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1) Governor Hogan is holding a press conference at the State House in Annapolis. He is joined by State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Karen Salmon.

I will thread today’s updates.
2) The governor announces that while states across the nation and throughout the region have seen troubling spikes in their infection rates, Maryland’s positivity rate has continued to decline. The statewide rate is now 4.49%, an 83% decline since its peak on April 17.
3) There are some trends we are closely monitoring. We are concerned that the gap between the positivity rates among Marylanders under 35 and Marylanders 35 and over is as big as it has ever been -- 3.5% versus 6.57%.
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No one wants to see our economy gain momentum as much as I do, and we're working to do everything we can to make sure we can do so as soon as we safely and responsibly can. #Thread
That's why today we announced Emergency Order #34 that, coupled with our #SaferAtHome order that went into effect last week, turns the dial another notch by allowing non-essential businesses to do more than they were able to do before. Available here:…
Our Safer at Home order and Emergency Order #34 mean that every business across our state can do things like deliveries, mailings, curbside pick-up and drop-off services.
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We just submitted a super-cool paper about seismic noise changes in China and Italy following COVID-19 lockdown. In Enshi (nearish Wuhan) the noise drop in the frequency band of pedestrians and local factories was equivalent to 20 years' worth of industrialization and growth.
In Beijing (no official #lockdown) pedestrian traffic is *still* below a normal year, and has been for months. Here we compare 2018 and 2020 aligned by Lunar New Year, which always sees a noise drop as folks travel home. #seismicnoise #Covid_19
Meanwhile in Rome, the population seems to be behaving in an increasingly conservative way, with less and less #noise in the foot-traffic frequency band as the lockdown wears on.
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Republicans are exploiting a global pandemic to further their attempts to undermine the will of the people. But what’s at stake goes far beyond political power--lives are on the line. #THREAD
Today, Republicans in the Legislature filed a lawsuit to effectively strike down our #SaferAtHome order and cripple our ability to respond to a pandemic that has already taken the lives of 242 people in our state.
This isn’t a game. This isn’t funny. People die every day because of this virus -- often times painful and lonely deaths -- and the more we delay or play political games the more people die.
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NEW: Wisconsin’s hyper-partisan Republican state legislators want total control. They need only 3 more seats in each chamber to get supermajorities—& power to re-gerrymander through 2032. But we have a plan to stop them: #SaveTheVeto. Chip in to help: 1/
Wisconsin’s GOP legislative leaders just now (as in, BREAKING NEWS) asked our GOP-dominated state Supreme Court to block @GovEvers#SaferAtHome order. @RepVos wore PPE while telling voters it was “incredibly safe to go out." Well, he was just warming up.…
GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos holds office thanks to just 16,775 votes in a gerrymandered district. His goal: reign as God-emperor of Wisconsin.

Robin Vos led the power grab after Tony Evers beat Scott Walker in 2018. Now he wants to grab still more.…
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Right now, a short drive from the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center where coronavirus patients are being treated by health workers desperately short of PPE, a GOP-supported protest against our stay-home order is underway. A GOP State Rep candidate attended. 1/
When people gather to violate social distancing guidelines—for any purpose, including protesting social distancing guidelines—they risk spreading COVID-19. Many people in Brookfield work in the nearby hospitals.
Here's the video Bonnie Lee, Republican State Rep candidate, posted as she slowly drove by the crowd of protestors. "You should come check this out! Thousands of people! It kind of feels like 4th of July on steroids. There's so much enthusiasm out here!"
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So how’d we do it? Simple, we let our values guide us: 1) We put our people first, offering time off and additional pay to prepare for possible shelter in place the second week of March…
2) We invested in additional digital tools and infrastructure to complete the pivot to 💯virtual organizing and voter contact - video conferencing, org wide digital workspace, rvp tracking tools, dialer, etc. (all our organizers are already issued laptops)
3) We provided members and volunteer action teams 100s of hours of free training on digital organizing and basic virtual literacy all while closing offices a week before #SaferAtHome
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THREAD: Democracy won in Wisconsin tonight. The GOP thought they had this election fully stolen. Trump leaned in personally. But voters, who don't like being suppressed, rose up. Organizers worked magic. Here's the story. (Also: donate!
Rewind a few months, and the SCOWIS race looked unimaginably different.

The GOP had one huge advantage: incumbency. Scott Walker appointed Dan Kelly to fill a vacancy. Incumbent judges in Wisconsin usually win. On our side? A primary. We wouldn't know our candidate until Feb 18.
Meanwhile, progressives had some structural advantages as well. For one, everyone was sure the Democratic presidential campaign would be competitive. People thought four—maybe six!—Democrats would be crisscrossing Wisconsin before April 7, driving up Dem turnout.
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I am Brooklyn, made, born and raised. When asked, I always say I'm American.
But the country I love, has left me and my fellow Healthcare workers desolate, and betrayed.
I am a mother, a wife, and pregnant. And because of that betrayal to keep us safe, I am also covid +
I got lucky, my symptoms are not that bad.
I've been cleared to go back to work tomorrow.
And because I know I won't be protected, and no one knows if once positive do I have immunity or not, I'm leaving my home.
I'm leaving my family behind.
Tonight will be the last night for a long time that I'll get to sing my 2yr old to sleep. He'll fall asleep in my arms, and not know that that's the last time for a very long time. I haven't touched my husband in over a week, and it will be weeks until I do again
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This morning, the @WisGOP chairman and I went on Wisconsin Public Radio together to talk about Tuesday's election. The GOP tried to rewrite history and blame everyone except themselves. The GOP forced Wisconsinites to risk infection in order to vote. 1/…
I pointed out that @GovEvers called for ballots to be mailed to all Wisconsin voters within days of his #SaferAtHome order. GOP chair said no, he didn't call for ballots until "over two weeks later."

Facts: #SaferAtHome was 3/24. Ballot request: 3/27.…
As the crisis grew worse, it became clear that Wisconsinites shouldn't simply limit the size of gatherings—they should #StayHome. @GovEvers ordered us to stay home, and 3 days later proposed how to do that while voting: vote by mail. GOP refused instantly.
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BREAKING: @GovEvers issues executive order postponing in-person voting & deadline to receive mail-in ballots to June 9.…
You wouldn't hold an election on the tarmac during Pearl Harbor, and we shouldn't send people out to vote in person in the middle of a lethal pandemic.
The Governor called on the legislature to move the election. They refused to act. Today, he exercised his emergency powers to delay it. @sbauerAP reports that the GOP is already moving to get the state Supreme Court to strike down his order.
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DEA Guidance links on prescribing of controlled substances during a national health emergency… Image
Virtual checkins and evisits… Image
Coverage determination for telehealth. Image
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🚨THREAD! Wisconsin has an election on April 7. Dems urgently pushing expanded vote by mail. GOP ruthlessly opposing. At stake: a state Supreme Court seat that could tilt November's entire election. If you can, chip in: & read/RT this mind-blowing story--
Nationwide, every other state has delayed their April election, authorized officials to delay, or switched to ~100% vote by mail. ONLY Wisconsin plans to send voters to the polls, even despite a statewide #SaferAtHome order from @GovEvers. Here's why……
Wisconsin's April 7 election isn't just a presidential primary. There are local elections statewide. But what the GOP is obsessed with is our state Supreme Court--specifically, electing the man they know will rule for Trump on voting rights cases this fall. GOP lawyer Dan Kelly.
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We have been working hard to ensure the health and safety of the people of our state as we have responded to COVID-19. We’ve taken important steps, but folks, time is of the essence. So today I’m announcing we'll be issuing a #SaferAtHome order tomorrow. Here’s what this means ⬇️
As we’ve worked to respond to and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we've have been careful to listen to public health experts and to be mindful of the effects our proactive steps could and will have on our frontline workers and the most vulnerable in our communities.
Over the past few days, I’ve talked with public health experts and with business leaders and local elected officials around the state. Overwhelmingly the response I heard is that we need an all-hands-on-deck approach to stopping the spread of COVID-19 in Wisconsin.
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