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I maximize BTC when BTCUSD is bullish; USD when bearish. 24/365 since 2012. Former Poker Player - Trader - Fund Founder & Manager (High Net W./Instit)
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22 Jul 20
Want to yield (real unwrapped) Ethereum? Buy some and leverage long eth/btc with them on a exchange that pays you in ETH.
Timing is key here.

1st, is ETHUSD bullish? if, yes, you buy some. You put money at risk in ETH

2nd, comes the "yield" part. Over that you bet that ETH will overperform BTC. Why?

Look at ETH vs BTC and what's developing right now?

A bullish Volume Contraction (Price) Pattern ImageImage
Cases, you have $10K:

1/ You buy 40 ETH. No margin bet on ETHBTC, no "yield".

ETHUSD gains +50%, you're 50% richer

= $15K

2/ You buy 40 ETH + margin bet leverage x2 on ETHBTC.

ETHUSD gains +50% and ETHBTC +20%.

You have 40 * 2x20% = 56 ETH that gained +50% vs USD.

= $21K
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20 Jul 20
As now #DeFi is populated by retails, it's a trading heaven.

Here's a handy small textbook that will yield you more than farming.

#Stages #consimp #TA ImageImageImageImage
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15 May 20
#Bitcoin Mining green!?

40% of Bitcoin Mining is located in one chinese particular Region called Shichuan, consuming ~25 TWh/y of (hydro)electricity.

Surprisingly authorities encouraged mining operations to help consume excessive hydroelectricity: 9.2TWh/y are still *unused*
Let's go even further: is Bitcoin an ecological catalyst? A: very probable.

Thanks to #bitcoin mining industry developement, are these kind of limitations lifted since then?

"Sichuan Limits Small and Medium Hydropower Construction" -… (published in 2016)
Can't wait @DigiEconomist to build the "world wasted hydroelectricity production country index", watching it growing faster each year and exceeding the "bitcoin consumption country index" by a large margin.

Just for intellectual fairness.

And less for headlines.
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6 Dec 19
#NewShit (Alts born in 2018+) $GOBTC (left) vs $MATICBTC (right) -

These perfect stages 1 (accumulation) leading to stages 2 🚀
#NewShit (Alts born in 2018+) $FETUSD - reversing ?
#NewShit (Alts born in 2018+) $PERLBTC - reversing ?
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16 Dec 18
@psycho_sage @dudek3322 Errybody and their grandmother is speaking about the halving almost 2 years before. In 2016 it wasn't even sure it would have a positive impact and the worry was important.

I don't want to be rude, but I think it already has been price in 2017 Ath. The rest is now history.
@psycho_sage @dudek3322 FYI the mood in front of 2016 halving

"many things are different now. If the price doesn't go up significantly after this halving many miners will have to shut down and that is not a good thing.

Realistic view should be price in the range of $500-750"…
@psycho_sage @dudek3322 "mining profitability & outflow of market participants may signify reduction of bitcoin’s investment prospects. Its further popularization & acceptance in that case may also be subject to fading.

Back in 2012, [..] the halving had no effect on the price"…
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17 Aug 18
Thread: #Gold vs #Equity (Original Content)

Because I'm sick about that dollar bill crashing versus gold & I explain why it's uncomparable👇
The chart I'm talking about
My comment:
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19 Jul 18
#TA101 #Trading -

Simplify your trading:

- Horizontal = Best tool, far more superior to oblique unless oblique is very obvious
- Consolidation = Wyckoff accumulation
- Impulsion = Wyckoff markup/markdown
- 1 indicator, max 2
- Common sense
- Discipline
- Don't argue w/ Market
#TA101 #Trading - Simplify your trading... don't argue w/ the Market

#TA101 #Trading - not rocket science isn't?

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17 Jul 18
#Bitcoin $BTCUSD -

Clean chart where the principles of

- Trends
- Consolidation / Impulsion #consimp

This is quite eloquent and meaningful in favor of #TA for anyone telling its not worth/working on bitcoin (or whatever pennystock/megacap, equity, bond, commo)... TA > all
Source version of it: for a better quality
#Bitcoin $BTCUSD - 2012-2013 (adding it to the left hand side)

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18 Apr 18
#ALTS $ALTBTC - TOP 10 (Large caps)
#ALTS $ALTBTC - Top 10 with:

- Consolidation / impulsion (arrows) #consimp
- 4 Stages
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22 Feb 18
1/ #Bitcoin Stages -

Price momentum can always be divided into 4 stages -@markminervini

-S1 accumulation range (no media/max opportunity)
-S2 directionnal trend (<<-- THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD TRADE)
-S3 huge volatility (media are nuts/min opportunity)
-S4 final mark down/crash
2/ I told you to look into this article, that was the key for a great trade to do:

- Leave S2 behind
- Act during S3 that's going nowhere (22nd dec -40% day was the clue for S3)
- So you had plenty of time to avoid S4 by beeing invested in it.

3/ #Bitcoin is the key leader and barometer of $CRYPTO sector. Hate it or not. This is just rationnal and reality. As long it's not trending up (S2), $CRYPTO will mostly not trending up.

Your goal is to survive/make minimum mistakes not beeing right every move so avoid S1/S3/S4
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28 Nov 17
THREAD: Ready to get mindblown by #Bitcoin #CORE implementations and progress?

Volunteers around the world gather and cumulate tons of hours from the best minds on this planet about the topic. This is a gift, an invention made to humanity.
Forget about 2nd layer, it's already and way too mainstream as I recently stated.

Yet, welcome now to the "in between layers": "The new layer can be seen as a channel factory"…
Now Smart contracts.

You tought #Bitcoin was dumb? First and foremost, you were wrong because $BTC has smart contracts *since the inception*: multisign and lately get timelocks (led to LN).

If you didn't know that, admit you're never really been interested in Bitcoin or lured?
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