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12 Aug
After a discussion with the @the3million Young Europeans on why it's important for EU citizens to get involved in local politics, let me do a [THREAD] of my "achievements" after being elected for one year.

Being in politics gives you a platform for your cause.

Motion in support for South Oxfordshire residents affected by the EU Settlement scheme.

(Motion proposed by Councillor Alexandrine Kantor, seconded by Councillor Anne-Marie Simpson)

Following that motion, we wrote to @pritipatel with a wish list as per the motion in the tweet above.

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21 Oct 19
The #WithdrawalAgreementBill is 115 pages long.

Complicated to understand, full of legal technicalities.

The government wants it sorted by tomorrow while the #Maastricht Treaty took 40 days.

No economic impact assessment of the deal overall, apparently not needed. 1/4
If you thought 3 years were too long and you are already fed up with #Brexit, wait to see if the #WithdrawalAgreementBill passes.

Brexit has not started yet and you'll certainly enjoy the next 20 years of Brexit on the political agenda on a daily basis. 2/4
The only way to move on to all the things that actually matters is to #StopBrexit.

Or we will waste 20 years and billions of pounds to try to get to a similar place than the one we have now. 3/4
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14 Sep 19
The panel is ready for @The3Million to explain to us @LibDems the issue of #citizensrights / #Brexit at the #LibDemConf.

You can watch it live on their Facebook.
Key points from @The3Million
⭕ Guaranteeing #citizensrights into law with primary legislation
⭕ Physical proof for Settled status
⭕ Keeping voting rights

The current EU settlement scheme is failing a third of EU citizens by forcing them to accept the wrong status.
What will happen to the EU citizens who miss the deadline to apply for Settled status?

⭕ They will become unlawful residents subject to the Hostile environment from the @ukhomeoffice

👉 We need a declaratory system where EU citizens are considered lawful per default.
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29 Jan 19
Theresa May's machiavelic plans have to stop.

If she really believes her negotiations are that Strong and Stable, she should stop this embarrassing political circus and openly go for her No-Deal #Brexit plan, instead of sneakily engineering it.

We know that's your plan. 1/10
When she decided to put forward her support to #BradyAmendment, she knew it would be rejected by the EU negotiators.
It was even said yesterday before she decided to support it.
But it is a sneaky way to put forward a No-Deal #Brexit and later putting the blame on the EU. 2/10
The #Backstop was negotiated BY the UK to comply with UK's red lines:
✔ No hard border (#GoodFridayAgreement)
❌ No customs unions
❌ No single market
❌ No freedom of movement
The EU wanted a soft #Brexit. So no Backstop. 3/10
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25 Jan 19
My grand dad escaped Hungary while his family got deported to #Auschwitz.
Then he entered in the Légion étrangère in France and burnt his ID mentioning JEW, got new one where he lied about the religion, and changed his name from Tivadar Kántor to Théodore Kantor. 1/4
This thread shows a picture of his Czech maternal family Neumann with his mother Bertha, all men gone.
She sent her son away to protect him. She rescued a dozen of Jews by hiding them in her business basement. 2/4
My grand mother got expelled from home Alsace in France because she was not German enough.
In her refugee camp in Lyon, French citizens complained that they would have more food without all those refugees. 3/4
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18 Dec 18
This is the face of #depression.
Today I'm going public in the hope that will help me to fight back.
No one can guess from that picture that I cried for hours that day and had dark thoughts.
It never stops.
#mentalhealth matters, even if not visible.
#MentalHealthAwareness 1/
No one can guess that I had to have medical leave and I am still followed by psychotherapists.
It's invisible, and I am good at hiding it until it becomes too hard. But don't be fooled by fake smiles.
Dig deeper. Listen. Be prepared to listen uncomfortable emotional stuff. 2/
It's been a year now, I begged for help and I realised now that it's hopeless and easier to discard victims than deal with #workplace #bullying. 3/
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31 Oct 18
1. Dear @carolinenokes MP and @10DowningStreet.
I started to work in the UK (for @fusionenergy) on the 14/04/2014 as Senior Electrical Designer, I am now an Electrical systems design engineer.
A "#HighSkilled migrant" as they say, but not eligible to the #SettledStatus. [THREAD]
2. I will have my 5 eligible years on the 14/04/2019.
Or 16 days after #BrexitDay.
Maybe it is worth to mention that I arrived on the 01/12/2013. So I have actually my 5 years, but I have no proof.
I was joining an ex-partner to look for work in the UK, my name was not on bills.
3. Yesterday, like other fellow @The3Million, I read the following article.
"Employers will be expected to check whether EU nationals have the right to work in the UK if there is a #NoDeal #Brexit, even though it will be almost impossible to assess this".…
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