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Apr 23 20 tweets 8 min read
Yesterday was #AkshayaTritiya2023. My hero's birthday. He would've been 85. A man literally born with a silver spoon with 16 Palaces to stay in, he lost everything at the age of 15. 1952 the Zamindari system was abolished & a shrewd trick played by Nehru & Bidhan Chandra Roy... Image (2/n) left him and a family of 17 literally on the streets. They were given 7 days to vacate #UttarparaRajbari, one of the 16 palaces he was born in. His mother, Rani Ma (my nani) had throat cancer & his father spinal cancer. 14 others were either children or people who never...
Apr 21 7 tweets 4 min read
Do humans deserve to survive as the dominant species in this world?
IMHO, no. The world is better of without us. A serious of videos will only prove that we evolved from apes.

#Annihilation… (2/n)…
Mar 8 6 tweets 8 min read
On #WomensDay2023, not a single tweet from any woman among 1.3 bn people India who thought it was worthy to pay respect to the 1 man who fought with the British machinery to
1) Sponsor & be the 1st signatory on the Widow remarriage Act
2) Build 59 schools in 1 year in #Bengal (2/n) and 29 schools exclusively for women when women were banned from attending schools
3) 7 of these schools were English medium when women of India were banned from attending English medium schools
4) Hitkari Sabha (1868)- Asia's 1st #NGO specially set up to empower women....
Mar 8 5 tweets 5 min read
@twitter can be such a great accoutre to discuss so many important social imperatives yet we squabble over the most abhorrent issues. For example #DigitalInclusion. Today there are close to 1 bn people with #disabilities globally. How many of those are in India? We don't (1/2) (2/n) know because we have been so frigin busy with discussing Modis suit or @RahulGandhi s trip to #CambridgeUniversity we ran the last census in 2011. Tax payers are paying truck load of money to sponsor a government department called The Department of Empowerment of Persons..
Mar 5 5 tweets 3 min read
#Kolkata was the citadel of rock music between 80s & late 90s having some of the most talented musicians in the world. Then came "Bangla Rock". It killed some amazing music just gestating. Folks from all over the world would come to the annual Open Air Theater to watch a (1/n) (2/n) 3 day Woodstock like concert. I remember the underdog Fahrenheit making it's debut during a 1988. I was a teen my legs shaking as I see thousands of people cheering & giving us the motivation. Then rock died for a long time until I heard my friend's nephew Josh & Dipan. Image
Feb 28 6 tweets 13 min read
@rahulbh12 Thank you so much. I see the abuse hurled at Bengalis all the time. We bongs accept those hurls and reply with cheap unsubstantiated come backs. I am just trying to do my bit here telling stories about some phenomenal Bengalis who have been the architects of new #India .....(1/2) @rahulbh12 (2/n) and history has not been kind to them because they didn't flaunt their achievements. It's an open challenge to a billion people on Social Media. Find me one family in the last 800 years like the Mukherjee's of #Uttarpara.
1) #KrittivasOjha - Krittivas #Ramayan..........
Feb 28 7 tweets 9 min read
What's common between India's greatest scientists - CV Raman, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy, Megnad Saha, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose, Satyendranath Bose, P.C Mahalonobis et al. They went to #CalcuttaUniversity. Who proposed setting up India's first autonomous University?..(1/2) (2/n) #RajaJoykrishnaMukherjee. Way before #NobelPrize was envisoned in early 1900s, in the mid 1800 this very man had expressed his interest to set up a global award in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics & Philosophy. It was called Joykrishna Gold award and the 1st.....
Feb 9 8 tweets 6 min read
I don't know what it is about Indians and their complete aloofness to #Privacy & #DataSecurity. 5 years back I used to get 1 spam call a day. Today I get 15-20. I have been asked to download @truecaller by 1 in 2 people that I know and could not stop laughing. Most folks (1/n) (2/n) don't even know how #cookies & #consentmanagement works. Let's clarify a few things about Truecaller.
1) It's a firm registered in #Stockholm started by Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi. Mamedi is a Kurdish born in a refugee camp in northern Sweden, while Zarringhalam..
Dec 10, 2022 16 tweets 14 min read
This will be a #Burnol moment for many. I will give you proof that all the history we are taught in schools & colleges in pure junk. They were all written by a certain vested political class. We need to fix it now. This tweet is about who founded the great #CalcuttaUniversity + The 1st ever letter drafted towards establishing a state of the art University in India in lines of Oxford and Cambridge was drafted than none other than my GGGG grandfather #RajaJoykrishnaMukherjee in 1846. @primrose, you wanted it, I got it. The entire proposal! Earlier I ++
Dec 9, 2022 5 tweets 3 min read
@prateepmisra @ProfMKay @TheWIPMan I think I am going to lose my job soon. The more I am reading my family history, the more addicted I am getting. I may need help with a job😉 #RajaJoykrishnaMukherjee, way before @NobelPrize was envisioned, launched a Global Award in the (1/n) Image (2/n) in the field of General Science, astro physics & space technology. With the help of Mahendralal Sarkar (with whom he co founded Indian Cultivation of Science he launched "Joykrishna Gold Award". A trophy made in gold was to be awarded to the top scientists in the world for
Dec 9, 2022 8 tweets 8 min read
Since the capital of India moved from #Calcutta (Kolkata) to #Delhi, for some reason the hatred for Mukherjees became evident. I can guess why #RajaJoykrishna was wiped out, but why his younger cousin #SirAshutoshMukherjee? If you are a student of #Mathematics, have u ever (1/n) Image (2/n) been taught "Mookerji Theorems"? While Raja Joykrishna Mukherjee was the architect of #CalcuttaUniversity (I will be publishing the complete proposal he gave to Cecil Beadon) the 3 biggest financial contributors were Sir Ashutosh, Taraknath Palit and eminent barrister++
Dec 8, 2022 8 tweets 4 min read
Close your eyes, get on the time machine and imagine the period between 24th August 1808 and 1900. Elder cousin brother #RajaJoykrishnaMukherjee sets up 59 schools in 1 month in #Bengal, a record no has broken globally, sets up Indian Cultivation of Science & Calcutta (1/n) ImageImage (2/n) University that produced the greatest scholars in the world while younger brother #SirAshutoshMukherjee contribution in the field of #Mathematics led to his appointment as a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a Member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in +++
Oct 21, 2022 9 tweets 9 min read
It was initially young working population leaving #Kolkata, now it's the elderly. My in laws, like many, had it enough in #Kolkata after spending their entire lifetime left the city after ~ 74 yrs. Like many, they can't relate to the city & it's culture anymore. Couple of (1/n) (2/n) developments in the past few years.
1) Security- My FIL was the President of one of the oldest Durga Puja Committee in Central Kolkata. He is well revered & well connected. Despite his local reputation, there was an attempted break in. Something unheard of in his hood.
Aug 24, 2022 6 tweets 9 min read
On the 214th birth anniversary of #JoykrishnaMukherjee, a message for all Bengalis in & outside #Bengal from our family historian Debasish Mukherjee. He has authored 4 books on our family that are available at #JoykrishnaPublicLibrary & the government of #WestBengal has
(1/n) (2/n) assured us that these books will be made available at all major public libraries and school libraries across #Bengal. Let's hope they'll follow through. He is also the architect of world's largest genealogy chart having 4600 entity relationships mapped over 1100 years.
Aug 24, 2022 5 tweets 6 min read
@BJP4Bengal @BJP4India will not win #Bengal for 2 reasons
1) It's a spineless party that respects the self interest of only a few core members. It gives jackshit about reviving #Bengal. They operate like modified pseudo dynasty
2) It doesn't even want to control #Bengal. (1/2) (2/3) Given the state of #Bengal, BJP cannot possibly see any RoI in the CAPEX over the next 20 yrs. As a business class, they understand investments. Plus Didi plays well as a party in their #GameTheory based strategy. Now why does BJP gives a rats ass about Bengal? I'll give...
Aug 23, 2022 7 tweets 9 min read
Despite my deep despise for the party & what it stands for, I am thankful to the @AITCofficial Councillor Mr. Tapas Mukherjee & 3x Ex MP & 2x MLA Mr. Santashri Chatterjee from @INCIndia to put your differences & pay homage to one of the greatest sons of #Bengal & #India (1/n) ImageImage (2/n) #RajaJoykrishnaMukherjee on his 215th birth anniversary on 24th August. He single handedly put Hoogly District on the global map & is only the 2nd person in India after #SirAshutoshMukherjee who had the audacity to refuse to meet King Edward VII & the Queen. The...
Jul 7, 2022 14 tweets 6 min read
The discussion on #MaaKaali is so petty & so silly. No wonder we humans have not been able to evolve much from our primates. You idiots are trying to define & give form to someone who is infinite & formless. No wonder the civilisation is in the brink of destruction. Take a look.. Image (2/n) at the pond above. The earliest settlers in #Bengal were indigenous tribes belonging mostly to fishermen community. They prayed to nature in many forms. Then there were kings like Adi Sur & Sen Dynasty. They brought 5 Brahmins from Kannauj (UP) to perform yagnas....
Jul 7, 2022 6 tweets 6 min read
Probably the last living humble legend from the house of the Mukherjees. Ex Chief Justice of Mumbai HC, ex Governor of Goa, grandson of #SirAshutoshMukherjee, nephew of #SyamaPrasadMukherjee, the current custodian of Ashutosh Memorial Institute & my uncle Shri Chittotosh....(1/2) Image (2/3) Mukherjee. He was visibly upset at the turn of events in front of his house just before the memorial service at 77 Ashutosh Mukherjee Road. A man who closely saw and lived with #SyamaPrasadMookerjee in the same house describes SPM as " a true son of Bengal who felt that... ImageImageImageImage
Jul 7, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
When Hindu Mahasabha & @BJP4Bengal guys get into street brawl at the house of #SyamaPrasadMukherjee on his birth anniversary doesn't really bode well for BJP in #Bengal. It's a not a weapon you can afford to hand over to your opponent. As SPMs family we are very very upset (1/2) (2/2) with this childish behavior. It was not a political event. Keep your cheap politics to yourselves & your homes. Don't bring it to the hallowed halls of Sir Ashutosh Memorial Institute.
Jul 6, 2022 5 tweets 4 min read
A no frill, no publicity evening at the house of the one and only #SyamaPrasadMookerjee graced by people who have no reason to gain political mileage in his name
1) Ex Chief Justice Chittotosh Mukherjee - Grandson of Sir Ashutosh
2) Tathagata Roy - Ex Governor of Tripura
(1/2).. Image (2/n)
3) Ex Chief Justice Mr.Susanta Chatterjee
4) Professor Monotosh Dasgupta
It was good to get introduced to Mr. Chandrachur Goswami, State President Hindu Mahasabha. Standing with him Debdutta Mukherjee, the granddaughter of Justice Chittotosh Mukherjee & GGG grand daughter Image
Jun 24, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
Today I spent almost 1/2 the day at Land Registry office in #Kolkata. As someone who has spent career in process consulting the inefficiency and corruption is just appalling. First off the entire office takes you back by 500 years and it literally looked like a cattle (1/n) (2/n) market. I was there giving a family member, the seller of the property, company. This property is valued (govt valuation) at 70L. Every past record, every deed, stamped Site Plan with the family and in the govt record shows that the front road is 7 ft. The system data....