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🧵Ultimate Gamefi Thread (2) Ecosystems

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1) 👉Today i'm presenting you @GMX_IO👈

As i promised i will continue my #DeFi threads with #GMX and this time we'll focus on minting $GLP. Image
2) #GMX is a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange that supports low swap fees and zero price impact trades.

Trading is supported by a unique multi-asset pool that earns liquidity providers fees from market making, swap fees and leverage trading.
3) Dynamic pricing is supported by #Chainlink Oracles and an aggregate of prices from leading volume exchanges.
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ve (vote escrow) is most popular tokenomic model that widely applied by famous or emerging protocols currently

For #defi beginner, you may curious about How does this model benefit protocols? What problem it have and Does ve-Model has some alternatives?

Let's find out
👇🧵🧵 Image
The main purpose of ve Model is bonding protocol development with the interest of long-term token holders.

It’s a gambling theory aims solving a trilemma: Protocol Long-term development/ Token emission with Value capture / Incentives for Protocol participants(LPs & Holders)
Let’s recall back to 2020,lots of protocol introduced yield farming,use high APR to attract liquidity and distribute reward by own native token

Its a unsustainable tokenomics,when whales withdraw liquidity and dump their reward. It leads death spiral and damage the protoocol
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【盘点】 #2022年最活跃的5家加密投资机构

#Crypto 投融资市场从狂热到寒冬,是哪家机构在熊市“捡漏”?

1、Coinbase Ventures

作为一家美国 CVC 机构,#Coinbase Ventures 依托于交易所的品牌优势,在整个2022年大举进攻,是所有投资机构中出手次数最多的一家。

在前三个季度,它分别投资的次数为30次、17次和23次,第四季度,根据公开信息统计,目前已有11笔的投资记录,合计达到了81次。 Image
在投资版图方面,主要集中在基础设施和 #DeFi 领域,特别是前者,目前新生的公链中不少都能找到 Coinbase 的影子。

如果从项目融资金额来看,今年其参与超过1亿美元级别的项目仅有 #YugaLabs#Sui#Aptos 和 Layer Zero四个项目。 Coinbase Ventures Q4投资项目信息 ...
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1/ NFTs have become a huge portion of web3 with billions of $$$ in volumes

A protocol is coming soon to erase the distance between #DeFi and #NFT forever

How? Let's take a look at @spice_finance 🔎
👇🧵 Image
@spice_finance 2/

TL;DR 🎙️

@spice_finance is an upcoming protocol on $ETH which will aggregate NFT lending pools and make the process easier.

On Spice, you'll be able to get up to 30% APR without having to browse thousands of protocols 😩

Btw, Yields paid out in $ETH ✅ Image
@spice_finance 3/

What I'll cover in this thread:

🐫 NFT finance
🐫 What is @spice_finance?
🐫 How does it work?
🐫 Backers and Partners
🐫 Final Alphas
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🚨The web3 security landscape is growing - so we at Webacy put together a web3 self-custody ecosystem landscape.

What's missing? What kind of services / wallets would you add?

Check it out below 👇 Image
🛡️1/ Smart contract-based:

@mywebacy Solution to secure digital assets. Easy-to-use tools like a Backup Wallet, Panic Button, and Wallet Notifications.

@argentHQ highly secure wallet with a user experience that rivals the best traditional finance apps.
@AmbireWallet a non-custodial smart cryptocurrency wallet with email registration, available on 11 EVM chains.

@UniPassID smart contract wallet solution with email-based social recovery. Great to onboard web2 users massively.

@0xsequence smart wallet for Ethereum chains
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We have developed something special for you! Organic APR 🌿🧑‍🌾

Introducing Organic APR in one sentence:

The more people contribute to a pool, the higher the APR 💰📈

Why do we need it? And how would this work? Check out this thread for more information. 👇
Traditional yield farming works like this:
The DEX interested in farming fixes an emission schedule for yield farming tokens.
Participants in the yield farming obtain a share in the emitted tokens, proportional to their share in the staked liquidity.
There is a huge problem:
Users want to provide liquidity to earn rewards.
But more liquidity providers means earning
a smaller part of the emission.
Consequently, there is no incentive to spread the word and onboard more users. They will only reduce the APR for early adopters.
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1/12 As you know, I’m deeply following #Optimism ecosystem

To be ready for 2023/2024, I would like to share with you the projects I’m planning to invest in

Non financial Advice / Do your own research

And please reply if you would like me to dig into some other ones! Image
2/12 First of all, catalysts you should not miss is #Optimism grant

All projects who received a $OP allocation will see a Price Increase since part of the grant will be used to incentivize Gov. token liquidity

For a full review check this table:…
3/12 But for all details on how users can benefit from these Incentives, check my Notion Page where I covered all Voting rounds:…
& now let’s dig in: Image
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@Panoptic_xyz, a Uniswap-based decentralized finance (#DeFi) protocol, has just raised $4.5 million in a funding round led by Gumi Cryptos Capital. Other investors included @cbventures, @UniswapLabsVC, the @BlizzardFund, and more.

Let's dive in 🧵
1/ #Panoptic aims to revolutionize the decentralized options trading market, just as @Uniswap offers decentralized cryptocurrency spot trading.

According to COO and co-founder Jesper Kristensen, the company obtained the funding through an equity plus token warrant arrangement.
2/ Kristensen also stated that they plan to use Uniswap's automated market maker (AMM) as the foundation for Panoptic's initial release.
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1/ Daily Report:
Bitcoin #Mining Difficulty Drops Most Since July 2021 as Crypto Winter Cuts Profitability.
UK Finalizing Plans for Crypto Regulation After #FTX Implosion.
2. Daily Report:
Binance sees growth​​ As per crypto data provider #Kaiko's newsletter, the monthly traded volume spiked by 23% to $705 billion.
Goldman Sachs on hunt for bargain #crypto firms after FTX fiasco.
Hong Kong funds seek approval for crypto-linked retail #ETFs.
3/ Daily Report:
Nexus Mutual expects $3M loss from Orthogonal Trading’s M11 loan default.
The #ApeCoin stakers will start accruing their staking rewards from Dec. 12.
#Metaverse Fashion Week Returns in Spring 2023 To Highlight.
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1/3 @TokenBrice , member of Liquity team – a decentralized lending protocol with its stablecoin $LUSD - is today sponsoring 0⃣6⃣-DEC contest :
1⃣ Like
2⃣ Retweet this post
3⃣ Follow @LiquityProtocol
4⃣ Follow @ChickenBonds

⏰ 7days

💰 1 winner: Chicken Bond NFT

2/3 If you want to know more about chicken bond, it’s a new way to attract, develop & retain TVL by avoiding the protocol to spend its own native token (aka liquidity mining):

More info on this video:
3/3 And If you want again to know more about @ChickenBonds , please read this excellent thread written by the wonderful @defi_naly :

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The great thing about #crypto bear markets is that you don’t have to dig to find 100x opportunities

In many cases, the blue chips will get you there

In fact, here’s how the “bluest” chip of them all – #Ethereum – could reach $150K within the next decade Image

$ETH has the potential to exceed $150K per coin for one simple reason:

👉 It’s going to be the native currency of the Internet

In other words, there’s a strong chance that it will be used as the medium of exchange for all online transactions within the next 10 -30 years

Why do I say this? A few reasons:

• The internet is broken

#Blockchains allow us to create a better internet

• This new internet needs #cryptocurrency to function

• $ETH is best positioned to be that currency

• This will make #ETH worth >$150K

Let’s explore each
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As only few leaves have left on the trees, it's the time to wrap up November and look back for the main #Lido highlights of this hot, IYKWIM, autumn month.

In a nutshell, @LidoFinance rocked with partnerships and public talks. Check the 🧵 for a 1-line summary of the main news. Image

📈 #3 among on-chain fee generators with ~$32.8m in the past 30 days according to @tokenterminal
📈 29 Node Operators
📈 30% of staked ETH according to @ratedw3b
📈 100k unique ETH stakers
📈 ~140k validators
📈 $6.19b TVL as of November 30, 2022, according to @DefiLlama

🛠️ Planned for the middle of November Lido on Solana smart contract update to V2 was postponed due to the industry events and will be going on this week from Tuesday, December 6, to Thursday, December 8.

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@DefiIgnas 整理了11月crypto行业融资情况,并且回顾了过去两年间DeFi与NFT融资对比,以及2014年以来重大的融资,有很多有意思的事实。
(经@DefiIgnas 授权,翻译发布)
1/ 今年11月是两年来加密货币融资最艰难的一次。


Thread🧵 👇
2/ 首先, @WuBlockchain 报道,11月有65笔公开融资,与去年同期相比下降了55%。

Web3和基础设施领域的融资数最多,#DeFi 只占其中的11笔。
3/ 以美元计算,同比下降的情况更糟糕。


根据@WuBlockchain 的数据,11月筹集的资金数量和金额都是近两年来最低的。
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1/ This November was the toughest for crypto fundraising in two years.

Total financing dropped by 84% year-over-year: $850M vs. $5.25B in Nov 2019.

A thread on crypto fundraising 🧵
2/ First of all,
@WuBlockchain reported that there were 65 public raises in November, down 55% compared to the same period last year.

Web3 and Infrastructure fields saw the most deals with #DeFi accounting for only 11 of the deals.
3/ In dollar terms, the Year-over-Year drop is even worse.

Financing dropped by 84%, from $5.25B to $840M last month.

Both the number of funds raised and the amount raised in November were the lowest in nearly two years—according to @WuBlockchain data.
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With the launch of Carbon stablecoin, one of the Cosmos' first native stablecoins, let's look at how it can benefit SWTH holders.
Some context before we begin.

At Switcheo, we focus on empowering the future of finance by supporting the creation of sustainable and value-added products that help users from all over the world improve their finances.
One of the biggest use cases in finance is lending and borrowing, worth trillions of dollars. That's why Carbon, an app chain on Cosmos, created Nitron - a money market where people can lend or borrow against their idle assets to make them more useful.
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With $USDT not accepted as collateral, $USDC, $DAI, $WETH remain the most common borrowed and collateral assets on @AaveAave and @compoundfinance

Nothing new so far. Market conditions are irrelevant when it comes to demand for an extra push in purchasing power ImageImage
Truth is that liquidity is draining as the bear market prolongs. Now more than ever, "stablecoins are king" Image
More specifically, this chart is one of the most accurate representations of what a PvP zero-sum game market looks like

There has been a clear shift momentum: from an "up only, free money" mode, to an absence of reasons that justify keeping value on stablecoins instead of a bank Image
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This December learn all about 'Decentralised Finance'. The basics, the history, the innovations we know today, and what the future holds.

This is #DeFiDecember and today we'll start off by covering what some people say #DeFi stands for...#DeFiance

A 🧵...
Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is the biggest usecase of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Today we see DeFi's rapid evolution as a leading cause of disruption to the Traditional Finance industry.

But, there is more than simply disruption.

There is...DeFiance
Over the last three years, DeFi has grown from a few hundred million in TVL into a multi-billion industry, even in the bear market. DeFi has harnessed emerging technologies to redefine and shape an entirely new finance industry.
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Low-cap projects may provide some of the highest gains in today's cryptocurrency market.

After covering more than 100 projects 💎

Here are some of the top low-cap initiatives that you should not pass up.

A thread 🧵
Before we dive in..

Here is a FULL strategy that will help you out with finding your next 100x gem.
The first project on my list is $SMR

A new network and token $SMR to advance major innovations of
@iota. The future of #Shimmer is up to you.
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Have you ever wanted to learn about Web3 Data, Analytics and Crypto News

Then this is the PERFECT GUIDE you'll ever need...

Below are the top 30 Web3 Data & Analytic Tools that'll make you 10X BETTER even though you're NOT A NEWBIE 👇

A thread 🧵 Image
Do your own research is a common slogan in the crypto and web3 industry

If you've ever asked yourself – Where should I start learning about Web3, Data, Analytics and Crypto News..

Then make sure you read this thread till the end as I unveil them to you🤝
1) Dezentralized Finance : Best Crypto | DeFi | Web3 Ecosystem. Maps and Databases. Find all important crypto projects & networks in seconds.

2) @Amberdataio ( ) :
Amberdata delivers comprehensive digital asset data and insights into blockchain networks,
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Impermanent Loss(IL) is major problem for AMM model Dex currently. At the situation that defi and whole blockchain are gradually being accepted. more ideas comes from both new Dex and famous Dex to handle IL.

A thread to find out how they solve potential IL problems Image
First let me explain what is AMM and why Impermanent loss will happened

Automated market makers (AMM) allow users trades tokens in a automatic way, and all trades happened on Liquidity Pool. In the pool, the price is determined by a mathematical formula.
For example @Uniswap using "x*y = k" in their token pool,and other formula also being use like "x+y=k" which aims to provide zero price impact trade for users.

For liquidity pool, we need liquidity provides to provides liquidity, and Impermanent loss mainly happened on LP
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A Step by Step Guide On How To Intreact On @Scroll_ZKP Pre-Alpha Testnet

Like and RT & Let tag your #Airdrop fren 🪂

A complete thread 🧵⤵️
The Pre-Alpha Testnet consists of Scroll L1 and Scroll L2 test network (a fork of Ethereum utilizing a PoA-based consensus, and a zero-knowledge rollup testnet deployed on top of the former).
There are some pre-deployed demo applications: a faucet on Scroll L1, a bridge between Scroll L1 and Scroll L2 based on the @HopProtocol UI, a fork of @Uniswap V2 running on Scroll L2, block explorers for both Scroll L1 and L2 using @blockscoutcom , and a rollup explorer.
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