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Read. This. Thread.
It's gutting. Pain & suffering caused by #racism is a layer of daily fear, misery & danger white people can't imagine, even as they perpetuate it.

This thread tells white people what to do to disrupt racism.

Do it. All whites benefit from racism. Change it.
It's a fact that most white Americans have no black friends, follow no black writers, activists, influencers on social media, read no books by black people.

White people can't disrupt #racism without knowing the breadth/impact of it and how we white people benefit from it.
Thus far not one white person I have asked "name a book by a black writer you've read in the past month or even year" has had an answer.

But I have been blocked for asking the question.

Y'all are proving my points about racism. And underscoring the need to start here, now.
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I believe this is where we are headed with @JeremyCorbyn failing to deal with #LabourAntisemitism.
The rhetoric and behaviour of #Corbyn and allies @johnmcdonnellMP @HackneyAbbott @DawnButlerBrent and co, ignoring racism against Jews and supporting racists like JVL lead here. 1/
The shocking news that @JeremyCorbyn’s ally @johnmcdonnellMP gave support to Jenny Manson, the woman who leads antisemitic front group JVL, in her candidacy for Finchley & Golders Green. She uses her Jewish background for her #antisemitic politics.…
@JVoiceLabour is a mainly geriatric group of Trots and Tankies, largely antisemitic, antizionist, and regressive Far Left. It was set up to counter The Jewish community’s dismay at @JeremyCornyn, with an alternative narrative.

Now it’s branching out.…
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this is a long thread on #nauru, where i spent last week. nauru is currently most visible as a site for australia’s offshore detention of asylum seekers and refugees. it is also the location of a longstanding #phosphate mine which covers over 2/3 of the island 1/22
#nauru is experiencing considerable #climatechange. im going to outline some of the social-environmental stresses i observed that nauruans, refugees and asylum seekers are facing, and why we need to talk about #colonialism and #environmental racism for #climatejustice 2/22
#nauru is a beautiful island. its main resource is #phosphate. germany colonised nauru in the late 1800s and in the early 1900s the british found phosphate and started to exploit it for fertiliser and munitions with australia and nz, who became nauru’s trustees in the 1920s 3/22
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1/#StaceyAbrams is now calling for #BrianKemp to step down as Sec'ty of State of GA. There must be a way to force him to do so. This Gov't is 'of the people, by the people, FOR the people' (NOT person who wants to run for office & abuse the system). Sadly another of the painful
2/ lessons that we've learned since 11/16 is that there absolutely have to be new systems of oversight put in place, on the Fed'l & State levels, to control those who've found the loopholes. Interesting that we've had people of enough character to NOT do that for over 200 yrs.
3/ No system is perfect, but generally when imperfections are found, they're fixed. We cannot be so bogged down by bureaucracy that this level of #racism & abuse is permitted. #BrianKempMustGo . #SaturdayMorning #VoteBlue
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1/ 25/09/18 your Twitter front page was captured and saved on The Internet Archive… This capture shows that on the 10th and 14th September you retweeted posts from account @scorpiodog72
2/ @NA_TVDNY this capture shows you Liking a tweet by @scorpiodog72 that you were tagged in.
3/ Both of your unique URLs are linked by Retweets and Likes from each of your accounts. It is not possible for anyone other than the account users to leave such a unique digital footprint.
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Democrats response to Kavanuagh defending his honor against uncorroborated accusation? Attack him for his skin color. #SundayMorning #Racism
This is the VERY DEFINITION of racism. Here from encyclopedia Britannica:
Even if Trump DID withdraw Kavanuagh nomination and nominate someone else, the charges would be “racist” next. They’d produce an accuser from 30 years ago claiming he/she used the “N” word. Next nominee would be attacked as homophobic, etc. The Democrat playbook never changes.
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Everything wrong with "ISLAM YAHUDI! - (Bobo Di Mana)" by MrKoKom.

5 factors that I would like to discuss:
1) Title of the video.
2) Transsexuality.
3) Concept of Bala
4) Islam in the perspective of Malays.
5) Promoting violence stigma towards Islam/Muslim.
1. "Islam Yahudi" what is the meaning behind this? I see this as #racism. Is he trying to portray Yahudi as in Jews (race) or Judaism (religion).

The stigma that Malaysian have towards Jewish people is unarguably full of hate and one sided perspective.
Know the difference between Zionism and Judaism! All Zionist are Jews, but not all Jews are Zionists. Minority of them certainly believe in Judaism, but not all of them would subscribe to the hard-line exclusivist vision of the Zionists.
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@GOP donor Steven Alembik, who gave >$20,000 to @RonDeSantisFL & lined up a speech for him at Mar-a-Lago, tweeted “F*** THE MUSLIM N—-” about Obama recently.🤬

He claims he wrote the tweet in anger, and he’s “absolutely not” a #racist.🙄
Lest you think that this #racist pile of steaming dung made only one PUBLIC slip of the tongue (or tweet), check out his shocking interview with the reporter, where he DOUBLED DOWN on his #racism‼️🤬
DeSantis recently said “monkey this up” about @AndrewGillum, yet denied he had any racial intent.🙄

This latest disgusting rant is the FIFTH #racist issue for DeSantis, his campaign or supporters in just a few months.🤬

VOTE #GillumForGovernor‼️
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This thread is to cover #Hypocrisy by #Democrats and their #Racist projections on #Conservatives that MANY PEOPLE do not see.

This is the heart of the #WalkAway movement.
This has been their way since day one.
Transferal of blame.

We should start where it mattered the MOST. The #CivilWar Era.
The #Democrats did NOT want slaves to have rights. They wanted to keep these black men and women as PROPERTY. They didn't want them to be able to vote. They were "property" and "commodities".

#WalkAway #MAGA #QAnon
A more radical arm of the #DemocraticParty known as the "Ku Klux Klan" or #KKK were known for threatening, harming, and even killing FREE black men and women. Historians still debate whether the KKK's original grassroots movement is what lead to the #CivilWar.

#WalkAway #MAGA
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Overt #racism is only the tip of the iceberg. Far more lies hidden, deeply ingrained, suppressed by conscience, a fear of criticism, even shame. Post 2016 referendum we saw how some of this suppression was lifted. #Brexit didn’t make people racist. The ballot box freed it. 1/9
Covert, ingrained #racism *is* a huge problem for society. It doesn’t help that we can’t see it, that we don’t allow people to have a voice. UKIP in 2015 had over 12% of the votes cast yet no representation in parliament. That can’t have pleased those who voted for them, 2/9
and yet the size of that vote caused #Cameron & the #Conservatives to run scared, promising us a referendum on the #EU which everyone thought would keep that voice quiet. Instead, it became the platform and enabler for the many years of suppresssion. 3/9
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#RubyBridges was the subject of this iconic painting by #NormanRockwell, "The Problem We All Live With," which memorialized her integrating the William Franz elementary school in New Orleans.

She turned 64 Saturday.

That's how close we are to #JimCrow.
#RubyBridges was six when US Marshals flanked her as she became the first black child to enter the all-white school.


Like Christopher Robin in House at Pooh Corner, if you need perspective on how small six is.

Today she is 64.

What a hero.
My parents were Civil Rights workers. My father was a Freedom Rider.

What #RubyBridges did seems so long ago, but she is nearly a decade younger than POTUS and because of Trump, #racism is nearly as central an issue as it was when Bridges made history.

We cannot go back.
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1. The “Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel” perverts both the gospel and one of its components, social justice.

2. The first paragraph of the statement’s introduction asserts there is “an onslaught of dangerous and false teachings that threaten the gospel.” This is error.

The reality is that the gospel is not threatened by lies, and falsehoods pose no danger to it.
3. The statement’s introduction then identifies the culprit as social justice but places the phrase in quotes, allowing the reader to assume that social justice is not a real concern for those seeking to live out the gospel of Jesus.
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@TCM is showing #OscarMichaux's film #WithinOurGates at 8pm

Micheaux was an early black filmmaker and this film, restored by the @smithsonian, is from 1920 and a groundbreaking early film on #racism, colorism and more.

Highly recommended.
I'm just thinking about how extraordinary it was for black audiences to have these Micheaux films a century ago.
#WithinOurGates #TCMparty
Tragically, #EvelynPreer, the star of #WithinOurGates, died at 36 from complications of childbirth.

She was called the First Lady of the Screen for black viewers of so-called "race films."
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Has anybody revisited the 1962 Sidney Poitier movie "Pressure Point" in light of the persistence of white supremacist politics in our time?…
In one scene, the white supremacists are singing "The Star Spangled Banner," the anthem of the United States, at one of their meetings, with USA & 3rd Reich flags displayed
In another scene, the white supremacist prisoner scoffs at Poitier's suggestion that White Supremacy will fail because it is built on a lie. He says, "This country is built on a lie." He asks if it treats people like "All men are created equal." #film #history #racism
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On @tagaq's recommendation, I had the chance to watch @Alethea_Aggiuq’s documentary #AngryInuk, It's about how #WhiteSupremacist #vegan lobbyists have decimated Inuit communities with food insecurity. If you care about justice, watch this:
I want to be clear, opposition to the #sealhunt is #WhiteSupremacist and #racist in nature. It is absolutely clear to me that, at best, organizations like @peta ignore their impact on #Inuit. At worst, they're party to an intended programme of starvation.
In the entire course of her documentary, @Alethea_Aggiuq tried meeting with #vegan and #animalrights activists to discuss their impact on #indigenous communities. Every single attempt at communication was met with silence or avoidance.
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The murders of #ShannanWatts, Bella,4, Celeste ,3 and the unborn baby boy, Nico, are a devastating reminder that several thousand women are killed each year by #domesticviolence in America and the @WhiteHouse has never once tweeted about it.
According to the CDC and FBI, more than 2k women are killed each year in the U.S. by men. The majority of these killings are #domesticviolence, but there are also murders like that of #MollieTibbetts--women who are murdered by strangers.
Each year the number of women murdered in the US is higher.
#DomesticViolence remains largely unaddressed, under-reported and under-prosecuted, as the current suspension of #UrbanMeyer indicates.…
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Brave, powerful, painful piece by #KellyMarieTran on online harassment of women and POC that is a must-read.
We can't say it enough: #RepresentationMatters.
Our kids are growing up on social media seeing this kind of harassment of people like them.
It must stop.
I stupidly read the thread below @nytimesarts tweet and it was just horrible. I saw ONE supportive tweet. The rest were vicious, calling #KellyMarieTran leaving sm a PR stunt, calling her a terrible actress, etc.

This seems pretty poignant to me, though.
I wonder some days how it is possible for white people (yes, I know I'm white, don't @ me) to go through so much of our American life not seeing the sheer breadth of #racism in this country and how interconnected it is with #misogyny for WOC.

We really must do better.
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At dinner, I learned more about corruption + racism built into society by our masters. A book we discussed (Zinn) was used as part of this "Left" resource's bibliography. I had to share. [A thread]

@BlackSocialists - thoughts on this resource?
It very simply lays out the case that we are all being controlled. It covers hidden history of the United States including their (and, due to the systems created by our masters, our) racism. 

#racism #systemicracism #history
If you haven't been in school for a while (or are in a terrible school), some of the words might trip you up. and are two good resources to help you.
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A message from me on what I see as the #racism applied to experts who are POC. Sick and tired of the set of standards we are held too as opposed to my colleagues. Enough is enough.
It’s about a standard that they have defined we must meet, not a standard that is universally applied.
Just for the record: you can disagree with me and say I’m wrong. It’s the constant demand that I prove why I my opinion matters is where I’ve had enough. Again it’s not something anybody ever levels at white NatSec colleagues.
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I lost over 100 followers this week standing up for WOC being attacked by white women.
I'm sorry to have lost them because it means those folks missed the point.
White people have an obligation to POC in America because of the damage #racism inflicts even if we aren't #racist.
The hardest words in any language are "I'm sorry."
Acknowledging our flaws goes against ego.
But it's essential.
I know I am a strong person with strong Socialist politics.
I know I can be intense.
But I am a fiundamentally kind person who doesn't want to hurt people.
At times I know I <have> hurt people--we all have.
And that is my point: If people tell you you have hurt them, listen.
I don't mean casual snark, but hurt.
Say you are sorry.
Repentance is under-utilized and under-valued, and that's not just my Catholicism talking.
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My loyalties have been questioned and, of course, I am usually assumed to be queer (because to be straight means to hate women).
You have to let go of the need to be liked by other white people. It's pretty messed up if you have to comply with racism in order to be liked. You'd be the person who pushed a stranger in front of a moving train to be accepted into a fraternity or sorority.
White privilege is like a boomerang. Even if you throw it away, it will come back right to you. So, fear not. Pissing off a few fellow white people who are racist won't ruin your life and, again, the costs pale in comparison to what it costs us.
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You're white. A person of color has directly or indirectly suggested that something you have said about race/POCs/white people is problematic or something you didn't intend to be about race was inherently related to race. They might even have said "you(r comments) are racist."
You feel a wave of emotions: surprise, anger, resentment, sadness, embarrassment. The person of color has questioned your racial politics, your allyship to people of color, your commitment to liberalism, equality, and social justice. You are hurt!
You want to do many things while not providing more fodder for the accusation that you are racist. Maybe you want to say "I'm not racist," or "you're reading into things," or "you're being overly sensitive," or "it's not always about race," or "you're playing the race card"
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Lawrence: "Forgive me if I mispronounce her name, but I've never had any reason to say it publicly or privately."

I guess we are supposed to all high five this line, right?

It's nice that white liberal America has a black woman they can comfortably disparage.

Hard pass.
My thread on Omarosa was succinct. I am no supporter. But let's not forget that Sean Spicer got a job at HARVARD when he left the White House.

We can't dismiss the facts of @OMAROSA's race & gender from the tone with which white pundits are discussing her. (I emphasize white.)
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The @OMAROSA story today has several important facets, none of them risible.

This is a woman who was in Trump's inner circle and who had his ear.

Prior to him calling her a "low life" on Saturday, Trump lauded her and her work in various tweets and interview comments.
Trump wants you to believe #Omarosa is a liar, but then there is the tape she played on @MeetThePress.

Which is evidentiary.

The #GOP and #RNC are concerned---they started an #OmarosaUnhinged hashtag and are busy tweeting about her, as are Trump's surrogates.

#Omarosa isn't "unhinged." She's vengeful. Is she a liar? About some things, verifiably. About others, verifiably truthful.

That she was able to go all over Trump's White House recording people is a cause for grave concern.

It speaks to Trump's incompetence as a leader.
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