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Leo Goldstein
May 21 4 tweets 5 min read
@US_SpaceCom #ClimateCult is #ClimateScam, Nobel Laureates said - before their speech was suppressed.

@US_SpaceCom @tan123 @FriendsOScience

May 4 14 tweets 7 min read
1/8 The Stop the Steal movement was itself stolen. On 2020-11-04, @KylieJaneKremer of @america1stwomen (WFAF) started a Facebook group Stop the Steal. It became a movement. Within 22 hours, the group gained >300,000 members. 2.1 Million more joined its waiting list.… 2/8 A week later, the Stop the Steal (& #StopTheSteal) was controlled by twice-convicted felon Ali Alexander. He turned it into an evil parody of #MAGA & his personal cash cow. Ali’s speeches had violent & racist undertones. His events invited troublemakers & White nationalists, Image
Mar 22 5 tweets 6 min read
@HouseAdmin 1/ The USCP had no intelligence about the Jan6 "insurrection"/#Fedsurrection/#Demsurrection because it watched only Trump supporters, who neither planned nor committed the violence. This is why the intel was negative Image @HouseAdmin 2/ The email from Sean Gallagher to Schumer aide Kelly Fado was not legit intel. It was an attempt to falsely link Trump to the #Jan6th Capitol attack. It contained information which had already been investigated by @FBI and found negative for threats.…
Feb 26 7 tweets 5 min read
The wife of the special counsel #JackSmith donated to Joe Biden’s campaign & was one of the producers of Michelle Obama’s documentary for #Netflix.… #JackSmith, recruited by Merrick Garkand from the ICC to prosecute President Trump, was complicit in IRS targeting conservative non-profits, together with notorious Lois Lerner.…
Feb 22 4 tweets 3 min read
Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, & Amazon owe their success to the Obama administration, since 2010.
The key to the current state of the Internet is #Obamanet (#netneutrality) imposed by the FCC in 2010. This is likely the most radical violation of #1A…… #Obamanet also violates the IV Amendment.

Old telecom regulations were directed at phone companies and ended outside or in the walls of our homes where phone jacks are. #Obamanet reached deep into our homes, where Internet modem routers are, in violation of the IV, "to be……
Feb 10 9 tweets 4 min read
1/7 #NordstreamSabotage pipelines was an amateurish operation. There are four pipelines, two in each of Nord Stream 1 & #NordStream2. The saboteurs breached the pipelines in four places, likely intending to damage all four lines. 2/7 Instead, they breached the same NS-2 pipeline twice, leaving one NS-2 pipeline intact.
The explosions at less than 100 m depth caused small earthquakes. The estimate is that hundreds kilograms of explosives haves been used in each of them (CNBC).…
Feb 4 5 tweets 7 min read
@PlaysTrumpCard @usairforce can take down the chinese balloon by flying over it F-15 dispersing infrared chaff (most types of it). It will melt and burn holes in the thin plastic envelope.

The payload will land slowly, because the envelope will act as a parachute. No risk. cc @JMichaelWaller @PlaysTrumpCard @usairforce @JMichaelWaller Or drop on the balloon bottle corks, tennis balls, empty bear cans; disperse small ice pellets from the supermarket.

They will make holes in the envelope, but will not be dangerous on the ground. cc @JasonMillerinDC