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.@COSecofState/@JenaGriswold plans to make cheating in #Colorado #elections MUCH easier via her upcoming Aug. 3rd rules hearing re: Rule 8 CR 1505-1. In addition to not allowing 3rd parties to #audit #election equipment, here are a more of her proposed new rules. #copolitics 1/x
Sec. 2.13.2  – Ultra-partisan #Democrat @COSecofState will now handle inactive #voter registration cancelations, which used to be handled by county clerks. She’s trying to take away county-level power over this. | #Colorado #copolitics 2/x
Sec. 7.3.2 through 7.3.5 - @COSecofState will significantly reduce electronic #voting/#ballot standards, eliminate of ballot logs, ballot tracking, etc. | #Colorado #copolitics 3/x
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@sunflowercyn @AmyfStuart @MommyGearest @TorontoStar Sadly, the #SpecialEducation portfolio is massively huge &the needs greatly outweigh funding provided. Every school board #budget cycle is like a mean game of Russian roulette being played with our kids' lives. #COVID19 merely succeeded in showing parents & teachers...
@sunflowercyn @AmyfStuart @MommyGearest @TorontoStar ...that heck yeah, it is all about creating/nurturing that #community "village to raise the child"! We all need to work together if the intention to raise confident, educated, happy/healthy kids that are ready to take on the world! We all need to work hard (& together)...
@sunflowercyn @AmyfStuart @MommyGearest @TorontoStar ...if we're going to create the same equitable space & future for kids that need more attention & TLC. Academic/#learning gaps have been around for YEARS as have unrecognized/neglected mental health related issues for #students👉esp those w/#disabilities. What's the...
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I am in my new room at the boarding house. Blanked out distinguishing features out window but there is view of lake past the car parks & wheelie bins. Dad let me have the furniture he made himself. The desk is a detachable bit of wood on 2 sets of drawers. #newhome #grateful
I am now in town so can walk to most of the stores I do some merchandising in. Couldn't do any this week as too distressed.
Mum is now proudly telling people I wrote a book. After I was booted for writing the book. Time for next step towards independence anyway. Our relationship will be better if separate. I left home decades ago after a disagreement with mum. #flyingsolo #disabilities #PTSD #bipolar
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Pet Purpose: Your Unspoken Voice is a debut novel by Xanthe Wyse. Unique perspective on complex trauma. Is connected to all Xanthe's art as therapy. #pets #PTSD #love #loss #bipolar #disabilities #grief #survival #courage #purpose #voice #indieauthor
Some people have suggested I open something for donations. It goes against my values and would get me into trouble with my benefit. To help show your support, please retweet about my book, Pet Purpose, consider a purchase. Reviews on Amazon will help others decide too.
I declined when someone on here offered to buy me art materials. I have sufficient art materials. I am on a low income and live with my elderly parents. I don't want to accept donations. My book is what I am offering as exchange. Thanks for supporting me buying Pet Purpose.
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Okay, I love @POTUS #CaregiverInChief but lowering drug prices is a complicated economic web — healthcare isn’t something that you pay for like a new car, it’s mediated by a third party 1/x #drugprices #pharma #medicare #medicaid
Take International Reference Pricing for example. (Lost you already, haven’t I?) This type of negotiation tool ties drug prices to caps set using “QALYs” - Quality Adjusted Life Years 2/ #health #pharma #medicine #innovation #caregiving #advocacy…
3/ Don’t get me wrong - #health care needs to be affordable & #accessible & costs should be accessible. But tying access to medicines based on the economic “value” of a person’s life unfairly discriminated against older #adults & ppl w/ #disabilities, see…
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If I read #federalbudget of #Canada Correctly
@cafreeland committed $12M over THREE YEARS to TALKING about how to implement a disability benefit some point in the future (maybe)
(But $13M to ensure MAID happens)

So no #inclusion & #inclusive recovery for #ODSP #CPPD #SAID #AISH
At this rate, with what the provinces are doing to #PWD @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland You won't have to worry about #MAID or a #Disabilities Benefit cause the problem is going to "Solve itself"
They Can't Afford to live NOW Damn it !
3 weeks to invent #CERB
4 YEARS to maybe help PWD
How many more times are they supposed to say
"Maybe next year, people will care"
How many more decades ?
How many more wasted PWD lives because
Canada won't put the well being disabled people equal to those who are "Able" ?

How many more GENERATIONS @JustinTrudeau ?
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Well folks...this is making the rounds thanks to the eagle eyes of @yahoocyd! (Thanks, Cyd!)

You read that right. 12 Steps For The Chronic Pain Patient.

Naturally, I have a few thoughts...

My initial reaction was disbelief, then utter dismay. Really?😔
The whole thing smacks of the pulpit, but let's dig in, shall we?

We are powerless over pain. Uhm...NO. Not at all.
That's what medicine, treatments, & coping mechanisms are for. Helping manage pain to a more tolerable level so one can be more productive & joyful.🤔🤷‍♀️
The second part of Step 2 begs a response as well.
"We admit that illness/pain makes our lives unmanageable."
No, I don't admit this at all. People living with #disabilities are creative & careful in how we manage our lives. This sounds like learned hopelessness AND helplessness.
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For each #Province and #Territory in #Canada, here is the help that was offered to those living with #disabilities. This will include the #Federal help offered as well as any hoops #PWDs may have needed to jump through to get it and whether CERB was clawed back or not.
This is based on my own research, and if anyone sees anything I missed or may have gotten wrong please let me know.
Let's start with #Yukon
According to several articles, eligible families on #disability supports we're to get up to $400 to help with costs until August. Unknown what eligibility was.
#CERB was exempt from clawbacks.
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requirements for coverage of mental health services & habilitation services for people w/intellectual & developmental disabilities, expansion of home & community-based services options, protections against disability discrimination, and
(thread 2)
#MentalHealthAwareness @AAPD
expansion of the reach of mental health parity are essential to the health, independence, & self-sufficiency of Americans w/disabilities.

Judge Barrett’s record also raises other serious concerns for people w/disabilities
(thread 3)
@AAPD @NDRNadvocates
as well. For details, you can
👉rd the letter👈 that @AAPD & MORE THAN 50 OTHER #DISABILITY ORG.'S sent to the #Senate opposing her nomination:
(thread 4) #MentalHealthAwareness
@MauriceBenard @NDRNadvocates @RoyCooperNC
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I identify as centrist. Every fed election since 18 I have voted Liberal. That option will never fly in AB even though many voters fit there. Which leader currently has highest popularity?? Fed Liberal. The central one. WTF AB. Quit attacking centrists. It is not helping.
I support a strong private economy. That often involves tax policies which support business. I support small/med business over large corporations. Tax the bigger ones more. Help the smaller ones.
I support O&G (NOT as the only resource) & definitely a move to Green Energy. /2
I support publicly funded essential services & social safety nets. Public ed & public hc. With the reality that currently not all kids fit within public education. I support the child first as we work towards a more #InclusiveEducation. This takes collaboration at all levels. /3
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If we truly want to have struggling Albertans do better, & AB as a whole come out of its struggles, we need to step outside our own perspectives & dialogue with those around us. (I know - weird concept). Know what doesn't help at all? Attacking each other & making assumptions. /1
We all have our own concerns when it comes to what we consider the biggest issues for AB. *Newsflash - we do NOT all have the same concerns.* (So wild to consider.)
I can say- there often is common ground when we take the time to dialogue on issues. Start there with people. /2
When someone disagrees with you, it does nothing to attack and shut them down. If we opt to give space & listen to what they voice as their concerns & thoughts, we validate others & we both learn. Surprise - not one of us can know ALL the issues & have the only solutions. /3
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1. Deadline in 1 hour - 5pm PST to make comments on the @LACountyRRCC #Voting system known as #VSAP #VotingSolutionsforAllPeople. You can email Sect of State Alex Padilla @AlexPadilla4CA at - right now! & for the next hour. #SecurityFail #LAVotes
2. We're asking @CASOSvote @AlexPadilla4CA & LA Supervisors @HildaSolis @mridleythomas @SheilaKuehl @SupJaniceHahn @kathrynbarger to repair the dangerous risky #Security flaws in the #VSAP system prior to any further certification. Petition here… #LAVotes
3. What is wrong with the "Voting Solutions for All People?" It sounds so perfect. If only the system was as good as the name. A coalition of good govt groups signed a letter detailing some of the problems that need to be addressed:… #LAVotes #SecurityFail
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“I’m not going to publicly name the business for obvious reasons, but a store manager called me back after thinking over the facts I shared with him.. I’m allowed to come in to buy a new couch #mask free! My current couch is making my #migraines worse, I can’t hold out any more.
I am so relieved!! Kind & decent humans do still exist. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself, even if you tremble as you do so.”

•Title III of the #ADA requires that businesses provide reasonable accommodations for those with #disabilities.
•The governors orders (not laws) say those who can medically tolerate a mask must do so.
•Why did corporate tell you to have designated hours for elderly & disabled shopping? Perhaps that is when you’re suppose to let said people come in?
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@JoannaNoBanana thank you for sharing this. I think we don't talk a lot about grief & #disabilities, but it is real. This is @nolan_syreeta here. I really feel like I continue to lose the memory of what it felt like to live a life without chronic pain 1/
I was diagnosed in 2015 and it was awful. Nothing worked the same. Coming to @UCSanDiego there is a loss of independence with needing to ask for new accommodations with each quarter. I struggle under the weight of the pain, but I am grateful for the remarkable community I have 2/
in my co-founder @Ava_Nicole23 and in everyone that we have the honor to work with to bring Disabled Empowerment in Higher Education to reality for the month of October: @FairlyScience @caitskirby @ChronInvisSTEM @HaleyABranch @LindaCCor @Nicole_Lee_Sch @superchiasmatic 3/
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#UBI is the strategic solution to protect the ruling classes from Molotov cocktails & global civil unrest. Disclosures on coming "disbanding of existing safety-net programs" are not included in the foundation funded marketing campaigns. ImageImageImageImage
"Cutting a wide array of existing programs — such as the earned income tax credit (#EITC), #child tax credit (#CTC), temporary #assistance to needy families (#TANF), supplemental #nutrition assistance program (#SNAP), & #disability insurance — would cover only 1/5 of the cost..." Image
#UBI will "result in a massive loss of existing transfers to people w/ #disabilities & #families w/ children. This approach would exacerbate the needs of the most vulnerable members of society."

"CivilSociety" "leaders" are 21st century commodities created/utilized by the rich. ImageImageImage
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THREAD—A timely reminder and non-exhaustive list on why we need racial #EquityInECE:

1. Pathologizing Blackness starts early— Black preschoolers make up only 18% of preschool enrollment yet account for 42% of suspensions.…
2. If a child is Black & disabled, challenges with care are likely compounded. Preschoolers with #disabilities are 14.5X more likely to be suspended or expelled than their typically developing peers. Racial justice & disability justice are linked.
3. In general, Black, Latinx & indigenous families are more likely to face greater barriers to care like inaccessible costs and grapple with #ChildCareDeserts due to decades upon decades of occupational and residential segregation. #Movement4ChildCare
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1/ The lives of people with #disabilities aren't worth less, even now. #COVID19 has turned us into fearful things. #Quarantined in our homes, with the #pandemic touching every part of our lives, and any sense of ‘normalcy’ obliterated, this fear has us lashing out at one another.
2/ Me? I’m just terrified for my mother, in critical condition following complications from #coronavirus. Twice she has come so close to death that my own heart stopped in anticipation, the breath seizing in my lungs as my world prepared to end with her.

#COVID19 #ruralhealth
3/ My entire family contracted #COVID. My father spent 5 days in the hospital before being discharged; my sister and I struggled through from home. 3 weeks in, we’re making it, but none of us is fully well.
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So despite my vacation, @CBCNews contacts me, wants me to appear on a 2-1 interview with @AmyTanMD to debate masks. That really rankles me. 1) I support masks; 2) polarizing & politicizing masks is a RED HERRING. Don’t lose sight of the issues:
#MedTwitter #onpoli #CdnMedia Image
The politics of masks is a distraction. Let’s talk about policies that disregard inequalities, disproportionately harm people of low SES, BIPOC, w/disabilities, seniors, & mental illness.

The issue is who polices these policies, and how.

#MedTwitter #onpoli #cdnmedia
Haven’t we historically learned that policing is discriminatory? Middle class, educated people yelling that those without masks “don’t care” isn’t wise. Shaming people is not wise. Yes, masks are important. But polarizing issues gets morons elected to government.
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1. St Aleydis (Alice) was born around 1200 in Schaerbeek in Belgium. She was a frail and friendly child, and from her seventh year she lived in the Cistercian Monastery (Maria Kammeren) just outside Brussels.
#StAleydis #June11 Image
2. As an adult she took vows there, and she was a much-liked member of the religious community.

Not long after, she got leprosy, and was henceforth housed in a separate building on the outskirts of the monastery area. Leprosy had come to Europe at the time of the
3. Crusades and was greatly feared. She suffered in silence and faced her physical and mental pain courageously; carrying her cross with great patience, bearing her sufferings in union with our Lord Jesus' Passion for the holy souls in purgatory. Her only consolation was
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Bringing Human Rights to Mental Health Care: An Interview with @UNHumanRights Envvoy Dainius Pūras

#UnitedNations Special Rapporteur Dainius Pūras discusses his own journey as a #psychiatrist and the future of #rightsbased approaches to #mentalhealth.…
The families and children I met were actually my real teachers. They were teaching me about ethical #psychiatry. They were teaching me that if you take #humanrights out of psychiatry, then it becomes dangerous and toxic.
It’s not black and white. It’s not about denouncing the medical model, but we’ve identified huge asymmetries and power imbalances in the field. #Mentalhealth care has gone wrong for several reasons but drugs were announced as if they were more effective than other interventions.
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Who are we? We’re the family docs & specialists in #Ontario communities taking care of you.

Yet we’re struggling to remain open. We need @ONThealth to address this BEFORE we close. There’s a story you don’t know.

Dr Giles explains:


#MedTwitter #onpoli #cdnmedia #Ottawa Image
Who are we? We’re the family docs and specialists in #Ontario taking care of you.

Yet #primarycare is at risk.

5,265 people signed our petition for equitable access to models of care:

Dr Lewin explains:


#MedTwitter #onpoli #cdnmedia #Ottawa Image
Who are we? We’re the family docs and specialists taking care of #WomensHealth, #vulnerable populations, #geriatrics, #Pediatrics, #mentalhealth, people with #disabilities, #LGBTQ, #Indigenous communities.

Advocate for us.

#MedTwitter #InThisTogether #CdnMedia #onpoli #Ontario Image
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Umbereen S Nehal MD MPH: who is this person? Several people have been asking

A thread

Where am I from? Hooboy.
Let’s say, citizen of the world, human ping pong ball. Third culture kid. Genetic mutt

Born: 🇺🇸
🇵🇰 parents - when my parents born colonial rule, pre-Pakistan
To thoroughly annoy my Twitter bestie, @DrvanTilburg

Am an ENFP - a cross between Snoopy, Robin Willians, Ellen Degeneres, Dr. Seuss, Charles Dickens, Upton Sinclair

I border on ENTP - love new info and love to challenge in order to break through barriers or limitations
My great-grandfather was given title "Khan Bahadur" (brave). As a judge, a brown man under Colonial rule, he threw the book at a British attorney. "Learn the law" if in his courtroom. Hence my stiff moral backbone

My mom & me:

(She loves this song)
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I’m watching an extraordinary Virtual Town Hall on How to Meet Urgent Needs of Students with #Disabilities during #COVID19 Crisis organized by @aodaalliance and @OntAutism.

👉Province needs to listen to these frontline folks....

#DisabilityUrgent #accessibility #AODA 1/3
Clear message repeated over & over re supporting students w disabilities now & when school returns, however it returns:

Requires provincial leadership! province can’t rely on boards to make this up on their own

Many note this has not been experience thus far.

2/4 #onted
The townhall organizers had an outside expert review the materials & online tools provided to families/students across Ontario ...

Many, many shortcomings.

Also a call for boards to use more accessible meeting platforms (note: they recommend Zoom)

3/4 #onted #aoda
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