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The oldest music label company SAREGAMA India Ltd conducted their con call on 20 jan 2022

“Target to be a pure play content Company of India”

Here are the key takeaways…
Business update

- During the period Company has delivered good increase in their revenue and profits.

- In link to the festive seasons, the company improved their carvaan sales.

- In YouTube space, they had received good response for their new shows. Image
- And with that company has also closed 2 web series for which licensing deals are closed.

- Company is very bullish towards its future looking at the rapid digitalisation of India and changes in peoples content consumption habits.
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#KreisAhrweiler 7-Tages #Inzidenz
(RKI 25.11.21)

Alter Aktuell Vortag Vorwoche
≤ 4 253 211↑ 155↑
5-14 678 476↑ 425↑
15-34 299 254↑ 176↑
35-59 236 196↑ 136↑ *
60-79 206 175↑ 129↑ *
≥ 80 243 180↑ 63↑
alle 278 226↑ 161↑ *… Image
#KreisAhrweiler #Neuinfektionen in 14 Tagen

Alter Aktuell Vortag Vorwoche
≤ 4 29 27↑ 17↑
5-14 109 94↑ 64↑
15-34 127 115↑ 95↑
35-59 161 150↑ 124↑
60-79 109 95↑ 80↑
≥ 80 34 29↑ 19↑
alle 574 515↑ 402↑… Image
Statistisch war bisher jede 51. Infektion bei Senioren 60–79J. tödlich.

Bei Ü80 Senioren war jede 8. Infektion tödlich.…
#stayathome #LockdownJetzt
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1. I'm thankful @SpaceX chose #BocaChica for the #Starship program. I'm thankful @LabPadre was allowed to set up cameras and livestream history in the making. A lot of us should be thankful we found those livestreams when the #StayAtHome orders started.
2. I think there are a lot of people out there who agree with this. I also think that a good portion of those people may have not made it through #COVID without #Spacex and #Labpadre. Whether #Starship makes it to Mars or not...its already saved a large number of human lives.
3. I feel blessed to be one of those people so thank you to everyone who is working hard to bring all this content into our lives. @SpaceX @LabPadre @BocachicaMaria1 @RGVaerialphotos @StarshipGazer @MarcusHouse @considercosmos @FelixSchlang @NASASpaceflight @BocaChicaGal
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#KingdomOfAtlantia is adopting the #COVIDsafePlan start Oct 18, 2021.
Effective until March 12, 2022-earlier if all groups in Kingdom reach 80% #vaccinated

#MySCA @AtlantiaSCA #WeCanDoThis #StaySafe

What this means: cont: (1/?)

Full Details in link:…
#MySCA #COVIDsafePlan

To participate at in-person events & activities:

Mandated requirements: if there are differences between Kingdom requirements & local/site requirements, the stricter requirement is followed

Cont. (2/?)
#MySCA #COVIDsafePlan

Proof of #Vaccination OR negative #COVIDtest for adults and children ages 12+. Children 3-11 must #WearAMask

Anyone challenging these requirements will be denied entry/immediately removed from the event.

Cont. (3/?)
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Meja Laptop Portable di Semarang, Jual Meja Laptop Minimalis di Semarang, Jual Meja Laptop Semarang, Jual Meja Laptop Lipat di Semarang, Jual Meja Laptop Kayu di Semarang.
Pengen Meja Laptop yang Aesthetic, kuat, kokoh, dan nyaman buat lesehan?

Kami menyediakan MEJA LAPTOP PORTABLE dari
P50 x L30 x T7 cm (kondisi dilipat)
P50 x L30 x T20 cm (kondisi berdiri)

Material :
- Rangka Full kayu Solid Jati
- Top Table Putih MDF Duco Finish

Fitur Meja
1. Bisa dilipat
2. Bisa diberdirikan
3. Top Bisa direclining
4. Kemiringan Top table bisa disesuaikan.
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.@RebelNewsOnline are challenging the constitutionality of #Victorian police censorship.

You can watch along with us.

Cotterill v Romanes on #Vimeo…
Victorian woman Kerry Cotterill was standing by herself outside holding a fun, handmade sign critical of #DanAndrews when she was swarmed by #VictorianPolice and fined $1,652.

"TOOT TO BOOT [dan andrews]"
Political communication was not included in the provisions for lawful reasons to leave home during Victoria's #StayAtHome orders - despite all other rules being observed.

Do Victorians have the right to dissent from the premier?
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1/? I spent some time last night reviewing my tweets since the start of the #pandemic; several things jumped out but nothing more than how the lack of #antigen case data from @HealthyLivingMo until March understated the situation. #COVID19Missouri #COVID19 #DeltaVariant
@HealthyLivingMo 2/? The first #COVID19Missouri case was March 7, 2020. Officials had been anticipating it and @GovParsonMO & @DrSamPage held a news conference about it #COVID19 #moleg
@HealthyLivingMo @GovParsonMO @DrSamPage 3/? In November, I tracked the progress of #COVID19Missouri cases, showing the reported cases/day on March 14 (1 week later) and the 14th of each month afterward. #COVID19 @HealthyLivingMo #moleg
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I have just read Preventable by @ASlavitt
My review to come

for me, the most remarkable thread through the book details the work of a "shadow science advisory network" that in effect replaced functions that the derelict Trump admin should have been doing
Slavitt explains how his network communicated both behind the scenes (in open channels to Kushner, Birx etc) & out in public, including these 2 USA Today columns


Slavitt details how Trump administration officials, governors, members of Congress and others were in constant contact with him & his network for expert guidance on pandemic response

As well, Slavitt had access to federal agency leaders, WHO, international leaders, etc.
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Working from home with your children around?
Your kids are bored and want to play outside but they can't?

NOT EASY for any of us!

More parenting tips during #COVID19 👇

Try taking 20 minutes doing something the kids choose – like playing a game or reading - together with them.

No phone or TV so you can focus on them.

Quality time will make them feel safe and loved.

More parenting tips during #COVID19
Exercise helps kids with a lot of energy (and adults) to de-stress when we #StayAtHome.

Let your child choose the music and have a 10-minute dance! You might even impress them with your moves! 💃 🕺 👯

More parenting tips during #COVID19
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After a life-threatening case of #covid19, and more than a month after shot #2 of the #COVID19Vaccine, I’m barely positive for antibodies.👇👇👇

In this thread, some background and a few thoughts.

#covid #coronavirus
2/ As some of you might recall, I was hospitalized from 3/16/20-4/1/20 at @nyulangone with a critical case of #covid19, spending almost a week on a ventilator.

In 6/20 and 9/20, I tested positive for #covid antibodies, in decreasing amounts — 4.3 and 3.2:
3/ In 11/20, my last #covid19 antibody test before this one, I was still positive, but not strongly so — titer of 2.3, where above 1.4 is positive.
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#Servicetweet #Gaß

Unserer internistische ICU ist KOMPLETT mit #COVID19—Patienten belegt, internistische Non-COVID-Patienten werden auf der operativen ICU von uns betreut.

Daher IST das System bereits maximal ausgelastet - und die Zahlen steigen weiter.

Von der ICU gesendet.
Mit dieser Organisation haben wir gute Erfahrungen gemacht, aus infektiologischer Sicht auch nicht anders möglich.

ABER - es zeigt klar, dass das System am Limit ist. Daher müssen die Covidinzidenzen runter um eine komplette Überlastung zu vermeiden.
Erneut geht es mir NICHT darum Panik zu verbreiten, wir MÜSSEN aber ehrlich die Situation vor Ort schildern.

Ich weise auch hier erneut darauf hin, dass wir in den letzten Monaten knapp 10.000 Pflegende in Deutschland verloren haben.

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Danke für das Format, für die Aufmerksamkeit @officiallyjoko & @damitdasklaas

Es wird Zeit. Die #DritteWelle ist da & viele der Kollegen sind dank jahrelangem #pflegenotstand schon lange am Limit.
Die Pandemie traf uns im #yearofnurseandmidewife
Wenn ihr jetzt denkt, "super Anlass, mal richtig in die Pflege zu investieren&die Bedingungen zu verbessern" weit gefehlt. Stattdessen wurde quasi sofort die #PPUG ausgesetzt - ein Instrument zum Schutz (!) von Patienten & vor Überlastung der Pflege…
Dann wurde klar, dass d Bundesregierung im Punkt "Krisenmanagement & Materialvorhalt im Pandemiefall" trotz Szenarien,d heute erschreckend nah sind,versagt hat #keinIsoMaterialfürCorona
Pflege musste ohne sichere PSA(persönliche Schutzausrüstung) #Covid_19 Patienten versorgen
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Last week I was fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer as a Spanish interpreter at a #YoloCounty #COVID19 #vaccination clinic. It was truly exciting to contribute to ending the #pandemic, and I thought I'd share what it was like. Photo of drive-thru vaccination area. (1/7 photo of drive thru vaccination area. volunteers in vests on
First the volunteers arrived (~50 of us), checked in, and were given vests with colors corresponding to our roles. We swore to support and defend the Constitution! Photo of Loyalty Oath. (2/7) #HealthForAll Loyalty Oath or affirmation to the US constitution and State
It was fascinating - we were organized to each perform relatively simple tasks individually and thus collectively performed the complex task of getting people vaccinated. Photo of "Medical Points of Dispensing" (MPOD) organization structure. (3/7) #COVID19Vaccine Photo of "Medical Points of Dispensing" (MPOD) org
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NEW: Full text of Ontario's #StayAtHome order has been published.
"Every individual shall remain in their place of residence at all times unless..."
There are 29 exceptions, starting with work and school. #COVID19Ontario
Child care or training #COVID19Ontario
Obtaining various goods and services, including doing curbside pickup. #COVID19Ontario
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Guys, you don't want this virus. I'm now on day 8 and I had to leave the breakfast table this morning because I don't have the strength to sit up.
It's not fun to be this sick, it's also not fun for your kids to have to deal with it. Especially over Christmas.
My entire body including my hair and my eyeballs HURTS. I can't stop coughing. Can't smell or taste anything. Have no appetite.
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Letzter Tagesendstand 2020

693 neu gemeldete #Corona Todesfälle an #Silvester2020🖤

Dazu 25.289 neue #Coronavirus Fälle in 🇩🇪

Um Missverständnisse zu vermeiden, sind Vergl. mit LW momentan nur in unserem Spreadsheet zu finden:

#StaySafe #StayAtHome
91 % der LKs haben gemeldet.

Zahlen zum Infektionsgeschehen sind in vielen Landkreisen derzeit nicht aussagekräftig.
Karte kommt hoffentlich noch vor Mitternacht (kein Druck @JamesEDaniell :D).

Schönen Abend noch und kommt gut ins neue Jahr 2020.

Viele Grüße,
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A close family friend's brother and cousin just died from COVID in Southern California. She heeded my warnings, while her brother didn't. One month ago, he went to a baby shower. 3 weeks ago he was hospitalized. "His body just gave out," she said. 1/3
It's frustrating watching Blacks and Latinos die at alarming rates when we don't have to. There is a lot peer pressure to get together, but DON'T! #StayAtHome The vaccine is already here, all you have to do is survive till the vaccine. 2/3
Hospitals are overwhelmed and at capacity so you're NOT going to get good healthcare. In addition, we have a shortage of frontline healthcare workers nationwide, who are also getting sick; this is wartime medicine #StayAtHome 3/3
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Exercise helps kids with a lot of energy (and adults) to de-stress when we #StayAtHome.

Let your child choose the music and have a 10-minute dance! You might even impress them with your moves! 💃🕺👯

More parenting tips during #COVID19 👉…
Catch bad behaviour early and redirect your kids' attention from a bad to a good behaviour.

Clear, positive instructions get us the behaviour that we want. Swap ‘don’t make a mess’ for ‘please put away your pens’

More parenting tips during #COVID19 👉🏽…
Praise is powerful.

Try praising your child or teenager for something they have done well.
Do it in a genuine way.

They may not show it, but you’ll see them doing that good thing again.

More parenting tips during #COVID19 👉🏽…
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Preoccupante #COVID19 Nuovi casi e mortalità settimana 9-15/12 x100.000 abitanti x Regione/PA in @ALTEMS4 Instant Report 33 #StayAtHome @americo691 @drsilenzi @causioofficial @dr_enricorosso @Nemomnis @MRGualano @aringherosse @LeadMedIt @DrMCecconi
Nuovi Ingressi Settimanali in Terapia Intensiva
(x 100.000 ab): settimana 9-15/12 in @ALTEMS4 Instant Report 33 #COVID19 #StayAtHome @americo691 @drsilenzi @causioofficial @dr_enricorosso @Nemomnis @MRGualano @aringherosse @LeadMedIt @DrMCecconi
#COVID19 Relazione tra incidenza x 100.000 abitanti e N° tamponi effettuati x 1.000 abitanti in @ALTEMS4 Instant Report 33 #StayAtHome @americo691 @drsilenzi @causioofficial @dr_enricorosso @Nemomnis @MRGualano @aringherosse @LeadMedIt @DrMCecconi
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1/ Nine months ago today (3/16), I was admitted to @nyulangone because I couldn’t breathe, thanks to what turned out to be #COVID19 (but we weren’t sure at the time — it was early in the #CoronavirusPandemic).

Text exchange with my husband Zach that day: Image
2/ My detailed texts are essentially like a diary of my #COVID19 hospital stay. More from March 16: Image
3/ At the time, I didn’t realize how bad #COVID19 would get for me. When I got the positive #COVID test result that night — from Dr. Luke O’Donnell, one of the many great doctors who treated me, God bless him — here’s what I texted Zach: Image
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11 patiënten, 4 IC-vpk, 4 spec. ondersteuning (MC, anesthesie, e.d.), 4 algemeen ondersteuners (vpk, operatieaass., e.d.). 1 ontslag, 1 spoedopname, 2 intubaties, 2 trach plaatsingen. Meerdere buikliggers. Tientallen telefoontjes gewenst en ongewenst. Familie voor de deur, 1/3
niet op de hoogte vlak voor intubatie want te druk; kon nog afscheid nemen. Geen tijd voor familiegesprekken. Stappenteller afgetopt, korte pauzes, weinig gedronken, koppijn. We zijn dan weliswaar wat afgeschaald in het @UMCUtrecht. De patiënten zijn niet minder ziek, 2/3
de covid afdelingen liggen nog vol, de reguliere zorg draait op "volle" toeren. De dienstlijst blijft gatenkaas. Covid is nog lang niet op z'n retour. Doen we voorzichtig met de feestdagen? Voor ons allemaal... 3/3 #COVID19NL #STAYATHOME #StaySafe
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For those who do not take it serious, it tells me you have not lost someone from this virus!

if everyone starts TODAY Wearing masks, distancing, staying home, perhaps the Christmas surge won’t be quite as bad!


Give your family the present of staying home this Christmas or they may not be here next Christmas!

DO WHAT WE KNOW WORKS! And we could start to improve now, not next spring or summer!

#Resisters. #Resist
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Last night a dear friend called me. She was on her way home from working in the Covid ward.

A patient who had been doing well crashed and had been intubated on her day off. Today she died as her husband of 68 years (who recovered) sat by her side.
In this small town hospital she says that every day someone dies of Covid. She’s struggling to understand what they are doing wrong and how so many can die but she is told it’s not just them, it’s like this everywhere.
She has a family and she’s scared. She’s in awe she’s made it this long without contracting Covid but afraid she will before she’s protected by the vaccine. That she’ll bring it home to her family.
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