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I’ve just arrived in Cincinnati to check in with the great faculty scoring the AP French and AP Spanish exams, but some other AP subjects have completed the majority of scoring work, so I’ll be able to start posting results tomorrow. But first, a few quick reminders:
Reminder #1: These scores represent a critical mass of scored exams, but faculty will continue to score late arriving exams throughout June. So we don’t upload scores for educators and students to view until all subjects are complete. Scores will be posted on July 5.
Reminder #1a: If you’re an AP student, here’s information about how to view your AP scores on July 5:
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DATA: Americans Fear Their Own Government Spying on Them Almost As Much as Foreign Adversaries 🕵🏻‍♂️ 👁️ #RESTRICTAct #PatriotAct #Surveillance #Cybersecurity #1A…
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Before Boston yesterday everybody in the media anointed Eliud Kipchoge as the marathon GOAT. He certainly deserves such acclaim. But another marathoner deserves it – just as much. They are #1 and #1A, in no particular order, IMO. 1/n
I speak of fellow Ethiopian Abebe Bikila, who seems to have been forgotten in the rush to declare Kipchoge the marathon GOAT. Their records are eerily similar. Let’s look at them. 2/n
Eliud Kipchoge has set 2 marathon world records/bests – at 2007 and 2008 Berlin. Abebe Bikila set 2 marathon world records/bests – at the 1960 and 1964 Olympic Games. 3/n
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If Biden Gets His Way, Correct Pronouns Could Be Human Rights Violation: Biden’s America is going the way of Canada, and it’s horrible news for anyone who cares about free speech! #1A 🤐…
The changes would inject gender ideology straight into the heart of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act by erasing the Supreme Court’s long-standing distinction between protected speech and punishable conduct.
In its 1999 ruling in Davis v. Monroe County Board of Education, the Supreme Court held that expressive activity such as speech can only constitute harassment when it is “so severe, pervasive, & objectively offensive” that it can no longer be considered pure speech & is more…
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#1A protects all speech, even asshole speech.

Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, 315 U. S. 568 (1942)
Cohen v. California, 403 U.S. 15 (1971)
Gooding v. Wilson, 405 U.S. 518 (1972)
Lewis v. City of New Orleans, 415 U.S. 130 (1974)
A statute must be carefully drawn to punish only unprotected speech and not be susceptible to application to protected expression. In order to pass constitutional muster, words by their very utterance must inflict injury or tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace.
I do not know this FL statute and I do not know this Sabotitni guy. What I do know is that #1A protects speech and that if a legislature wants to criminalize speech they better be careful about how they word that law.
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1/ The First Amendment has zero tolerance for criminal prosecution of speakers for jokes, satire, or heated political rhetoric.…
2/ On Feb. 5, Hartford Police arrested a college student for making allegedly threatening posts on the app Yik Yak. Police did not find any weapons on campus, and the student claimed the posts were jokes imitating how he had heard other students talk.
3/ In response to the arrest, Hartford Police asserted that action will be taken against any perceived threat – even if it’s a joke. Those comments betray a misunderstanding of what the #1A protects.
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Fucking warned you not to trust any of these shitstains.…
Now you see why I refused @Meta's money when I ran Snopes. I knew exactly what they were trying to do. I'm a woman and I know my history.
@Meta This is also why women have been attacked and driven out of counterdisinformation (and journalism) en masse. What, you didn't notice? Must be nice.
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Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, & Amazon owe their success to the Obama administration, since 2010.
The key to the current state of the Internet is #Obamanet (#netneutrality) imposed by the FCC in 2010. This is likely the most radical violation of #1A……
#Obamanet also violates the IV Amendment.

Old telecom regulations were directed at phone companies and ended outside or in the walls of our homes where phone jacks are. #Obamanet reached deep into our homes, where Internet modem routers are, in violation of the IV, "to be……
The blue states enacted #Obamanet variations at the state level, with the long-arm effect spreading to other states. Free states may fix this problem for their residents & the rest of the nation by enacting anti-Obamanet laws. Such laws might demand ISPs……
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@TheDemocrats @dccc need to up their game on checking out their political opponents before the election; legacy media don’t care about retaining their #1A special rights under Sullivan (1964) anyway.



“pregnant people,” not Women

“birthing person,” not Mother

full access to all Women’s spaces for all people with penises, over Women’s objections #SaveWomensSpaces

no exclusive Women-only athletic category #SaveWomensSports

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@TwitterSupport why's it taking me up to 2 days to tweet one post with a brief film clip? What's going on?
What happens is I post the film clip then for 1 or 2 days it gets stuck at about 90% uploaded? Seems like #censorship to me? Can you look into it please?
Are you aware of our rights as citizens to express our opinions unhindered under both the US #1A and UN #Article19 ? ImageImage
.... so that means I can't tweet while the previous tweet is 'uploading' [censored]
Seems like nothing has changed on this platform?
Correct me if I'm wrong 🤔
#Censorship #1A #Article19 #FreeSpeech #SpeakersCorner
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@ACLieberman Let’s be honest:

If legacy media @nytimes @Newsday choose to abdicate their traditional watchdog responsibilities to become political actors in their own right - #narrative - then they no longer need #1A special rights.

Exhibit A: #NY03 @RepSantosNY03

@ACLieberman @nytimes @Newsday @RepSantosNY03 They can take their chances in court on the same basis as everyone else.

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@randyfurst⁩, article today last para doesn’t mention that ⁦@splcenter⁩ is a private organization with zero official status.

#1A lets SPLC label anything


State POST board adopts rules barring police involvement in extremist activity.…
anything a “hate group” or anything else, but its opinion has zero official authority or effect.

In fact, SPLC is itself a “hate group.”

Thank you.

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@ChrisMZiegler @ChristinaPushaw @mcmoynihan @GovRonDeSantis Here’s a serious idea.

As legacy media choose to become political players using narrative, etc., and have abandoned their traditional #1A-protected government oversight and watchdog responsibilities, well, there’s no longer any reason for #1A special rights.

@ChrisMZiegler @ChristinaPushaw @mcmoynihan @GovRonDeSantis Let them take their chances in court just like everyone else.

I don’t know what happened with @SarahPalinUSA perfect case against @nytimes @nytopinion, I would have focused exclusively on “reckless disregard” given that the Times didn’t check its own reporting

@ChrisMZiegler @ChristinaPushaw @mcmoynihan @GovRonDeSantis @SarahPalinUSA @nytimes @nytopinion reporting to the effect that the map placed target on congressional districts - not representatives or people.

If the Times’ failure to check its own supposedly factual reporting on the precise factual issue supporting their editorial isn’t “reckless disregard,” nothing is.

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@MNUpNorthLakeG1 @peggyflanagan Understood; I was referring, sarcastically, to #NY03 Congressman George @Santos4Congress.

Seriously, at least part of that is the job of the Legislature re ballot access - resume required? - and another part is legacy media as public watchdogs.

@MNUpNorthLakeG1 @peggyflanagan @Santos4Congress And if legacy media choose to abdicate from their traditional role ensuring accountability of public officials, including elected officials, then legacy media no longer merit, or need, robust #1A special rights.

Just take their chances in court like everyone else.

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I wonder if legacy media still need special #1A protections.

If they’re really the public watchdogs, yes, but that’s no longer the case.

Feeding Our Future in MN, @Newsday @nytimes dropping the ball re #NY03 before the election, etc.

If legacy media are just another political interest group, as is clearly the case, well, they can fend for themselves in court, just like any other litigant, right?


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Help our debaters prep with your responses
Poll #1a: Does PDD/NBI etc help alter natural history of NMIBC?

@joanfundi @MarekBabjuk
Poll #1b: Do we still need random biopsies in era of PDD/NBI?

@MarekBabjuk @joanfundi
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If I decide to pay 💰 $8 per month will I get a better sample of followers more in tune with my social demographics than scantily clad young ladies who want to discuss hooking up, or more humans reading tweets than #AI . Should I care? Any of it worth my time? @elonmusk
I originally joined back in 2011 when the only requirement that @jack had back then, was to have a cool 😎 haircut 💇‍♂️. Back in the good old days in a lot of ways. In fact I used to promote that everyone from small publications like blogs to large corporate news outlets.
I would tell anyone who would listen back then to ADD a Twitter button so readers could share THEIR content to a larger audience. Many did this soon afterwards. I never asked anyone for a dime of compensation for my efforts. But at least I started picking up followers.
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During an 18 hour flight to Singapore, I wrote about my 4 predictions for 2023. During my jet-lagged induced stupor, I forgot all about it until now. So, we few weeks delayed, here are four thoughts and predictions about the VC and tech market in 2023
#1a Hot take: For early stage companies, 2023 will NOT be a year where profitability trumps growth. That is only true for later stage businesses.

This will be a year where the cream rises to the top. And for early stage startups, that still means very very fast growth.
Early stage funding markets reward outliers. The outliers will be able to show explosive growth AND promising business fundamentals. Don't lure yourself into thinking that "ok" growth with solid economics will win over investors. It's won't.
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It would be an understatement to say that I am outraged at the covert infringement on the Bill of Rights by both Presidents.

Laws and behavior based on Covid trepidation turned political tides, destroyed businesses, lives, families, friendships.
And all of it —all of it— was done under the covert control of the President himself. Take a step back & consider how this fits into the power structure of The People vs. the Gov.

What happens when our gov deliberately deprives The People of any meaningful consideration/ choice?
We currently have no meaningful recourse in the Bill of Rights. No method for retribution, no system of deterrence. We have but future elections.

We also have Congress to write laws to create full criminal deterrence. Congress can create punishment for future administrations.
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You may never hear this again...but thank you @RoKhanna. You are a patriot when it comes to free speech.

Twitter’s Duty to Protect Free Speech by @RoKhanna… via @WSJ
"As Silicon Valley's representative in Congress, I reached out to Twitter at the time to share these concerns. In an email meant to be private...I wrote to Twitter's general counsel that the company's actions "seemed to be a violation of First Amendment principles."
"Although Twitter is a private actor not legally bound by the First Amendment, Twitter has come to function as a modern public square. As such, Twitter has a responsibility to the public to allow the free exchange of ideas and open debate."

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Americans have the right to peacefully criticize their elected officials.

That’s why FIRE just filed a federal lawsuit against a Michigan mayor to remind her that she took an oath to defend the Constitution – not herself. /1…
At a Sept. 6, 2022 city council meeting, when the floor was open for public comments, Mayor Monique Owens abused her power as the presiding officer by shouting down and cutting off critics.

You can watch some of Owens’s unconstitutional highlights below 👀 /2
Mayor Owens repeatedly interrupts and shouts down two constituents who stood at the podium to express their support for Councilman Harvey Curley, who has been involved in an ongoing dispute with the Mayor. /3
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A right-wing #SCOTUS has now agreed to hear a case that could literally change the 26 words that created the internet.
The internet will be a much different place if the Supreme Court strikes down Section 230. ➡️ (podcast)
-… ⬅️ @jkosseff via @Slate #1A Image

Section 230 effects social media, blogs, image sharing, forums and comment sections — any service that enables users to submit content. Literally every online platform that allows users to post information, share content, and comment relies on Section 230. Image

Sec. 230 ... is regarded as “the most important law in tech” because it encourages investment and innovation on the Internet by providing legal certainty to services that they will not be held liable for the speech or actions of third parties.'
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We can’t say it better than @Penn_State on the speaker controversy over #ProudBoys founder Gavin McInnes:

“As a recognized student organization, Uncensored America has the undeniable constitutional right to sponsor this presentation on our campus.” /1…
All Penn State student groups have the right to invite speakers to campus and use university resources for expressive events.

(See FIRE’s Model Policy for Allocating Student Fees. TLDR: Universities must allocate them in a viewpoint-neutral manner.) /2…
We encourage students who object to McInnes’ views to use their own #1A rights to peacefully protest, listen to his message and ask tough questions during Q&A, or ignore him.

These are far better alternatives to censorship — which undercuts everyone’s expressive freedoms. /3
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