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"FEMA Did Not Safeguard Disaster Survivors’ Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information"

Affected: 2.3 million victims of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria and California wildfires in 2017.

What did FEMA release that it wasn't supposed to?
The breach - which is from the Department of Homeland Security -- includes not only personally identifiable information (PII) but also sensitive PII (SPII) which includes financial account info ... 20 unnecessary data fields.
Look, this is not new law: the Privacy Act was first implemented in 1974 (subsequent amendments).

What's new is the level of incompetence demonstrated by the Trump Administration.
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No mention of #Gatineau serving @OC_Transpo buses in post #LRT readiness report? Specifically not in remaining route adjustments summary. Only STO service?
@AllanHubley_23 @AltaVistaWard18 @TimTierney @tm_kavanagh @glengower @cmckenney @JennaSudds @RiverWardRiley
Ready for Rail My Route page has some information but doesn't address peak hour capacity provisions. 85 will have to run a lot to handle all East Ottawa folks transferring at Pimisi. (Western folks seem to have more trips / route options.) #LRT #transit
The #transit fare zone transfer areas for Tunneys, Hurdman and Blair are hard to picture. Pedestrians come at those stations beside bus roadway so... #LRT
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Dear @rssharma3 This is NOT about #Aadhaar, but your data is being leaked by @PayUmoney I just had to enter your email ID to get your stored card. I don't know how you see this. #Privacy #DataProtection

1. Please Delete your stored card from…
The issue was reported to PayU months back, but the company seems to not understand the issue of tokenized card information exposing last 4 digits as a privacy issue.…
This was what @PayUmoney had to say when @jaivardhan88 of @entrackr asked them about it few months back.
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For those who asked, here's a quick recap of my comments from the plenary on 'A #Data Driven World – Can we Ensure #Privacy?' at @OECD #GoingDigital. 1. Innovation is not in opposition to privacy: innovation *in* privacy is a huge opportunity, and a competitive advantage. 1/n
2. Framing and narratives matter. Seeing #data only as an asset (oil, gold, currency, etc) ignores implicit risks. Also seeing it as radioactive (with a half-life), an externality, a ticking time bomb, a liability, etc helps to locate it in a larger ecosystem. 2/n #GoingDigital
3. To a tech hammer, every socioeconomic problem looks like a tech nail. Informational asymmetries and power imbalances require attention to complex structural issues, not just on deployment of one size fits all tech solutions in a box. 3/n #GoingDigital
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In 1989, @timberners_lee submitted a proposal that would change the world.

To celebrate #Web30, for the next 30 hours we're asking everyone to contribute to a crowdsourced timeline of web milestones.

Share your web moments at #Web30 #ForTheWeb:
Starting now, Sir @timberners_lee is speaking from @CERN, where it all began. #Web30 #ForTheWeb

📺 Watch the live stream:
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It’s a full house at the @ICOnews #adtech event — I can’t see a single spare seat.
@ICOnews Opening from Simon McDougall, saying that some people have come today “full expecting to get it in the neck”.
@ICOnews The @ICOnews is still at “fact-finding” stage when it comes to #adtech — expect more meetings and engagement before conclusions are drawn.
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If you're a student of #AI and want to become a force for #good, learn:

- AI #fairness
- AI #privacy
- AI #security
- AI #verification
- AI #adversarial defenses

IMO - most folks still don't know how these fields work

Be the change

(#tutorials in replies 👇)

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Infosec: Nobody listens to security people! 😡

Also infosec: Your password needs to be at least 15 characters long, contain numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and at least 4 special symbols.

Oh, and you can’t write it down.

And you have to change it every 90 days.
For 25 years, we security folks insisted on giving horrible password guidance with absolutely no empirical proof that this guidance would result in better security in the real-world.

In fact, the real-world effects of our password guidance actually led to WORSE security.
Bad password guidance happened because security people focus too much on attackers and not enough on the humans we aim to protect.

If our advice creates an impossible cognitive load for real humans, then we have failed to secure them.

Empathy is just as important as entropy. 💚
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HAPPENING NOW: House Committee on Energy and Commerce (@EnergyCommerce) is holding a hearing on “Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Big Data.” Watch here:…
.@BrandingBrandi of @colorofchange, testifying to the committee, connects privacy rights to broader civil rights. Threats to privacy disproportionately impact people of color, low-income communities, and other marginalized people.
Personal data, even if it feels innocuous, can become a proxy for protected class or sensitive information. This can be used to discriminate in employment, health, advertising, and marketing practices. #privacy
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1/8: Thread about #privacy.

Say you're at a public event and there's a photo booth where you can have your picture taken and printed + sent to you by e-mail. You don't get more info than that.

Do you (or should you) expect your pictures to be publicly available on the Internet?
2/8: I was at this O'Learys bar with a @PepsiMAX sponsored event where you could see the original @ChampionsLeague trophy. @fotobaren had a photo booth where you could get a free print photo in front of the trophy.
Someone™ failed to inform that anyone could find the pix online.
3/8: When I was asked if I wanted the pic by e-mail I thought "I wonder if they got their #security in order". To keep it short; very easily I could see all 886 pics taken for the event in both Oslo and Bergen.

Do anyone in the pics know this? How long will they stay online?
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#Hackers #OpSec #InfoSec #Privacy

Every day I see more articles about hacks & exposed info. Hackers spend their time actively getting better at what they do; studying what both companies & individuals are doing.

Want to protect yourself? They’re not foolproof...anyone can

be hacked. Here how you can lessen the risk of being affected.

1) 2FA: Use 2 Factor Authentication for everything that allows it

2) Use a physical security key for authentication (@Yubico = 👍🏼)

3) Most folks would benefit from a password manager, that works with your

physical security key. Use one that encrypts usernames and passwords separately and uses a master password that only gets stored locally.

4) Go set up more free e-mail accounts. I prefer @Protonmail for a variety of reasons, one of which being their servers are underground
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0/ The #crypto/#blockchain space is starting the week off strong! Many projects continuing to develop at a commendable rate. Let's see what's been going on over the 24 hours or so, shall we? 17 parts to this bad boy, let's do this 👇
1/ 🗳️ @WillWarren89 (CEO, @0xProject) announced an upcoming vote on #ZEIP23 which, if approved, would provide “0x with native support for trading any arbitrary bundle of ERC20/ERC721.” If implemented, ZEIP23 would be 0x's first-ever “hot upgrade.”…
2/ 🎨 @ColemanSMaher (Partnerships, @OriginProtocol) unveiled the Origin-enabled, a feeless, peer-to-peer marketplace for #art.

A number of artists signed up at launch, including @TrevorJonesArt, the first Scottish painter to incorporate AR into his work.
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0/ Can you believe we're already 10% through the year!? When you consider all that's transpired in the #crypto/#blockchain so far in 2019, that fact becomes less surprising.

Below, a 17-part thread based on what went down over the past day or so. Helping you stay informed!
1/ 🤝 @AirSwap's [ $AST ] @Crypto_Bobby announced the team's newfound "ability to support fiat on-ramp directly on AirSwap through [their] integration with" @SendWyre.

Fiat<-->#Crypto within users' self-custodied wallet, all whilst using #AirSwap's trading interface!
2/ 🐟 @Ethereum Foundation grantee @LeapDAO - a decentralized adaptive organization delivering layer-two Ethereum scalability as a global public utility - revealed its first public deployment of a Plasma Network!…
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1/4 This is huge!! As far as I know, the UE has issued the FIRST Rapid Alert (#RAPEX) for dangerous products that may be related to data protection and #Privacy.
This drive me crazy: the product is a smartwatch for MONITORING KIDS (#ENOX SAFE KID ONE with GSM and GPS integrated)
2/4 Now the #smartwatch must be recalled from end users! The App, the server and the watch has no security in data transmission. The risk is very high due to young users… I hope that this will be notified to #DPA too for #GDPR enforcement.
3/4 I’m very happy to see #dangerous #products withdrawn from the market due to lack of data protection. It is the very first time. I hope that the monitoring system will keep on focusing on data protection.…
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Major points here (thread):
👉outrageous, disgraceful, not surprising as its cut throat business as usual; guarantee @Facebook isn’t the only organization doing what it takes to get ahead #transparency #privacy #SocialMedia #data #hcldr #ThursdayThoughts…
2) 👉@Apple didn’t “know” until the headlines broke & they want to be the “guardian of our health” 🤨 Please 🤯 #transparency #privacy #SocialMedia #data #healthcare #digitaltech #innovation #hcldr
3) 👉targeting children & their #data needs to be recognized as digital trafficking & punishable by law #transparency #privacy #SocialMedia #data #healthcare #digitaltech #innovation #hcldr
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0/ Hot start to the week in the #crypto/#blockchain ecosystem! Successful fundraising rounds. New records set. Several products launched. Below is a 34-part thread on events that took place between Monday and Tuesday.

1/ 🆕 @Guesserio launches today! Built on @AugurProject [ $REP ], the California-based #crypto project promises their release “will fundamentally change the way you participate in Augur prediction markets.”

Invest in the outcome of real-world events at your fingertips!
2/ 🔧 #Ethereum- and #IPFS-powered #blockchain platform for decentralized marketplaces, @OriginProtocol, unveiled its 'Marketplace Creator' tool.

This allows users to construct a decentralized marketplace in just a matter of minutes!…
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"If you have nothing to hide you are worthless" Shoshana Zuboff #CPDP2019
Should we not gather in resistance against surveillance capitalism which has come to destroy human nature as industrial capitalism did to nature?
@murakamiwood digital is another special fix of capitalism to commodify aspects of human experience until now uncommodified.
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This Data #Privacy Day, it's more important than ever to be privacy conscious, following a barrage of reports showcasing shady company practices, data sharing deals, and many disingenuous “apologies” that show companies do not value your privacy. <thread>…
Everyone can take steps to protect their own privacy. If you’re looking for resources on how to reduce the amount of data being collected about you by your ISP, try these tips:…
You can also download tools such as Privacy Badger to block spying ads and invisible trackers.
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Your browser is (probably) one of the apps you use most throughout the day. What can it do to protect your privacy online? Let's take a look.

#privacy #Security #YourBrowserMatters
Your browser:

1. Secures your connection to websites.

When you connect to a secure (https) website, your browser establishes a secure connection with that website. All data is encrypted so that only the browser and the website can see what is being sent over the connection. 🔒 The site info pane in Vivaldi browser
2. It checks for certificates.

Your browser checks the certificates sent by the website to make sure you’re connecting to the real domain. That stops attackers from pretending to be that website. Simply put, an attacker will not have the website’s certificate.
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Il 2019 sarà un anno di sfide in risposta ai #rischi globali che impattano il futuro del progresso economico sia del nostro Paese sia a livello globale.

Ecco un #ExecutiveSummary sui 5 principali #Risk in vista di #Davos #WEF #Econ24

Full Report asap su @econopoly24
#Thread 👇
1/5 Macroeconomic Risk
L’incremento della volatilità sui mercati e una prospettiva di rallentamento della crescita globale causata dalla #CINA rappresenta un alto rischio se pensiamo che il peso del #debito globale è pari a 225% GDP più alto del pre-crisi 2008.

2/5 Geopolitical Risk
Le disuguaglianze globali diminuiscono ma aumentano all’interno dei singoli paesi. Rischio su fiducia e coesione sociale necessarie x sfide globali #Industry4.0
Rischio divergenza tra #globalizzazione economia e crescita nazionalismo #populismo #Brexit #EU
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@RichDuszak 1- MT @Aiims1742 “This @katekelly article reads like a paid infomercial for EPIC (in fact, I actually looked for the “This is an advertisement” disclaimer). Would have been nice to have interviewed one or two end users of the chocolate factory product.”…
@RichDuszak @Aiims1742 @katekelly 2- Nice digs, clever marketing spin, BUT Epic highly disliked by users. #EHR has significantly disrupted relationships w #patients, #ptexp, led to clinician & pt dissatisfaction, & is seen as one cause of #burnout. @JackMurtha… @BarbaraMcAneny @meggerber
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So journalists doing stories after printing views of every side in the #Aadhaar debate is labelled as "activism". As if "activism" is a bad thing. But, here are a few questions for @Product_Nation and it's volunteers #Thread
1. Is it a #Conflict of #Interest when you use public money to build a system and then create or join private corporations to draw business from that very system?
2. Can you serve as a GoI employee and also serve on boards, companies that are drawing knowledge, business, profits from what you are building from inside the Government? #Aadhaar #CronyCapitalism
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With the MeitY looking to overhaul the existing Intermediary Liability regime, let's look at what an intermediary is, where it comes from, and how content regulation will impact #FoS & #privacy.

Thread by @arpithadesai who volunteers at IFF to #ELI5 this complex issue! 1/11
@arpithadesai Who is an intermediary?

An intermediary is anyone who receives, stores or transmits an electronic record on behalf of someone. Includes your telecom provider, social media websites, e-commerce sites & search engines. Big, small and tiny.

[Nope, not the colony gossiper] 2/11
@arpithadesai Under the IT Act, 2000, intermediaries enjoy what is called 'safe harbour' protection where the intermediary acts a facilitator and does not play any part in creation/modification of the information.

But, why? Because they facilitate free speech of end users. 3/11
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#OPSEC mistakes by ex @CIA Kevin Mallory #spying for China, caught on CCTV having secret documents scanned to micoSD card instead of doing it on his own cheap disposable scanner, useless non-destructive messages covert comms phone App, no #encryption…
#OPSEC #fail ex @CIA Kevin Mallory recruited to spy for #China #MSS via @LinkedIn profile openly pitching #NationalSecurity experience. N.B. all the risks of taking your phone to China, highlighted by US CI official also apply to foreigners visiting USA…
#Privacy activists need to learn from professional #espionage agents & #CounterIntelligence case #OPSEC techniques & failures - #China #MSS agent handlers were unprofessional in mobile #CovertComms & #MoneyLaundering - Kevin Patrick Mallory indictment…
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