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JUST IN | #Manipur on June 16 night: Mob tried to vandalise state #BJP president A. Sharda Devi’s house near Porompat in #Imphal, #Army column dispersed another mob that gheraoed #BJP office at Singjamei; #RAF tackled mob that tried to loot Iringbam police station . @rahconteur
@rahconteur #Manipur on June 16 night: Intermittent firing of 400-500 rounds from automatic weapons since 9:15 pm in Kwatka area of #Imphal Valley & Kangvai in #Churachandpur; Multiple incidents of mob build-up, attempted vandalism & arson of govt. officials’ houses & property reported.
@rahconteur Joint column of #Army, #AssamRifles, #RAF & police conduct flag marches in Imphal East district; 2 injured as RAF fired rubber bullets & tear gas on mob of 1,000 that attempted arson in Imphal’s Palace Compound area, reports @rahconteur regarding incidents on June 16 night.
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#IMRO, #Skopjes #Secret #Bulgarian #Army composed by around 150 000 🇧🇬Komitadjis.
This map show the most important of these 🇧🇬Komitadjis
Looking on this map we can see many 🇧🇬officers.
This is something that the government in Skopje don't want you to know. Image
2/Poster of most important members of IMRO and SMAC between 1893 and 1913

The organization was founded in 1893 in Ottoman Thessaloniki by a small band of anti-Ottoman Bulgarian revolutionaries who considered Makedonia an indivisible territory and claimed Image
3/all of its inhabitants "Makedonians", no matter their religion or ethnicity.
In practice, IMRO was established by Bulgarians and most of their followers were Bulgarians.

The organization was a secret revolutionary society operating in the late 19th and Image
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@ImranKhanPTI پیارے پاکستانیوں پاکستانی آرمی چوروں کے ساتھ ڈٹ جسکی تکلیف سب کو ہوآپ 25 کروڑ مظلوم اور یہ ظالم ہے۔۔ یہ آپکو اس پر بات بھی نہی کر سکتے۔۔۔ لیکن ایک کام ایسا ہے جس سے آپ کوی قانون نہی توڑتے۔ انکا سوشل بایکاٹ کرے۔۔۔ میں آج کچھ فوجیوں کی کمپنی اور پراڈکٹ کا ذکر کرتا ہو انکو خریدنا ImageImageImageImage
@ImranKhanPTI چھوڑ دے، اور انکی جگہ متبادل کا ذکر ہے اسکو استعمال کرے۔
فوجی فرٹیلائزر کمپنی (FFC): سونا یوریا، سونا ڈی اے پی، سرسبز کیلشیم امونیم نائٹریٹ (CAN)، سرسبز این پی، سرسبز امونیم سلفیٹ (AS) ImageImageImageImage
@ImranKhanPTI متبادلات
اینگرو فرٹیلائزرز لمیٹڈ: اینگرو یوریا، اینگرو ڈی اے پی، اینگرو این پی/ این پی کے، اینگرو زرخیز، اینگرو زنگ، اینگرو نیوٹریوا
فاطمہ فرٹیلائزر کمپنی لمیٹڈ: فاطمہ یوریا، فاطمہ ڈی اے پی، فاطمہ این پی، فاطمہ سرسبز کین، فاطمہ سرسبز این پی کے ImageImageImageImage
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THREAD Re. today's expected flood of "Dear #Tito" tweets:
#OTD 25 May, is birth anniversary of former #Yugoslavia leader Josip Broz Tito. Many call it his #birthday although he has been dead for 43 yrs. I do not wish to rain on their parade, merely offer my own and my family's /2 ImageImage
THREAD to clarify, question in a PM: we were a normal & pretty ordinary non-Communist family. Not (openly) anti-Communist but not collaborating with the regime in any political capacitiy. Both my grandfathers were opposed to the idea of #Yugoslavia - they realized it may have /2 ImageImageImageImage
2/ been as a noble idea but was compromised by Greater #Serbian intentions to rule without allowing for any self-expression or federalism. My paternal grandfather (pic 4), whom I barely remember, he died when I was 6, used to say “both Yugoslavias [Kingdom proclaimed in 1918 & /3
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I'm at the roosevelt Hotel where migrants are being housed and United States Army soldiers are here protecting the hotel and migrants.
#army #USA #migrantes
The United States military at the roosevelt Hotel in NYC , migrants are being housed at the hotel. It's a mix , I found out there is a family from France, Russia, venezuela, and West africa.
For licensing email
#update , the US Air Force, Navy Soldiers as well.
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#Zelenskyy’s shirt featured #Ukraine #military emblem, not hate symbol”

#russian #disinformation Image
“AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. #Zelenskyy wore a #military T-shirt that featured the official #emblem for the #Ukraine #Armed #Forces. In its center, the emblem includes Ukraine’s official coat of arms.
The image on his shirt did not match the #Iron #Cross or any hateful symbol, according to historians and #extremism experts.”
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#Ukraine #murdered the people of #Donbass and #Lugansk? Falsehood” Image
‘It was not #Ukraine that #murdered the people of #Donbass and #Lugansk

Sometimes anti-#Ukrainian #propaganda uses falsehoods – e.g. #fabricated documents or photos, through which it gives a completely new, #untrue context – or simply untruth.
This is the case here. In the post we read that the current Ukrainian authorities "#murdered the #people of #Donbass and #Luhansk due to their #ethnic origin."
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⚡  Big Bear Russ Series ⚡
"Prepared to Checkmate"
🎼#USA,#NATO: Combined #RussianArmedForces have formidable power to fight any foe, toe to toe n more!
S400- Air Defense
BMPT- Terminator
Lancet- Guided Attack Drone.
Underwater...A Quiet Surprise!➡️1 of 8,…
⚡  Big Bear Russ Series ⚡
"Prepared to Checkmate"
🎼#USA,#NATO: The Combined Russian Military Armed Forces,Land:
Hypersonic Cruise Missiles
MLRS- Tornado G
TOS1A- Heavy Flamethrower
TOS1A- Thermobaric
Keeping the Underwater...A Quiet Surprise!➡️2 of 8,
⚡  Big Bear Russ Series ⚡
"Prepared to Checkmate"
🎼#USA,#NATO: Combined Russian Military Armed Forces, Land:
Artillery- MLRS
Nuke-Guided Drop
Combo Power- Army
Keeping the Underwater...A Quiet Surprise!➡️3 of 8, #RussiaUkraineWar
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In this thread, we'll explore the reasons behind the establishment & dispersal of #Army #cantts throughout the country. Image
1. #India has long desired to target Pakistan's strategically located cantonments, which are critical for the country's defense. However, due to Pakistan's well-planned cantonments, Indian attempts of harming Pakistan were stopped in their tracks. Image
2. Now, the social media negativity is being used to peddal the age-old Indian desire of shaking this stalemate, albeit using PTI social media machine. Old wine in New packaging.
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1/6 #Armenia and the #CzechRepublic will cooperate in the military sphere. The #Armenian government has started the process of ratifying the agreement "On military-technical cooperation between the governments of Armenia and the Czech Republic".

#Yerevan #Military #army Prime Minister of Armenia a...
2/ It was signed in 2010, but it was not ratified for 13 yrs. The reason may be #Russia's threats. 🇷🇺 had a monopoly in the military sector of 🇦🇲 both in the supply of weapons, in the field of #military edu. Accord. to SIPRI, in 2011-2020, 94% of 🇦🇲's weapons were supplied by 🇷🇺.
3/ However, losing the war against #Ukraine, #Russia cannot sell weapons to Armenia. Russian military-industrial companies are under sanctions. And Russian weapons are a real curse for Armenia, which does not want to have problems with the West.
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So, ich hab ja gesagt ich komme drauf zurück.

Vielleicht auch interessant für
@EvaHoegl und #borispistorius @BMVg_Bundeswehr.

Damit das in dem anderen #miltwitter🧵 nicht untergeht, ein neuer 🧵zum Thema:
Warum die BW zu viele Generale/Admirale hat.
Featering @markus_meyer7 1/n
Der Ursprungsthread war ja mit einem Hauch Sarkasmus versehen. Aufgabe: Gib ein Statement was triggered!

So ganz grob zusammengefasst.

Hat geklappt. Ein paar meiner Lieblings-HUT sprangen drauf an.

Du kannst ja MC nicht mit BW vergleichen - dies, das. 2/n

Sicherlich hinkt der Vergleich. Die Aufgaben und auch die Fähigkeiten sind nicht gleich. Lediglich der Personalkörper ist von der Gesamtstärke vergleichbar. Und das ist ja schonmal was. Denn ganz egal ob wir uns mit LV/BV befassen oder mit Expeditionary warfare, es 3/n
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#Germany: As @nld_37 has mentioned, #Bundeswehr is taking on a structural reform in #Army (#Heer). This is essential not only for Germany, but also for the allies of Germany. On one hand, @Deutsches_Heer is becoming more mobile, but this comes with a price - a hefty one 1/
German Army is going to have only three "heavy" brigades, i.e. with #Leopard and #Puma battalions. Another one is the Dutch 43 Mech. Further three will be "medium forces" / Mittlere Kraefte based on Boxer APC. Not only the Franco-German brigade and 23 Mountain, but also 2/
21 Mountain. While this will improve mobility of German Army, even after provision of full equipment for the Army, #Germany will have very limited capability when it comes to "schwere" (heavy) forces. This has certain implications for NATO posture... and for Poland 3/
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Mar. 2:
1/ #Russian #Tank #Production

The need of the #Russian army for #Tanks may exceed the #Production rate 10 times.

The pace of #Production of #Tanks for the #Russian army does not allow to make up ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine #War…
Mar. 2:
2/ #Russian #Tank #Production

..make up for #Losses in #Ukraine, writes @TheEconomist. As a #Western official told the magazine, #Tanks are #Produced in #Russia 10 times slower than the army is #Losing them.

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine #War…
Mar. 2:
3/ #Russian #Tank #Production

Now only 1 enterprise is engaged in the #Production of #Tanks in #Russia - #Uralvagonzavod. As @TheEconomist notes, #Financial #Chaos & huge #Debts have slowed ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine #War…
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@ZelenskyyUa cc: @ KanekoaTheGreat
12/ In 2013, Sen. #McCain appeared on stage in #MaidanSquare, where he stood shoulder to shoulder with #Svoboda leader #Tyagnibok and #protested the elected #government of #Ukraine.
#Nuland was caught on a leaked phone call ..
@ZelenskyyUa cc: @ KanekoaTheGreat
9/ In 2013, #Ukrainian Pres Viktor #Yanukovych rejected a $17 billion #IMF loan and #EU association #agreement.
In response, #McCain and #Nuland worked with neo-#Nazis,.. to escalate the violence and overthrow Yanukovych.
@ZelenskyyUa cc: @ivan_8848
How #Obama And #Biden Installed Neo-#Nazis In #Ukraine
Today’s war cannot be understood without first understanding the #US government’s role in Ukraine's #MaidanCoup.…
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"Seamos realistas, pidamos lo imposible" gritaban los melenudos del mayo del 68. Ahora están todos calvos y dirigiendo la @UN 🇺🇳

No veo otra explicación para que 193 países firmarán los "imposibles" Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (#ODS) 2030 😅

¿Los vemos desde el arte🖌️? Image
Los #ODS son objetivos para vivir en un planeta que parezca humano 🫂🌏🫂

Un mundo sin hambre, sin discriminación, sin injusticias, sin cambio climático... 😳

¿Utopía o una noche loca de los de la ONU? 🤪
Agradezco el homenaje al cubismo con cuadraditos de colores para representar cada objetivo... muy milenial pero poco atrayente 😓

¿Y si usamos obras de arte universales, como universales son los objetivos, para representar a cada uno de ellos? 🤔

(Te ánimo a colaborar 🙏) Image
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NEWS 🧵: I've filed a federal lawsuit against @WestPoint_USMA over its (and the other service academies') policy of denying FOIA requests related to Army's athletic department.

I explain more in @Sportico today:…

#sportslaw #journalism #NCAA #Army
In 2015, Army followed in the footsteps of Air Force and Navy, by petitioning Congress to allow it to spin off its athletic department as a separate nonprofit organization—Army West Point Athletic Association (AWPAA)—which would then manage its NCAA sports programs.
Since then, it has asserted that its entire athletics operation is outside the bounds of the Freedom of Information Act. Though secrecy was perhaps not its main rationale for seeking to privatize athletics, it seems to have been treated as at least an ancillary benefit.
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On TXT always having been demonic:
On BTS, their satanism and how it's tied to what is happening with TXT right now Part 1:
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Continuing on the French GTIAs. Today we are looking at the Armoured focused GTIA. #ARMY #frencharmy #Military
1. The Armour-focused GTIA is constituted of a core of 1 HQ + 3 Tank Companies or 2 Wheeled gun system companies, usually taken from the same regiment.
2. Additional complements that come in the form of infantry companies, recon and artillery are then directly integrated at the battalion level and additional engineer units are also added
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#MedalOfHonor Monday 🇺🇸 At about this time in 1944, a hero leads his men in a tough battle against the Japanese. Then-First Lieutenant Robert B. Nett would be wounded multiple times, even taking a shot to his neck. Amazingly, Nett survived..... /1 of X #history
He would go on to personally receive his Medal of Honor.

Nett was inspired by a family friend to join the military, originally joining the Connecticut National Guard in 1941. Unsurprisingly, his unit was activated in the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor. /2 of X #history #Army
By 1944, he was serving with the U.S. Army in the south Pacific. He’d been in Guam that summer, but found himself in Leyte by the end of the year. / 3 of X

#history #MedalOfHonor #Army
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The Kiss of Death

26 years have passed since the bizarre incident but it is still afresh in the memory. In the blistering heat of May 99, in the middle of Kargil War, Lance Dafedar Hari Ram of Indian Army’s Armoured Corps was forward deployed somewhere in d mighty Thar Desert+
Thar Desert of Rajasthan. Hari Ram’s Sentry duty was till 12 o’clock, midnight. Those days, every soldier in the Desert carried a Desi water bottle made of thick cotton cloth – locally known as “मशक”. It kept the water cool. As the Sun set, the desert began to cool, Hari Ram and+
Hari Ram & the rest of the soldiers were joking & chit-chatting almost till midnight. Hari Ram’s “मशक” was hanging on the branch of a Khajri tree.

Laughing in the middle of a typical ‘Fauji Joke’ Hari Ram took the “मशक”, sipped a bit of water +
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The Moplah Revolt of 1921.

What is revealed is how rapidly the  All India  #Congress retreated whenever the masses were in motion, and how in this case a strategic political retreat necessitated a communalist rather than class view of an important peasant (1/25)
The #Moplahs were #Muslim peasants in Malabar (now part of the state of #Kerala ) on India's west coast. In 1922 it had a population of 400,000, of which 163,328 were Hindus and 236,672 were Muslims. The Moplahs were amongst the most heavily exploited (2/25)
peas­ants in the entire subcontinent. Most of them worked as wage-labourers either on the land of others or on the rubber plantations. The #landlords in the region were virtually all upper-caste #Brahmin Hindus. In the century preceding 1921, there had been a total of (3/25)
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Since a few days have passed and thing have "relatively" calmed down, I want to comment on the optics of bringing out APCs in #Lahore Cantt. You all have seen the images go viral on this platform, and some were rightly outraged. 1/n
However, this isn't the first time #PakistanArmy brought out APCs against protesting public. Many years ago, there was a dispute between farmers and the Army over some land in #Okara. That's when this image was shot. For me, personally, it became of the most defining images 2/n
of how the Army behaves in the country. My shock stemmed from the fact that my father commanded 40 AK, which is equipped with TOW mounted APCs for hunting enemy tanks. How could the Army bring out APCs - which are essentially troop carriers - mounted with machine 3/n
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