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Husband to Kathy, lifelong educator, Euchre and bobblehead enthusiast, and 46th Governor of the State of Wisconsin.
9 Jul 20
I believe, and Wisconsinites do, too, that the people should get to choose their elected officials, not the other way around. When I ran for governor, I promised I would lead the fight for fair, nonpartisan maps, and by golly, we’re going to make good on that promise.
When members of the Legislature can ignore an overwhelming majority of the people of our state who support commonsense things like nonpartisan redistricting, Medicaid expansion, and funding our public schools, folks, something’s wrong.
Republicans have had every opportunity to bring nonpartisan redistricting to a vote in the Legislature, but they’ve failed to act for years. That's why I announced The People’s Maps Commission, a nonpartisan commission tasked with drawing fair, impartial electoral maps in 2021. Image
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9 Jul 20
We had a race for governor in 2018. I won. Unfortunately, things got off on the wrong foot because Republicans immediately passed a law overriding the will of the people and the election, and they’ve been sour grapes ever since.
From the lame duck laws and challenging my veto power, to Safer at Home and holding an unsafe election this past April, clearly Republicans are going to continue working against me every chance they get, regardless of the consequences.
But I'm not going to let that stop me from continuing to do what I promised I would when I ran for this office—I am going to keep putting people first and doing what's best for the people of our state.
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24 Jun 20
What happened in Madison last night presented a stark contrast from the peaceful protests we have seen across our state in recent weeks, including significant damage to state property.
I want to be clear: violence against any person—whether in the middle of the street in broad daylight, at home trying to sleep, going for a run, or happening upon a protest as was the case last night—is wrong. It should never be tolerated.
Any single act of injustice against one person is less justice for all of us, and the people who committed these acts of violence will be held accountable. My thoughts are with @TimCarpenterMKE who was among the individuals attacked last night and wish him a quick recovery.
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26 May 20
ICYMI: Last week we announced our robust $1 billion plan to box in #COVID19 across Wisconsin, focusing on testing, contact tracing, operations, and resources for local communities. #Thread
This plan includes a $260 million investment in testing efforts to ensure that everyone who needs a test, gets a test.
Hand in hand with testing, we have to ramp up contacting tracing. Our plan includes critical investments in contact tracer staff and in our local county and tribal health departments to make sure we are contacting and isolating those who have had contact with the virus quickly.
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14 May 20
Up to now, we were in a pretty good place in our battle against #COVID19. We had reached almost all our gating criteria. We had opened up small businesses across the state, putting folks back to work, and that was because of the good work of Wisconsinites across our state.
From keeping our kids home from school to staying safer at home, we cannot let today’s Supreme Court ruling undo all the work we have done and all the sacrifices Wisconsinites have made over these past few months.
Our ability to respond quickly has saved lives and now, despite that good work and the efforts of Wisconsinites, Republican legislators have convinced 4 members of the Supreme Court to throw Wisconsin into chaos, putting public health and lives at serious risk.
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27 Apr 20
No one wants to see our economy gain momentum as much as I do, and we're working to do everything we can to make sure we can do so as soon as we safely and responsibly can. #Thread
That's why today we announced Emergency Order #34 that, coupled with our #SaferAtHome order that went into effect last week, turns the dial another notch by allowing non-essential businesses to do more than they were able to do before. Available here:…
Our Safer at Home order and Emergency Order #34 mean that every business across our state can do things like deliveries, mailings, curbside pick-up and drop-off services.
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21 Apr 20
Republicans are exploiting a global pandemic to further their attempts to undermine the will of the people. But what’s at stake goes far beyond political power--lives are on the line. #THREAD
Today, Republicans in the Legislature filed a lawsuit to effectively strike down our #SaferAtHome order and cripple our ability to respond to a pandemic that has already taken the lives of 242 people in our state.
This isn’t a game. This isn’t funny. People die every day because of this virus -- often times painful and lonely deaths -- and the more we delay or play political games the more people die.
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20 Apr 20
Today we announced our Badger Bounce Back plan. This plan takes the steps Wisconsin needs to take to decrease #COVID19 cases and deaths and increase capacity in our healthcare system so that a phased reopening of businesses is possible and we can get people back to work. #Thread
In order to turn the dial on Safer at Home and supercharge the Badger Bounce Back, we must:
➡️Access more testing and labs
➡️Expand contact tracing
➡️Aggressively track the spread
➡️Access more #PPE and supplies
➡️Increase healthcare system capacity
As part of that plan the state will be working to increase access to more testing and expand lab capacity. Under the Badger Bounce Back plan, the goal is that everyone who needs a test gets a test.
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16 Apr 20
A few weeks ago, we had a pretty grim outlook for what COVID-19 could mean for our state, but safer at home is working, folks. Our data shows we have saved lives and we have helped flatten the curve, which has resulted in fewer cases and hospitalizations. #THREAD
But as I’ve said all along, we are going to rely on the science and public health experts to help guide us through these challenges, because at the end of the day, our bottom line is keeping people safe. And we’re not out of the woods just yet.
That’s why we are extending Wisconsin’s Safer at Home order to May 26, 2020 with some new measures to ensure safety and support the progress we’ve made, but also allow certain activities to resume. More on that is available at the FAQ document here:
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6 Apr 20
In the absence of legislative action, today I signed Executive order #74 suspending in-person voting for the April 7 spring election until June 9, 2020.
I had hoped that the Legislature work do its part—just as the rest of us are—to help keep people health and safe, but as municipalities are consolidating polling locations, I cannot in good conscience stand by and do nothing.
The bottom line is that I have an obligation to keep people safe, and that’s why I signed this order today. More here:…
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3 Apr 20
Folks, today I’m announcing that I signed an Executive Order calling the Legislature to meet in Special Session tomorrow, Saturday, April 4th at 4:00 p.m. to take up changes to the upcoming spring election.…
I’m asking the Legislature to take up legislation allowing an all-mail election, to send a ballot to every registered voter who has not already requested one by May 19, and to extend the time for those ballots to be received to May 26.
Over the past few weeks, I’ve asked folks like you for your help—you’ve practiced social distancing, you’ve made sacrifices when it comes to your jobs, your schooling, and your day-to-day activities are what we need to flatten the curve to protect the people of our state.
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30 Mar 20
THREAD: Expanding Wisconsin’s testing capacity is a critical step in ensuring the health and safety of Wisconsinites. That’s why today we announced a new public-private partnership to increase Wisconsin's laboratory testing capacity for COVID-19. 1/8
The Wisconsin Clinical Lab Network labs have been averaging completion of 1,500-2,000 COVID-19 tests per day. The expanded capacity from the state’s new partnership is expected to double that capacity initially and continue to expand. 2/8
This new partnership now includes laboratory support from @ExactSciences, @mfldclinic, @Promega, and @UWHealth. These organizations, along with the Wisconsin Clinical Lab Network, will now share knowledge, resources, and technology to bolster Wisconsin’s testing capacity. 3/8
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29 Mar 20
THREAD: I wanted to provide some updates on Wisconsin's 24/7 whole-of-government response to the #COVID19 crisis. I am incredibly grateful to have the leadership and support of @WI_Guard and @ReadyWisconsin as we work around the clock to keep our communities safe.
Two weeks ago I submitted a request to get Wisconsin’s share of supplies from the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS). That includes ⬇️
-N95 Respirators: 54,709
-Surgical Masks: 130,326
-Face Shields: 24,816
-Surgical Gowns: 20,233
-Coveralls: 104
-Gloves: 72,044
As of today, we have received about half of these items and have been working this weekend to start distributing this PPE to local communities.
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23 Mar 20
We have been working hard to ensure the health and safety of the people of our state as we have responded to COVID-19. We’ve taken important steps, but folks, time is of the essence. So today I’m announcing we'll be issuing a #SaferAtHome order tomorrow. Here’s what this means ⬇️
As we’ve worked to respond to and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we've have been careful to listen to public health experts and to be mindful of the effects our proactive steps could and will have on our frontline workers and the most vulnerable in our communities.
Over the past few days, I’ve talked with public health experts and with business leaders and local elected officials around the state. Overwhelmingly the response I heard is that we need an all-hands-on-deck approach to stopping the spread of COVID-19 in Wisconsin.
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13 Mar 20
Today, I directed @DHSWI to issue an agency order mandating the closure of all K-12 Wisconsin schools, public and private, as part of our efforts to respond to and contain the spread of COVID-19 in Wisconsin.
Closing our schools is not a decision I made lightly, but keeping our kids, our educators, our families, and our communities safe is a top priority as we continue to work to respond to and prevent further spread of COVID-19 in Wisconsin.
Kids and families across Wisconsin often depend on our schools to access food and care. We are going to continue working to do everything we can to ensure kids and families have the resources and support they need while schools are closed.
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2 Dec 19
My heart is with the students, educators, and staff of Waukesha South High School and the entire Waukesha community as they mourn and endure the trauma of today’s shooting. 1/6
I am grateful for our educators and first responders who worked quickly to keep our kids safe and ensure no one else was injured. 2/6
We are continuing to learn more details about the situation this morning, but what I can say is it's gut-wrenching that our kids wondered whether this was a drill or it was real— 3/6
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20 Mar 19
Disappointed is an understatement. In order to score political points, Republicans on the State Building Commission voted against projects that will help hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites.
Today, Republicans voted against cancer research facilities, investments in clean drinking water, improved care for veterans, getting kids out of Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake Schools as soon as we safely and responsibly can, and many other critical infrastructure investments.
Republicans on the Commission voted to support this Capital Budget a day ago — they were for it before they were against it. This was about playing politics, plain and simple, not doing what’s best for the people of our state.
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