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indica la soglia QUANTITATIVA minima oltre la quale si ottiene un mutamento QUALITATIVO.
Ad es in Fisica è la quantità di materiale fissile necessaria affinché una reazione nucleare a catena possa autosostenersi
La massa critica vale anche per il #SARSCoV2 Image
Crisanti: "Questo virus per ragioni che ancora non conosciamo si diffonde senza creare malattia finché raggiunge una massa critica di persone che si infettano e a quel punto esplode con tutta la sua violenza, quindi questi casi che ci sono in Italia non vanno sottovalutati” Image
Questo significa che non è vero che il virus abbia perso forza, ma soltanto che l'isolamento dovuto alla quarantena ha permesso di fermare l'innesco, ovvero non aver più una QUANTITA' sufficiente di contagiati da #covid19 per avere una massa critica
Niente fiamme, solo brace Image
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New: ASYMPTOMATIC carriers with #COVID19: a review study. Thread 🧵

📌Asymptomatic persons seem to account for approximately 40%-45% of #SARSCoV2 infections

📌they can transmit the virus to others for an extended period, perhaps longer than 14 days.
2) 📌Asymptomatic infection may be associated with subclinical lung abnormalities, as detected by computed tomography.

📌Because of the high risk for silent spread by asymptomatic persons, it is imperative that testing programs include those without symptoms! #covid19
3) To supplement conventional diagnostic testing, which is constrained by capacity, cost, and its one-off nature, innovative tactics for public health surveillance, such as crowdsourcing digital wearable data and monitoring sewage sludge (eg @BiobotAnalytics), might be helpful.
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“WHO is continuing to respond to the new #Ebola outbreak in the city of Mbandaka”, says @DrTedros at start of regular #covid19 presser at @WHO. 8 cases have been detected, 4 of them have died. Today, close to 50 responders and 3600 doses of #Ebola vaccine arrived in Mbandaka.
@DrTedros @WHO Latest #Ebola case attended the burial of the first case, but was detected in Bikoro, a town 150 km from Mbandaka, says @drtedros. "This means that two health zones are now affected.” Virus is being sequenced to find out whether there is a link to previous outbreak.
@DrTedros @WHO "More than 100,000 cases of #Covid19 have been reported to WHO for each of the past 5 days”, says @drtedros. "We are especially worried about Central and South America, where many countries are witnessing accelerating epidemic.”
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You can flip this around and have QR codes at the door of busy establishments that can be scanned w/o app - open source & privacy-sensitive. Super simple to set up. Have never really understood why this hasn't gained traction. #COVID19 #SARSCoV2
Just to add a disclaimer - this is outside my field of expertise in detail - and I understand there are other similar products available. I can't weigh in on the pros & cons of these. However, I think the idea is intriguing, & would love to see it explored a bit more!
And another disclaimer - have heard this *has* gained traction in some places! I should have said - "hasn't gained traction in the West" (as far as I'm aware!) 😁
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(1/7) The #SARSCoV2 viral load data from Germany has been reanalysed, and continues to suggest no meaningful difference between the viral load of children and adults. There's a lot to discuss in this paper. Read on... #COVID19…
(2/7) First, two different testing systems were used. Data from the system used early in the epidemic for community screening (which best reflects people with early symptoms and who those who are pre-symptomatic) show no difference in viral load between children and adults.
(3/7) Data from the system used later in epidemic when household & contact testing reduced show a small difference between children & adults (children had lower levels). However, children tested more likely to be hospitalised (later in course of infection when viral loads lower).
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The fatal 2nd phase of #COVID19 and its underpinning via blood vessel attack…
by @cmatacic @NewsfromScience @ScienceMagazine
w/ @ScienceVisuals
This related, succinct essay on the "vasculature unleashed," and how #SARSCoV2 attacks of endothelial cells, can help explain late deterioration (2nd phase), and is exceptional.…
@NatRevImmunol by @lateuwen @CarmelietLab @KU_Leuven @vib_ccb
Also relevant is this review of #COVID19 and clotting
Good old Virchow's triad and microscopic images, useful discussion…
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I had the great pleasure of discussing vaccines for #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 #coronavirus on @MPRnews this morning with @KerriMPR. I was especially glad to join my colleague from @UW, Dr. Deborah Fuller, and hear about her lab's exciting vaccine work…
Dr. Fuller's lab recently released an excellent pre-print describing some really fantastic preclinical results from a new #SARSCoV2 vaccine they developed:…
This vaccine is like the Moderna vaccine in that it uses RNA to generate immune responses against #SARSCoV2 spike (S) protein, but with a twist. Instead of using messenger RNA (mRNA) to express S, this vaccine uses a RNA replicon. What is that, you ask?
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Excellent reporting by @AP outlining timeframe of release of #SARSCoV2 genetic data in early Jan as the #COVID19 outbreak unfolded in Wuhan. 1/6…
I want to focus on one detail here. Professor Yong-Zhen Zhang at Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center and Fudan University first posted the genome sequence to Genbank on Jan 5 "where it sat awaiting review". 2/6
To get ahead of this delay, the sequence was posted publicly to on Jan 10. 3/6
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Ultimas novedades sobre la #COVID19.
Un repaso a los datos más recientes sobre los super-eventos de contagio, mecanismos y dinámicas de transmisión e infectividad, con algunos de los ejemplos más destacados.
Llegad hasta el final.
Abro hilo.
Es conocido que los super-eventos de contagio pueden ser decisivos en la dinámica de infección por #SARSCoV2. A lo largo de las ultimas semanas se están registrando más eventos de estas carácterísticas por todo el mundo y se están estudiando en detalle.
A estas alturas de la película todos conocemos el factor R0 (número de reproducción básico) que en el caso del #SARSCoV2 está entre 2 y 3. Pero hace falta introducir factor de dispersión (k), más relacionada con el concepto de los supercontagios.
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„In the case of #SARSCoV2, evidence is growing that superspreading is a hugely significant factor of total transmission.“ This op-ed in the @nytimes by @bencowling88 and @DillonCAdam lays out that evidence very clearly…
It argues for focussing efforts to fight #covid19 on preventing superspreading events: „Forget about maintaining — or, if infections resurge, resuming — sweeping measures designed to stem the virus’s spread in all forms. Just focus on stopping the superspreading.“
Also cautious on Japan‘s cluster strategy: „We believe that despite Japan’s success so far, Hong Kong’s suppression strategy, which includes testing and contact-tracing as well, is preferable in the long run, if only because it’s better preparation for any future outbreaks.“
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So, this story is enraging for several reasons. First, the policies of governors who carelessly re-opened their states (e.g. @BrianKempGA) before cases dropped, without sufficient testing, have done more damage to the response against #COVID19. 1/…
Second, where is the outrage in support of the thousands of Americans in prisons, jails; those detained in ICE facilities; those working in meatpacking plants, etc, which are far more dangerous places to be in a pandemic of a respiratory virus? 2/
Third, racism and white supremacy have killed hundreds of thousands of African-Americans and here we are pitting this long-standing health crisis against the pandemic. 3/
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Great review of neuropathogenesis and neurologic manifestations of #covid19 published in JAMA Neurology on May 29 by @SpudichLabYale (THREAD, 1/10)
How does #sarscov2 get into the CNS? ACE2 receptors are expressed in multiple regions & on multiple cels of the human brain. (2/10)
Viral invasion of the CNS could happen in one of three ways. Nr 1: via the olfactory nerve (i.e., the transcribrial route). Olfactory nerve infection could also explain the common findings of loss of smell (anosmia) and loss of taste (ageusia). (3/10)
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1. Turning this into a thread on today's @WHO press conference on #Covid19.
2. @WHO was asked about what's known about lasting effects of #Covid19 infection. @mvankerkhove said most people will recover without problems. But people who have had severe disease may have a slower recovery & need to be monitored for long-term consequences of infection.
3. @WHO asked about a report from Italy suggesting #Covid19 may be losing potency. Both @mvankerkhove & @DrMikeRyan warn that it is unlikely the virus has changed; changes in human behavior have lessened its capacity to spread. "We need to be realistic & driven by facts" — Ryan.
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2 of the most successful countries in the world vs #SARSCoV2 are Iceland and New Zealand, both profiled today. But there are many more that are not island or small nations on 4 continents that we can learn from
Vietnam's success story is truly amazing
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The debate about #SARSCov2 transmissibility in children and their viral load has intensified, in light of the new Israel high school superspreader event…
The UK data shows no Δ by age (2-11 yrs v adults)
The viral load in children being similar across age groups (a preprint) by @c_drosten and colleagues… engendered controversy, such as…
The Discussion of that preprint has been revised to address it
An unpublished report from Iceland showed child to adult and child to child transmission with genomic data, via @data_dinner
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⚠️AUTOPSY REPORT MAYBE MISLEADING on #GeorgeFloyd death. “Combination of force & health problems contributed to death” muddies the cause. Often usually “multiple causes of death” codes assigned to a death. But there is also a single “UNDERLYING CAUSE OF DEATH”. What is UCD? 🧵
2) The underlying cause-of-death is defined as: as "the disease or injury which initiated the train of events leading directly to death, or the circumstances of the accident or violence which produced the fatal injury.”

➡️ UCD is considered the most important...
3) George Floyd may have had heart disease but the chance he would die naturally of it in any given 9 min span was slim to nil. The trigger event was the officer kneeling on top of him for 9 min. The trigger is the key UCD cause, not the lack of blood flow or heart condition.
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How common is loss of smell (anosmia) in #SARSCoV2 #COVID19, and how useful is it for ruling the diagnosis in or out? Let’s take a look at the data.

Here’s a quick #HowIReadThisPaper on two @AnnalsofEM papers addressing this question:

Chua et al


Peyroney et al

First, a question:

Let’s assume you have a limited supply of swabs and need to prioritize which patients to test for COVID19.

In which skilled nursing facility (SNF) setting would you expect anosmia to be more useful in identifying patients who will test positive?
Chua et al…

Question: What are the test characteristics of acute olfactory loss (hyposmia or anosmia for <14d) for Dx of COVID19, using oropharyngeal PCR as the gold standard?

Design: single-center cross-sectional study via chart review (retrospective)
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1/ THREAD: Becoming a Published Author in a Pandemic
I published my first academic paper in the American Chemical Society Chemical Neuroscience (what?!) called “Heralding Healthcare Professionals: Recognition of Neurological Deficits in COVID-19” with the incredible @AMannanBaig!
2/ The full text will be available as open access in a few days, but here's the link to the ACS abstract:…

#covid19 #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus #neuroinvasive #brain #neurotropic #pandemic #virus #medtwitter #nursetwitter

3/ I always imagined that my first publication would be in maternal or women's health as they are my main clinical passions. My new position @MountAuburnHosp was supposed to start in March but then the #pandemic happened and everything changed @plrosen
#mamasmatter #gynfluencer
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The @PAGOP, @MikeTurzai, @russdiamond think it's a joke to withhold health information from their colleagues, belittling them for challenging them on this, yet they've taken precautions from themselves to protect their own loved ones from #COVID19 in their midst. 1/
This is so deeply cynical, hypocritical, callous and cruel. But it's what the @GOP has become across the country nowadays. Accumulating power, protecting and enriching themselves, at the expense of everyone else. 2/…
I remember when some #Republicans challenged @realDonaldTrump as a candidate on moral grounds, but in the span of just a few years have decided their own political fortunes are paramount and they've turned themselves into Mini-Me's of @POTUS. 3/
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This nice piece by @carlzimmer lays out very clearly how our understanding of how #SARSCoV2 spread around the world and established itself in certain places is evolving (with all the necessary caveats).…
Scientists had long argued that the outbreak in Italy likely did not descend from earlier cluster in Bavaria. But it is clearer now that the two first Washington cases (both in Snohomish County) also weren‘t connected, as @trvrb conceded in a great thread
The larger point here is that, as @AdamJKucharski and others have pointed out, this pattern of introductions that die out is exactly what you would expect of a virus with overdispersed (‚very patchy’) transmission, since most infected people do not infect anyone else.
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Recent preprint reporting that 24/24 (100%) people form Singapore infected by SARS-1 in 2003 have pre-existing T-cell immunity against #SARSCoV2, but more surprisingly 9/18 (50%) with no exposure to SARS-1 also possess T-cells targeting #SARSCoV2.
One take home message is that infection with coronaviruses induces strong and long-lasting T-cell (cross-)immunity. T-cell immunity is likely a far more important for our immune response to #SARSCoV2 infection than antibodies, in line with other recent reports.
What remains unresolved is which virus caused T-cell immunity in the people with no prior exposure to SARS-1 in 2003. We know of seven coronaviruses infecting humans: #SARSCoV2, SARS-1, MERS and four causing 'common colds' (OC43, HKU1, 229E and NL63).
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This is a great thread and something I've been thinking about a lot. Discussion about novel virus emergence often implicates an obvious culprit (wildlife trade, research labs), but historically this isn't really correct. Emergence is often a case of unfortunate coincidence.
As Dr. Carlson points out, Ebola emergence is not linked to the global wildlife trade. In cases where Ebola has emerged due to wildlife being traded, it's usually from people hunting animals to eat or sell locally, not international endangered species smuggling.
Even more troubling, this need to assign blame for pathogen emergence gets really racist really fast. Why is wild game hunted in Africa referred to as "bush meat" rather than wild game? Why don't we refer to venison from deer or elk in North America as "bush meat"?
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@JHSPH_NCRC has been very busy over the last week and we'll be posting ~20 reviews of our favorite articles from last two weeks today and tomorrow. First up are results from the very first phase 1 trial of #SARSCoV2 vaccine published in Lancet.
This was a Phase I, interventional trial run by CanSino Biologics Inc., at Tongji Hospital in China. The vaccine being tested was an adenovirus type 5 (Ad5) vector engineered to express the Spike (S) gene of SARS-CoV-2. There were three dosing groups (low, medium, high).
Only minor adverse events. All three vaccine groups induced high titers of binding antibodies. Neutralizing antibody responses specific to SARS-CoV-2 increased in all three arms by day 14 from a baseline of zero, and peaked by day 28 post-vaccination.
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