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I want #Germany and #France to take a good look at their policies of ignoring a problem and allowing it to get worse. Millions will die of starvation because they have ignored: 1. Russian occupation of #Moldova (#Transnistria), 2. #Belarus turning into a Russian slave (1/3) Image
3. #Rusia's annexation of #Crimea and 4. Russia stealing grains and destroying agricultural facilities in the temporarily occupied territories of #Ukraine and beyond. I know that doing business with Russia was important, but (2/3)
preventing millions of people dying or suffering from starvation would also be somewhat important. And let's look at the facts: #Germany has a population of 83 mln & #France 67 mln. Total: 150 mln. People at risk of starvation: 300 mln. It's not fair! It's undeserved! (3/3)
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The 87th daily 🧵 of the #Russia-#Ukraine war.

Russia's illegal invasion had a big boost in the last 72 hours.
Finally they claimed a 2nd big city in #Mariupol' while advances in the Donbas mean there's a real chance they can cut off 1000s of #Ukraine troops in #Luhansk region
But British intelligence is that #Russia is running out of drones.

While both sides are suffering big losses of unmanned aircraft, #Ukraine is able to replace but Russians are struggling

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia Image
#Finland's gas supply from #Russia has today been cut off fur refusing to pay in Rubles.

However it's reported #Germany and #Italy approve rouble accounts for Russian gas payments.

Germany and Italy told companies they could open rouble accounts to “without breaching” sanctions
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complete steeple roof missing after e a #tornado (most likely) appeared in #Lippstadt, #Germany during a heavy storm today.
More Damage after hey Storm in #Lippstadt, #Germany.
There are reports that a #Tornado caused a lot of damage.
Tornados are most unusual in this part of Germany.
Footage of damge after #Tornado in #Lippstadt, #Germany
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Thread: 16 May 2022: Day 82 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Israel denies the reports that it had agreed to send Blue Spear anti-ship missiles to #Ukraine via Estonia…
#France's President Macron has ideas about how to approach #Russia that were self-evidently dangerous to European security half-a-decade ago.
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I agree.
BUT … I also think that #Germany could turn this around - if it’s leadership wants to. That desire is more there in the Greens than the SPD.
To win back trust, a *real* #Zeitenwende is needed in both attitude & capabilities. That means
1. Genuine security investment to bolster NATO in a meaningful way - deterring enemies & reassuring allies. #Germany can still play a big role here.
2. Changed attitude to #Russia - no lusting after business as usual with #Putin. Energy embargo ASAP.
3. EU memb path for #Ukraine
4. Re-animate strategic partnerships/strategic dialogues with CEE states (& with UK) incl. by involving them in development of #Germany’s new security strategy
5. Which must offer a values-based vision of sustainable security for allies as well as 🇩🇪- no more appeasing dictators
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What causes back pain?🤔
Specifically: how much do nervous system, spine tissue and psychosocial contribute to #backpain?

#systematicreview with multivariate #metaanalysis in European J Pain @EFIC_org…

Led by @ScottTags 🙏collaborators

👇 Image
Low #backpain is leading cause of disability worldwide… 90-95% of cases are considered 'non-specific'

Many factors can contribute

Image 👇from… @chadcookpt

But which ones and how much? Image
Individual meta-analyses + factors associated with back pain
➡️ pain processing…
➡️ disc degeneration…
➡️ muscle atrophy…
➡️ depression / distress…

But is one more important than other?
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Just out: Latest stats from #Germany on right wing #extremists and sovereign citizens identified in German #police, #military and intelligence agencies in 2nd edition of essential governmental report. Key takeaways in a short thread. 1/x Image
You can download the full report in German for free here: 2/x
Even though of course not perfect, the report sets a new global benchmark for transparency, depth of information and analysis. Absolutely essential for any informed societal debate on this important issue. 3/x
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One of the defensive responses to #Germany's policy on #Ukraine has been: "Look at how many refugees we have taken". God bless those who shelter refugees. The problem with this as a policy metric, though, is that it doesn't register success, but very nearly the opposite.
Should say: in conversation with someone from #Britain, this is usually a not-so-subtle counter-attack on our policy in this area, and there is a point. But it doesn't alter the fact: taking refugees from #Ukraine is not a measure of how this is going.
Taking in refugees is something that has to be done when a country has been devastated - or during the process of that happening. Most people who flee would like to go home; many #Syrians certainly would, and the fact so many cannot is a measure of our failure since 2011.
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Thread: 12 May 2022: Day 78 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz knows from experience of living in a country ravaged by #Russia that #Ukraine will have to deal with scattered unexploded munitions for a long time, and his message on stopping the evasion of the sanctions is good, too.
#Finland's President and Prime Minister sign a joint statement: "Finland must apply for #NATO membership without delay"
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Recent Publications & Threads (A 🧵)
I. Articles & Commentaries Published
II. Interviews with me on (European) Politics & Security
III. Threads on #Ukraine #Germany #EU #UK #CEE and more.
Gathered in one place ...
I. Articles and Commentaries

8. Are #Czechia & #Slovakia the #EU's New Radical Centre
for @RUSI_org…
I. Articles and Commentaries

7. Ukraine Doesn't Need Half-Measures from the #EU
for @ForeignPolicy…
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War, Haunted Pasts, Historical Debts, and Arrogance

A good argument is irresistible. Especially a bitterly-fought one replete with personal attacks, which, although it might be a little uncomfortable to watch at times, . . . a 🧵 1/
#AnneWill #Germany #Ukraine #MelnykAndrij
is much like the proverbial train wreck, impossible not to watch.

What about an argument about life and death, or guilt and obligations, or the fundamental value of human life? An attention-getting event, certainly. More on that in a moment. 2/
The Ukraine war has thrown harsh light on many faulty and dysfunctional notions about how to deal with international conflicts. Nowhere is this more true than Germany, where the “peace through trade with Russia” policy of and yes, Merkel, turned out to be an utter disaster. 3/
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I dont know if every single country has this shape of human, like Finland? #Denmark looks like a gnome who lost his shoe, and a bat. Image
#UK and #Ireland, like a little owl and mongoose working in burger place Image
#Finland as we have pictured the shape here Image
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It's getting crazier!

Is this the reason the West is willing to let #Ukraine burn?

Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces of the Russian Armed Forces, made several statements:
The special military operation of the #Russian Armed Forces made it possible to stop criminal experiments on civilians of ##Ukraine
#Ukraine is a training ground for the West for the development of #biological weapons components and testing of new samples of pharmaceuticals
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🇶🇦🇩🇪⛽⚡ #Germany and #Qatar have hit difficulties in talks over long-term #LNG supply deals amid differences over key conditions, including the duration of any contract, three people familiar with the discussions told #Reuters.

#Germany, which aims to cut its carbon emissions by 88% by 2040, is reluctant to commit to #Qatar's conditions to sign deals of at least 20 years to secure the massive #5
#LNG volumes it needs to reduce its dependence on Russian gas, the people said.

#Qatar, the world's largest #LNG supplier, is also specifying terms such as a destination clause that would prevent #Berlin from rerouting the gas to other areas in Europe, a condition which the European Union opposes.

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Thread: 10 May 2022: Day 76 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Grim that #Russia's messaging has such a hold over the émigrés, who do not have to make the horrible calculations those inside the country do about personal safety when deciding how far they will or won't deviate from the state narrative.
#US on the electronic warfare capacities it has supplied to #Ukraine
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@valtioneuvosto @TyttiTup #EUarchives The Legal Entity of ‘Greater #Germany’ - The first president of the #Brussels #EU
- Walter #Hallstein, #nazi-German lawyer, chief architect and first president of the Brussels EU from 1958 to 1967, gave this speech in January 1939.…
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Here is one more story about Victory Day in #Berlin:
My friend Polina wasn't allowed to enter #TreptowerPark in her yellow jumper because police found her look TOO PROVOCATIVE (she wore a blue shirt and yellow jumper). She had to give it to the police storage.
Meanwhile, the park was full of people wearing clothes with russian & soviet symbols and pro-war slogans! For example, she saw a man in a t-shirt with an eagle tearing the Ukrainian flag.
They shouted pro-war slogans glorifying Putin and Stalin. And of course "We can repeat".
She also told me that she was planning a performance in Treptower Park to rethink this pro-soviet place. She spent one month negotiating with authorities but the performance was banned at the last moment.
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#Moscow lost 3.5 million in WWI & 24 million in WWII. #Ukraine, #Czechoslovak, #Poland, #Lithuania, #Yugoslavia, #Netherlands, #Norway, #Greece, #Belgium, #Luxembourg, & #France were under Nazi.
W/o the Russians and the allies on the other, #Germany would have not been defeated.
#Syria President Bashar al-Assad visited #Iran for the first time in 3 years. By sending the Air Force following the request of the gov in #Damascus, #Russia challenged the #US and NATO and defeated, along with Iran, their objective to create a fail-state in Syria.
What is interesting to note is the presence of the Iranian Revolution Guard Corps - Quds Brigade commander general Ismail Qaani during the meeting between President Assad and Wali al-Fakih Sayed Ali Khamenei.
#Iran #Syria.
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Megalopolis x #Russia: Total War by Pepe Escobar…

After careful evaluation, the Kremlin is rearranging the geopolitical chessboard to end the unipolar hegemony of the “indispensable nation”.

Operation Z is the first salvo of a titanic struggle: three decades after the fall of the USSR, and 77 years after the end of WWII, after careful evaluation, the Kremlin is rearranging the geopolitical chessboard to end the unipolar hegemony of the “indispensable nation”.
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Update #Ukraine .
Im Überblick:
- Ukr. Vertreter nennen Zeitraum für eine mögliche "Gegenoffensive";
- Bundesregierung will Panzerhaubitzen an ukr. Truppen liefern, "Super-Radare" könnten folgen;
- Moskau treibt Integration der besetzten Gebiete voran.
Neuer Thread 👇
Der ukr. Präsidentenberater Arestowitsch hält eine ukrainische "Gegenoffensive" im Juni-Juli für möglich.
Hierfür müssten aber schwere Waffen aus dem Westen zunächst an der Front ankommen, sodass man "mehrere ausgerüstete, gut koordinierte Brigaden zusammenstellen" kann.
Einige ukr. Portale meldeten zuvor, dass eine solche "Gegenoffensive" bereits begonnen habe.
Arestowitsch dementierte dies und erklärte, dass das aktuelle Vorrücken der ukr.Truppen bei #Charkiw wegen der lokalen Dimension nicht als eine "Gegenoffensive" bezeichnet werden kann.
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Good morning! ☕️

Today's thread on #Ukraine 🇺🇦 / #Russia 🇷🇺

Pentagon says #Russia has left a couple of battalion tactical groups in #Mariupol, most troops left in northern direction
Russians set up multiple checkpoints in #Kherson today
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Good God, this is a real scandal to reckon with.
- especially because the attitudes still much of #Germany's political & public discussions on #Ukraine
Security & Self-determination for me (🇩🇪)
- but not for thee (🇱🇻🇱🇹🇪🇪 or🇺🇦)
short 🧵…
See these sections for example on seeing #Estonia, #Latvia & #Lithuania's independence as 'the wrong path' while 'rapidly moving ahead with #Germany's reunification'
Or on deflecting #Czechia, #Slovakia (then Czechoslovakia), #Poland & #Hungary's #NATO
ambitions, while ensuring the DDR was included in the alliance ...
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#Ukraine's success so far vs #Russia no shock to US forces helping them train since 2015

"They used that time very wisely" per BrigGen Joseph Hilbert, 7th Army Training Command in #Grafenwoehr #Germany

"The worst things the Russians did was gave us eight years to prepare"
#Ukraine-"they took the training to heart" per BrigGen Hilbert, briefing reporters

"We did see over time an investment in a noncommissioned officer corps as an example" he said "All of that investment and in their capabilities & their forces... you just see how it's paid off"
"We see it at the individual level in the soldiers that come here to train in not just their motivation, but then also both their technical, their tactical capabilities & their wherewithal when they come in to go through the training" per BrigGen Hilbert
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