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Apr 21 14 tweets 4 min read
In Feb 2020 #SARSCOV2 #COVID19 was
risk to the entire #society

In Apr 2022, COVID-19
it is #individual risk.

Why there shouldn’t be any universal restrictions?

Why schools should remain open?

Why masks should be voluntary?

Context of arguments is #India

A thread 🧵

In Feb 2022, #SARS CoV2 was a new or novel virus.

Everyone was susceptible as no one had prior immunity.

The risk by age & other factors was unknown & unpredictable.

The only way was ‘universal restriction’
to slow down the transmission, prepare health services

Apr 17 6 tweets 2 min read
There is NO reason to worry abt spike in COVID-19 cases in Delhi.

Just track, but don’t overreact.

1. Protect the vulnerable (60+ and children & adults with pre-existing conditions)

2. Remember, children are at d lowest risk. The schools should continue to be open.

3. Even if cases r reported, no need of partial or any closure of schools. Inform authorities and parents abt the case and continue routine functioning.

4. Fumigation and sanitisation is not very helpful.

5. Focus on ventilation in closed spaces, specially school

Feb 22, 2021 16 tweets 8 min read
There is so much of discussion going on around that #private sector should be involved in #COVID #vaccination drive. #PrivateSector is already involved.

This thread is to discuss some of these aspects. (1/n)

@Milan_reports @snehamordani @epigiri @sujakrao @oommen @amitabhk87 Of total existing 10k vaccination centres, 2k are already in private sector.

There is plan to and would need more to come up in private sector when needed 50k are set up.

So, private sector is involved. 2/n