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#DariaDugin, daughter of #AlexanderDugin, has been #Assassinated via #CarBomb near #Moscow.

#AleksandrDugin is a prominent #Russian strategist sometimes called #PutinsBrain. He’s thought to have inspired #Putin to pursue the annexation of #Crimea, the... [1/2]
...#SpecialMilitaryOperation in #Ukraine, as well as the concepts of #Novorossiya and the #FairWorldOrder.

The #Assassination of the #FWO strategist’s daughter #DariaDugina is comparable to elimination of #NWO strategist #HenryKissinger’s daughter. [2/2]
The elimination of #DariaDugin represents a potential #Escalation between #NewWorldOrder and #FairWorldOrder. If #Russia assesses that #NWO actors are involved, the #Russians are likely to pursue #TitForTat. If #Washington’s proxy in #Kiev is determined the perpetrator... [1/2]
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Today's #terrorist attack on civilians in #Pulwama has led to death of 1 & injuries to 2.
All of them were non local workers.
It was a grenade attack.
Photo- that's a probably Grenade splinter injury (an injured Civilian)
No Terror tanzeem has claimed the attack as of now. Image
ULF has taken the responsibility of #Pulwama attack.
Coward & new age jihadis with 0 training attacking Civilians and then releasing a statement which is nothing less than a Bollywood script type chest thumping.
@KashmirPolice is there even any categorised Terrorist Umar Wani?
Seeing today's Social Media blitzkrieg of Terrorists, I seriously doubt if the ULF exists as any FORMAL terror Organization.
They might be some Radicalised Terror Interns who might be taking responsibility of attacks executed by TRF/PAFF/LeT/JeM/HuM etc.
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I said:
1. #Iran accelerates enrichment of Uranium & is close to weapon's grade.
Iran advanced centrifuges to developing reactor's fuel.
The Mullah's main goal is #Nuclear #BOMB.

2. It's a threat & risk for the stabilty of the #MiddleEast
2.@JoeBiden needs to get though with #Iran because the mullahs are preparing the Bomb & has an aggressive approach.
Iran [the most dangerous #Terrorist power] supports terrorist Islamic groups in the region.
Iran needs Nuclear Bomb to preserve their outlaw regime!
3. If Iran build the bomb this summer, it'll challenge the security of the region. It's a serious threat & risk.

4. #Israel's covert operation are effective.

5. @POTUS wastes the time for #JCPOA & negotiations with terrorist mullahs. Instead, can support #RegimeChange in Iran.
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NCRI FAC member Farzin Hashemi: “The #Brussels-#Tehran deal is cloaked with the benign intention of justice and humanity but this treaty has only one objective: facilitating the release of the notorious terror master, Assadollah Assadi.” 1/…
“The investigation established that this was a state work, decided at the highest levels in #Tehran. Assadi stressed that the bomb should be placed as close as possible to Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the NCRI President-elect who was the primary target of the plot.” 2/
"It is very telling that one of the key issues of discussion between Ms. Sophie Wilmes, the former #Belgian Foreign Minister and her #Iranian counterpart on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference on Feb 19 was the case of Assadi." 3/
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1/ Hey, @GoldsmithChambs and @barstandards
- this might be a long tweet, so buckle up, buttercup. I've challenged @DrProudman to a livestream moderated debate about the ramifications and implications of the #DeppVsHeardverdict. She continues propagandizing the issue and thus...
2/ ...she is directly responsible (not accountable, mind you, God forbid) for the increased radicalization of vulnerable young people. This is no laughing matter nor a mere flippant observation. I personally assert that Charlotte is currently a threat to public security...
3/ ...akin to a #Terrorist. An ideological bigoted terrorist, mind you, but a terrorist nonetheless. Perhaps even more dangerous than a mere minority with a rifle is a privileged White Woman that spreads hatred under the guise of intellectualism and 'human rights'...
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Thread: Nach #Razzia, Polizei verhaftet rechtsextremen #Terrorist - Schlag gegen #Akzelerationismus. Ein Verdächtiger soll mutmaßlich Minen auf einem 3D-Drucker hergestellt und Sabotageanschläge verübt haben. #Slowakei #Tschechien 1/x Image
2/x Bei einer großangelegten internationalen Operation wurde der Mann festgenommen. Der 22-jährige Mann wird Beschuldigt, verschiedene terroristische und extremistische Straftaten begangen zu haben. In einer von #Eurojust, #Europol und dem #US-#FBI unterstützten Aktion ImageImage
3/x durchsuchten slowakische und tschechische Behörden mehrere Orte. Die Ermittler beschlagnahmten einen 3D-Drucker sowie gedruckte Waffenteile. Zudem wurden Computer und andere elektronische Geräte sichergestellt.…
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There is no end to this #Activist Tedros Adhanom (@Tedros) shamelessly caring for #Tigray Health Facilities but never heard of either condemning nor registering the damages of Health Facilities in #Afar and #Amhara Regions by the #Terrorist #TPLF which he is a high rank member.
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Delhi Court acquits 5 alleged Lashkar-e-Taiba (#LeT) members in a terror conspiracy case for lack of evidence.
CBI had arrested Mohd. Shahid, Mohd. Rashid, Ashabuddin, Abdul Subhan and Arshad Khan @ Masab on apprehension that in connivance with a #Pakistani man, they were planning to kidnap a rich businessman for ransom in order to finance #terrorist activities.
Subhan and his nephew Ashabuddin had been earlier convicted in a case wherein they were arrested in 2001 while carrying a consignment of RDX, AK56 rifles and other arms in Santhalpur, Gujarat.
Subhan had come out of jail in 2010 before getting arrested in this case in 2013.
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With #Raisina2022 in full swing, @orfonline is delighted to announce the #RaisinaEdit— a selection of commentaries that unpack, interpret, & problematise contemporary global developments.

Edited by @anahitakhanna95 & @PreetiLourdes.

#Putin has clearly underestimated the resolve of the #Ukrainian leadership & citizens to fight back, while also receiving widespread criticism in the form of major sanctions from the broader European community and beyond: @AlicaKizekova
Julia De Clerck-Sachsse: Beyond #Europe’s immediate allies, support in defending the current order will be hard to come by. But convincing these countries is crucial if its geopolitical awakening is to translate into a more prominent geopolitical posture.…
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As the world focuses on Russia and Ukraine, the New Terror Wave against the U.S. is looming.

#IRGC and #MOIS with their #terrorist proxy groups[Global Terrorism Network] are planing , around the clock. #Iran's regime has been steadily expanding its global network of terror.
#Terrorism is indispensable to the Iranian regime’s foreign policy and diplomacy and for more than 43 years, this #mullah's regime is using this as the main tool against its opponents abroad, as well as against other countries for blackmailing.
#Iran #IRGCIsTerrorist
Iran’s regional strategy is sophisticated, intricate, and nimble.
Whereas #Iran’s primary method of operations in the region is to support #Terrorism.

analyzing Iran’s efforts as supporting terrorism, is necessary to understand the real face of #mullah's regime. @ODNIgov
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#Zelensky and the #Kiev regime have committed yet another #terrorist act against the population of #Ukraine. Image

As a result of the rocket attack on the #Kramatorsk train station, according to preliminary data, more than 30 people were killed and more than 100 wounded.

Immediately after the terrorist attack, the #Kiev regime accused #Russia of firing Iskander missiles at the #Kramatorsk train station.
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Warning long thread awaits about the truth of #Halal

1️⃣ #Halal is promoting #untouchability towards non-Muslims (Study T&C of Halal certificate: non-Muslims are included in "najis" urine, feaces, pig, etc)
:If it is wrong, I will delete it Image
2️⃣ #Halal is denial of #employment of non-Muslims(Study T&C of Halal certificate: certain percentage employees should be muslims depends upon country, eg 💯 % in Afganistan, Pakistan, etc)
:If it is wrong, I will delete it Image
3️⃣ #Halal is a religious food in a #public place, but other communities are having and paying without knowingly or unknowingly(Study T&C of Halal certificate)
:If it is wrong, I will delete it Image
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BREAKING: Gauhati High Court refuses to quash FIR against one Taher Ahmed Barbhuiya accused of glorifying Tehreek-E-Taliban.
Taher, on his Facebook wall, had allegedly posted "Ek Itihash Srishti Holo, Taliban Jindabad" (A history has been created, long live #Taliban).
Court said that "assertions made in the FIR, in fact, disclose commission of a cognizable offence...It cannot be said that the action incorporated in...Section 39 of the UAPA is not done with the intention to further the activities of #terrorist organization."
Court added, "He had eulogized ‘Tehreek-e-Taliban’, a terrorist organization, by his social media post. No doubt the said organization has no foothold or presence in India. But, they have targeted Indian citizens through violent means."
#Taliban #SocialMedia
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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Today #AllahabadHighCourt refused to quash criminal proceedings against one Niyaz Ahmad Khan booked for sharing PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah's morphed images on Facebook.

In 2018, Khan had shared one morphed photo of PM shaking hands with #terrorist Hafiz Saeed. Image
In another morphed photo shared by Khan, #PrimeMinister and #HomeMinister were shown feeding biscuits to dogs, on whom "Aaj Tak TV", "Zee TV" and "India TV" was written.
Taking note of Khan's act, Court observed,
"Use of Cyberspace by some people to vent out their anger and frustration by travestying the Prime Minister, Key-figures holding the highest office in the abhorrent."

#allahabadhighcourt #cybercrime
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We never forget & forgive the wrong policy of Jimmy Carter & William Sullivan!

The most vivid portraiture of their acts is to be found in supporting the Devil of 20th Cent.

Deviously & unprincipledly, they portrayed a #Terrorist thug, #Khomeini, as the Holly Man in 1979! Image
Keeping face, page 443, @CarterLibrary:

"Sullivan advised us to oppose the #Shah and urge him to leave #Iran immediately, and at the same time, try to establish friendship and alliance with #Khomeini!"
@NSArchive Image
William Sulivan, Mission to Iran, 1981, page: 156

"what is puzzling to me is the CIA method. I do not understand why this Agency has acted against me with such intensity?"

✔Because @CIA knew, you were wrong & you were a lunatic friend of Islamic terrorist leaders in Iran! Image
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A Terrorist is a #Terrorist!
No one 'll cry for a coward terrorist!

When Presisent #Trump elliminated #Soleimani, @JoeBiden said “No American'll mourn Soleimani’s passing” /“he was a murderer, responsible for the deaths of thousands, including hundreds of Americans,” @SenWarren
Is killing a known terrorist wrong?
I ask this, did the terrorist allow any of his victims quarter? No,
then allow him no quarter, and hoist the black flag. / T.R. Wallace
“Terrorism works better as a tactic for dictatorships, or for would-be dictators, than for revolutionaries.”
― Christopher Hitchens

“The greatest danger of a terrorist's bomb is in the explosion of stupidity that it provokes.”
― Octave Mirbeau
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Absolutely AMAZING column in @haaretz today: Gideon Levy says what NOBODY in the US media would EVER dare say: The discourse of #terrorism is pure propaganda & Def Min Gantz is just as much (if not more) a #terrorist as Abbas is:…
As Levy writes, it takes extraordinary chutzpah to argue that Israel should not talk to Abbas “because he is a terrorist”: Gantz, he insists, is “much more” of a terrorist than Abbas is, and it is high time Israelis open their eyes to this truth
Levy adds that Yitzhak Rabin too was “more of a “terrorist” than Yassir Arafat”, and goes on to compare the assassination of Kashoggi (a journalist, murdered by Saudi Arabia) and the assassination of Ghassan Kanafani (also a journalist, murdered by Israel)
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40 years ago Sharon planned to blow up Beirut stadium, w/huge bombs outside waiting for fleeing survivors. This secret Op was cancelled at last minute. But it was part of much broader car bombing campaign, & truth about this Israeli #terrorist campaign remains buried to this day:
Truth about how senior Israeli officers created & ran a terrorist group, the FLLF, that used car bombs & killed HUNDREDS of civilians in Lebanon was revealed in 2018. Since then US media has been silent. No one has even ASKED Israeli Gov to confirm or deny these allegations!
The Israeli Gov KNOWS of these allegations: the book went through the Israeli censor before publication. Yet Israel has remained SILENT about these allegations. Isn't this surprising, for a country that insists it is "opposed to all terrorism," "condemns all terrorism"???
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40 Years Ago Today
December 31, 1981
Lebanon. A packed stadium. Bombs are positioned where PLO leaders will be seated. Bigger bombs are outside, ready to kill panicked survivors
This is Olympia 2, one crazy operation in the Greatest Terrorist Campaign You Never Heard About
On Jan 1, PLO will celebrate anniversary of its founding. Defense Minister Ariel Sharon sees opportunity: get rid of entire leadership in one fell swoop. On Dec 20, agents recruited by Meir Dagan place remotely controlled explosive devices in the stadium. But that's not all 2/
A secret Israeli unit has also prepared “three vehicles - a truck loaded with a ton and a half of explosives and two Mercedes sedans with 550 pounds each.” On Jan 1, members of the FLLF (more about the FLLF below) will drive & park the vehicles in front of the stadium. 3/
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Recently @David_Philipps @EricSchmittNYT @AzmatZahra did GREAT job writing about civilians killed by US in GWOT. They have Israeli counterparts: in 81 Sarna& TalShir wrote story revealing @IDF officers' role in #terrorist campaign. It was CENSORED. Cover up continues TO THIS DAY:
A 2018 book by @ronenbergman revealed that Dagan, Eitan, BenGal & Sharon did indeed conduct deadly car bombing terrorist campaign in Lebanon. Remarkably: Bergman writes for the Times. Yet the Times, like the rest of US media, has decided that these revelations were NOT newsworthy
Even more stunning: in 1980s @tomfriedman covered several of these car bombings, sometimes on Front Page. Yet he has NOT written a WORD about revelations (by his NYT colleague) that Israel was behind this terrorist campaign (that killed 100s of civilians)
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My candidate for #BiggestCoveredUpStoryOf2021 is the SAME as in 2018, 2019 & 2020: very senior Israeli officers created a fake #terrorist group (ie false flag) to hide their hand in a deadly car bombing terrorist campaign that killed hundreds of civilians in Lebanon in the 1980s
I wrote about these extraordinary revelations (that implicate Meir Daign, future Mossad chief; Ariel Sharon, future Prime Minister; & others) in May 2018. Since then, the US media in its ENTIRETY has continued to consider this NOT newsworthy :…
In 2019 I wrote article detailing how in 1981 Israeli military censor killed story by 2 Israeli journalists that was about to reveal whole thing! The car bombs continued to kill & maim for 2 more years. That too has been deemed NOT newsworthy by US media:…
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A 2018 bestseller about Israel's "targeted killings" COULD have led to intelligent, constructive public discussion about morality / legality of "our" uses of force vs "the terrorists"

THREAD about how the discourse of terrorism is pure ideology, impervious to fact & evidence
The book, by @ronenbergman , is "Rise & Kill First." It is a history of Israel's uses of "targeted killings" in its fight vs "the terrorists." The book is a bestseller. It got rave reviews everywhere in the US press. Bergman gave dozens of public talks & interviews about it
Book contains STUNNING revelations: in early 1980s very senior Israeli officials (Dagan, Eitan, Ben-Gal & Sharon) conducted huge car bombing #terrorist campaign that killed hundreds of civilians in Lebanon. Since 2018 these revelations have NOT been mentioned ONCE in US media
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