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Aims of the #GreatReset #American #Bankers #Oligarchy ... "We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities including through support to tax redistributive & domestic resource optimization approaches social safety nets & or insurance schemes"
Newly Unsealed Docs in 2018 showed top #FDIC Officials Running Operation #ChokePoint* under 2013 #ObamaAdministration to form public/private oligarchy

* to freeze politically disfavored #businesses deemed not PC / high risk out of the financial system…
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There is so much of discussion going on around that #private sector should be involved in #COVID #vaccination drive. #PrivateSector is already involved.

This thread is to discuss some of these aspects. (1/n)

@Milan_reports @snehamordani @epigiri @sujakrao @oommen @amitabhk87
Of total existing 10k vaccination centres, 2k are already in private sector.

There is plan to and would need more to come up in private sector when needed 50k are set up.

So, private sector is involved. 2/n
The discussion is happening as if involvement of pvt sector facilities will change everything.

The current challenge is not the shortage of facilities or vaccination centres but ‘hesitancy’ of people to come forward to get vaccination.

The challenge is different.
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The sought future of "#healthcare" - "The #WEF, the int. org. for public-private cooperation, hosts the #PrivateSector Constituency of #UHC2030 & provides a platform for interaction for all UHC2030 partners & health systems networks."

#GreatReset #UBI #WorldBank #WHO
When universal basic income (#UBI) begins to be rolled out globally, expect #public #healthcare to disappear. Further, payments will be linked to benefits via the #blockchain - ensuring full spectrum #compliance & #servitude of whole societies.

#Covid19 as catalyst #greatreset
The UHC2030 hosted by the #WorldBank Group & the #WHO. "#UHC does not mean #healthcare is free. It means that personal (out-of-pocket) payments do not deter people from using services & that people are protected from "catastrophic #health expenditures"...…
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For a virus that presents "few to no symptoms" for the majority, "U.S. Orders Up to 600 Million Doses of #Pfizer, BioNTech Covid #Vaccine" (Bloomberg).…

So let's take a look at Pfizer.
"Pfizer is a publicly-traded global pharma corp.headquartered in NYC. Its revenues reached $52.5 billion in 2017. #Pfizer makes Advil, Xanax, #DepoProvera, Neosporin, #Lyrica & Dimetapp. Pfizer manufacturers more than 350 different pharmaceuticals & operates in 180 countries.
Pfizer's Lyrica, the new vallium, linked to depression, anxiety & suicide, now top pain medication on PBS. #Pregabalin #Addiction. Addicts of #hydromorphone (#Opioid) (Pfizer) have found a new addiction w/ #Lyrica. Capsules are opened, crushed & snorted.…
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#CCP controls the #Commanding #Heights of the economy directly and all the other heights of the economy through the #PartySector. Genuine #PrivateSector is allowed only in the valleys where they cannot ever threaten the #Party's absolute control.
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4QFY20 GDP is 3.1%,Vs market expectations of between 2.2%-2.4%

Overall FY20 GDP is 4.2%,in line with consensus

Positives in 4Q20 are👇
#Agriculture grew 5.9%,Vs 1.6% in 4Q19

#Mining grew 5.2%,Vs minus 4.8% in 4Q19

Power&Gas grew 4.5%,Vs minus

#GDP #Economy
A moot point worth noting is,govt spending continues to be robust

#PublicAdministration grew 10.1% in 4Q20,Vs 10.9% QoQ and 11.6% YoY

#AchillesHeel is #Manufacturing, which de-grew by 1.4% in 4Q20,Vs minus 0.8% QoQ and minus 2.1%, YoY

#Services held up@4.4% in 4Q20,Vs 5.7% QoQ
#PrivateSector needs to revv up capex,now

That gov has put #Growth over all else&rightfully so,is evident from #FiscalDeficit of Rs 9.36 lakhCr,Vs 7.67 lakhCr,YoY

9.36 lakhCr is #fd of 4.59%,Vs estimate of 3.8%

Good bit is,#CapitalExpenditure by govt was steady@Rs 3.37 lakhCr
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20 Mar 2020, Our President @MichaelDDavisJr submitted a letter on behalf of American Chamber of Commerce of Uganda members to @OPMUganda regarding clarifications on some of @KagutaMuseveni 's speech points. Specifically - See thread
1.Import of Goods & Raw Materials: Clarification on procedures for import & export Kenya, TZ, RW, DRC, and SoSud not Cat 1 Should be free movement across the border. Need to smooth logistics & transportation process to avoid delays in supply chain, deliveries, and production
2.Support for #BUBU initiatives: AmCham believes @GovUganda should focus current laws & policies on ensuring BUBU initiatives are implemented. Many companies could use juice puree from local fruit but are unable to due to interpretation of the law
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There was a super insightful fireside chat with @vkhosla and @NandanNilekani, moderated by @sharads, yesterday in Bangalore. My notes. Long thread.
@vkhosla: I have this fear that you can grow old when you retire, not retire when you grow old. So I hope I never retire. As long as you have interesting problems to work on, there's nothing more exciting to do than work on that.
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I was born & raised in #Medellin Colombia, an amazing & vibrant city in the middle of the mountains.

Please do not mention #Narcos or #Escobar when you hear Medellin!

Medellin is much more than that #eternalspring #innovation #Entrepreneurship #mountains #coffee #greatpeople
I was born & raised in #Medellin Colombia, an amazing & vibrant city in the middle of the mountains.

Please do not mention #Narcos or #Escobar when you hear Medellin!

Medellin is much more than that #eternalspring #innovation #Entrepreneurship #mountains #coffee #greatpeople
Went to a great school in #medellin & at 17 started #medicine not because I wanted to be a clinician but because I liked the #science & my family and #mentors told me #medicine was broader and could open more doors for me #VoicesIWS #Thread☝️@IWS_Network
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