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Hi #MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #neurotwitter #MedEd #FOAMed! It's been too long since my last #EndNeurophobia #tweetorial so here's an introduction to brain imaging–thanks @sarrovasta for the request!🧠❤️
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1/🧵 Let's start w/CT. I'll focus on brain (and not bone or soft tissue). First:

* Identify normal structures and any abnormalities in:
- Size
- Shape
- Symmetry
(note *symmetric* abnormalities such as ventriculomegaly or diffuse cerebral edema may not be obvious w/o experience)

Feb 22 21 tweets 6 min read
Paul Farmer changed my life before I ever met him. I'm a cliche: I read Mountains Beyond Mountains as a student, my worldview changed, and I decided I wanted to follow in his footsteps and pursue global health equity when I grew up.

But an atypical version of the cliche...
🧵1/ I was a med school dropout/grad student in music when I read MbM! Here's the story, a portrait of Paul at the bedside, an attempt to capture two of the most meaningful moments in my life, a small homage to Paul from one of the countless lives he touched and shaped.💔 2/
Feb 13 19 tweets 11 min read
Yes, @Tracey1milligan! How do I #LoveNeurology let me count the ways! 🧠❤️
A 🧵
Below is from a presentation where we each gave a pitch to students why our specialty was the best. All due respect to admired colleagues in other specialties, roasting/humor was encouraged😀
Oct 2, 2021 26 tweets 10 min read
It’s time for another #EndNeurophobia #tweetorial!


#MedStudentTwitter #neurotwitter #MedEd
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🧠❤️ The pupils can constrict (miosis) and dilate (mydriasis)
Mydriasis = bigger word = bigger pupil.

Constriction is a PARASYMPATHETIC function (tiny relaxed happy pupils)

Dilation is a SYMPATHETIC function (eyes wide with fear)
Aug 22, 2021 19 tweets 6 min read
Hi #medtwitter #neurotwitter #medstudenttwitter #meded #FOAMed

It's been too long since my last #EndNeurophobia #tweetorial. As requested by @sukritibanthiya here is a tweetorial on MUSCLE DISEASE (MYOPATHY)

Let me know what you think and what I should cover next! Classic pattern of weakness in myopathy is PROXIMAL symmetric weakness of the limbs, though there are exceptions.

There should be NO sensory findings (unless there is concurrent neuropathy) and reflexes are often spared until the patient is extremely weak.
Aug 15, 2021 5 tweets 6 min read
I have been asked where to donate for #earthquake response efforts in #Haiti. I donated to @PIH & @StBonifaceHaiti Both partner with local communities and govt to provide healthcare to those in greatest need. #haitiearthquake #globalhealth 💔 cc: @CPSolvers @DxRxEdu @rabihmgeha healthequityintl.org/news/respondin…
@StBonifaceHaiti is probably the best-resourced hospital in the affected region. I visited in 2012 and what was already an extraordinary facility and group of talented dedicated staff has only grown.
Apr 19, 2021 6 tweets 6 min read
Excited to attend health equity symposium #AANAM @AANMember supported by Cheryl Jay Endowment. Dr. Jay made incredible contributions to our neurology training program in Haiti and I'll never forget how she took all the applicants out to lunch when I interviewed @neurores_ucsf Image "Zipcode is a greater predictor of health outcome than genetic code" Dr. Joseph Betancourt @MGHMedicine , Health Equity Symposium @AANMember #AANAM
Apr 18, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
Happening now @AANMember #AANAM, Disparities in Care with @NRosendaleSF!
Apr 14, 2021 16 tweets 13 min read
A lot of talk about #CVST Rare to have neuro in the news, so here's a quick #neurology #Tweetorial on cerebral venous sinus thrombosis.

#MedEd #MedTwitter #neurotwitter @CPSolvers @rabihmgeha @DxRxEdu #EndNeurophobia I will focus on the condition/neurology, not the possible association w/vaccine or hematology. I leave that to experts like @shemarmoore and her excellent thread here:
Mar 13, 2021 10 tweets 5 min read
The world has lost an extraordinary physician, educator, leader, advocate, & truly Enlightened Being. Dr Carola Eisenberg–the first woman Dean of @harvardmed and of @MIT, @NobelPrize for her work with @P4HR–has left us at 103 🧵

vimeo.com/82132146 I had the incredible good fortune to meet Carola about 15 years ago. She was auditing a music class that I was a TA for. She said she'd heard I had dropped out of med school to be a musician and as a retired psychiatrist she would like to get to know me.
Nov 29, 2020 19 tweets 11 min read
Hello, #MedTwitter, #MedStudentTwitter, #NeuroTwitter
It’s been a long time since my last clinical neuroanatomy #tweetorial, sorry about that!

Here's a new one:


cc @Tracey1milligan @CPSolvers @DxRxEdu @MedTweetorials I'm glad #EndNeurophobia campaign has grown but please check out the rest of my feed, which seeks to amplify voices I’m learning from on the path to becoming an antiracist ally
@CPSolvers #antiracism series
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Jul 22, 2020 17 tweets 9 min read
Hi #MedTwitter #NeuroTwitter #medstudenttwitter!
How about another #EndNeurophobia neuroanatomy #tweetorial?

This one goes out to all those USMLE studiers out there:


cc: @CrystalYeoMDPhD @MadSattinJ @Tracey1milligan @DxRxEdu @CPSolvers @MedTweetorials Grateful for ❤️ #EndNeurophobia received but hope you read rest of my feed seeking to amplify voices I’m learning from on path to being an antiracist ally.
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Jun 28, 2020 22 tweets 12 min read
Hey #MedStudentTwitter #neurology residents, another #EndNeurophobia #MedEd #tweetorial to celebrate joining the @CPSolvers team!


cc: @Tracey1milligan @MadSattinJ @CrystalYeoMDPhD
@DxRxEdu @MedTweetorials But first a moment of silence for

Jun 14, 2020 27 tweets 10 min read
Jun 11, 2020 17 tweets 6 min read
Hello #medstudenttwitter, I was alerted to tweets expressing concern about spinal cord anatomy on step 1, so here’s a new #EndNeurophobia #tweetorial on


#meded #Neurology
cc @MedTweetorials @DxRxEdu @CPSolvers @Tracey1milligan But first, a moment of silence for
and other lives lost to racism, structural violence, police brutality .





Jun 4, 2020 22 tweets 8 min read
Hard to think about #EndNeurophobia #neurology #tweetorials when I know we're all thinking/tweeting more about #EndRacism!

But #MedStudentTwitter asked and I will deliver....To f/u on CPSolvers recent case of ataxia

Here are the basics of CEREBELLUM and ATAXIA!
1 But first, a moment of silence for
and other lives lost to racism, structural violence, police brutality
May 30, 2020 26 tweets 10 min read
Time for another #neuroanatomy #tweetorial #medstudent twitter!

By popular request, this one is On the VISUAL PATHWAY and localizing VISUAL FIELD DEFICITS!

cc @DxRxEdu @CPSolvers @CrystalYeoMDPhD @Tracey1milligan

But first, a moment of silence for #GeorgeFloyd #AhmaudArbery #BreonaTaylor
May 25, 2020 26 tweets 9 min read
Back with another #neurology #neuroanatomy #tweetorial.
This one goes out to all the #MedStudentTwitter studying
for the steps:


#MedEd #NoMoreNeurophobia cc: @MadSattinJ @Tracey1milligan @StaceyLClardy @DxRxEdu @CPSolvers This is often considered one of the most complex parts of neuroanatomy.

Let’s break it down:

First, the brainstem is divided into 3 levels, from superior to inferior:


These are MRI view so anterior on top, posterior on the bottom
May 20, 2020 24 tweets 7 min read
I had no idea how popular #neuroanatomy #tweetorials would be! Thanks for the❤️!

Here's innervation of the leg/foot & approach to FOOT DROP

#MedEd #MedStudentTwitter
@CPSolvers @Tracey1milligan @MadSattinJ
@MedTweetorials @DxRxEdu @AANMember @StaceyLClardy @ContinuumAAN
1 Just like you can localize most peripheral upper extremity weakness by just knowing 5 nerves (see prior tweetorial), you can localize most peripheral lower extremity weakness by just knowing 5 nerves!

Just 5 nerves for each extremity- no neurophobia needed!

May 19, 2020 16 tweets 6 min read
Thanks for all the positive feedback on my clinical neuroanatomy of the arm/hand #tweetorial!
Let's finish off the upper extremity with the brachial plexus!

#Neurology #MedEd #MedStudentTwitter

@CPSolvers @Tracey1milligan @MadSattinJ @MedTweetorials @DxRxEdu

As I wrote, we all probably learned the brachial plexus FIRST in med school, but it's more complicated (and usually less clinically relevant) than knowing the 5 nerves I discussed previously.

So I suggest learn those 5 nerves first, then go back for the plexus!

May 17, 2020 25 tweets 7 min read
Glad you enjoyed my 1st #neuro #tweetorial on dizziness!

Let’s cover another neuroanatomy-based approach to clinical diagnosis topic: nerves and muscles of the arm and hand.

#Neurology #MedEd #MedStudentTwitter @CPSolvers @Tracey1milligan @MadSattinJ @MedTweetorials @DxRxEdu
1 In med school, we often start off by learning the brachial plexus–complicated! It's not that common to need to conjure it up for clinical dx.

So let’s start with just 5 major nerves to the arm and hand, and come back to the plexus in a separate tweetorial for neuro geeks!