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6 May
For the 1st time, German military intelligence published its now annual report on extremism within the Bundeswehr. Highly important source of information. Some key takeaways in this short thread. Download the report here:
In 2019, 482 new investigations into potential cases of extremist soldiers were started. This is a high number compared to previous years.
In 2019, 14 individuals were confirmed as extremists (category red). 8 of those were right wing extremists. The larger group of cases (category orange) in 2019 was 38 persons strong. Those are persons with credible concern that they might be extremists.
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27 Jun 19
Today the German federal annual intelligence report 2018 was released. The report belongs to the most important resources on #extremism and #terrorism in #Germany. You can find the full report online here: following #thread will give you the essentials.
Right-wing extremist crimes in 2018 among others: 6 attempted murders, 938 assaults, 11 arson attacks. No explosive attacks or completed murders. Increased in assault, robberies and violent resistance against arrest. Decrease in arson and explosives.
Still: 1,088 #xrw violent crimes in 2018. That's almost 3 per day. Most attacks directed against foreigners and left-wingers.
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24 Aug 18
1/x So the following #thread breaks down a story unfolding in #Germany in the last days, which as become too strange and awfully relevant, as not to bother you all with it. It quickly turned into a political-legal-media-#XRW shitshow with quite many angles.
2/x So what happened? A week ago a tv crew from a public media station wanted to film during a #PEGIDA rally in Saxony. Yes, they still exist but rarely hit the national news anymore. As they filmed some participants, one if them started to verbally assault the crew.
3/x He claimed that filming him without consent would be a crime. He went to bystanding police officers and complained. That in turn led the police to hold the press team for about 45 minutes. The reason for that is still debated.
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10 Nov 17
1/ #German magazine .@DerSPIEGEL reports rising number of #xrw foreign fighters (2,500 now) joining Asow militia in #Ukraine to fight agst #Russia in current print issue.
2/ It is also reported Asow militia actively recruited openly during largest German #xrw concert in #Themar in July 2017. This shows how much underestimated the threat of #xrw foreign fighters compared to #jihadists is. Imagine outcry if #ISIS would openly recruit at a concert.
3/ And the issue is not new. German and other European #neonazis have for example fought in HOS militia in #Bosnian civil war. See this remarkable article featuring interviews with some of them.
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