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Ich weiß noch, wie begeistert ich über die Zulassung dieses Impfstoffs in Deutschland war, wie enttäuscht, über die initiale #STIKO Empfehlung nur für Mädchen + den hohen Preis für Jungs, den ich für das #Pubertier nicht aufbringen konnte.…
1/8 #Thread 🧵
Es wurde nachgebessert + K1 stante pede mit seinem Begreifen + Einverständnis geimpft.
Es war ein #NobelPrize, den ich verstand. Weil als Frau, als Schülerin mit Job in einer Gyn-Praxis, als Medizinstudentin mit Ambitionen in der #Gynäkologie, als Ärztin, als Mutter mitbetroffen im Thema.

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Do you know Daisy Roulland-Dussoix? She is one of the discoverers of restriction enzymes, who’s findings paved the way for the development of recombinant DNA and cloning technologies. Accordingly, the finding was rewarded with a #NobelPrize. But the prize didn’t go to her... 🧵👇 A portrait of Daisy Roulland-Dussoix from Wikipedia.
Daisy Roulland-Dussoix worked with Werner Arber to study the mechanism for the observed host-specificity of λ Phages. It was known from an important 1953 paper (Bertani & Weigle) that phages, that had replicated in a certain E. coli strain, could only re-infect the same strain. Title page of the 1953 paper from G. Bertani and J. J. Weigl
Roulland-Dussoix & Arber showed that host-specificity is linked with the phage’s DNA. Using phages carrying radiolabeled DNA, they showed that progeny with 2 parental DNA strands retained specificity, while progeny with newly synthesized daughter strands could adapt to new hosts. Title page of the first paper by Werner Arber and Daisy DussExcerpt from the paper stating ‘(2) All progeny λ K(Pl) p
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🚨BREAKING: Jury finds Harvard chemist Charles Lieber GUILTY of making false statements about participating in a #China-govt program to attract foreign scientists, failing to declare income earned in China & failing to report a Chinese bank account.🧐…
#China had money to spend—“that’s 1 of the things China uses to try to seduce people.”~Lieber

But money wasn’t the reason. By training young scientists in his technology, he hoped to burnish his credentials.

“This is embarrassing. Every scientist wants to win a #NobelPrize.”
A key issue was a joint venture that Lieber launched in 2011 w/#Wuhan University of Technology.

A 3-year contract with #China gave him $50,000/month, ~$150,000 in living expenses and >$1.5 million for a laboratory, called the WUT-Harvard Joint Nano Key Laboratory.🤨
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The #NobelPrize in economics was just awarded to 3 top economists. #EconTwitter seems to be over it, but the data science/ML community is totally missing out!

Here's why Data Scientists should start paying attention and what they can take away 🧵
The prize was awarded to David Card, @metrics52, and Guido Imbens for their monumental contributions to statistical methodology and causal inference.

They used and developed strategies that were a true paradigm shift bridging the gap between data and causation in economics
One part of the prize went to David Card from UC Berkeley.

Card is most well-known for his famous minimum wage study that paradoxically revealed that an increase in the minimum wage did *not* reduce employment. How?

The study applied a strategy called Difference in Differences
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Ein paar Reaktionen zum #NobelPrize in Economics 2021: 1) Ein erwarteter, vielleicht gar überfälliger Preis. Das ganze Team wurde schon jahrelang gehandelt. Also keine Ueberraschung oder gar ein Schritt an die Seiten des Mainstreams aus Stockholm.
2) Ein verdienter Nobelpreis? Absolut, ja. Die drei haben mit dem zu früh verstorbenen Alan Krüger die empirische Mikrooekonomik revolutioniert, von der Arbeitsmarktoekonomik, zur Finanzwissenschaft, etc. Selbst Einflüsse in die Makroökonomik gibt es. Credibility revolution.
3) Was ist schwierig bei empirischen Nobelpreisen? Zunächst mal gab es den Preis mindestens zur Hälfte für neue Methoden, die werden bleiben. Für die substantiellen Ergebnisse ist es immer schwierig. Das Higgs-Boson gibt es, wird sich nicht mehr ändern.
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The 2021 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel has been awarded with one half to David Card and the other half jointly to Joshua D. Angrist and Guido W. Imbens.

David Card has been awarded the 2021 prize in economic sciences “for his empirical contributions to labour economics.”

Joshua D. Angrist and Guido W. Imbens have been awarded the 2021 prize in economic sciences “for their methodological contributions to the analysis of causal relationships.”

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War stories about denying complex systems to be related to physics, appear. Here are my thoughts.

I started as an astroparticle physicist and I know two generations of physicists doing something else “before”.

Before what? Well, before getting in touch with complex systems. 1/
Either during an obscure and almost empty local seminar or at an unknown conference, feeling the existence of complexity is mostly like recognizing to live in Matrix for Neo. It’s love at first sight.

Nevertheless, mainstream physics was about something else: particles, 2/
black holes, lasers, materials. Fool the one caring about chaos theory, climate, earthquakes, flocking birds, proteins, brains, social networks, … “that’s definitely not physics”.

My generation didn’t disappear because of brave and brilliant profs able to stick us on it. 3/
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The Cassandra metaphor comes from Greek mythology and describes a person whose valid warnings or concerns are disbelieved by others.
In 1970, Syukuro Manabe made a global temperature prediction for the year 2000 which was only 0.03C out.

Here is Manabe in 1988 explaining why global heating would be most extreme at the North Pole.

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Der diesjährige #Physiknobelpreis geht an Klaus Hasselmann, Syukuro Manabe und Giorgio Parisi. Sie werden für ihre physikalischen Modelle zum Erdklima ausgezeichnet. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Doch was sind Klimamodelle überhaupt? Wir zeigen es euch im Thread! #NobelPrize
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📢#ÚLTIMAHORA Nobel de Física 2021 para Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann y Giorgio Parisi "por sus innovadoras contribuciones a nuestra comprensión de los sistemas físicos complejos".
🌍Syukuro Manabe, meteorólogo y climatólogo japonés, y Klaus Hasselmann, oceanógrafo alemán, comparten la mitad del Nobel "por la modelización física del clima de la Tierra, la cuantificación de la variabilidad y la predicción fiable del calentamiento global"
⚛️El físico italiano @giorgioparisi, experto en mecánica estadística y teoría cuántica de campos, se lleva la otra mitad del Nobel "por el descubrimiento de la interacción del desorden y las fluctuaciones en los sistemas físicos, desde la escala atómica hasta la planetaria"
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1/ Read up on it.

Get a 30,000-ft perspective on how math governs the physical universe with a book by Roger Penrose #nobelPrize in physics 2002:

"The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe"
2/ Learn once, teach twice.

If you're in finance, teach compound interest; if you're in marketing, teach Bell curve; if you're in startups, teach ROI.
3/ Forgive your bad math teacher, said an HS dropout.

"Not all teachers are good teachers. This was something I learned a bit too late. I should've focused on learning the basics and constantly practice. I gave up. You shouldn’t.
I'm not a stupid person. Math was my kryptonite."
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A warm hug from a parent, child, friend can work magic. Congratulations to David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian on receiving #NobelPrize for Physiology and Medicine for discovering what makes the magic possible — how we can feel touch and temperature. (1/3)
How we sense touch and temperature is a small miracle — in fact, the miracle is the size of a protein molecule. The shapes of various proteins are changed by pressure or heat, opening a gate for ions to flow into cells, which fire neurons. So cool! #NobelPrize. (2/3)
Today’s #NobelPrize winners David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian — both Americans: one born in Brooklyn, NY, the other in Beirut, Lebanon. Let’s keep America a magnet for scientists from around the globe and a force for improving our world. (3/3)
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📢 #ÚLTIMAHORA El Premio Nobel 2021 en Fisiología o Medicina ha sido concedido conjuntamente a David Julius y Ardem Patapoutian "por sus descubrimientos de los receptores de la temperatura y el tacto"
Es un Nobel que concierne a nuestros sentidos. Cuando tomamos la taza de café, notamos su calor y su peso. Cuando comemos pimientos picantes, notamos el cambio de sabor y de temperatura. Los científicos galardonados han investigado las bases moleculares de estos procesos.👇🏼
🧑🏾‍🔬Uno de los dos premiados es Ardem Patapoutian, biólogo molecular armenio nacido en Líbano y emigrante en Estados Unidos, que trabaja en The Scripps Research Institute.…
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LIVE: The 2021 #NobelPrize in Physiology or Medicine is announced…
BREAKING: David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian win 2021 Nobel Prize for medicine 'for their discoveries of receptors for temperature and touch'
Scientists David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian won the 2021 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for their discoveries of receptors for temperature and touch
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Here's the #Ivermectin saga, people.
1.) In the 1960s Japan's Satoshi Omura did chemistry work, trying to find a medicine to kill helminth worms in livestock.
2.) In the '70s he joined forces with Max Tischler at Wesleyan in USA.
3.) They brought...
...@Merck & @Kitasato pharma companies on board.
4.) Omura discovered a bacterium that emitted a powerful anti-helminth chemical.
5.) William Campbell @Merck tested it. Using synthetic chemistry, they made "ivermectin" -- 25Xs stronger than the bacterial chemical.
MORE Image
5.) The @Merck & Kitasato companies were thrilled to discover it cured a long list of livestock worm & parasitic diseases & a huge veterinary market opened.
6.) In 1981 Bangladeshi Mohamad Aziz showed that #Ivermectin could cure River Blindness, a terrible disease...
MORE Image
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.@Films_Division brings to you special 3-day online #FilmFestival ‘Ratnas of India’

to pay tribute to some of India’s iconic personalities in the field of science, art and culture



🎥 Image
#FilmFestival ‘Ratnas of India’ pays tribute to Bharat Ratna recipients

Biographical films on Prof. C. V. Raman, Dr. M. Vishveshwaraya, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Prof. C. N. R. Rao, Satyajit Ray and other iconic personalities


Forever A Legend-M.S. Subbulakshmi

is a Biographical film on Smt. M.S. Subbulakshmi directed by V. Rajgopal

portrays how the ancient and glorious tradition of carnatic music

got enriched by fervent devotion and Bhakti Bhavana of the Queen of Music

🎥 ImageImage
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#HAITI Investigation Underway Into Assassination of Haiti's President | 13 HOURS AGO
- Gunmen assassinated Haitian President Jovenel #Moïse and wounded his wife in their home early Wednesday, inflicting more chaos on the unstable Caribbean country.…
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This gentle man is Sir William Osler.. He has frequently been described as the “Father of Modern Medicine” and one of the "greatest diagnosticians ever to wield a stethoscope". What did he hv to say about #India ? @sanjeevsanyal @vipintukur @naveenthacker @EricTopol @mvankerkhove Image
His fascination for #India, The land of #Vishnu had no bounds..!! At each & every intellectual commentary he mentions about his interest in the values #India was known for @ProfSomashekhar @iapindia @IndianMedicalAs @MoHFW_INDIA @VirusesImmunity Image
In one of his essays; “Of India, of "Vishnu-land," what can one say in a few minutes? To the Hindoos we owe a debt which we can at any rate acknowledge; and even in medicine, many of our traditions and practices may be traced to them”. @drharshvardhan @PMOIndia @BharadwajSpeaks Image
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Do u recognise this man walking beside #AlbertEinstein, Hideki Yukuwa & John Wheeler?
~Nominated for #NobelPrize for Physics in 1951.
~"father of Indian nuclear programme"
~famed radio telescope at Ooty was his initiative
~ died in Air India Flight 101 #crash on Jan 24, 1966.
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre has been named after him.
Homi Bhabha!
In October 1965, Bhabha had announced on All India Radio that they could build an atomic bomb within 18 MONTHS if given the go-ahead by the Government of India.
A few months later he "died".
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"Globally, the #COVID19 pandemic continues to intensify. Cases have now increased for the 9th straight week, & deaths have increased for the 6th straight week. To put it in perspective, there were almost as many cases 🌍 last week as in the 1st 5 months of the pandemic"-@DrTedros
"It’s pleasing to see small declines in cases and deaths in several regions, but many countries are still experiencing intense #COVID19 transmission, and the situation in #India is beyond heartbreaking"-@DrTedros #InThisTogether
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Lawsuit Filed Against #Denmark PM For #COVID-19 Restrictions & Killing 17M Mink
- Epidemic law contrary to the Constitution and the Convention on #HumanRights
- Lied about permission to #lockdown and slaughter 17M mink.
- Spread #panic with false emails.
Govt of #Norway Indicted for #CrimesAgainstHumanity Over ‘Planned False #Pandemic
- A group of researchers from Norway have filed a #lawsuit against the #corona policy.
- A report on this has been sent to the #Ålesund police station.
#Hancock, #Whitty, #Vallance & #Ferguson Stand Accused of #Pandemic #Fraud | 14th February 2021
-three counts of fraud by false representation and seven counts of fraud by non-disclosure, under sections 2 and 3 of the Fraud Act 2006…
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