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Jakiś czas temu skarżyłem się Wam na tymczasowe aresztowanie na podstawie pomówień dla gościa spokojnie prowadzącego osiedlowy sklep i wychowującego kilkuletniego szkraba. #TA uchylony po kilku tygodniach, ale trauma na całe życie. Historia miała jednak swój ciąg dalszy... 1/n
Sąd Okręgowy skazał zarówno jego, jak i inne, nigdy nie karane osoby, za przestępstwo rzekomo popełnione przez nich 20 lat temu. Żadnych dodatkowych dowodów, pokrzywdzonych, ani świadków. Wyłącznie jeden, wcześniej karany, przyłapany na włamie tzw. "skruszony przestępca"... 2/n
Dziś dorośli faceci, mężowie, ojcowie, właściciele firm, menedżerowie w korporacjach, z nieposzlakowaną opinią, zostali przez sąd uznani winnymi handlu absurdalnymi ilościami marihuany kiedy byli jeszcze w liceum. Jedynym dowodem są pomówienia przestępcy. Jednej osoby... 3/n
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Ok, so we've already gone over how to find micro-cap's ripe for scalping...

(here it is again in case you missed it: )

Now let's talk about a couple of actual strategies. Here's a thread (31 tweets) on using charting indicators for scalping.

First, I want to discuss a couple of my ground rules.
1. I don't do leverage (right now).
2. I don't short (right now).

This means I'm only looking for upward momentum so I can buy.

So I preface this by saying that in bear markets this can be more challenging.

So step one, I'm looking at the daily chart to determine the overall trend. I really want an obvious upward trajectory, but a solid rebound from a downturn works too.


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My attempt at humor in the dark times.
What kind of #cryptotrader are you?

Everybody invests differently, but there are some common themes among trader personalities. Do you fit in any of these?

- the tech analyst

”I’ll place an entry as soon as the stochastic crosses the MACD line and hits a Fibb level on the third Gann line”

🧵/2 Image
- the fundamentalist

“Your magic #TA 8-ball couldn’t predict this, but fed is raising rates tomorrow and if Powell scratches his nose it means six more months of low crop yields so SELL NOW”

🧵/3 Image
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Let's look at some basic #TA for $LUNA shall we?
The purpose is to see if there were any signs before the bottom fell out on $UST on May 9th 2022 (UTC).

Before we do so, let me first state that I completely recognize that hindsight is 20/20....

Also, our brains are really good at recognizing patterns even when there aren't any.

I want to reiterate too, that I do not believe #TA can be effectively used to predict the future...especially black swan events.


Things rarely happen in isolation. Humans are messy creatures. We leave clues, even when we don't mean to.

And the charts always reveal those clues.

So I just wanted to explore if there were any left before the #Terra ecosystem collapsed.

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"TA doesn't work on memecoins" or "TA doesn't work on alts" or "TA doesn't work on $BTC" etc.

I see so many people talking about how #TA doesn't work.
All that does is tells me they don't really know what TA (technical analysis) is.
So here's a 🧵 on it.

🧵/1 Image
What is TA (technical analysis)?

Before we get into what it IS, let's talk about what it's NOT.

It's not magic tea leaves that predict the future. A lot of people have this misconception that the purpose of TA is to predict the future, but this isn't quite true.

🧵/2 Image
TA is more of a forecasting tool.

Forecasting assigns probabilities to potential outcomes.

"wait...isn't that predicting the future?"

no...not quite.

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This is gonna be an epic 🧵 of show clips that also contain all the intel to give peeps perspective on how important it is 2 keep track of the $vix along with $spy & those epic Goku levels 😁👉this show covered some #Metaverse #NFT tings as also😼👉
This is a clip from the insanely well timed show “Foto 📸” where we not only gave a tour of our @RTFKT #Lootpod & intel on #VirtualRealEstate but also helped peeps a ray of 🌞 in an otherwise very 🌧 late Feb as markets were derisking rapidly $spy #nft
Skeleton Krew 💀 a very aptly named show is definitely also a set look fav cooked up by @directorvale 🙏😻👉 in this show we used discord / show sentiments 2 #TA an instabanger in both $TSLA & $btcusd #Bitcoin  this show was full of all kind of 💎’s

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Thread 🧵explaining #MarketCycle

(Accumulation - Advancing - Distribution & Decline Phase)

Basics of #TechnicalAnalysis

(Must read for #TA learners)

🙏Like & RT to spread learning with all 🙏

@rohanshah619 / @PAlearner / @Puretechnicals9

#TechnicalAnalysis #StockMarket

✅Market Cycle refers to period between two latest highs or lows in case of any security (stock, bonds, commodity, currency, etc).

✅It refers to the phases in which price of any security moves.

#MarketCycle #StagesofMarket #TechnoFunda #StockMarket

Understanding stages of market & how price moves during these stages helps a trader to identify new trading opportunities & lower their trading risk.

Market cycles goes through 4 stages -


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#DhampurSugar - Short Term Swing Trading Opportunity !

CMP – 287.85 (11/8/2021)

(Must read Thread Thread for #TA learners)

@rohanshah619 @caniravkaria 👉#TechnoFunda Views Invited.

#DhampurSugar is first & largest producer of refined sulphurless sugar in country.

Company's sugarcane co-generation capacity is one of the largest in the country & it has perhaps highest ethanol manufacturing capacity relative to it’s cane crushing capacity in country.

#DhampurSugar Capacity 👉

Crush 45,500 metric tonnes of cane per day

Refine 1,700 metric tonnes of sugar per day

Generate 209 MWH of renewable power

Export upto 125 MWH of renewable power to the grid

Produce 300,000 liters of alcohol/fuel ethanol per day

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#IOLCP - Short Term Swing Trading Opportunity !

CMP – 644.40 (9/8/2021)

(Must read Thread Thread for #TA learners)

@caniravkaria @Arpit1223 Fundamental Views Invited. Image

#IOLCP manufactures & sells bulk drugs & organic -inorganic chemical compounds in India & internationally.

Company offers APIs such as ibuprofen, metformin hydrochloride, lamotrigine, fenofibrate & clopidogrel bi sulphate.

It also provides specialty industrial chemicals.

After a massive run from March 2020 to December 2020, #IOLCP has gone into consolidation phase.

#TechnicalAnalysis #IOLCP #StockMarket #Trading #SwingTrading
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#TA #DEFI #ALTS - Some reminders on how to read crypto markets. Image
#TA #DEFI #ALTS - update (#stages)

🤓 Image
#TA #DEFI #ALTS - hindsight biais remap Image
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Thread 🧵explaining #CupHandle Pattern used in #TechnicalAnalysis
(Must read for #TA learners)

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@rohanshah619 @Mitesh_Engr
@PAlearner @Puretechnicals9

Views Welcome

#TechnicalAnalysis #StockMarket

Cup and Handle is a #bullish continuation chart pattern. It is formed by two rounded troughs, the first being deeper and wider than the second.

The first trough is known as #cup while second trough is known as #handle.

#TechnicalAnalysis #ChartPatterns #Charts #StockMarket

The high points of the cup and the handle are aligned on the same horizontal #resistance line known as the #neckline of the cup with handle pattern.

#TechnicalAnalysis #ChartPatterns #Charts #StockMarket
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Case Study 11 : #Dabur - A Stock that doubles every 4 years!

CMP – 590.45 (2/7/2021)

(Must read Thread 🧵for #TA & #FA learners)

Fundamentals Sound & Technically Strong Upmove Candidate!


@rohanshah619 @Vivek_Investor 🙏(Views Invited) 🙏

Dabur India Limited is a leading Indian consumer goods company with interests in Hair Care, Oral Care, Health Care, Skin Care, Home Care and Foods.

#Dabur #TechnoFunda #Trading #Investing #StockMarket

Dabur derives around 60% of its revenue from the consumer care business, 11% from the food business and remaining from the international business unit.

#Dabur #TechnoFunda #Trading #Investing #StockMarket
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Case Study 10 : #HDFCLife - Medium Term Investing Pick !
CMP – 725.55 (27/6/2021)

(Must read Thread 🧵for #TA & #FA learners)

Fundamentals Sound & Technically Strong Upmove 🚀Candidate!


@caniravkaria @dmuthuk @Puretechnicals9 @rohanshah619

🙏(Views) 🙏
1⃣ HDFC Life Insurance Company is a long-term life insurance provider offering individual and group insurance services.

#HDFCLife #TechnoFunda #Trading #Investing #StockMarket

Company's products meet various customer needs such as Protection, Pension, Savings & Investment and Health, along with Children's and Women's Plan.

#HDFCLife #TechnoFunda #Trading #Investing #StockMarket
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Case Study 4 : #PSPProjects
CMP – 435.65 (9/6/2021)

(Must read Thread 🧵for #TA & #FA learners)

Fundamentals Sound & Technically Strong Upmove 🚀Candidate !


@caniravkaria @SandeepKrJainTS @rohanshah619 (Views Welcome) 🙏

#PSPProjects Limited is a construction company offering a diversified range of construction and allied services across industrial, institutional, government, government residential, and residential projects in India.

#StockMarket #TechnoFunda #Investing

It provides its services across construction value chain, ranging from planning & design to construction & post-construction activities, including MEP work & other interior fit outs to private and public sector enterprises.

#PSPProjects #StockMarket #TechnoFunda #Investing
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Case Study 4 : #Chemcon Specialty Chemicals
CMP – 502.25 (7/6/2021)

(Must read Thread 🧵for #TA & #FA learners)

Fundamentals Sound & Technically Breakout Candidate !


@drprashantmish6 & @Prakashplutus (views invited)
0⃣Company came out with #IPO last year and listed on 1st October at Rs. 730 against issue price of Rs. 340.

Stock crashed on listing day and then corrected all the way to 400 level.

#Chemcon #StockMarket #TechnoFunda #Investing
1⃣ Chemcon Speciality Chemicals Ltd is a manufacturer of specialized chemical products i.e. HMDS & CMIC.

Its product portfolio includes oilfield chemicals (Calcium Bromide, Sodium Bromide, and Zinc Bromide), Pharma intermediates, Silanes, & chemicals contract manufacturing work
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Case Study 3 : #UnitedSpirits / #DiageoIndia 🍻
CMP – 629.25 (4/6/2021)

(Must read Thread 🧵for #TA & #FA learners)

Fundamentals Sound & Technically Breakout Soon Candidate !


@dmuthuk hope you like our detailed analysis🙏

1⃣United Spirits Limited, abbreviated to #USL (Diageo India) is an Indian alcoholic beverages company, and the world's second-largest spirits company by volume.

#UnitedSpirits #USL #DiageoIndia #StockMarket #TechnoFunda #Investing
2⃣Company has a comprehensive brand portfolio with over about 80 brands of Scotch whisky, IMFL whisky, brandy, rum, vodka and gin.

11 of these brands sell more than a million cases annually.

#UnitedSpirits #USL #DiageoIndia #StockMarket #TechnoFunda #Investing
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Thread 🧵explaining #Support, #Resistance & Law of Polarity used in #TechnicalAnalysis

(Must read for #TA learners)

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Views Welcome 👉@rohanshah619 @Mitesh_Engr @PAlearner @Puretechnicals9

#TechnicalAnalysis #StockMarket
What is Support ❓

#Support is the level from which price of a security does not fall further as demand is sufficient enough to hold price from falling further.

#TechnicalAnalysis #StockMarket #Investing #Trading
Always Remember 👉Support will always appear or form below current market price of a security.
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Case Study 2 : #GMBreweries 🍻
CMP – 524.15 (4/6/2021)

(Must read Thread 🧵for #TA & #FA learners)

Decent Fundamentals & Technically a Good Breakout.


@caniravkaria @RTSTOCKVIEW @rohanshah619 @nishkumar1977 @RajarshitaS

🙏(views invited) 🙏 Image
#GMBreweries 🍻is engaged in manufacture of alcoholic liquor. It blends & bottles alcoholic liquor & concentrates.

Company markets its products brandy, rum & whiskey under brand names Pioneer Doctor Brandy, Pioneer Special Doctor Brandy, Hot Shot Rum and Reporter Choice Whiskey.
#GMBreweries has a major presence in #Mumbai, #NaviMumbai and #Thane.

✅Company is the single largest manufacturer of country liquor in #Maharashtra.

#StockMarket #TechnoFunda #Investing
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Thread 🧵explaining Inverted Head & Shoulder Pattern used in #TechnicalAnalysis

(Must read for #TA learners )

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@rohanshah619 views welcome ...

#TechnicalAnalysis #ChartPatterns #Charts #StockMarket Image
1⃣An inverse Head and Shoulders (H&S) pattern is a #bullish trend reversal chart pattern.

This chart pattern is the opposite of the traditional "Head and Shoulder (H&S)” pattern.

#TechnicalAnalysis #ChartPatterns #Charts #StockMarket
2⃣ Pattern has four parts -

✅Left Shoulder
✅Right Shoulder

After downtrend, first a left shoulder is formed followed by a lower head followed by right shoulder as shown in chart below.

Pattern is complete when price breaks neckline on upside. Image
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Case Study 1 : #ExcelIndustries
CMP – 1082.40 (2/6/2021)

(Must read Thread🧵for #TA & #FA learners )

Fundamentally Sound Company & Technically a Good Setup has formed.


@caniravkaria @RTSTOCKVIEW @rohanshah619 @nishkumar1977 (views invited) 🙏 Image
Excel Industries is engaged in manufacturing of Agrochemical intermediates, phosphates, specialty chemicals, biocides and pharma products.

Incorporated in 1960, the company’s manufacturing units are located at Maharashtra and Gujarat.

#StockMarket #TechnoFunda #Investing
🌟 Few Fundamental Positives 🌟

✅Company Market Cap – 1362 Cr
✅TTM EPS – 55.84
✅TTM P/E – 19.41
✅Industry Average P/E – 31.28
✅Book Value – Rs.569.46.
✅Promoter Holding Pledge – 0%

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Exponential Growth: a short thread with pictures

Physicist Albert Allen Bartlett said, referring to overpopulation, "The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function."

It's also the shortcoming of a #crypto trader atm.
So we all saw $ETC's face melting run recently. Look at this disgusting chart. Obviously #cryptocurrencies are all scams, and nothing means anything anymore right?
But have a look at it on Log scale. Log is an exponential scale (same distance between 1 and 10 as it is between 10 and 100).

If crypto follows an adoption cycle, follows Metcalfe's law, then we should expect exponential growth.

This chart looks normal, right?
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How to Use TradingView?

(@tradingview & @in_tradingview )

Long Thread-

#Retweet & Share with Friends!!


@rachitpjain @RajarshitaS @chartmojo @caniravkaria Image
- What is TradingView?

2/n Image
- Why Should you use TradingView?

3/n ImageImageImageImage
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I am Tokunbo Abiru, former Group Managing Director of Polaris Bank and the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the December 5 Lagos East Senatorial by-election. #TokunboAbiru #dec052020 #LagosEast

By training, I am an economist and a chartered accountant. I put in about 32 years of work after my university education. I spent about 29 years of my career life in the banking sector. #TokunboAbiru
3⃣By the grace of God Almighty, I got to the peak of my chosen career. By 2013, I became an Executive Director in First Bank Plc. Thereafter, I had the privilege to be the regular-appointed Group Managing Director for Skye Bank Plc., #TokunboAbiru
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Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB), a #Thread

Myths & Rumors

A lot of rumors circulate around this selection and assessment centre e.g,

🔻 Only reserved for wards of Soldiers or those having a military background.

🔹 Totally wrong rather many wards of Soldiers / Senior officers (including Jernail de Puttar) get Not-Recommended.

🔻 Ethnicity or background matters in selection.
🔹Army damn cares about who you are & where you come from. Many senior officers or Influentials don't..

...send their kids or discourage them out of fear of 'Rejection' primarily they know their kids better (pun intended).

🔻 Preparing from ISSB Training Academies get immediate rejection.
🔹 This is #True, reason is ISSB has a whole paraphernalia of assessment officers..

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