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(1/4) 🧵👇Market Wrap #3: 📈📉Economic Summary/Market Stats (7d Market Update)


❇️ BTC: +3.75%% to $21,201
❇️ ETH: +18.21% to $1,350
❇️ SOL: +12.41% to $39.49
❇️ Overall Crypto Market Cap: +1.43% to $1.012T
🥴​ Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index: Extreme Fear (24/100) (2/4) Equities

🔻 S&P 500: -0.46%
❇️ DJ Industrial Average: +0.03%
🔻 Nasdaq 100: -1.17%
🔻 Hang Seng Index: -1.61%
❇️ Stoxx Europe 50: +0.12%
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(1/9) 🧵👇Market Wrap #3: 📰 Market Recap 📰

1. EUR dips below Dollar parity for the first time in 20 years

> Ukraine Russia war caused an energy crisis in EU. ECB is trying to curb inflation and cushion a slowing economy where it aims to raise borrowing costs. (2/9)

> he US #Fed is raising interest rates at an accelerated rate, causing yields on US #Treasury Bonds to surge higher than EU’s debt — driving investors to the dollar and away from euros.
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(1/7) 🧵👇Market Wrap #3: Chart of the Week 📊

The sentiment shift has started to show under the hood in #crypto options derivatives market as #BTC's 25Δ skew has largely narrowed down in the past few days, indicating more optimism (a major shift compared to a few weeks ago!). (2/7)

Open interest metrics are also indicating the same sentiment over the weekend, with P/C OI dipping to 0.62 despite the gradual demand for downside puts the week prior.

🎤 Shoutout to @laevitas1 for the charts and graphs
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(1/4) 🧵👇Market Wrap #3: 75 is the New Hundred

After the June FOMC meeting, Chair #Powell acknowledged tt the Fed's decision to hike 75bps had been influenced by firming of #inflation expectation measures, including ⬆️ in the Fed staff's index of CIE.

kobafinance.medium.com/market-wrap-3-… (2/4)

Following the recent jump in June's CPI print at 9.1% versus the 8.8% expectation, the market has started to price in a 100bps hike this month. However, since the June #FOMC meeting, inflation expectations have notably softened.