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@narendramodi MODI Leading The #RSS from the Front
Past & Present
The Saffron Terror or You may say The ISIS of India
Some Old Pictures

1 - Making tea for Living ( Till Dated: now Making tea for America & Other Masters )
2- Tea Seller at Railway Station is Now PM of India trained & Inspired by RSS Idealogy and Now The whole country is not safe for Minorities to live.

Pic Shows how he started participating in RSS Terrorist training camps in India.
3 - Initiation With The Sangh Parivar
While being a tea seller he started his career with Sang Parivar, a term commonly used for those who become the trusted member & believers of #RSS #Terrorist Ideology.
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The tragic loss of 13 #UnitedStates service personnel killed in the craven suicide bomb attack at #Kabul Airport marked a watershed moment in the War on Terror.
This pusillanimous act of Jihadism is the deadliest
since 30 U.S soldiers lost their lives when their Chinook helicopter was brought down by the #Taliban in August 2011, and their selfless sacrifice is the first to be recorded since Army Special Forces Sergeants 1st Class Javier Gutierrez and Antonio Rodriguez
were murdered by a turncoat of the #Afghan National Army in February 2020.  

Not only does this bombing demonstrate the clear sense of weakness the Islamists detect in the West, but it also illustrates how this weakness is now enabling
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#Women’ are an integral part of Western propaganda against Islam. When the West was proud of its ‘conservatism’, Muslim women were ‘haremjibi’,‘sensual’,‘objects of sex’. When the West learned to think of itself as progressive, Muslim women 1/9
became ‘captives’, ‘captives’, ‘objects of sex’. In both cases, there is the full support of the "Western Guard" for the "liberation" of #Muslim #women.

Women's liberation was called for 20 years ago to legitimize the #US invasion of #Afghanistan. 2/9
Over the past two decades, women's liberation has been repeatedly cited as an excuse for #American genocide and #warcrimes.

Today, after the embarrassing retreat of #America, many people are trying to sell this junk again. Among them, as in the #West, 3/9
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TheTalibanAttackOnSalma DamFailed!#Terrorist TalibanAttackedThe #Salma DamInHeratProvinceTo Destroy ItLastNight.But, FortunatelyTheyHave SufferedHeavyCasualties AndFledTheAreaAsResultOf Counter-Attacks of #ANDSF.
Fawad Aman/August4,2021 (@FawadAman2)
Apeal to all the Human Species organisms. Members of Cosmopolitan human society of the world!
Destruction is very easy, doesn't take much time.
But construction & development?
It took more than6000years
After civilization to provide Human Species,from food
Does everyone get benefits?
That is the reason,Why crimes?I will explain to you, logically
Why we are Life & not Organisms.
What brain of the organism thinks you are organism,has
legs to walk or run,May be at the speed of 5km/hr if uses Bicycle, your speed enhanced at 15km/hr
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#SDP #Kokoomus #PS #Keskusta #KD #Vas #Vihreät #rkp
#Nizza'ssa 'lähes 300 äärioikeistolaista vastustaa #rokotepassi -hanketta.' Hullu-#Macron'ia ei ole nähty yli viikkoon.
- #Finland'ssa 99,9% kannattaa #rokotepassi'ia, EMU-Niinistöä ja Veneakku-Marinia. #Nice #PassSanitaire
#PassSanitaire #rokotepassi Hundreds of Thousands March Across #France as Nationwide Opposition to Health Pass Solidifies (VIDEO) | August 1st
- Independent police unions who counted for themselves throughout the day put the number at around 1.2 MILLION.… Image
#PassSanitaire #rokotepassi Leaflets passed around containing constructive information about how to combat the health pass measures contained correct information about the #Rockefeller #Lockstep plan, for example.
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Yemeni Guantanamo Detainees Return to Hadramaut.

In cooperation with its agents in the region, the United States is seeking to bring #Yemen back into an open scene for terrorist groups
1/2 Image
According to human rights sources, the first batch of #Yemeni Guantanamo detainees on Sunday arrived at Al Rayyan airport in #Hadramaut province in eastern #Yemen,in conjunction with the battles that Sana’a forces are fighting with #terrorist groups in #alBaidha province and
1/2 Image
the participation of forces loyal to #AbuDhabi for the first time in those battles, along with #al_Qaeda.

It is a batch of six individuals out of 18 detainees that Abu Dhabi intends to return back to #Yemen.

This step is particularly important, as it is a new confirmation
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Deputy Foreign Minister in Sanaa, Hussein Al-Ezzi, on Sunday revealed the whereabouts of the #terrorist elements who beheaded two prisoners in #Bayda province during the past two days.

1/2 Image
Al-Ezzi said in a tweet on Twitter @hussinalezzi5 : “The elements who executed two captives by slaughtering them with a knife are now in the city of #Marib after they fled from #Bayda.”
“It is unfortunate that this great city has become a safe haven

for #AlQaeda,” he added. “We hope that the killers will be caught and handed over to the state (in #Sanaa) and #AlQaeda camps be closed. Our fighters are in a state of anger and will not rest as long as there is a remnant of #terrorism in their land.”
#AlQaeda members had
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#YEMEN:#AlQaeda slaughters captive of #Sanaa forces in #Bayda battles.

#AlQaeda organization members massacred on Monday a captive of the #Yemeni army and popular committees (Sanaa forces) in the battles taking place on Al-Zaher front in Bayda province, residents reported.

The residents confirmed that the slaughter process, which was documented in a video, took place in the presence of conscripts from the so-called “Al-Amaliqa Brigades” loyal to the #Saudi-led coalition forces.

The heinous slaughter of the prisoner is a clear confirmation of the coalition forces’ support for the #terrorist organization, with the aim of enabling it to control several areas in #Yemen, residents added.
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#YEMEN:The governor of #Abyan, Saleh Al-Junaidi, revealed that there is a plan by the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression to hand over the province to #alQaeda and #Daesh, after the resettlement of those takfiri groups in the province.…
Governor Al-Junaidi confirmed in a statement that a large conspiracy is being hatched by the countries of aggression to repeat the scenario of handing over #Abyan Governorate to the Takfiri groups, as happened during the year 2011.

He said, "There is a new plot to hand over
the province to #alQaeda and #ISIS, especially after liberating some districts in #AlBaydha from those #terrorist organizations by the Army and the Popular Committees last year."
The governor of #Abyan held the countries of aggression responsible for the crimes committed
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For our int. readers:
(THREAD) Soldier on the run in #Belgium / #Netherlands:
#Leopoldsburg a soldier stole a rocket launcher, a machine gun & a short weapon from barracks & apparently planned an #assassination of a well-known #virologist. #terrorism #nazis #army 1/
According to information, the man is a professional soldier stationed in #Peutie in Flemish #Brabant & living in #Limburg. He is said to be armed with a rocket launcher, a machine gun & a pistol. The soldier is also said to be wearing a bulletproof vest. 3/
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Tomorrow, trial against German #army 1st lieutenant Franco A. will start. He is charged with plotting a false flag extreme right #terrorist attack. It is one of the strangest and most shocking cases involving active duty #military personnel and far right terrorism. Short thread.
Before zooming in on this case, here is a background reader on the history of far right #extremism and the #military in Germany, the UK, the US, and Canada we wrote for .@ICCT_TheHague in September 2019:
Franco A. was arrested February 3, 2017 at Vienna airport by Austrian authorities while trying to retrieve a gun he had hidden there earlier. He was an active duty 1st lieutenant in the German army then. He was let go. However, Austrians informed German military intelligence.
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🇩🇪#Germany #Bremen #Antisemitism #Arrest #Terrorist

The police of Bremem has arrested a man who may had be planning an attack on a synagogue in Bremen. "The police are currently investigating a person. It is still too early to assess the state of affairs,
as the investigation is still ongoing," said a spokesman for the Bremen police on request from the dpa. A spokeswoman for the Bremen interior authorities confirmed the arrest of the man.
The investigation was conducted on suspicion of a planned attack on the synagogue, she said. The spokeswoman also emphasized that the circumstances were still "diffuse". Interrogations were still ongoing, details should probably be announced on Thursday.
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🔴important theard:
How #Netanyahu is lying about the attack on #Gaza ?
By: @matsda2sh
#Hamas started it!
• They killed our children and civilians!
• Our conduct is moral and just!
• we don't target civilians!
• We only destroy #terrorist buildings!
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Very excited to post this report by my team @CNA_org from a congressionally-mandated study led by @Pamela_Faber on whether DOD policies & activities adequately account for the roles of #women & #gender in #terrorist groups.… 1/n
For the study, the team researched & ID'd the roles of women & gender in terrorist groups; assessed whether current DOD counterterrorism (CT) & countering violence extremism (CVE) strategy, policy, & activities incorporate gender considerations; ... 2/n
... and identified gaps, risks & opportunities for DOD in the areas of strategy/policy/doctrine, training & education, operations & programs, and conceptual understanding. 3/n
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1/ The Pakistani claim for expelling the French ambassador and even, for closing @FranceinPak our embassy embraces a large part of Pakistan opinion, including people who, nowadays, condemn #TLP for its DOMESTIC violences.
#TLPbanned #TLPNationWideProtestTLP #FrenchLeavePakistan
2/ @ImranKhanPTI is said to oppose such expelling. As a result, he is accused to be the "French bastard" by those who, in October 2020, celebrated him as "the Muslim world leader."
#TLPbanned #TLPNationWideProtestTLP #FrenchLeavePakistan
3/ What a slam for a man who searched an islamo-nationalist legitimacy to divert his country from all the civil duties he was unable to complete!
Surprisingly @ImranKhanPTI got some lights.
#TLPbanned #TLPNationWideProtestTLP #FrenchLeavePakistan
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#YEMEN:Coalition Establishes Secret Underground Prisons at Ghaydah Airport:
The Saudi-led coalition forces have established several secret underground prisons at Ghaydah Airport in #Mahra province, east of Yemen, local Sheikh Ali Salem Al-Huraizy said .
Al-Huraizy, one of sheikhs of the #alMahra province said in a press statement that the coalition forces have worked during the past few days to build underground buildings that contain 100 solitary cells for prisoners, at #AlGhaydah Airport, which is being controlled by
the #Saudi forces for years.
He pointed out that these forces want, through building prisons, to be #alMahra as the headquarters in torturing, imprisoning and bringing people from everywhere to their peaceful province.

Al-Huraizi called on all #American, #British, #Saudi
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Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Bruce Riedel has described the ongoing Saudi blockade as “an offensive military operation that kills civilians,” a situation that belies administration claims that the Saudi regime is “committed and eager to find a solution to the conflict.”
The coalition that sent the letter to the Biden administration acknowledged that it has taken some “critical first steps toward peace and food security in #Yemen,” including announcing an end to U.S. support for offensive operations in Yemen and relevant arms sales and
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#YEMEN:#Sana'a:The Shura Council, in its Tuesday meeting chaired by the Council’s Speaker Mohammed Al-Aidarous, discussed and approved the Defense and Security Committee’s report on the participation of #AlQaeda and #ISIS organizations in the fight alongside #Saudi-led
1/2 Image
coalition in #Yemen.
The #report included a number of axes that provided a brief explanation of the participation of these #terrorist organizations, with their various names, in the war on #Yemen under the leadership of the aggression countries as a main partner and with
direct #American cover.
The #report touched on the #Saudi-#Emirati warplanes’ backing for terrorist organizations in ‘Qifah’ area in Bayda province through dozens of raids on the army and popular committees’ sites,which gives irrefutable evidence that #terrorist organizations
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Unit 910 - #Hezbollah's Foreign Operations Unit.
#Unit910 is one of Hezbollah's elite & secretive units. It is headed by Talal Hamya (طلال حميّة), & is the long & strategic arm of Hezbollah & #Iran.
The purpose of this unit is to deter the West, including
🇮🇱Israel. 1
The one who headed it in the past was Imad Mourniyeh. The Unit 910 has sub-units - administrative & operational. It is confidential in relation to all #Hezbollah units. 910 has a limited number of activists, including Lebanese Shiites whose families are not from Lebanon. 2
And some have foreign passports that allow them to move freely around the world, covert by scenarios of trade or tourism. They go on missions without the knowledge of their family. What their family knows is that they are going on a trip with friends. 3
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On March 30, a court in #Erbil sentenced the Iranian #terrorist agent, Samira Moradpour, missioned by the regime’s intelligence apparatus, to 5 years in prison for attempted #kidnapping and #assassinating Ali Javanmardi; an Iranian-American journalist & political activist. 1/4
Samira Moradpour was arrested in October 2019 while she and her team were planning to #assasinate Ali Javanmardi, an Independent journalist and founder of Avatoday Media Network who was based in Erbil at that time. @USConGenErbil 2/4 Image
According to Avatoday; the Iranian regime has put significant pressure on the KRG gouvernement to extradite Samira Moradpour to Iran. 3/4 Image
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⚠️A prosecutor filed a case with the Constitutional Court in order to demand the closure of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (#HDP).

‼️ Here are the HDP's organic ties to #PKK terrorist organization:
1⃣Faysal Sariyildiz, a former member of parliament of #HDP, was caught transporting guns to the #PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), a militant group listed as a #terrorist organization by Turkey, the #US, the #EU and #NATO.
2⃣Nuran Imir, an MP of #HDP, was monitored while she was taking a #PKK member's phone from his pocket in order to obfuscate evidence:
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#Turkey began on Sunday the transfer of fighters from its terrorist groups in #Syria, to participate in the fighting within #Saudi-led coalition forces in Yemen, sources told #Yemen Press Agency.

The sources said that #Turkish planes transported mercenaries of the
#terrorist#AlQaeda and #ISIS” organizations from the #Syrian territories to the #Qatari capital, #Doha, in preparation for their transfer to the #Yemeni city of #Marib across the Empty Quarter desert.
Many mercenaries loyal to #Ankara would be transported in the
#Syrian #territories through #Turkish and #Saudi airports, the sources added.

This comes days after several local and regional media circulated news of a #Turkish-Saudi understanding about Turkey’s participation in the war on #Yemen.

In the same context, leaders of the
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The secret #war on oil smuggling to fund Hezbollah
Part 2 - (11 Tweets)
And back to the oil tankers - if indeed #Israel hit these tankers, then it is likely that the marine force & the special units, above and below the surface of the water, worked overtime. 1/11
But no #Iranian ship sank or caught fire among the damaged ships, acc to @WSJ. The Iranians said nothing, nor did they admit that their ship had been hit. Neither Israel nor the Americans until yesterday.
"No one saw, no one heard, were there people of silence here". 2/11
🇮🇱Israel has quite a few, varied and creative ways to harm the smuggling of #Iranian oil into #Syria without causing noise & commotion. It can also be assumed that the cut-off of funding for Hezbollah's #terrorism, & especially for Hezbollah's #missile accuracy and... 3/11
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The secret war on oil smuggling to fund Hezbollah
The #smuggling axis and the money laundering- hundreds of millions of dollars that pass through 🇸🇾Syria to the #terrorist organization (#Hezbollah) in 🇱🇧Lebanon. This is how the "oil war" is conducted.
1/25–Part 1
#Iran's oil smuggling into Syria is not a new issue. They have been in place for several years, even before the #Trump administration imposed sanctions on Iran and on Syria.
The question facing Western intelligence was how #Syria pays Iran for the oil it receives. 2/25
As of May2018, when the #Iranians were barred from transferring funds in the international financial system, they had trouble getting the proceeds or payments for the oil they smuggled to China, North Korea, Syria & other countries like Turkey where oil was smuggled inland. 3/25
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