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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/08/2021…
Grimm Choices: How Energy Transition Threatens A Fairy Tale Forest…

#WindEnergy #germany #environment #forests #consequences
‘Escape mutation’ in Covid strain discovered in Angola able to evade Coronavirus antibodies…

#COVID19 #africa #variants #EscapeMutation
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Possible next 🇩🇪 chancellor @ABaerbock from the #GreenParty says the EU hasn't had a strong foreign policy because Germany hasn't had a strong foreign policy.

"It’s not about Germany telling the others what to do, but if we are behaving very passively it’s hard for the others." Image
The idea that it will take a Green chancellor to give Germany a more hawkish foreign policy and make the country take up its responsibilities on the world stage is ironic, but not entirely illogical.

The prospect of this will be welcome news for Brussels and Washington.
Baerbock takes a hard line against Russian #NordStream2 gas pipeline, saying the Merkel government's support for it is undermining the Russian sanctions.

"We cannot finalise this project...We need to be in the front row of action, not being so passive on this project".
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#Japan, #UK, #Switzerland, #Norway, #France, #Canada, #Germany still oppose #TRIPSwaiver. Can someone translate a call to action in all these languages?
Like Canadian. @zainrizvi
French? Japanese?
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Live event on new WHO Global Hub for Pandemic & Epidemic Intelligence…
"#Germany🇩🇪 has been a steadfast partner to WHO for many years, but especially during the past year.
And I have personally appreciated the strong leadership of Her Excellency Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany."-@DrTedros
"In my first week as Director-General in 2017, I had the honour of attending the #G20 Summit in Hamburg, where under Chancellor Merkel’s leadership, #Germany🇩🇪 put a very strong emphasis on health and emergency preparedness, years before #COVID19."-@DrTedros
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/02/2021…
Israeli scholars find millions-year-old human traces in ‘Miracle’ Cave…

#israel #HumanHistory #caves #archaeology #discovery
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RQ-4 Global Hawk drone. Off for another $2.5 million 10 hour provocation trip to prank #Russia #Crimea, no doubt

I put the images of the drone which was shot down in the main pics

Like all other flying pests, it was probably the best thing to happen…

RQ-4 Global Hawk drone

$2.5 million for 10 hrs #Russia #Crimea

it's why folks from #CA poop on the streets and the police don't care about the #homeless #addicts in #NewYork

At least two of these fly every day and proves #NATO is an obsolete failure……


RQ-4 Global Hawk drone

$2.5 million for 10 hrs each

05:45 BST 1.5.2021
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In the #USA and much of the so-called #1stWorld, we are in Act 4 of a 5 act Shakespeare epic we might call “Pandemia 2020.”...
In the #UK, they seem mired in Act 3, and in #Russia, #Brasil, #Peru, and parts of #Africa it is Act 2! In #india it seems they are against a wall at the height of the Act 1!...
Why is this so?
To determine this, we must begin in December 2019.

On 26 Dec 2021 the govt in #Taipei, #Taiwan warned every other govt on Earth that their intelligence had determined there was a vrus spreading in #Wuhan, #PRC & that they were banning all travel from #China...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/28/2021…
Tim O’Reilly: It’s Time to Rewrite the Rules of Our Economy…

#EconomicViability #InflectionPoint #NewRules
First GMO Mosquitoes to Be Released In the Florida Keys…

#GMOMosquitoes #FloridaKeys #FieldRelease #consequences
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Live: A rally led by #neonazi and radical nationalist organizations in honor of the SS Galicia division is underway in downtown Kyiv. The Kyiv mayor reportedly supported this rally. This is the new low for #Ukraine.
Ukrainska pravda, which is financed by National Endowment for Democracy & NATO Public Diplomacy Program, deliberately omits that this was SS division & repeats far right propaganda that volunteers joined this SS division to prevent Stalinist mass terror.…
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#Germany has reportedly rejected #Ukraie's request for military equipment.

Whatever the cause - "provocation of Russia" "undermining position of neutral mediator" "not wanting to get entangled" - it exposes a huge double standard in DE's approach to aggressor & innocent victim.>
Aggressor Russia gets it all. Siemens turbines supplied to RU-occupied Crimea, in violation of #EU-sanctions, to make RU occupation energy sustainable. No consequences except for a meaningless apology.
Germany's Deutsche Bank is the place to go for Russian money laundering schemes and for financing the Kremlin's world-wide corruption. No serious consequences like criminal prosecution - just fines (which are always anticipated and built into the cost of doing business).
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@batuhangcr your thread is nothing more than a lie.

This is the fact on record that #OttomanEmpire did a brutal genocide of #armenians.

It is the moral & ethical responsibility of #Turkey to accept their bloody deeds & apologise for #ArmenianGenocide ImageImageImageImage
The western portion of Historical #Armenia, known as Western Armenia had come under #Ottoman Empire by the Peace of Amasya (1555) and was permanently divided from Eastern #Armenia by the Treaty of Zuhab (1639). Image
B/W 1894-1896, in response to the large scale protests by Armenians, Turkish military officials, soldiers & ordinary men sacked Armenian villages and cities and massacred their citizens.

Hundreds of thousands of people were murdered. Image
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Boeing C-17A Globemaster III

RRR6809 ZZ178

Left Akrotiri just after midnight, the previous day in Pakistan - to #Cyprus Akrotiri

Trips to Nigeria, USA and other places UK has no business in being

At least two trips to Constanta, many to Germany…

Relentless waste of taxpayer's money, yesterdays sortie cost more than $2.5 million

WE pay for this (irrespective of which NATO country you belong to, it's ALL the same "protection racket")

It's why we have poverty and the homeless, yes it is

Why are the citizens forced into paying for ANY of this

".... thank you for your service...."

like what the absolute heck?

Boeing KC-135R repurposed Stratotanker

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/23/2021…
I Have Read Thousands of Résumés, and I Have Some Advice…

#résumés #writing
Everything You Know About Passwords Is Wrong…

#passwords #security
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#SaudiArabia keeps ban on 20 countries when international flights on May 17 as part of preventive measures to curb the spread of the #coronavirus disease.
#SaudiArabia’s ban on 20 countries when international flights resume on May 17 will affect airline services to and from the #UAE, #Pakistan, the #US, #Lebanon, #Egypt, #Turkey and #India.
Included in the list of 20 countries that #SaudiArabia has a continuing travel suspension when international flights resume on May 17 are #Argentina, the #UK, #Japan, #France, #Germany and #Japan.
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#FrankSpeech under cyber attack?

It appears so.
Alot of web traffic is coming from the headquarters of the Communist Vietnamese hacking group APT32

APT32 also known as Ocean Lotus operate out of the city,
Ho Chi Mihn

The only Vietnamese City web traffic is flowing to FS from
APT32 ~ Ocean Lotus
Is a Nation State sponsored hacking group.

They are linked to CyberOne Group and half a dozen other subsidiaries of CyberOne.

Some of their targets and tactics.

More on APT32 can also be found here.…
Web traffic is also flowing into FS - #FrankSpeech from #China
To be expected.
Esspecially now that a platform is coming online that bypasses to swamps authority to censor. ⬇️
The comprised #Democrats, big tech, corporate USA and #Republicans have no say over FS.
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Is #exercise before or after hip joint replacement better than usual care or minimal treatment?

#Metaanalysis in @JAMANetworkOpen @JAMA_current…

Led by Tobias, Jochen and Max from @PhysioMeScience

🙏for #collaboration!

#osteoarthritis is one of the leading causes of #pain, #disability and healthcare resource usage worldwide.

Total hip replacements (THA below) done per year are expected to grow to ~600k per year by 2030…
Some guidelines (both from 2020) recommend exercises with hip replacement

-pre-op advice only
-post-op inpatient ex ✅, outpatient self-directed exercise only

-pre-op ex ✅for specific patients
-post-op ✅
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#Germany update

The vaccination program has finally gathered speed w/ the arrival of sufficient vaccines, AZ doubts clarified, & local organisation sorted out. During the last 2-3 weeks, it has accelerated considerably & now includes GP surgeries, not just vaccination centres.

Currently, we have a new headache, two, in fact.

Headache no. 1 is our federal system that hands 16 state prime ministers all authority over education & most authority over lockdown measures. W/ the economy complaining & elections in Sept, since autumn, PMs have broken rank.

The unified, consensual approach that worked so well during lockdown no. 1 has been undermined for every lockdown since, with compromises ignored & lockdown measures watered down - they're now different from state to state & community to community.
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#Dresden #Gemany You shouldn't read the #Basic law out loud! The police tear Sascha Wolff off his bike, hold him by the police car and drive away with him.
- Sascha Wolff had previously read the Basic Law aloud and clearly. #DD1704… Image
#Dresden #Germany | 18. April 2021
You shouldn't read the #Basic law out loud! The police tear Sascha Wolff off his bike, hold him by the police car and drive away with him.
- Sascha Wolff had previously read the Basic Law aloud and clearly.…
#Dresden You shouldn't read the Basic Law out loud! | 9h ago
The police tear Sascha Wolff off his bike, hold him by the police car for over 1 hour and then drive away with him.
- had previously read the Basic Law loud and clear on the Postplatz in Dresden.…
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In the second half of May, @POTUS will welcome #ROK President @moonriver365 to the @WhiteHouse, announces @PressSec.
Regional security will be a prominent issue in the meetings @POTUS will hold with leaders of #Japan and #ROK, according to @PressSec.
Several factors contributed to the "low to moderate confidence" in the intelligence assessment that #Russia encouraged bounties on US service members in #Afghanistan, says @PressSec.
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HAPPENING NOW: Senate Intelligence Committee's Hearing on Worldwide Threats

"We look to our intelligence agencies to provide their best & most objective analytic judgments" per Chairman @MarkWarner " of bias, & not “shaded” in any way to fit a particular policy or agenda"
"We're going to need to discuss the situation in #Afghanistan" per @MarkWarner, in introductory remarks...…
"It's the one time a year where the American public & the members of Congress here in the Senate get an unvarnished presentation by an apolitical intelligence community of the real national security threats" per Vice Chair @marcorubio
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McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender

RCH895 85-0027

6 sorties since February, likely on it's way to Romania or middle east

14.4.2021 00:01…

Lockheed Martin KC-130J Super Hercules

RAIDR22 165736

More than 20 sorties since February 2021…
landing at Mildenhall

RAIDR22 165736…
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BREAKING: @ODNIgov issues assessment on Worldwide Threats a day before intel chiefs testify before lawmakers

"#Beijing, #Moscow, #Tehran, & #Pyongyang have demonstrated the capability & intent to advance their interests at the expense of the UnitedStates...despite the pandemic"
"#China increasingly is a near-peer competitor, challenging the United States in multiple arenas...#Russia is pushing back against #Washington where it can globally, employing techniques up to and including the use of force" per Annual Threat Assessment…
"#Iran will remain a regional menace w/broader malign influence activities" per @ODNIgov report "#NorthKorea will be a disruptive player on the regional & world stages"
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"@NATO remains the strategic center of gravity" @US_EUCOM Commander Gen Tod Wolters tells Senate Armed Services Committee
"That will improve our capabilities in all domains" @US_EUCOM's Gen Wolters tells lawmakers when asked about the announcement 500 more troops are headed to #Germany
.@US_EUCOM commander making the case for the F-35 joint strike fighter jet

"The F-35 is very important" Gen Wolters tells @JimInhofe "We in the US need F-35s in #Europe ... to make sure we have the competitive advantage necessary" vs #Russia
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NEW: @USArmyEURAF getting 2 new units - about 500 soldiers w/a Multi-Domain Task Force - & will retain 3 sites that were to be returned to #Germany "due to growing operational requirements in the European theater"…
The move comes less than a year after the Trump administration announced it would be moving a substantial number of forces out of #Germany
"New strategies and a continuously changing operations environment requires more capacity" per MajGen Chris Mohan, commanding general for 21st Theater Sustainment Command, in statement
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