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Well, you all know where I stand on this topic
Where are all my brave #1A Harpers warriors hiding
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10 ways local businesses can sell (whether you're a realtor, HVAC dude, retail shop, restaurant)

Sold millions online and off... bought a retail biz (that was 6 yrs old) and we already had a record Aug our 1st month & set to smash old Sept records as well


#1. Local SEO is massive

If a pipe breaks, the average US citizen is likely to quickly google “plumber near me”.

This is the real estate you want to be in:

For our store, if you type in “children’s clothes near me” we’re at the top (incognito mode), even beating out Carter’s.

(but failing in Google ads as we haven't started them)

Here’s how to dominate this map:
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1/ Much of my teaching and law practice focuses on First Amendment, government regulation of free speech, and media law. From that perspective, @davidharsanyi raises salient issues affecting the open discourse that informs a healthy republic.…

2. KEY POINT: “Setting aside First Amendment concerns, the state has no moral claim to dictate the veracity of speech.”

“The state” (of course) is comprised of politicians and bureaucrats who want to maintain power and control.
3/ History and insight into the sinful/selfish nature of humans teach us that people in power will leverage their position to permit speech that will keep them in power and marginalize the speech that might oust them.
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I am so pleased to see Americans exercising their #1A rights to tell these disinformation purveyors they are not welcome in our neighborhoods. That's building resilience…
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I've been trying to find the connection:
Remember when @Yashar did that "expose" on @EricGarcetti's staff member who - as Yashar alleges without any evidence- sexually harassed Yashar & others while Eric watched and didn't report it? (1)
Yashar claims that Garcetti knew and facilitated sexual harassment perpetrated upon Yashar and other gay men who were in this staffer's midst. Yashar even tweeted that his attorney @BoutrousTed had sent a demand letter to @mayorofLA in June. (2)…
When @Yashar's "reporting" emerged in October 2020, it made headlines right before the 2020 Election. (3)…
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1/ For decades, public workers have been forced to pay money to support political speech and policy positions with which they disagree... just to keep their jobs.

On this day, three years ago, #SCOTUS affirmed: they have the #1A right to say "no" to their union.
2/ For over 10 yrs, Mark #Janus worked as a child support specialist for IL – When parents weren’t together anymore, he worked to ensure that children received all the financial support available to them. But in order to do it, he was forced to check his #1A rights at the door.
3/ "Serving others has always been a part of who I am. I took pride in my job at the state." says Mark #Janus. But when it came to paying to support the unions' politics and policies "I had no choice, and no voice in the matter." -Mark #Janus #1A
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My first take on rumor of Enbridge actions to shutdown ceremony is they are punching down at poor people, racialized and minority religious observances because they worry traditional knowledge/indigenous science is compatible with observations of nature by non-native allies...
...and “Protecting the Sacred” may lead to discovery of additional science facts of protected species like migratory birds, e.g. cranes, or endangered insects in their intended workspace on public land, treaty land that they’re not yet actively working on.
It would be safe to conduct bee and beetle surveys, for instance, if @GovTimWalz granted an emergency stay to protect treaty rights, religious rites, and a complete assessment of biodiversity at LaSalle + Mississippi River water crossings. cc: @AGEllison, @dcassutt, @KeaonDousti
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Just realized the 2011-2012 Encinitas, Calif. yoga disinformation campaign (about yoga programs in schools) came at the same time that the ethnic studies programs attacks were really getting underway in Tucson, just one state over
Yoga (Jan 2013 story)…
Ethnic studies (March 2013 story)…
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More #TantonNetwork white supremacist shit. Literally, because this is the Great Replacement conspiracy theory. Note the school board infiltration advice, just like Tom Metzger gave his followers.
They are compiling lists of words and faculty to target and censor
Remember, these dipshits always tell on themselves because that is how they justify what they're about to try. They're not creative or empathetic people (fascists never are) and they are accusing others of what they are about to do to convince themselves that everyone is doing it
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1/ No joke. Loudoun County Public Schools, VA have set up a "bias reporting system" that gives students the power to name and shame peers for expressing viewpoints inconsistent with extreme political ideology. Our latest #1A #FederalLawsuit #lcps
2/ Only “students of color” or those who expressly attest to being “allies” are eligible to participate in #LCPS “Student Equity Ambassador Program." It's basically a student council that converts students into speech police... it's school-sanctioned bullying.
3/ “Instead of opening young minds, Loudoun County school leaders are policing them. This is not education; it is coercion.” says Scott Mineo, #LCPS parent and founder of @PACTstopcrt
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🧵Today LA County Judge Yolanda Orozco ordered Katie Hill to pay approx $84,000 in atty fees I incurred when she frivolously sued me for truthfully reporting abt her unethical sexual relationship w/an employee and illegal drug use.
Unfortunately, my legal fees were about $35,000
...more than Judge Orozco awarded me – b/c my entire career at stake, I retained the best attys I could find. I'm now on the hook for that balance, and Hill will be playing the victim again.
Despite Hill's claims, the publication of the photos included in my story and in the Daily Mail’s story weren’t “revenge porn” but were matters of public concern and covered by #1A, as Orozco ruled when dismissing Hill’s case. Many legal scholars on both sides of the aisle agree
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Another thread, If you want to read, great, if not, that's okay too but here goes.

I'm going to surprise you with something. Yes, I own this. This is mine. There are many others like it but this one is mine, as is said in Full Metal Jacket:
So why am I bringing that up along with my Kindle laying next to it? The answer is simple. It is to make a point, and it's one I've made many times. I Do Not Support Book Burning/Content Bans.

It's my understanding that, for many of you following me,
you have an affinity or a love for this work and, surprise again, I understand it. Completely. Whether or not I have issues with the text should never be your problem. I've owned this one for many years, I also have digital copies that would be suitable for any denomination
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From requiring a mask outdoors, to subjecting citizens to gov’t pre-approval for a BBQ, to restricting the free exercise of religion — enough is enough

The unending control over people’s lives must end — that’s why I filed suit against St. Louis Co today
3 weeks ago I sent a letter to St Louis Co expressing deep concern about the ongoing Stay-At-Hone-Order & asked for evidence for their extreme restrictions. Not only did they ignore our request for justification, they pulled a bait and switch & issued a new amended order
After review of the amended order it become clear, given the number of typos & blatant inconsistencies that this was rushed out the door in an attempt to appease our office and avoid litigation.

It did not. #COVIDー19
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Been following the #UA328 saga today. So glad everything’s okay and pax are safe. HOWEVER!!! I need to vent about how the TV news media is incredibly aviation illiterate.
It’s a long-running joke in #AVGeek circles that when TV news covers anything airplane-related, they’re wrong on the facts and terminology 99% of the time.
Examples of common TV News aviation-related inaccuracies include:

-Using the wrong B-roll with airplane types in question
-Confusing Airbus and Boeing in name and imagery
-Using the terms apron, taxiway, stand, and runway interchangeably
…and so much more…
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31 January 2021 #ALittleThread

We know suppression is real. We know that our #1A rights have no impact upon social media when they deem then "dangerous." So, what do we do?
2) One thing is, join up at CloutHub. I'm working diligently to learn that new platform's capabilities. If it has a single greatest value, I believe that censorship is not its objective. Should I learn I'm wrong, I'll drop it like it's hot.
3) Yet I keep mentioning Gene Sharp's principle:

Oppression may be probed.

Actually, anything can be probed. The greatest probers we know of were the 9/11 terrorists who probed every aspect of our legal and flight security systems. They knew how to probe.
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Dear liberals:

You spent 4 years showing us that we don't have to respect our sitting President (or even the office of President). According to you, name-calling, protests, and burning effigies is acceptable. We've watched you vilify our First Lady, our VP, our Second Lady

and anyone even remotely associated with Trump. You deemed it acceptable to corner and mock Republicans in public places, attack conservatives, and disparage anyone who might not participate in your groupthink - no matter how outrageous. Our concerns about military fitness

were deemed transphobic. Our concerns about our terrorism were called xenophobic. Our concern about waves of illegal immigration was called white supremacy. Our concern about abortion being used as birth control was called misogynistic. Our concerns about increasing taxes

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Apparently, David Horowitz -- a shill and longtime friend of the execrable Tanton network -- is hostile to a free press and free speech. Ironic, considering he and his legal buddies used to trawl colleges looking for free speech lawsuits to file on behalf of right-wing students.
Background here, in this 1993 story. Horowitz represented himself as only being concerned about #1A, but his actions toward Jean here put the lie to that.…
SPLC backgrounder here.…
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8’ tall metal barricades going up on 18th Ave tonight just north of Constitution Hall to block pedestrian traffic. Worker tells me the exclusion area for the inauguration will be at least 1/3 larger than he’s seen for any other govt event, w/ 2 and 3 layers of fencing in parts Image
Along Constitution Avenue Image
Peeking between the bars in the steel fence
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THREAD: As I've done the last two years on NYE, here's w/my list of a few on-air reporters I either like, respect, admire, appreciate, and/or find to be good people even if I disagree and we frequently slam them at @NewsBusters. They might be genuinely bad but they've....
...fooled me? For as scorched earth as I can get, please know I believe in the concept of a robust media & an empowered citizenry BOTH enjoying #1A as they're two puzzle pieces to this great country. If you're on the list, I still still think you're biased, but I like you!
This list only covers straight reporters from papers, TV networks, or websites. I did leave out my fellow conservative media pals. In other words, no commentators, columnists, or pundits. I also left out local reporters as I'd be here forever and I generally like them more 😂
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I kinda think it's hillarious that @_SecondThought was intimidated by @DHSgov and shadowbanned by @YouTube re: criticism of the @CIA.

For all the wrong reasons...
[a thread]
For once, it's a chilling effect for anyone, espechally de-facto members of the #press [since @_SecondThought does #journalism, be is part of it] to intimidate them by a govt. agency like @DHSgov.

Not to mention that their accusation, "anti-americanism", is not a crime.
In any reasonable justice system, #NullaPeneSineLege applies, which means the government cannot do anything about something that isn't explicitly outlawed.

And last time I checked voicing criticism of politicans was not, @DHSgov!
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THREAD: So @vox writer @seanilling just said that ppl like me worry too much about #freespeech b/c “speech has never been freer.” Bizarre assertion in 2020. Speech was probably freer in 2005 before the "democratic recession" began, but it was certainly freer in, say, 2015. (1/65)
It’s important to address this because there’s been a trend in “nothing to see here,” thinly sourced stories claiming that nobody should really worry about free speech, Cancel Culture, or any of these themes. (2/65)
So, where to begin?

First, I'll start with the global picture, but don't worry, I'll get to my specialty, censorship in US higher education, later in this thread.

Bottomline: The situation for global #freespeech has gotten worse this year & over the past several years (3/65)
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.@LLinWood @SidneyPowell1

"There's not a precedent? SO let's SET a HISTORICAL ONE."

I WANT TO SUE CON-gress, the 535 individual Reps, current State tyrannical Governments who charge a State Tax for "taxation without Representation."

Show us the way, Millions will join.
In ADDITION, it can be PROVEN CON-gress gave protections to Big Tech thru Sec230, have repeatedly been shown evidence they've violated it thru live hearings, yet ALLOWED it to continue violating American's #1A ON PURPOSE.

I'll go on.

2013 Obama changed the Smith-Mundt Act "Arms of the Government State Media could disseminate propaganda inside the USA."
Allowing Big Media & Tech TO LIE and shirk the TRUTH without repercussions under the protections of #1A bc no one DARE challenge #1A re "Media."👇
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Minneapolis: Protesters are holding space outside the remnants of the Third Precinct, demanding all felony & misdemeanor charges be dropped from the Nov 4 protests where >600 were mass-arrested on I-94.
“We will never stand down until systematic racial injustice is taken care of.”

Multiple speakers point out how protesters’ #1A constitutional rights were violated when the mass arrest halted their Nov 4 protest.
George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s names are said aloud by the crowd.
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1/ Recently, for @Genmag, I spent some time looking into the “right of the people peaceably to assemble,” one of the 5 liberties guaranteed by the #1A.
(Not the one Justice Barrett forgot...about petitioning for a redress of grievances. But related!)…
2 / We’ve all seen the thousand or so videos collected by defense attorney @greg_doucette of police assaulting, gassing, and firing at and otherwise brutalizing protesters for doing nothing more than exercising that right.
3/ Some of those protesters were said to have committed a crime, the crime of “unlawful assembly.” But of course that is not a crime at all. Or it shouldn’t be, if you put any stock in the Constitution.
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