism Plan4Sport #ChangingTheBoundaries Report

Cricket Scotland…
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Months ago, while we were tracing down rumors of arts funding being given to the RDDC, we learned about their plan to create a Business Improvement District in Downtown Rochester, NY #roc 🧵
It sounds innocuous right? A "Business Improvement District"? Kind of like FHA loans and the GI Bill. Sounds good but when they started, they didn't help everyone. (first saw @shane_wiegand at @540wmain's Gentrification Conference )
They provided the opportunities to create wealth to only the white population. While eventually the civil rights movement pushed them to include everyone, decades of a head start, and decades of disinvestment has led us to the major disparities in wealth we have today.
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News for my international followers from good old Germany on its way back to a totalitarian state: Northrine-Westphalia will now install a registration / denunciation office for "Queerhostility". See translation in next tweet.
"NRW against #queerphobia and #racism! Min. @JosefinePaul With a unique nationwide system of reporting offices, we want to register incidents below the threshold of punishability that are not recorded in police statistics"
"The providers were selected in a state-wide expression of interest procedure. The conception of the hotline queer hostility is carried out by the Queer Network NRW e.V. in cooperation with rubicon e.V., the Lesbian and Gay Association NRW (LSVD NRW e.V.), /.." Image
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The 50th session of the @UN_HRC ended last week.

📌 #ClimateChange has been high on the agenda — from the presentation of @SRclimatechange's mapping report to the adoption of the annual resolution on climate & #HumanRights.

Here's a thread to recap what happened at #HRC50.
This was the last session of @UNHumanRights' Chief @mbachelet.

Her work has been instrumental in advancing a human rights-based approach to #ClimateAction: She stated that climate change is one of the greatest challenges to #HumanRights of our era.…
At #HRC50, @SRclimatechange presented his first-ever report on #HumanRights & #ClimateChange.

We were thrilled to see he'll look into the #HumanRights harms resulting from climate-induced #LossAndDamage among other topics.

READ more in our statement:…
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What works in Reducing Race Inequality in Health and Healthcare? #RHOConf22

📌Recognise the problem - racism is the fundamental cause of inequity
📌Understand how racism shapes our lives
📌Overcoming racism is a call to action not an impossible target
📌Lack of policy
Types of #racism
📌Structural racism
📌Interpersonal racism - everyday verbal/physical abuse which are ALL forms of violence
📌Institutional racism - from orgs which shape our access to resources & amplify inequality

Institutions are the place for action
#RHOConf22 @JamesNazroo
Public sector organisations describe themselves as anchor institutions

Change the employment conditions of staff & transform lives - ethnic minorities overrepresented

Experiences of racism impact our biology & health directly

Functions embedded in colonialism #RHOConf22
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The impact of #racism on maternal health & early life #RHOConf22


Systemic & structural determinants of health & effect of #intersectionality for women of colour #SDOH

Black mothers more likely to die than white mothers for >100yrs

The five whys as a framework
#RHOConf22 the landscape is changing

Imp of community partners, integration of social needs - new opportunities for the #ICS

Introducing panel @TeamCMidO, Dr Daghni Rajasingam, @MumsandTea and @BenashNaz 💙

Take the woman with you & have the will to act
Data obscures the human experience

Strategy based on #ProportionateUniversalism at scale and intensity equal to the level of need

Focus on #racist behaviour and who listens to who @TeamCMidO

@MumsandTea recommends data sets and ethnic coding “what gets measured gets done”
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The @NHS_RHO is a do-tank not a think-tank #RHOConf22.

It’s a place where things get done @Voa1234

How an org values it’s ethnic minority staff is a good barometer of how well patients are likely to feel irrespective of skin colour

It’s about #leadership
Now @DrHNaqvi starting with a quote from #JRRTolkein #RHOConf22

We must break down #inequalities

The @NHS_RHO set up to:
Synthesise insight
Inform policy
Enable transformation

Work programme uses global data driven evidence

Year 1 report:
What drives racial inequities? @D_R_Williams1 #RHOConf22

Socioeconomic status SES matters
In the UK for every £1 a white person has, a Black/Bangladeshi has 10p

But after SES taken into account, it’s about race
Not about “trying harder”
Neighbourhood opportunity matters
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Antiracist progressives today often encounter the conservative backlash that twists the democratic doctrine of free speech into an absolutist or ‘purist’ form – weaponizing it as a warped defence of white supremacy in a way that seeks to make #racism legally acceptable. ImageImage
Today the New/Alt-Right is asserting a putative political need for an ostensibly democratic society to maintain an absolute tolerance of abusive & even assaultive speech – as protected forms of dissent.

The free speech fallacy: opposition to hate speech imperils free speech. Image
Herbert Marcuse believed that this doctrine of absolute tolerance of 'free speech' was being systematically utilised to abuse guarantees against bigotry & discrimination, & to derail or destroy the possibility of democratic egalitarianism. Image
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Some people have asked me why I describe the UK Government as #neofascist, rather than just straightforwardly #fascist.

While of course there are many similarities, there are some crucial differences.

Like their fascist predecessors, #neofascists embrace populist nationalism & authoritarian values, attack Marxist & other left-wing ideologies, indulge in racist & xenophobic scapegoating, & portray themselves as protectors of traditional national culture & religion.
Whereas fascists assigned much of the blame for their countries’ economic problems to the machinations of bolsheviks, liberals, & Jews, British neofascists tend to focus on non-European immigrants, arriving in increasing numbers from the 1990s.
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0. recent releases (a thread). funnily, first I wrote a "threat". what a slip!

podcasts, talks, publications.
1. an event on Fundamentalism & Secularization for the Santa Fe Public Library with @ZNabolsy:
2. Being rendered unconscious by @rawsin_ on F & S:
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Why would a publisher prefer/choose to endorse and publish a white author's book on BIPOC magic and culture (hoodoo, voodoo, folklore, Afro-Caribbean, etc...) when they could publish a real author of color.

A thread 🧵 #witchtwt #writingcommmunity
I was having this conversation while drinking coffee w/ two priestesses who are planning to write a book in the future: BIPOC, books, ghostwriters, con-artists, marketing, and publishers.

#witchtwt #occulttwitter #writingcommmunity
Before getting into statistics (below) the first reasons why this happens are obviously:

1st MONEY because the big bookstore chains and publishing companies are in the hands of white men who prefer to keep it that way.
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Gun owners usually know that #GunControl laws have their roots firmly planted in #racism. Every last law from the French Black Codes in LA to Saturday Night Special laws to efforts afoot today - ALL are racist and #sexist. What follows is a brief history of Gun Control laws.
Racist gun laws predate the founding of the nation. Those laws were openly stated as a way to keep blacks, free men & slaves, and other POC “in their place.” They were instilled to quiet down the racial fears of whites, especially whites in slave states.
In 1751, the Black Codes in Louisiana allowed whites to stop black people & beat them if they were carrying anything that might be a weapon. If blacks refused to stop on demand, they were authorized to “shoot to kill.” Laws were passed prohibiting blacks from gun possession.
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A2 #Latinos are 1.5X as likely to be affected by #ALZ than non-Latino whites. They face inequities that discourage healthcare participation. They’re less likely to receive a timely diagnosis & more likely to experience #racism. #BrainHealthEquity #SaludTues @UsAgainstAlz (1/3)
A2 continued: In addition to barriers in healthcare participation, #Latinos & other people of color face higher risk for #ALZ or related dementia due to due to higher risk of comorbidities, like #diabetes and #hypertension. #BrainHealthEquity #SaludTues @UsAgainstAlz (2/3)
A2 continued: Lastly, social determinants of health #SDOH, like educational attainment, obesity & pollution are disproportionately felt by #Latino communities. We must make an intentional effort to promote #prevention & #BrainHealthEquity for #Latinos #SaludTues @UsAgainstAlz 3/3
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What was Mohandas #Gandhi doing carrying wounded #British soldiers off the battlefield in #SouthAfrica in 1899? Gandhi was merely leading by example, in the ambulance corps he set up to support the British against the Boers in the Second Boer War (1899-1902). 1/12
But why would Gandhi support the British, especially since he had experienced the humiliation of racial discrimination in South Africa soon after he got there? It was #OnThisDay in 1893 that Gandhi was thrown off a train for refusing to comply with racial segregation laws. 2/12
This was more than a decade before Gandhi evolved his concept of #civildisobedience. He spent 21 years (1893 - 1914) in South Africa and went on to organize the #CivilRights movement, to raise the status of the indentured #Indian population there. 3/12
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In January 21, a Republican member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives introduced a bill that would bar schools as well as organizations that have entered into a contract or subcontract with the state from endorsing “divisive concepts.”…
Specifically, the measure would forbid “race or sex 'scapegoating',” questioning the value of meritocracy, & suggesting that New Hampshire—or the United States—is “fundamentally racist.”

Contrary to their often repeated claim, the Right actually HATES *certain* free speech.
The bill is one of many that Republicans have introduced. In Arkansas, lawmakers have approved a measure to ban state contractors from offering training that promotes “division between, resentment of, or social justice for” groups based on race, gender, or political affiliation.
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Hey #Afghanistan 🇦🇫 Diaspora Twitter...

Especially Pashtun and Tajik diaspora Twitter...

Let's talk about two things today: #trauma and #racism.

I'm writing this thread out of love. I swear🧡. It's about YOU. I really hope you would read this for your OWN sake. 1/n
Let's start with #Trauma:

You, yourself, my diaspora friend from #Afghanistan, have trauma just from being from there.

I know.

It's hard to believe. You are thousands of miles away. You weren't even born there. Maybe you don't even identify as it... but you have #trauma. 2/n
#Afghanistan 🇦🇫 has been a monumental tragedy since 1979. For everyone from Afg. No one has escaped it.

The fact that you may think that you have been untouched is not a fact.

It's a really sad illusion.

You need to accept this if you haven't already. We're TRAUMATIZED. 3/n
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Yet more evidence of institutional #racism in the MET:

The MET Police's "Project Alpha" unit comprises more than 30 staff scouring social media sites looking specifically at drill music videos & other content, with males aged from 15 to 21 a focus.…
Head of Project Alpha, Michael Railton, hailed its benefits: “Having decoded the hyper-local context of the lyrics, hand gestures & symbolism of the visual content used by aspiring rappers, we have identified threats & proactively intervened to prevent escalation of violence.” 😬
MET blunders over an earlier anti-gangs database helped fuel concerns about Project Alpha, the privacy of children, & police focusing on young black children for signs of criminality.

Sometimes, it feels like the racist MET has learned NOTHING from the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry.
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.@MacEmerg Virtual Regional Rounds: Thankful for the opportunity to share about #DEI in #MedEd and practice #upstander skills to address #microaggressions within the #ER.

🗣️#MedTwitter: Here's a #Tweetorial of how you can be an #upstander! Image
.@MacEmerg Virtual Regional Rounds: #DEI in #MedEd: Being an #upstander!

💭Why does #DEI matter? Many benefits, here are just a few:
🗺️Improved cultural competence
🏥Expanded delivery of health care to low resource settings
🗨️Improved intellectual discussion in MedEd Image
.@MacEmerg Virtual Regional Rounds: #DEI in #MedEd: Being an #upstander!

💭The issue is that Racism exists on all levels. And because its so embedded in our societies, it's hard to recognize and even harder to change. Image
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@snarkybunny2 “When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.” - The Orange Cheeto, Jan 20th 2017

#MAGA #Resist #Racism #Patriotism
@snarkybunny2 Thanks for the discussion. You seem like a lovely, intelligent, and passionate young lady and I hope you use it to heal rather than divide. ❤️

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Most Americans are decent, honest people, who abhor racism, think that workers have the right to be in a union, & that the failure to adequately address safety & #racism concerns at #TESLA simply isn't good enough.

Only an immature spoilt baby would react the way @elonmusk has.
TESLA requests racism lawsuit be paused. In one of the many cases a single mum was excited to land a job at Tesla, but about 3 years in, she was fired, she said, after complaining that Black workers were frequently called the N-word on the assembly line.…
#Tesla has asked a California judge to pause a lawsuit against the company alleging widespread racial discrimination at its flagship assembly plant.…
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LIVE! /1. Jing Fong workers and community members started peaceful drumming to protest against the racist displacement agenda and the new mega jail. @mocanyc Museum staff started calling NYPD right away to criminalize us. Live thread update. Pls share widely.
LIVE 2/ Police came, parked by the picket
LIVE /3. MOCA museum staff greeted & spoke to NYPD officers
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Horrific. A gunman wearing military-style clothing and body armor kills at least 10 people at a supermarket in #Buffalo, #NewYork#racism, misogyny, lax regulations and #gunviolence are interlinked. US policymakers are equally responsible! #endgunviolence…
I live in upstate NY and visit the local #Topssupermarket — I have seen young men dressed as military personnel. The #Buffalo #shooting is just a chilling reminder that U.S. civilians own 400 million #guns —almost half of civilian held firearms globally.
120+ guns/ 100 residents
In 2015 @MotherJones published a special investigation detailing the cost of #gunviolence:$229 billion a year (2012 data). $8.6 billion in direct spending—emergency/medical care & $221 billion in “indirect” costs, quality of life of victims.
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🧵 Azerbaijanophobia/Turkophobia in Iran.

🔹 Estimated 70% of the population of Iran is not Persian and Turkish descent makes up 40% (~ 30 M).

🔹 The language, culture of the Southern Azerbaijani people are being suppressed today in a number of ways. 1/ Flag of the Southern Azerba...
🔹No education in Azerbaijani is available at any level, including the University of Tabriz, where 7 other languages are taught.

🔹 All state television and radio channels are broadcast in Farsi.

🔹 Southern Azerbaijani women face double discrimination. 2/ Image
🔹 At the start of every school year, on 23 September, many ethnic Azerbaijani students in Iran boycott the schools to protest and draw attention to the denial of their right to be educated in Azerbaijani. The authorities usually respond with arrests. 3/ Image
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