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@masimaux @EduEngineer #molnupiravir
@WmHaseltine (SME HU)
1) mutagenicity, possibly birth defects or cancerous tumors
2) potential to supercharge #SARSCoV2 mutations, unleash a more virulent variant upon the world…
"We are potentially headed towards a world class disaster."
@masimaux @EduEngineer @WmHaseltine > Coronaviruses can survive #molnupiravir induced mutations #EIDD1931
> people often don’t complete prescribed medication course
WMH: If I were trying to create a new and more dangerous virus in humans, I would feed a subclinical dose to people infected
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1/4 NB points made by @yodifiji of the AU's Vaccine Delivery Alliance:

The #OmicronVariant was inevitable because of the world's failure to vaccinate countries equitably.

What contributed?
- Wealthy countries' hoarding
- Manufacturers' refusal to share IP rights/know-how
2. @yodifiji:
Now those same wealthy countries who hoarded vaccines and contributed to inequity want to keep out Africans — #Omicron has been detected in several countries. But there are no travel bans for Belgium or Israel, only for African countries.
3. @yodifiji:
Had the original #SARSCoV2 1st been detected in Africa (and not China), the world would likely have "thrown away the key" + locked us out. Africa would have become known as the continent of #COVID19 + vaccines would not have been developed a urgently as currently.
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The mutational profile of Omicron suggests a potentially significant transmission advantage. But can we already say something about increased transmissibility or immune evasion? I'll give it a try. Warning: Preliminary and based on VERY limited data. 1/15
The observed rapid replacement of Delta by Omicron in the province of Gauteng in South Africa is suggestive of a transmission advantage. 2/15
Fitting a multinomial logistic regression model to the proportion of different variants in South Africa results in an estimated growth advantage of Omicron of 0.43 (95% CI: 0.15-0.72) per day compared to Delta. 3/15
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1. Omicron Thread - A Compilation of Opinions

"finally, the time has slip and slid its slimy course through to us - and we're the vicious bastards of the new generation. we do not relent, and we should not be held to account for our ancestral faults"

2. The Letter Chosen by the WHO

"It's amazing that the Xi variant seems to have somehow managed to evade detection..."

via @readomain

Why 'Omicron', Not 'Nu' or 'Xi'?

WHO Says Two Letters in Greek Alphabet Jumped to 'Avoid Stigma'…
3. The Omicron variant has been found in nearly every province of South Africa, as well as Botswana, Belgium, Israel, UK and Hong Kong.

This month, Israel held an exercise, The “Omega Exercise”, meant to prepare for a hypothetical, new COVID-19 variant…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/27/2021…
A stream in Waipio smelled like beer. An investigation into a strange spill ensued.…

#runoff #contamination #alcohol #brewery #hawaii
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Algumas notas sobre a Variante #SARSCoV2 B.1.1.529 (#omicron)

1. Contexto
2. Transmissibilidade
3. Efectividade das vacinas
4. Medidas e projeções
5. Saúde global

thread 🧵 1/n

🚨 tem ciência e incertezas

Sabíamos que isto poderia acontecer.
A DGS em Out fez um cenário (sem reforço vac) que contemplava uma nova variante. Se forem confirmados os indícios poderá ter impacto a médio prazo (2 a 6 meses) n hospitalizações e mortalidade


Sabíamos que isto podia acontecer porque o vírus continua a evoluir.

O ritmo de evolução do SARS-CoV-2 é 5x maior que o vírus da gripe sazonal
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🧵 Brief update on impact of #Omicron on the CDC #SARSCov2 primers/probes that are commonly used in PCR assays in the US and abroad (1/6)
(2/6) The CDC N1 probe mismatch in Omicron is a C28311T mutation. Of the 91 B.1.1.529 sequences on GISAID:
- 48 have a T (mismatch)
- 19 have a C (exact match)
- 26 have no coverage (NNNs)
(3/6) All of the Omicron sequences with a C at 28,311 (exact match to N1 probe) are from the CERI-KRISP group, so maybe @Tuliodna can provide some info if these are potentially a sequencing artifact (which we've seen with Delta) or if this site is variable within the lineage
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More actions points can be following :-
1. Since day of 1st case of #Omicron #B.1.1.529, establish travel history & identify secondary transmission throughout world. If primary case was in early November, not difficult to miss areas of circulation.
2. Botswana, South Africa & Hong Kong cannot be the only areas where #Omicron has travelled. These areas are the ones that have probably better surveillance and genomic sequencing and hence have reported in timely manner. Absence of reporting is not absence of circulation.
2 of n
3. Imposing travel restrictions, restricting entry from few countries is NOT going to help either prevent or control the spread of #Omicron. It’s akin to closing stable door after horse has bolted. Instead, identify cluster of cases of recent origin & do genomic sequencing.
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The @WHO has named B.1.1.529 Omicron, a Variant of Concern [O, not Nu)
Here's their full statement, summary of data…
This is only the 5th Variant of Concern since the pandemic began: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and now Omicron.
That it was not named as a Variant of Interest is interesting and raises concern ;-)
There have been thousands of uninteresting #SARSCoV2 variants
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According to @GISAID…
The #B11529 variant #SARSCoV2 was detected in South Africa's Johannesburg area on Nov. 22, and swiftly came to dominate & spread to neighboring #Botswana & #HongKong .
2/ The new #B11529 variant is highly mutated, compared to other forms of #SARSCoV2 . Some mutations (green) have no clear impact on viral activity. Others (orange) make the virus cling harder to human ACE2 receptors, escape immunity, etc. And (blue) there are inserted bits.
3/ At the time this was posted, abt 50% of new cases in Gauteng, So Africa were #B11529 -- just 48 hours later that's jumped to 90+%. Here, from @GISAID are collection dates & %ages just pre-Thanksgiving. This is very rapid.
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@Merck updated press release on #molnupiravir :
30% risk reduction in severe #COVID19 outcomes (hospitalization and/or death) from 9.7% in the placebo group (68/699) to 6.8% (48/709).
Effect is about same as #fluvoxamine but $710 vs $5… #IDTwitter
FDA Briefing docs on #molnupiravir now available. This analysis is only for n=775 of the Phase 3 trial as per the Oct 1 press release, but it is chalked full of good pre-clinical and Phase 2 data. Very good description on the mutagenic testing performed.…
One example on why starting #molnupiravir (or probably any antiviral before day <5 of treatment is important, as there was minimal change in viral load when started after >=6 days. (Hello remdesivir).
Caveat --this phase 2 was performed in non-immune compromised population.
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La #variante"Nu" B.1.1.529: segue un thread con le poche info che abbiamo. Ma non c'è da andare nel panico, ve lo spiego. Iniziamo. 1/21
Le autorità sudafricane sono allarmate per la rapida diffusione di una nuova #variante che in tre settimane è passata dall'1 al 30% di casi, soppiantando la #Delta (attualmente predominante nel mondo). Vediamo di cosa si tratta. 2/21
Si tratta di una variante di #SARSCoV2 emersa per la prima volta l’11 novembre 2021 a seguito di tre rilevamenti in #Botswana. 3/21
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#IcebergWhistleBlowers: please help (by RT) win whistle blowers with more reach. The Western world needs to fundamentally address #SARSCoV2 by using an elimination strategy. We need a domino effect of whistle blowers winning whistle blowers with more reach.

Eventually, this will force decision makers to understand that we need an elimination strategy.

China will manage.

If you cherish the Western world: become a whistle blower. Use the momentum of the media coverage on the nu variant B.1.1.529.

Correlates of protection against death, against severe disease, and against Long-COVID (PASC), especially Neuro-Long-COVID and/or kidney damage are functions of time (since last immunization) and of antigenic drift.

Nu (B.1.1.529) will show what the latter means.

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Here's how mutations in #SARSCoV2 Nu variant (B.1.1.529) will affect polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies targeting RBD. These assessments based on deep-mutational scanning experiments; underlying data can be explored interactively at… (1/n)
First, Nu variant has lot of antigenic change. Below are how mutations relate to escape averaged over 36 human antibodies. Many mutations at peak escape sites, especially E484, G446, K417, & Q493. This means even in polyclonal mix, lot of RBD antibodies will be affected. (2/n)
Another way to assess polyclonal escape is how many epitope classes affected (…). We do this using epitope scheme of @bjorkmanlab @cobarnes27 as adopted by @AllieGreaney. In this scheme, three potently neutralizing epitopes: class 1, 2, class 3. (3/n)
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Worried about new variants?

We got you 🙌🏾

🔬🧬We are the Coronavirus Variants Rapid Response Network @CoVaRR_Net working to accelerate & facilitate our understanding and management of #SARSCoV2 variants of concern!

#TeamCanada #GoTeam #GoScience
Science doesn’t happen in silos & is not one dimensional!
@Covarrnet is founded on the belief that the best science is one that is collaborative & #EDII-centred.
Here are some of the brilliant people who make up @CoVaRR_Net:
@langlois_ma @ninan_abraham1 @JenGommerman @gingraslab1
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What do we know about the B.1.1.529 variant of SARS-CoV-2 with a very large number of mutations
An updated thread on emerging evidence. Image
B.1.1.529 is a newly designated variant of SARS-CoV-2…
This would not have been possible without the exemplary work of researchers in Africa who have sequenced and deposited the genomes in public domain which forms the basis of this variant designation.
The lineage (variant) is characterized by 32 conserved spike mutations A67V Δ69-70 T95I G142D/Δ143-145, Δ211/L212I ins214EPE G339D S371L S373P S375F K417N N440K G446S S477N T478K E484A Q493K G496S Q498R N501Y Y505H T547K D614G H655Y N679K P681H N764K D796Y N856K Q954H N969K L981F
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🇪🇺 Summary of today's EU *proposal* for non-essential travel from *outside* the bloc.

1⃣ 1st March 2022 - Member States to allow only vaccinated, recovered or essential travellers.

2⃣ Passengers processed by 'status' rather than country (

3⃣ EU admit that #SARSCoV2 can break immunity. Non approved WHO jabs & the 'recovered' are asked to take a pre-departure PCR.

4⃣ "Member States can continue accepting, under their own national law, proof of testing and vaccination issued by non-EU countries"
5⃣ "Priority will be given to vaccinated travellers" - the EU continue to adopt a two-tiered societal approach.

6⃣ Zero reference to 'unvaccinated'. Main focus is on jabbed & recovered. We can only assume unjabbed will continue to be requested to test & quarantine.
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Que se haya aprobado la vacuna frente a #SARSCoV2 para niños es muy importante para los críos con necesidades especiales, enfermedades graves de base y/o inmunidad alterada. Hay que comenzar a protegerlos frente a este virus pues es para ellos un riesgo.
La vacuna no va a ser obligatoria, así que vamos a tranquilizarnos todos un poquito y dejar la demagogia fácil. Lo que debemos saber es que como se incremente mucho la transmisión comunitaria del virus sin duda va a ser una herramienta de salud pública útil.
En esa transmisión comunitaria el porcentaje de adultos vacunados es clave. Por ejemplo en Estados Unidos, donde es menor, ya han vacunado a más de 3 millones de niños. Allí la @AmerAcadPeds lo tiene claro. El virus “filtra” a los críos si no hay una red alrededor que proteja.
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🇺🇸 The #UnitedStates continue to shun travellers who've chosen not to vaccinate against #SARSCoV2 with very limited exemption.

Those who can travel by air & need an ESTA encounter zero information about #COVID19 or any related keyword search in the help sections...

🧐 Even the 'Disclaimer' template prior to commencing the application has *nothing* in relation to #COVID19 or jab requirements.
🦠 An eligibility question in relation to 'communicable diseases' has a carefully worded bullet point about 'severe acute respiratory illnesses'.

It fails to specifically mention #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 or any other requirements in relation to Biden's proclamation.
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[Thread] @Tuliodna:
1. On Fri, SA scientists will meet with @WHO to discuss a new variant detected, B.1.1.529. The variant will then get a Greek name
2. B.1.1.529 has an exceptionally high nr of mutations - some could lead to the variant being able to escape immunity
1. The B.1.1.529 variant was discovered on 23 November
2. There will be an expected 200-300 cases in next few days, cases will increase fast
3. The reproduction #SARSCoV2 number (how many other people one infected person will infect) in SA is rising. When it's bigger than 1, it's concerning. Nationally, the nr is now 1.47 and in Gauteng it's 1.93.
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[Thread] What is the potential impact of the new B.1.1.529 #COVID19 variant?
1. It's relatively simple to detect some B.1.1.529 cases, as it's possible to use PCR tests to do this in some cases
2. B.1.1.529 = has many mutations across different parts of the virus Image
2. Some of the mutations of the B.1.1.529 variant are situated around the spike protein that might affect how well our antibodies neutralise the #SARSCoV2 virus (so it might escape immunity to some extent).
3. Some of the mutations of B.1.1.529 look similar to mutations that have been found on other variants of concern that enhance those variants' transmissibility.
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1/ Our preprint on #SARSCoV2 antibody responses in UK adults receiving a #COVID19 vaccine booster with the Pfizer vaccine at least 6 months after primary immunisation with Pfizer or AZ vaccine, which was given at an extended interval (8-12 wks) … 🧵

2/ We recruited adults aged 50+ years when they became eligible for their #COVID19 vaccine as part of the UK National Immunisation Programme. Participants provided regular blood tests for #SARS_CoV_2 antibodies at multiple intervals, including before & after the booster dose.
3/ 3 groups were assessed: (i) 2 Pfizer doses <30 days apart (Pfizer-control), (ii) 2 Pfizer doses ≥30 days apart (Pfizer-extended) or (iii) 2 AZ doses ≥30 days apart (AZ-extended) in London, England. Spike protein antibodies were compared before and 2-4 weeks after the booster
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Ayer se publicó en el @NEJM este trabajo sobre reinfección por #SARSCoV2
En caso de reinfección la posibilidad de desarrollar formas graves de enfermedad casi se desvanece.
Por cosas así sabemos que ya queda menos.
Ánimo 🤟…
Por cierto, observan una reducción del 90% de riesgo de hospitalización.
¿Sabéis con qué se consigue una reducción semejante en caso de primoinfección y sin haber tenido una infección previa que puede ser grave?
Las vacunas.
Por cierto, en este trabajo no se incluyen los que se infectaron la primera vez y no se pueden reinfectar porque se murieron.
La primoinfección no es "gratis".
Es lo que tiene la cosa.
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