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Intolerance is everywhere but tolerance of racial, religious, and sexual minorities has never been higher. Approval of inter-racial marriage, for example, rose from 4% to 94% from 1958-2021. You are spreading hatred of views you can’t tolerate to justify censorship. Please stop.
I read the report you just published. It offers ZERO evidence of a rise in misinformation or hatred. The only empirical evidence is that the use of #climatescam increased on twitter. So what? That’s a legitimate opinion, not misinformation, nor hateful.… Image
You hate the words #climatescam and want them censored. Had you considered that the reason people think it’s a scam is because people like you say the problem is fossil fuels and “not simply” their emissions? Do you really think natural gas is worse than burning wood and dung?
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Rions un peu 🤣
Voici la dernière sortie de cette marionnette malfaisante qu'est @GretaThunberg . Financée par les multimilliardaires mondialistes à l'origine du #ClimateScam #ClimateHoax (le réchofementlimatik),
elle est également financée par ces mêmes milliardaires et par le #MilitaryIndustrialComplex #MilitaryDeeState #DeepState qui financent et qui profitent de la guerre par proxy menée par les USA en Ukraine contre la Russie:

Cette idiote malfaisante parle d'écocide qui serait commis par la Russie, et de la nécessité de condamner la Russie coupable. Exactement le même argumentaire que Kiev, l'UE et l'Otan. 🤣…
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1. Good thread on new pseudoscience (disinformation) strategies pioneered on social media. I’ll add the climate view: check hashtags like #ClimateScam to see an emergent tactic, inventing or manipulating graphs (would be fraud in a scientific context). Supercharged with AI/LLMs.
2. Much disinformation is so stupid as to be funny. You should be able to tell why this meme by supposed Cambridge PhD DonKeiller (😂) is bs. They entertain us; but sadly also convince many uneducated people who can’t read science themselves, hence rely on trusted communicators. ImageImage
3. The deeper tragedy is: in reality climate science erred on the side of least drama (ESLD), failing to implement the precautionary principle in science, including the literature that IPCC scientists summarize. @ALevermann @PIK_Climate underestimate rates of change several-fold.
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@US_SpaceCom #ClimateCult is #ClimateScam, Nobel Laureates said - before their speech was suppressed.

@US_SpaceCom @tan123 @FriendsOScience The Big Tech winners, including $GOOGL & #YouTube, have been selected by the Obama administration, in part because of their relationships with Al Gore, #ClimateScam multi-millionaire.…
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@CO2Coalition To understand how CO2/temp relate, we need to explore #physics,
& the chem properties of the #carbondioxide molecule.

Learn about CO2’s #DipoleMoment & how change in energy balance affects DENSITY, & behavior.

Shit, I burnt my toast.
#STEMeducation… ImageImageImageImage
@CO2Coalition Dipole moments are the change in energy between atoms.

Think of this energy change as a soccer ball w a force towards a specific direction. This “pulls” naturally on atoms when they join together to make molecules.
Its based on the atoms’ electrons.

@CO2Coalition Electrons ‘spin’ around the nucleus of an atom (similar to planetary orbits)…
The closer the electron to the center, the faster it has to spin. #MolecularOrbitalDiagrams for CO2 show us where electrons spin based on energy available.… ImageImageImageImage
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L'informazione... quella seria.🤓🤡
Continua sotto... ImageImageImageImage
Continua ancora 🥳🥳 ImageImageImageImage
Va avanti 🤡🥳 ImageImageImageImage
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Okay, this is how climate deniers think, and this is a perfect example of why their lack of basic logic & intelligence make them not just very easy to immediately dismiss, but also make fun of.
Gravity is a scam
We know gravity isn't real, it's scam. It's a Marxist/ fascist/ woke conspiracy where all the data is adjusted.
It's all to create a single world government, under Soros and Gates.
It's only here to take away our freedom and tax us.
How do we know gravity is a scam?
For years we've been taxing gravity by charging more money for bigger items.
The more it weighs, the more we've been taxing it and yet the weight is still the same!
A pound still weighs a pound no matter how much we tax it!
Our centuries of tax hasn't made gravity weaker.
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Bill Gates is putting hundreds of millions of dollars into a campaign to remove the age of consent for children.

Gates argues that children are sexual beings & it should not be illegal for adults to have sexual relationships with children

#ClimateScam ImageImage
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"Il mondo è malato e molto probabilmente è sull'orlo di una nuova guerra mondiale", ha dichiarato l'ex presidente russo Dmitry Medvedev, vicepresidente del consiglio di sicurezza della Federazione Russa
1/5 Image
2/ “La questione del cambiamento climatico non è nulla in confronto alla prospettiva di trovarsi nell'epicentro di un'esplosione nucleare, che oggi esiste e cresce di giorno in giorno.”
3/ “Smettetela di lamentarvi perché la temperatura è aumentata di un grado in un determinato anno.
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Weather Modification part 1

Source: Jonah Longoria on YouTube.

Weather Modification part 2

Source: Jonah Longoria on YouTube.

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🚨The EU Parliament just approved a disastrous new climate bill, heavily tightening the Emissions Trading System (a Carbon Tax) for companies, so EU consumers will be charged for their emissions.

Mark my words: these are the first steps towards a personal carbon credit system.
The only reason this isn't an official personal carbon credit yet, is because we are 'indirectly taxed' through companies that will elevate their prices and pass on the costs (and more) to us consumers. But mind you, soon useful idiots will say that's unfair and will argue we……
If you want to know more about the 'Fit for 55' climate bill, all part of the European Green Deal #climatescam pushed for by Frans Timmermans, please read this:
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🧵Steve Milloy - Climate Change Denier:

1/ Steve Milloy is a well-known climate change denier who has spread a great deal of misinformation about the subject. His claims are not supported by scientific evidence and are often funded by the fossil fuel industry.
2/ Milloy has been heavily involved in promoting the idea that climate change is not real or that humans are not causing it. He has also been a vocal critic of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and has worked to roll back environmental regulations.
3/ Milloy's misinformation is not just based on his personal beliefs but is often funded by fossil fuel companies such as ExxonMobil and the Koch brothers. These companies have a vested interest in denying climate change as it threatens their profits.
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Gase der Atmosphäre:
78% Stickstoff
21% Sauerstoff
1% Edelgase
0,038% CO2
Davon anthropogen 4% = 0,00152% der Erdatmosphäre
Davon Deutschland 3,1% = 0,00004712%
Ist der Anteil an deutschem, menschengemachtem CO2 in der Erdatmosphäre.
Treibhauseffekt gibt's nicht.
Entgegen den hysterischen Behauptungen der #Klimaschwindler ist CO2 kein "Schadstoff", sondern das Gas des Lebens. Ohne #CO2 würde alles #Leben auf dem Planeten Erde aussterben, wie der Mitbegründer von #Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, erklärt.
Despite the hysterical assertions of climate grifters, #CO2 is not a "pollutant", but the gas of life. Without CO2, all life on Planet Earth would die, as explained by the co-founder of #Greenpeace, #PatrickMoore.
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THEY ARE COMING AFTER OUR DIESEL - THE LIFE BLOOD OF OUR ECONOMY — @marcdaalder - doing what he's told to, told to write shit — No doubt if looked overseas we would see if this is another MOCKING BIRD Article —…
...NEWSLASH Greenie retards - There is no productivity if you can't transport things to where they need to be. To be productive.. Diesel is the life bloody of our economy , from farmland cultivation to getting stuff to and from market

But you'll eat your bugs in smart cities
.... It's simply more GASLIGHTING from a pack of agenda ridden hypocrites - lies and deception..

MORE INFO WARFARE against the minds of KIWI's... I can tell you know this assertion of costs to society is 100% incorrect, simply another fear currency
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#ClimateChange is a natural process that occurs over 1000s of years. The reason they say #GlobalWarming is wreaking havoc is due to the human caused CO2 increase. CO2 is necessary for plants & trees to produce food. Due to excessive deforestation and burning of fossil fuels…… Image
If you haven’t watched this clip about #ClimateChange it’s a must watch🔥
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Just for inspiration I did a Twitter search, typed a # and then c l i m a and watched.
The #1 recommendation was #ClimateScam . Second was #ClimateEmergency , which was almost a clone of C.scam.
Wholly shit.
2. The terms of the discussion leave me cold.
The words used. The claims, the counter claims, the thousands of scientists© who say that...
Most of the rulers of the developed world are so far removed from native Earth from which we sprang that they can't remember it.
3. If you have not covered some portion of Earth at the speed of a walking human recently, you have not seen it.
We can't see at 25 mph.
Here is the same road at 25 mph and at a walking pace. 25 is about minimum for mechanized travel, and few do it.
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#WEF | World Economic Forum officially began to advertise the Marburg virus, the PCR test and the vaccine against it🤔…

#WEFpuppets #Vaccine #Virus #ClownWorld #BillGates
#Marburg the Next #Pandemic | #WEF already launching #propaganda campaign for the next "#Catastrophic Contagion", the next #Plandemic | #MarburgVirus 🙆‍♂️
20-year-old clip from #AlexJones and Dr #RimaLaibow telling us about all that has been happening all these years

#WHO is already getting ready for the next planned "pandemic" ... they have already started introducing the global population to the existence of the next coming planned "pandemic" now!! -> Marburg Virus.

#WEFpuppets #Vaccine #Virus #ClownWorld #BillGates #ClimateScam
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@yessmanstu @GeraldKutney @goddeketal Military or no military,
the climate is changing fast
bc of increased carbon dioxide
in the infrared zone
of the atmosphere.

The physical properties
of carbon dioxide
include interacting
w long wave infrared energy
passing through.

FAQs here…
@yessmanstu @GeraldKutney @goddeketal This is a similar explanation to how other molecules (with different properties) absorb different wavelengths of light (energy)
#physics #STEMeducation
Every molecule is different, and it has to do w how many electrons can move and change their orbitals…
@yessmanstu @GeraldKutney @goddeketal Molecular orbital diagrams talk about where electrons likely are in any given combination of elements.…
For CO2 the way the electrons spin depends on how much energy the molecule has, and the levels look like this (MO diagram from…)
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#ClimateChange is one of the easiest selling points for your woke politicians to spend money they don’t have on weather problems they can’t fix and keep y’all in a state of fear on an impending doom.

The reality is all those experts, scientists, politicians follow the money Image
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The U.N. is a happy organization?

This happynwo site is now the forwarding address for: (which was a blank site in 2020 with only "Ⓒ Copyright New World Order Project 2020" at the bottom.)

Ha! Found it. Image
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Labour’s ‘Fairer Greener Future’ involves #ULEZ extending into all of Greater London, Pricing the poor & self employed out of Cars/Vans! It involves even bigger Taxes on #Energy firms who’re already quitting #NorthSea projects because of Super Windfall taxes already in place! 1/
JP Morgan Chief like me thinks we’ll need Oil/Gas for another 50yrs or face a depression. Labour plans to scare that all away from UK so we’ll have to pay fortunes for imports. Meaning poorer #Energy Security. In future Winters’ no #Electricity meaning blackouts. Wind + Solar 2/
Will be nowhere near enough to cope with increasing demand. If we have Colder winters we’ll be screwed. They also agree with Govt on #HeaterPumps & Insulation which bag of fag packet costs £200Bn + £72Bn minimum. OffshoreWind remains at £140MWR which is higher than normal #Gas 3/
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1/20 Sovereign Africa Ratings @saratings is a most important development to pay attention to in Africa NOW. Africa is fast becoming the most important continent. And South African President Ramaphosa is mum on this vital African investment development.
Crude oil and copper prices have gone separate ways in recent months. Copper has risen 36% since last July while oil has fallen 22%. The divergence between the two markets is very rare in history. Image
But what happened in November to create this divergence? What would the impact of the middle East throwing themselves into the #ClimateEmergency Is it Relevant?… #ClimateScam
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Contrary to what you have been told, rotational Kinematics effects weather in a process called the Coriolis Effect.
In Earth Science, Geography, Meteorology, Physical Geography, Physics it's defined by angular acceleration.
Al Gores book "OUR CHOICE" is s**t science from cover to cover.
In fact, most of what you need to know about the climate comes from the Coriolis Effect.

Would it surprise you that this effect is largely ignored in climate science.
AGW is just a very bad theory.
The heart of #ClimateScam debate is the Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS) which refers to a steady-state response of global surface temperature to the modeled long-wave radiative forcing (RF) in a doubling of CO2 concentration assumed from pre-industrial level of 280 ppm.
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