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@NC5PhilWilliams @997wtn @FOXNashville @JohnCooper4Nash @DonaldJTrumpJr @TuckerCarlson Phil, the fact u & @Tennessean think this is a "nonstory" serves only to fuel distrust further
@Fox17Ferrier wrote a balanced story & asked questions that folks had
OTHERs ::ahem, not tagged:: went off half-cocked & full-on partisan. This was neither helpful nor informative
@NC5PhilWilliams @997wtn @FOXNashville @JohnCooper4Nash @DonaldJTrumpJr @TuckerCarlson @Tennessean @Fox17Ferrier When the story broke, my anger wasnt at Coop, it was at Tennessean & you. #FreedomOfThePress only works when Media is not willing to bastardize #1A for narratives. The FACT is, local media sells the govt approved narrative. Coop supposedly reported the LOW #s on July 2nd - BUT
@NC5PhilWilliams @997wtn @FOXNashville @JohnCooper4Nash @DonaldJTrumpJr @TuckerCarlson @Tennessean @Fox17Ferrier Y'all chose to not really make that part of the public dialog. The @Tennessean's "health reporter" thinks he's the Lord & Master of information, standing guard over what the public can know (via his own tweets). @davidplazas pushed that "bars & entertainment" narrative hard.
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Why is this an additive in the new vaccine? Luciferase is a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence, and is usually distinguished from a photoprotein. The name was first used by Raphaël Dubois who invented the words luciferin and luciferase...
for the substrate and enzyme, respectively. Both words are derived from the Latin word lucifer – meaning lightbearer.

A variety of organisms regulate their light production using different luciferases in a variety of light-emitting reactions. The majority of studied...
in luminous fungi, like the Jack-O-Lantern mushroom, as well as examples in other kingdoms including luminous bacteria, and dinoflagellates.

Why? “they” can see who has been vaccinated? Is it for control who can enter a business or who cannot?
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A very important #OpStopMap thread, originally written by @_7H3D3N on September 9, 2019.

#Th3D3N is going to do our best to #RedPill you all to the fact that the pedo elite are trying to normalize pedophilia. This thread contains links to prove that they want...
to make raping kids 100% legal!


Everyday, while people sleep, our children, our future, & our society are being broken down by those that seek to destroy us, starting with our most innocent.
What are you doing to stop this from being "normal?" Petitions? Research?

What happens when raping children becomes legal?

Don't believe me? Read on:

The #PedoElite don't want you to now how close they are to doing away with the age of consent laws, as well as...
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Emerged from #Kenosha hotel to put parking pass in car, saw police restraining guy, went over with colleague and officers shouted get back in hotel or we’d be arrested. Reporters are not exempt from curfew, he said, no matter what the mayor says. #Journalismisnotacrime
2/We were both wearing credentials and clothing that said “Press.” We were not arrested. An officer inside the hotel said media are not mentioned as exempt from curfew.
3/ I told the officer, respectfully, that media are not mentioned as subject to curfew, and since there’s a #FirstAmendment and #FEMA deemed us essential workers, if they don’t mention it, we’re exempt. If they do mention, it would trigger litigation. #1A
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I wish we’d give up this fantasy about some new “Fairness doctrine.”
• It was created for political gain, and removed for the same reason.
• It never applied to cable.
• It could never be applied to the Internet.
• It was NOT responsible for conservative talk …
radio’s rise (syndication was).
• It was unenforced AND unenforceable most of the time.
• No one will ever agree on what a new doctrine would even look like.

We need new kinds of prohibitions on unfair broadcasting, not nostalgic for remedies that never existed.
Also, while just one opinion, a fairly high-level friend in the ACLU told me a few years ago that the ACLU once gamed-out a fight over a “new” fairness doctrine and doubted anything proposed would ever pass #1A tests today. Thus, even they would probably oppose it.
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Psst! @wolfblitzer 🤨

👉 ‘The [Obama] Government Spied on Me. [& 👉JOURNALIST @JamesRosenTV] You Could Be Next.’ - 👉JOURNALIST @SharylAttkisson @RealClearNews 5/10/19 #1A…
“... Holder expressed some regret, particularly as it applied to the intrusion upon journalists, who until the Obama administration had been considered largely off limits for the government’s intel dragnet.”- @SharylAttkisson
Obama’s DOJ is under fire for spying on AP journalists | 5/5/13 Brainerd Dispatch…
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Our Founding Fathers drafted the Bill of Rights not to protect popular speech or the popular majority, but to protect the rights of the minority, lest they fall silent and all real social progress cease.
#1A #TwitterCensorship
By attempting to make polarized views inaccessible, you effectively shut down the discussion of ideas born out of the flaws in the current system, creating a two-sided echo chamber that neither enlightens people nor helps society grow.
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@GovParsonMO As detailed by the gov after Greitens
sheer stupidity that truly frightens.
Show me incompetence:
Parson’s claims make no sense. His
feigned ignorance surely enlightens.

@BluebirdsofMO @classEireland
@EnglishTeach07 @jzikah
@LottaFightLeft @PhyllisMarion7
@GovParsonMO @BluebirdsofMO @classEireland @EnglishTeach07 @jzikah @LottaFightLeft @PhyllisMarion7 Parson’s tweet makes it patently clear
Donald’s virus won’t soon disappear.
As Mike plays it both ways
many eyebrows we raise.
His mixed messages ring insincere.
We can vote #LIBERTY,
or vote death — we must #VOTE
like it impacts our breath. 😷

🗽 @nicolergalloway
⚰️ @mikeparson ImageImageImageImage
@GovParsonMO @BluebirdsofMO @classEireland @EnglishTeach07 @jzikah @LottaFightLeft @PhyllisMarion7 @nicolergalloway @mikeparson County Hickory’s dithering dork to
instruct sex ed would draw a stork.
Science ain’t his forte;
later victims will pay,
but at least he’s an expert on pork.

So to no one’s amazement or shock every county went red on Mike’s clock.

#mogov 🔥 #GovernorArson
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You've heard of Clearview AI: they're the grifty facial recognition system with ties to violent white nationalist terrorists that scraped social media for training data and then covertly sold unsupervised access to cops, schools and businesses.…

1/ Image
As the Clearview story dribbled out in the press, the company insisted that it was a responsible custodian of our faces and could be relied upon to wield power with prudence and caution.

Then its entire customer database leaked.…

The company's in legal trouble but it has deep pockets, thanks to the public monies it has trousered and the wealthy investors who showered it with capital - men like John Catsimatidis, owner of New York's Gristedes groceries.…

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Last night I saw one of the "Cop Riots" Antifa claims always happen when they are PEACEFULLY PROTESTING because All Cops Are Bastards. (ACAB)
I watched it live via Facebook Streamer Tre Stewart.…
I have no idea how long that footage will be up as this footage does not cover BLM in glory.
2 other Streamers I was monitoring after the "Cop Riot" either deleted their footage or never posted it realizing just how awful the optics were for BLM.
The setting is Thurston, Oregon
This was a BLACK_UNITY Protest March that decided to march through a middle class RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD. What everyone had predicted happened. Antifa/BLM would move from Portland & begin their vile antics on suburban streets.
As this march was announced days in advance...
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Former Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Defense Specialist in the US Marine Corps shows step by step, how to protect yourself from #TearGas. (A very fine powder.) #PortlandProtest #BlackLivesMatter #1A #WallAgainstTrump

1. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. You're grinding the powder particles into your tear ducts, mucous membranes and micro abrasions.
#PortlandProtest #BlackLivesMatter #1A #WallAgainstTrump
2. GET TO A WELL VENTILATED AREA. You need fresh air to make the powder get off of you. Flap your arms. Keep trying to open your eyes to reduce the amount of sufferings. Move away from the wind. Move to the least contaminated area. #PortlandProtest #BlackLivesMatter #1A
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SCOTUS just delegitimized themselves by proving they are NOT upholding the Constitution. #1A
BUT the process to impeach a Supreme Court Justice requires the House of Representatives to vote whether to impeach the justice in question.

Can you see the problem with a #Democrat controlled House???

Even if the #SCOTUS justice is impeached, there would be a Senate trial.
The House needs only a simple majority to impeach a Supreme Court justice or any federal judge.

To convict and then remove the justice or judge, the Senate requires a two-thirds majority.
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This new suit by theater owners mirrors a similar claim rejected by the 7th circuit & Supreme Corut a few days ago in Illinois Republican Party v. Pritzker, in which the plaintiffs argued if church services are allowed, political rallies should be too.
In the words of the 7th circuit: "the adoption of an exception that recognizes the constitutional status of the
right to free exercise of religion does not automatically run afoul of [#1A limits on content-based restrictions on speech]."
The Supreme Court, in a petition that went to Kavanaugh, declined to weigh in on the case.…
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1. News: Democrats’ Growing Fear – They’re Being Lied to Again Just Like 2016.

Yes! MSM Polls - Promoting False Hope AGAIN so Democrat base will believe Joe Biden is leading against President Trump ~ Thread 6.7.20… #Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG @realDonaldTrump
2. News: White House launches hunt for 'leaker' who revealed Russian bounties for American troops scandal and claims to have 'fewer than 10' suspects… @realDonaldTrump #RussiaRussiaRussia #hoax
3. News: Trump administration is drawing up executive orders targeting China for action over Hong Kong human rights crackdown as Mike Pompeo floats BANNING TikTok… #NationalSecurity
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Back in May, in Antietam Battlefield KOA v. Hogan, a federal district judge (applying deferential Jacobson standard) rejected a #1A challenge to the state's mask mandate, finding that the order had a "real or substantial relation" to public health goals.…
Plaintiffs argued wearing a face mask was expressive conduct: a "sign of capture on the battlefield, and subservience to the captor" but...
The court found that meaning is not “overwhelmingly apparent.” Instead, "especially in the context of COVID-19, wearing a face covering would be viewed as a means of
preventing the spread of COVID-19, not as expressing any message."
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Not gonna let technical difficulties stop me from commenting on @1a w/ @labelleverite & @judithheumann about #ADA30!! Here are the comments I wanted to share

#CripTheVote #1a #ADA #DisabilityRights #COVID19
Eugenics & ableism is a HUGE issue.

In Texas, a Black disabled man named Michael Hickson died 6 days after doctors withdrew nutrition and hydration because he had the coronavirus and his doctor
didn’t believe he had enough quality of life and this is a very real fear disabled have with the medical industrial complex, that we’re not seen as we really are or valued.

You cannot conflate disability with poor health or quality of life.
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Far left Democratic candidate for Congress calls for people to report "support" for Trump. The same candidate said if you support Trump you are a traitor, and hence guilty of treason.

This is a dangerous chill of 1st Amendment freedoms. #1A

Mark my words he is not an outlier. Image
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In other #1A news, Rep. Nunes' lawsuit against CNN heads for a hearing soon.

The Trump-loyalist congressman sent the network 28 discovery requests seeking "all notes, communications, and other documents" about their reporting.

Live tweet of that hearing ahead, @CourthouseNews.
This is the first hearing since Nunes' lawsuit was transferred to SDNY.

Nunes puts CNN's concerns of the case's threat to "'freedom' of the press" in scare quotes.

Doc with both parties' position:…
The attorneys on the line:

For Nunes:

* Steven Biss
* Jeremy Zenilman

For CNN:
* Stephen Fuzesi & Kevin Taylor Baine
from firm Williams & Connolly

* Stephanie Abruty, from Warner Media
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BLM was conceived & put together by the Obama admin

It was designed to be A TRAP no matter what side you are on
It was born out of the NBC “edited” 911 tape of George Zimmerman that was ILLEGALLY EDITED to make him sound like a racist who... cont
#BlackJOBSmatter @POTUS #1A
...sound like a racist who then shot & killed black teen Treyvon Martin

The Obamas were pushing for a RACE WAR against police
but they didn’t get it
But BLM got lots & lots of Publicity & NOTORIETY from media

they tried again in 2014... cont

#BlackJOBSmatter @POTUS #1A
...So they tried again with the police shooting of Michael Brown who was a THUG & CRIMINAL that got shot & killed when he brutally attacked police
This time they pushed THE LIE:
“Hands Up Don’t Shoot”

#BlackJOBSmatter @POTUS #1A
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Something remarkable is about to happen at the House Judiciary Committee hearing: 2 DOJ whistleblowers will give sworn testimony that @realDonaldTrump & AG Barr are interfering in the fair administration of justice.

TUNE IN & follow this thread for more.…
Since day 1, @realDonaldTrump claimed an “absolute right to do what I want to do with the Justice Department” and abused his power to coerce law enforcement to serve his own personal political interests, protecting his friends and targeting his enemies. This is what dictators do.
White House interference in law enforcement matters involving specific parties isn’t just wrong, it’s unconstitutional. Want a deep analysis? We’ve got you covered:…
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The REAL REASON the Left has pivoted from their FAILED insurrection (Trump BEAT their long planned attack on America in THREE DAYS) to #DefundThePolice is the same reason they began THE CARAVANS on the US Border in 2018-2019.
To overwhelm & collapse their Target.
Heard anything in the News lately regarding the Border?
No, right?
That's because President Trump won THE BORDER WAR.
I live in South Texas.
When President Trump deployed the US Military to bolster CBP & ICE everything was restructured TO BE EFFECTIVE.
No old "College Try"
Powerful Truck mounted Cameras were deployed that can see for miles in all weather & at night.
Drones were used to cover hillsides & Valleys the cameras couldn't see though.
Dogs & roving patrols circled in the gaps between perimeters.
Detentions skyrocketed.
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To my Black American Brothers and Sisters...

The GIFTS that Socialist Democrats are offering PALE in comparison to GOD GIVEN gifts they would take away..

The United States Constitution and Bill of(HUMAN)Rights is last Firewall to Slavery...

Defend it...
@POTUS @TrumpWarRoom @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @PressSec

If COVID-19 is as dangerous as claimed...

...ANY AND EVERY Politician who encouraged, supported, attended or failed to control mass gatherings should be held ACCOUNTABLE for every death of individuals NOT at rallies
These Politicians have PLANNED a genocidal SECOND WAVE of COVID-19 deaths in America to ensure mail-in ballots and anti-@POTUS propaganda...

...Governors and Mayors of the Cities encouraging or not stopping these “rallies” should be held PERSONALLY liable for EVERY DEATH #KAG
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I just heard that 18 buses showed up in this small town...

I have no way to confirm, but if it is true and they are clearly trying to burn your town - USE YOUR HEAD!
Before you even consider approaching them - find the buses!

Take down the info; see if the drivers will talk; if the drivers didn’t know what they were doing, offer them help; etc.

Offer the driver’s safety and then block the fucking 🚌 in...
Get the shittiest station wagons you can find; box them in!

... the people burning shit down are cowards - take away the escape routes... and put them on an island.

They’ll think long & hard about burning your shit down if they think they are stuck there.
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@RussellNMercer @MSNBC Show me your posts where you were outraged about journalists getting beat down by law enforcement at Trump's behest then, since you're so concerned about #1A. Looking forward to your prompt response
@RussellNMercer @MSNBC Still waiting. Nice retweets btw Image
@RussellNMercer @MSNBC Hello? Russell?
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