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My name is Eric. I'm a diagnosed schizophrenic with ASPD (AntiSocial Personality Disorder). Have you ever had a question about either of these disorders or what it is like to live with them? If so ask me. Let's end the stigma around these very misunderstood disorders.
@SweetInTheGale, @eroauthorPMQ, @The1stRedBeard

Let's see if this works better on this account.
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Have anyone actually read the @Ofcom full statement or skip to the headlines?
@ITV @GMB were ruled out, not Piers.
Piers calling Meghan a liar wasn't the reason for the @Ofcom investigation. Piers has been open about his dislike of Meghan Markle since 2017, had expressed it many times via twitter, press articles & @GMB. So saying Piers got "cancelled" for calling her a liar is deceptive...
...deceptive and dismissing of the 53000 complaints about the broadcast of Piers claiming Meghan had lied about her mental health and suicide ideation, dismissed them so adamantly without providing any proof other than his biaised views. @ITV supporting #MentalHealthAwareness...
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Gesundheit ist das mit Abstand wertvollste, was ein Mensch haben kann.

Klar, das wusstet ihr schon, aber manchmal wird einem das auf die brutalst mögliche Art und Weise wieder klar.
Dieses ganze dauerhafte Streben nach allem, nach einem guten Schulabschluss, vielen Likes auf Insta/FB, weltweites Reisen um einmal alles gesehen zu haben, ein teures Auto, das freistehende Einfamilienhaus in bester Lage - alles, alles ist nichts wert ohne Gesundheit.
Je älter ich werde, desto mehr lerne ich übrigens seelische Gesundheit zu schätzen.
Mittlerweile kaum vorstellbar, aber seelisch gesund zu sein, war für mich mal etwas völlig normales. Nicht der Rede wert.
Nach vielen Jahren in der Klinik, im Rettungsdienst sehe ich das anders.
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Happy Saturday, beloved family! I hope your weekend has been off to an excellent start! 🌅☀️❤️
Our focus text for today, comes to us from Romans chapter 8, which focuses on life in the Spirit.

In verse 1, we have THE blessed assurance from God, that there is indeed NO CONDEMNATION FOR THOSE WHO ARE IN CHRIST JESUS.
To be “in Christ Jesus” means that He dwells within us, & us within Him. We are ONE.
So, by sending His own son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins, God made sure that there is NO CONDEMNATION for us.
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Blessed Friyay morning to you all, beloved children of God! 🌅☀️❤️
Our focus today will be within 1st John , chapter 3. This chapter deals EXCLUSIVELY with our identities as children of God. We are encouraged to strive to be a people of ethical integrity & to live a life that is reflective of our spiritual identity.
In verse 20, we are reminded of the truth that God is actually GREATER THAN OUR HEART. People of God, this is a quite profound assertion! 🤯🤯🤯
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I SO respect & appreciate @ZJAyres sharing this today. There is ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY nothing wrong with taking medication to improve your #mentalhealth . I used to be vehemently opposed to taking psychotropic medication…
because of stigma & my Christian upbringing. NOW, based on my own lived experiences & through seeking out EXTENSIVE knowledge in the #mentalhealth space, I have a VERY different view of #mentalhealth & medications than most followers of Christ do.
Here’s the thing. Often times, people NEED medication to bring back the levels of their brain chemicals to where it needs to be. And that’s totally OK. Everyone’s condition is a little bit different.
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Sertraline/Venlafaxine/citalopram/mirtazapine/fluoxetine/escitalopram/klonopin/buspirone/abilify the list goes on!
So if you're unlucky enough to know what these tablets are or know a loved one who takes them, then I don't have to describe to you what this post is regarding. But if you don't I will fill you in.
That medication allows people to deal with a normal day to day life. Although most days it leaves them tired, spaced out and emotionless. Crazy right? 🤷🏼‍♀️Why would anyone want to feel like that. Well this is why.

You see some people suffer from depression and anxiety.
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I’m 37 and recently self-diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD) and I want to write a thread about it, because I know it is undiagnosed in a lot of people and especially in academics. Read on. #AcademicTwitter #MentalHealthAwareness #OCPD
This is my third mental illness in addition to OCD (which is more well-known but different) and anxiety & panic. It was confirmed by my therapist & psychiatrist. Before talking over symptoms, it’s important to know that folks w/OCPD don’t think they have an issue of any sort.
So unlike panic attacks which are difficult to handle and may be debilitating and compulsions which make you feel out of control and like there’s something so different about you, OCPD is woven into the fabric of the hellscape that is capitalism and exacerbated by it.
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I feel you on this 💯. The reality is that there actually IS a lot that others can do to help alleviate mental health issues. For one, the societal stigma which surrounds mental health IS NOT the same for cancer. At all. What I’ve found is that a lot of the hopelessness that…
precedes suicide is heavily related to the ways in which society perceives the individual suffering from MH issues. The individual feels like a lost cause, because often times, society TELLS them that they are. They’re told they can’t work again because they’re unstable.
How do they then pay their mortgages, student loans? How do they LIVE????!! CAN’T have kids, because they’ll have kids with neurological disorders which will then be burden to society & the healthcare system. CAN’T adopt kids, because in America, people with MH issues just CAN’T!
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Unpopular opinion incoming, but I think it gets to the heart of what’s happening here. I was always fascinated by the culture of self-deprecation that seems to be commonplace in the US. I was taught growing up to speak WORDS OF LIFE over myself, NOT words of hurt. 1/7
In the US, I’ve found that SOME people refer to themselves in the MOST demeaning ways. &Trust me,I get it, but only to a certain extent. You are “taking back your power, controlling the narrative, & all these things.” But it still somehow never quite sat right with my spirit. 2/7
I’d literally CRINGE when my friends in college would call themselves “fat,ugly,lazy..” ALL the things. Even if they’d pass it off in a joking way. It would STILL make me cringe. The point here is, the WORDS that we SPEAK over OURSELVES matter. It might not SEEM that way.. 3/7
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wonder what the implications are for a generation of young people who are being asked, on a daily basis, to share and perform their traumas for a live audience on social media platforms who offer no guidance for self-improvement and actively incentivise their users to shun it.
suspicious of twitter-driven, SEO-compatible "mental health campaigns" that convince young adults & teenagers that putting their deepest fears and insecurities onto a public forum is "self-care" so long as they remember to stick a hashtag on the end.
to be "open" about mental health is to seek help from real friends & licensed therapists and to work to improve your situation. now it's just tech companies & social media brands reducing "openness" to simply sharing memes about it being✨okay ♥️ to never get better.
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I and my family have high functioning autism. You can not talk to us like you would other people. We can not resd through the lines the majority of the time. And we get overwhelmed and cant think and in that moment should use a text to speech app.
Honestly was able to figure out from follwing @autisticats
Please share comment get this attention because it will help so many people.

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It's not high functioning, it's high masking.

Bipolar disorder does not exist. It's part of what can happen when you are on the autism spectrum and trying to appear normal.

Our whole society was built by neurotypicals.
This is at least in large part, if not all of it, why trauma happens. Because we're trying to bel someone we're not, or because someone else who abuses us is doing that.
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Absolutely tone deaf and frankly quite stupid way to talk about suicide. @OfficialDPRPP really should know better

Attempted suicide is still a criminal offense in Pakistan which stymies all efforts at research and mitigation since it is not reported nor investigated properly.
As this article shows, suicide and attempted suicide are serious #mentalhealth problems in Pakistan which need serious solutions, not more stigma
We need more #MentalHealthAwareness and #MentalHealthAction to deal with #suicide and it's related stigma. We need to de-criminalize suicide so it can be researched and treated, we need more resources for mental health promotion and treatment, not threats
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Here are some thoughts on #MentalHealthAwareness

I’m going to focus on:

1. Context of our people
2. What we can all do
3. Tips for leaders
4. Convergence with alcohol
5. Neurodiversity
6. The most precious thing: hope.

Let’s thread
We tend to focus on location, family etc

It’s also good to understand factors from growing up, family, poverty,

exposure to trauma/grief/violence/drug/alcohol misuse,

education completion/setting/needs.

Normalise getting into that detail and what to draw from it.
2. We all have a role in promoting positive approaches and engagement with #MentalHealthAwareness

- talk about mood
- take time off/out and say so
- create psychological safety to engage & declare challenges
- avoid slurs on mental health creeping in
- use Op SMART tools
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"I had a discussion with a #medical doctor who expressed shock at some combinations of drugs bring used for high #bloodpressure. He was of the opinion that some of them affect the #potency or libido (sexual drive) of #men." Dr Olumide Okuneye (CoachMide)

#Family #Motivation #Sex
I have been bothered. I am sure you will be a bit bothered as well. Over the past few years, many people have died. However the trend has been that so many of the deaths are blood pressure related!
Dr Olumide Okuneye (CoachMide)

#Health #tuesdaymotivations
What is more sad is the fact that the #male gender is the one mostly affected.

In my interaction with friends and all, I have also seen that high #blood pressure seem to be rampart among the male gender too and with less care sometimes has sent many #men to early graves

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How has the lack of face-to-face interaction during online learning affected the mental health of students? @UoWMediaFilm #UoWMediaCon2021 #Zoomaversity #ZoomFatigue #MentalHealthMatters #OnlineUniversity #Covid #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealth #RemoteLearning (1/10) The title "How has the...
@UoWMediaFilm Together over the last year, we’ve found that nothing compares to face-to-face interaction as we had to turn to virtual interaction instead, so we were interested in the effect this has had on student mental health. #UoWMediaCon2021 #Zoomaversity (2/10)
To first investigate if there has been an effect, we sent a survey to our peers. 42.9% of students stated their mental health has been impacted by online learning “a little”, 38.1% choose “majorly” and 0% said there had been no change at all. #UoWMediaCon2021 #Zoomaversity (3/10)
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Ms. Amber "not-an-abuser" Heard.

A thread to expose a little bit more of Ms. Heard's claims that she wasn't violent, doesn't drink or do drugs, and had no other agenda.😉

#JusticeForJohnnyDepp #JusticeForKateJames

Let's start with these screen grabs. ImageImageImageImage
Let's continue with a toast ImageImage
or two or several. ImageImageImageImage
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Today's Thougth: Taking care of employees is job #1 for CEOs:

—96% of CEOs in the U.S. believe they adequately addressed their employees’ mental health needs during the pandemic.

—But only 69% of employees felt the same.
1/3 #MentalHealthMatters Image
— CEOs believe that strong worker mental health results in better biz outcomes.

— 80% of CEOs believe that poor employee mental health negatively impacts productivity.

— +50% report that talking about mental health makes them a better leader (employees appreciate it)
2/3 Image
— 94% of CEOs report having received mental health support themselves over the past year.

— 92% of CEOs report that their companies have increased focus on mental health as a result of the pandemic.
3/3 #MentalHealthAwareness Image
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6) Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
یہ ڈیپریشن کا وہ قسم ہے جو صرف سردیوں میں ہوتا ہے جب دن سکڑتے اور راتیں لمبی ہوجاتی ہے یہ موسم بہار اور موسم گرما میں خود بہ خود ختم ہوجاتا ہے۔کچھ فیصد لوگوں کو باقی موسموں میں بھی ہو سکتا۔
7) Bipolar Disorder
اسے manic depression بھی کہتے ہیں ۔اس میں جذبات کی up and down ہوتی ہے مطلب کبھی بندہ حد سے زیادہ خوش ہوتا ہے اور کبھی خفا یا بہت hyper۔۔۔
8) Persistent Depressive Disorder
یہ ڈیپریشن کی وہ قسم ہے جو دو سال تک رہے اور ٹھیک نہ ہو
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Dear @jjhorgan . When can we expect counselling to be covered by #MSP of #BC? Your appallingly ignorant reply to @j_mcelroy suggests anyone unhappy w/your governance requires it. cc: @SoniaFurstenau @kulpreetsingh 1/
The reason I ask is that -there are large numbers of people (1/4 is a figure I've heard) who do live with varying degrees of mental/emotional health issues; who might benefit from professional #MentalHealth care; who don't get it; because of the stigma and/or the expense. 2/
@JJhorgan your comment was so dismissive and demeaning to so many #BCers Among them:
->the reporter who asked the question
->your fellow MLAs, whose job it is to represent their constituents (us) by questioning you and holding you to account 3/
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🚨🎄#Christmas #Help🎄🚨

We only have 2 #families left 2 be sponsored for this #HolidaySeason

If you want to help a #family be #sponsored, please call the HHCC team at 403-608-7224 for more info!

Family information for each family is below!

#PleaseDonate #AlbertaCares #YYC
Family 1:

#FrontlineWorkers #Mom is on the #Frontline at a local #Hospital.

#Dad is a maintenance worker that worked for #WestJet, he was laid off. (He’s been #LaidOff since May of #2020.

This #Family has 4 #Children & #Pets.

They are looking to be #Sponsored for #Christmas
Family 2:

#Dad is a #FRONTLINE #Worker.

#Mom was a #Waitress until she was laid off in #April of #2020. The #restaurant #ClosedDown

There are 5 children ages 7 months to 8 years.

They too are #Looking to be #Sponsored for #Christmas this #HolidaySeason.

#CalgaryCares #YYC
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#Mentalhealth x #minorityhealth are very close to my heart! I serve on the board of @SAMHINorg , a NJ based NPO focused on #SouthAsian mental health

We are looking for dedicated #volunteers (1/n)
with an interest and skills in the following:
- #socialmedia management
-social media content creation
- fundraising

Here’s our Instagram:…

Here’s our website:

DM me if interested for the application process!
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