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4 Apr
In mid of second wave, a few are arguing for opening COVID-19 vaccination for all adults.

Really, for what?
That will not be helpful, is digressing & can be damaging as well.

This thread is all about this & more.


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India is in second wave.
New & active Cases are rising & soon, May be on Tuesday, 6 April, country May report highest daily new cases.

The focus has to be on immediate measures to tackle the wave.

Test, Trace and Treat.

That will be the key

COVID-19 vaccine r safe & effective.

However, person will be protected after completion of full schedule of 2 shots+ 2 weeks.
Therefore, benefit of vaccination for those who gets shot will come 6 to 10 weeks from now.
Remember gap of 4 -7 weeks in shots +2 weeks.

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22 Feb
There is so much of discussion going on around that #private sector should be involved in #COVID #vaccination drive. #PrivateSector is already involved.

This thread is to discuss some of these aspects. (1/n)

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Of total existing 10k vaccination centres, 2k are already in private sector.

There is plan to and would need more to come up in private sector when needed 50k are set up.

So, private sector is involved. 2/n
The discussion is happening as if involvement of pvt sector facilities will change everything.

The current challenge is not the shortage of facilities or vaccination centres but ‘hesitancy’ of people to come forward to get vaccination.

The challenge is different.
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