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This is The mathematical Calculation I made for the Peoples Democratic Party of Nigeria @OfficialPDPNig to Win the 2019 Election.

Anambra - 660,762 Votes , Abia state - 450,000 votes , Akwa ibom - 970,000 votes , Enugu - 600,000 votes
IMO state - 600,000 , Ebonyi state - 400,000 votes , Rivers state - 1,650,000 , Bayelsa state - 400,000 , Edo state - 350,000 , Delta state - 1,300,000 , Cross River state - 500,000.

#Retweet and #Share for Northeast possible Results #LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain
North east And North Central Results #NigeriaDecides2019

Adamawa - 500,000 , Gombe state - 360,000 , Taraba State - 360,000 , Plateau state - 700,000 , Niger State , Benue state - 450,000 , kwara - 280,004 , Nassarawa - 300,004 , Fct - 200,000

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1/ #Nigeria's judiciary is under the spotlight yet again, for decidedly unsavoury reasons.
2/ Barring any drastic change of plans, the CJN, Honourable Justice Walter #Onnoghen will be arraigned by @CCBNigeria this morning on 6 counts of alleged false asset declarations.
3/ The charge, based on a petition to @CCBNigeria by a self-styled anti-corruption group led by @cpcnatpubsec, a former official of @MBuhari’s defunct political party, CPC, alleges that #Onnoghen maintains multiple undeclared foreign-denominated accounts.
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So that’s how VP @ProfOsinbajo hit the streets after the @BuhariCentre inauguration. This is Gwarimpa Tipper Garage Market. 4+4 all the way. #NigeriaDecides2019 #PMB4Plus4
When he left the Tipper Garage Market, @ProfOsinbajo proceeded on a visit to the home of Mr Madu Inuwa Wagami. He’s from Kwajafa Town in Hawul LGA of Borno State, and has lived in Abuja for almost 20 years. His son, Lt Ibrahim Madu (not present) is a Pilot in the Nigerian Navy.
At the @BuhariCentre today, VP @ProfOsinbajo made campaign telephone calls. One was to a Nigerian resident in Gombe State. “I hope you will vote for us on February 16.” VP also informed the callee of his forthcoming trip to Gombe, and invited him to attend. #PMB4Plus4
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**clears throat**
Good evening guys! So over the last three months, I and my team @CivicMonitor_ have been working on a tool that I'm pretty excited to share with everyone today. It's called KYC (Know-Your-Candidates) -

Everyone knows how important the #NigeriaDecides2019 elections next month are. Possibly most important since 99. However a lot of us cannot say what the candidates stand for on issues we care about - from health, security, power, education, corruption, job creation, among others
That's where KYC comes in. The tool uses technology to present information on the #NigeriaDecides2019 presidential candidates - profiles, promises and issue positions all in one place, to enable voters make more thoughtful and informed choices.
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Over 1 week since #DRCDecides2018, the world still awaits the results as election officials in the country have decided to postpone presidential election results while the Catholic Church says there has been a very clear winner…
Meanwhile, following a well-worn pattern of rigging #AfricanElections & to enable it control the results process in #DRCDecides2018, the govt in the DRC has imposed a shutdown on digital services, including SMS, micro-blogging & WhatsApp…
The #InternetShutdown in #DRCDecides2018 has triggered 2 related fears. One is that the govt of @Plaid_Kabila has a “plan to obscure the truth of the ballot box” & the other is that there'll be serious violence (PEV), once manipulated results are announced…
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Just a little #BrainReset is needed for some of you saying "APC and PDP are the same"
No, #APCandPDPareNotTheSame
A short thread👇👇👇👇
APC is the present ruling party @OfficialAPCNg
PDP was the former ruling party @OfficialPDPNig

PDP LED Nigeria for 16 years, APC is leading Nigeria for 4 years now.
Therefore #APCandPDPareNotTheSame
The decision of what direction any NATION will go is that of the C-in-C of that Country per time. The direction Nigeria went in 16 years was that of @OfficialPDPNig Presidents (Obasanjo, Y'aradu, Jonathan).
The direction Nigeria is going for this 4 years is that of Buhari C-inC
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As we come to the end of a very exciting and eventful year, we at Connected Development (CODE) wish to appreciate the year-long journey we undertook with you in serving and impacting our communities, hand-in-hand!
Founded in 2012 to empower marginalized communities in Africa, we have strengthened local communities by creating platforms for dialogue; engendered informed debate; and built capacities of citizens on how to hold their government accountable, through #FollowTheMoney.
As our impact stories have increased, so has our vision, and our ever-deepening sense of responsibility. Therefore, it is with pleasure at our shared achievement, and fulfilment at the completion of yet another remarkable year, that I bring you this message.
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2018 began with some trepidation as #Nigeria's economy failed to take off, and familiar sounds of discontent began to surface.

In the political space, questions mounted about whether the coalition that brought @MBuhari to power 3 years earlier would hold firm.

It didn't.
Meanwhile, the year, 2018, would go down as the year when @AsoRock's claims about having a lid on security issues were revealed to be mostly empty.
The year began with an escalation of #PastoralConflict, with tit-for-tat killings across 5 states, and a tepid reaction from @AsoRock.

This culminated in the unsightly scenario of one of #Nigeria's most prominent citizens asking his tribesmen to defend themselves.
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The brooding festive mood did little to stifle the fact that electoral reform was stumped, our worst fears about the north-east are real, a forex ban list got longer and regulatory immaturity persists.
Honourable Mohammed's remarks about #BokoHaram underscore the gulf between official propaganda regarding the north-east and the realities on the ground.
The region has been described previously by @TheEconomist as "a failed state within a failed state" and boasts some of the worst socio-economic and developmental indices in #Nigeria.
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Good morning Sir, @MoghaluKingsley
Here's what you said: "I am yet to see one killer herdsman brought to book. This shows the gross incompetence in the handling of National security in Nigeria"...
So I'll try to #UnmaskMoghalu in the light of this MISLEADING STATEMENT.
Since we are in the election campaign season, and the fact that you are also coming forth to lead us in the highest elected office in Nigeria, it is pertinent to #UnmaskMoghalu so as to see you within the context of your statement.
Let's #FactCheck what you said on herdsmen Sir.
"I am yet to see one killer herdsman brought to book"...@MoghaluKingsley
Checking English Dictionary so as not to misrepresent what you said, "To bring to book" as an idiomatic expression "To confront or question one about one's wrongdoings, often as a precursor to punishment".
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Hello Country pipu, make we do small #FactsAboveLies with everi everi wey ogbonge Lawyer, SAN Festus Keyamo yarn for that intafiu with Abang the Jonalist.......Una ready make we check am???
Oya make we carry #FactsAboveLies wey Keyamo talku say push am dey support Baba Buhari with everitin wey dey him mind, Keyamo talk say Buhari na very correct man wey sabi🤣🤣
Him talku say POSTERITY go remember am for good....#FactsAboveLies
The Jonalist come ask Keyamo join for the "human right history" of Buhari Gofamenti, na so SAN Keyamo use #FactAboveLies strangle the Jono o, Nobody dey prison because say him be politician during Buhari time o, and each case wey una wan mention get peculiar explanation. I gree!
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Abang Mercy asked question on why @fkeyamo known to stand for Nigerians is standing with Buhari.....
"Posterity will reckon me on the right side of history".....@fkeyamo 2019
When #FestusKeyamoSpeaks, you've got to learn👏👏👏👏
On human right records, #FestusKeyamoSpeaks clearly...
"We must be careful of all these blank statement: When we say these things, you will think that there are political prisoners in Nigeria"....
The Ecowas court had asked Dasuki to be released, is that not enough to question the human right record of
this administration?

#FestusKeyamoSpeaks clearly that Dasuki's right was NEVER violated...

Me: When Dasuki was involved in HUMAN WRONG, you were all MUTE..
Human right?
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.@MBuhari says he wants to take #Nigeria to the #NextLevel but while as HoS in 85, he cancelled an Education Reform Policy of Prof Babatunde Fafunwa which could have turned our academic curricular into a modern tool to raise the next generation of IT gurus & other professionals!
Same @MBuhari canceled a light rail project of Gov Lateef Jakande of Lagos in '85! A $400M loan project that would have forever transformed the face of public transportation in Lagos & served as template for other states! Say No to #NextLevel
Again, @MBuhari as military General, plotted a coup with fellow coupists & disrupted a democratically elected govt of Pres Shagari & VP Ekwueme for no just reason asides contempt for democratic ideals & a penchant for dictatorship! So NO to #NextLevel #LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain
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So yesterday, Madam @obyezeks was caught again with wrong information as touching #UnemploymentRate in Nigeria, when she deliberately dished out a FALSE data & claimed it's from @nigerianstat
Well, she's in the Presidential race, so expect more LIES from her also.
Almost every politician now talks about #UnemploymentRate and #JobLoss under Buhari administration.
So let's check a little bit how this SUDDENLY became a topic.
When did this #JobLoss & #UnemploymentRate hit NIGERIANS?
Did this suddenly happen after PMB took over in 2015?
You will notice that even Ben Murray Bruce who took Bank loan of N11 Billion (2005) from Union Bank that led to #JobLoss & #UnemploymentRate in Nigeria also has been talking LOUD about the same MENACE he was part of those who caused o....
LISTEN again, Ben Bruce was part them!
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#Thread 👇
AS we are all focused and arguing over the choice between @atiku and @MBuhari and following needless cat and mouse game over budget for #NigeriaDecides2019 NASS finally had the brainwave to divert N242.24bn (via virement) from existing budgets to fund 2019 elections.
Guess what budgets our dear overpaid #NASS led by @bukolasaraki choose to cut? Agriculture N11bn. HEALTH N8.05bn. EDUCATION N10.2bn. Works (roads included), Power and Housing N25.5bn. Science & Tech - N7.46bn. Water Resources - N12.95bn and more. Budget trackers went DEAF n BLIND
.@bukolasaraki and his cabal in #NASS claims these cuts were agreed on with the Presidency. This is a clever by half claim for those who forget how the @inecnigeria budget became a convenient weapon and was endlessly delayed by NASS. Weponised delay.…
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Fellow Nigerians,
Have you seen #PDPdubaiStrategy on your whatsapp, facebook, Church groups, Mosque groups?
If you have not seen what @OfficialPDPNig and @atiku allegedly went to STRATEGIZE in DUbai to destabilize Nigeria, here are the plans:
Resolutions of PDP Presidential Campaign Strategy Meeting Held in Dubai, chaired by @atiku
1. Spread negative and false news relating to the VP, @ProfOsinbajo who is the main poster child of the administration and the most vocal opponent of the PDP.
.@ProfOsinbajo continuous branding of @OfficialPDPNig as corrupt and our ideas in restructuring as insincere must be nipped in the bud. His visits to markets and the populist imagery he is creating must be tackled vigorously.

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In a week where Nigeria’s government outmanoeuvred trade unions but inevitably booted the ball up the pitch, questions still arose about its budget.

Meanwhile, security dominates the discussions next door, amid concerns that Nigeria may be inadvertently breeding a militia.
On the minimum wage palaver, the key point to note is that @AsoRock has been unable to fund salary payments at the ₦18,000/month level from its revenues, and most states need to be bailed out periodically at that amount.
An analysis by @BusinessDayNg projected that an acceptance of ₦30,000 minimum wage (a 66% rise) by @MBuhari will cost @AsoRock an additional ₦1.25 trillion annually, a move which renders the proposed #budget2019 obsolete, and plunges #Nigeria deeper into the debt conundrum.
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.@atiku otimkpu came after me on twitter LYING that @atiku DID NOT say he will restructure Nigeria in 6 months.

I was in transit so could not respond. Here is the evidence

"I have said it that I would restructure Nigeria within six months of being elected." @atiku
In that same interview @atiku committed himself to just one term of four years in office. #NigeriaDecides2019 is not a do or die election for those of us who genuinely back the return of @MBuhari and @ProfOsinbajo we won't put words into the mouth of your candidate.
"The truth, which you and I know, is that without the support of @AsiwajuTinubu, @MBuhari would not have been elected as the President, his cult followership notwithstanding." @atiku
Okay in the morning he claims Tinubu is nothing and then in the night he claims BAT is something
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It must be noted that this crisis is not the first this year to engulf Kasuwan Magani, #Kaduna.

At least 12 persons were killed and 1,000 houses destroyed in a religious crisis that erupted on 26 February over the conversion of a Christian girl to Islam by her Muslim boyfriend.
65 persons were subsequently arrested and charged to court by @contactkdsg.

The history of #Kaduna is filled with crises cutting across religious, economic and tribal lines, and various governments, both military and civilian have been unable to prevent the lawlessness.
The state government’s helplessness was laid bare during the 2016 crisis between herdsmen and farmers in #Godogodo.

The payment of compensation only for cattle killed in the crisis exposed the unwillingness of @contactkdsg to confront these security threats head-on.
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Nigeria’s parliament made amendments to electoral law that fail to separate the meat from the bones, a scenario which also applies to our crumbling infrastructure.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists are poised to have a field day following a dissident’s curious resurrection.
The statement of intent by @NGRSenate in the proposed #ElectoralAct amendment is clear - #Nigeria must build on the incremental improvements from #elections2015, a key representation of which is the card reader.
It behoves of @inecnigeria to now take a real look at the failure points from #elections2015 in the use of these devices, map potential failure points, and mitigate them.

What must not be done is for @inecnigeria to discard card readers because of previous challenges.
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I know my area, I can't crunch numbers and voting pattern in South East States. Let me look at that deciding Lagos.
So I am crunching numbers, that 6 Million Lagos @inecnigeria eligible voters.
Alimosho Solid APC
Ajeromi-Ifelodun PDP
Kosofe APC
Mushin APC
Ikorodu APC
Surulere Too Close to Call
Agege Solid APC
Ifako-Ijaiye Solid APC
Oshodi-Isolo Too Close to Call
Somolu Solid APC
Amuwo-Odofin Likely PDP
Lagos Mainland Toss Up Likely APC
Ikeja APC
Eti-Osa APC
*Badagry Solid PDP
Apapa Too close to call
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September 27, 2018

CDD Faults Ethical Lapses in Osun Rerun Poll.

CDD has carefully observed the governorship rerun election in Osun State with a conclusion that the conduct of some key stakeholders clearly ran contrary to democratic norms & standards, as well as best practices in the conduct of credible #elections.
CDD notes that a number of the incidents recorded during the poll have undermined the sanctity of the vote and the overall credibility of the electoral process.
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If PDP come to look for vote from you in #NigeriaDecides2019, please ask why they couldn't complete Lagos-Ibadan expressway (a road that is less than 150 kilometers) after 16years in power & so much earning from crude oil sales.
As #NigeriaDecides2019
ask PDP why none of our refineries were producing when they left power after 16 years, they neither built new ones nor fixed the existing ones, which is the reason why we still import fuel....What exactly happened to refinery in 16yrs?
Can we ask PDP why the East - West road was not completed after 16 years in power, meanwhile they always budget for that road despite having Senate Presidents from that region in 16yrs?
Who swallowed the mean for the East-West road in 16yrs of Mr fix it Anenih?
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I will do a thread later on all these deflection of lepers & #TheGame that will tame Saraki in 2019..
Let me give you a hint ahead of this thread:
Expect a very influential Senator from the South East like Akpabio to deflect to @OfficialAPCNg b4 #NigeriaDecides2019
#MyView 😂🤣
Let me go further to tell you #MyView that led to this:
In 2015, #TheGame was for Ngige from the South East to win election, & being part of the new ruling party (majority), he was supposed to become the #SenatePresident(from South Eats), PMB(North), PYO(South West)...#Politics
But since the South East folks in their politics of hatered towards Buhari thought voting for Ngige would mean they supported APC/PMB, the person that won couldn't have been the Senate President because she was not from the ruling party...As such, the seat was open to all...🤣😂
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