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Nov 4 12 tweets 4 min read
1/11.⚡️BREAKING NEWS⚡️: The fifth meeting (#TC5) of the Transitional Committee (TC) of the #LossAndDamage Fund has agreed on recommendations to send to #COP28. However, the US 🇺🇸 says “it is not a consensus document” because they were not in the room when it was adopted. Image 2/11. The US 🇺🇸stood as the only TC member blocking consensus by asking for last-minute changes to the text when all other TC members had agreed to the “imperfect text”. Having blocked adoption several times, the US left the room when Co-Chairs called for the final time to adopt. Image
Nov 4 10 tweets 3 min read
1/10.📢It is day two of the fifth meeting (#TC5) of the Transitional Committee (TC) of the #LossAndDamage Fund in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪. The new text for the #LossAndDamage Fund is out and it is totally ⛔️ unacceptable!

🔗Read it here: unfccc.int/sites/default/…
Image 2/10. Why is it unacceptable?

1⃣ The text sees @WorldBank become the interim host of the #LossAndDamage Fund without a clear exit. (Developing countries have been clear, they will only accept the @WorldBank as an interim host with a set of conditions and not forever!). Image
Oct 21 18 tweets 7 min read
1/18. The fourth (#TC4) meeting of the Transitional Committee (TC) of the #LossAndDamage Fund ended at 02:30am. TC members could not agree on recommendations to #COP28 on the operationalisation of the #LossAndDamage Fund and have agreed to a fifth meeting (#TC5). Our takeaways.🧵 Image 2/18. The day started with a message from @COP28_UAE President Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber: “We have no choice but to deliver. This is what is expected of us. This is the mandate of this Transitional Committee for #LossAndDamage.” Image
Oct 18 33 tweets 13 min read
1/33. Here are our key takeaways from the first day of the fourth and final meeting of the Transitional Committee (#TC4) of the #LossAndDamage Fund in Aswan, Egypt 🇪🇬.

📼See the webcast from day one here:

📼 Webcast for day two:

Image 2/33. The Co-Chairs started TC4 by sharing their plans for #TC4:

1⃣The first two days of #TC4 will see TC members go through outstanding issues.

2⃣The Co-Chairs will then come back with a proposed text to be considered for the final two days of #TC4.
Sep 7 26 tweets 8 min read
📜1/25. Yesterday was day 3⃣ of the #AfricaClimateSummit which saw events both inside and outside the official venue. Here are the #LossAndDamage updates from our coordinator @nhyacinthe791 who is in Nairobi for #AfricanClimateWeek. 🧵

🔗 africaclimatesummit.org
Image 2/26. The official proceedings of the Summit culminated yesterday with the adoption of the #NairobiDeclaration to be taken forward to the upcoming #UNGA and the #ClimateAmbitionSummit convened by @UN Secretary General @antonioguterres on September 20th.

Sep 7 24 tweets 6 min read
1/24.📰NEW BLOG: The third meeting (#TC3) of the Transitional Committee (TC) of the #LossAndDamage Fund agreed at #COP27 ended last week. With 3 of 4 meetings done, @jar_climate shares thoughts on progress so far and the road to #COP28.🧵

🔗Read it here: lossanddamagecollaboration.org/stories-op/hid…
Mr. Adao Soares Barbosa , Transitional Committee member for Timor-Leste representing the Least developed Countries (LDC's), highlight points from the LDC's proposal at TC3 in the Dominican Republic. Image credit: UNFCCC / UNClimateChange. 2/24. First a quick recap, #COP27 made the momentous decision to establish a #LossAndDamage Fund, the decision included establishing a Transitional Committee charged with making recommendations to #COP28 to operationalise the Fund.

🔗Find out more here: unfccc.int/topics/adaptat…
Jul 17 100 tweets 19 min read
1/123. The Transitional Committee (TC) tasked with providing recommendations to #COP28 on how to set up the new #LossAndDamage Fund held its second workshop (#TCWS2) on addressing #LossAndDamage this weekend in Bangkok, Thailand🇹🇭. Here are some of our key takeaways. 🧵 Image 24/123. ...with regional projects and triggers, to ensure that the most vulnerable can access.
Jun 23 25 tweets 8 min read
1/25.  🧵The long anticipated #ParisSummit for a #NewGlobalFinancingPact came to a close today. Here are our thoughts on how we move forward from here on the road to #COP28 in the context of #LossAndDamage. 👇 2/25. It’s clear we need a complete transformation of the current system run for the benefit of polluters and rich countries and a rebalancing towards people, especially those on the front line of the #ClimateCrisis —the #ParisSummit fell far short of that.
Jun 14 25 tweets 25 min read
1/25. Today is the ninth day of the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) and it saw the continuation of discussions on the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage, a number of excellent side events, and importantly the adoption of the agenda. Here are some of our highlights!🧵 Image 2/25. This morning kicked off with three #LossAndDamage side events happening at the same time! Sadly we could not get to them all, but the good news is that there are webcasts with which to revisit them.
Jun 14 6 tweets 5 min read
1/6. At the 2023 #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) @harjeet11 of @CANIntl explains why the issue of corruption must not be used as an excuse to delay #ClimateFinance including the filling of the #LossAndDamage Fund agreed at #COP27.🧵 Image 2/6. “When talking about #ClimateFinance, the issue of corruption keeps coming up and yes there is a challenge there. "
Jun 14 4 tweets 5 min read
1/4. “When we talk about #Equity, developing countries will also practise #Equity. Trust them.” @harjeet11 of @CANIntl explains why developing countries must be able to decide who can access support from the #LossAndDamage Fund at the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58). 🧵 Image 2/4. “All developing countries should be eligible [to access the #LossAndDamage Fund] and it is important to keep that language for unity. We know that it is LDC’s, SIDs & Africa that are going to be prioritised. Rich countries should trust developing countries to sort that out.”
Jun 14 4 tweets 6 min read
1/4.@harjeet11 of @CANIntl highlights the progress made so far via the Transitional Committee of the #LossAndDamage and the #GlasgowDialogue on #LossAndDamage at the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58). Image 2/4. So far Parties have recognised:

1⃣The need for the #LossAndDamage fund to be flexible, programmatic and have different windows;

2⃣The need for trigger based disbursement;

3⃣The need for #LossAndDamage to not cause debt;
Jun 13 39 tweets 34 min read
1/38. Today is the eighth day of the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) and it saw the closing plenary of the Technical Dialogue of the #GST, discussions on the #SantiagoNetwork, the continuation of the #NCQG’s 6th Technical Expert Dialogue and the first stocktaking plenary. 🧵 Image 2/38. Today also saw a focus on #HumanRights with a number of side events and an action drawing attention to the key message that “there can be no #ClimateJustice without #HumanRights”.
Jun 13 4 tweets 5 min read
1/4. “It is very surprising that at this time we are still arguing for #HumanRights [within multilateral processes]. We are facing harassment, surveillance and sexual harassment...Countries normally vocal are remaining quiet.” @CamilaZepedaL, Head of Delegation, Mexico 🇲🇽. Image 2/3. "As a country we speak up and defend #Pariticpation, defend #HumanRights, we are left alone in many negotiating rooms, including those discussing #LossAndDamage."
Jun 12 30 tweets 24 min read
1/30. Today is the seventh day of the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) and it saw an intense second plenary on the adoption of the agenda, discussions on the #SantiagoNetwork and the start of the New Collective Quantified Goal’s 6th Technical Expert Dialogue on #ClimateFinance.🧵 Image 2/30. This morning kicked of with the event “Linking #LossAndDamage to Conflict Affected and Fragile Settings” held alongside the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) with @FriEnt_news, @IDOS_research and @BROT_furdiewelt. Key messages included:
Jun 12 4 tweets 3 min read
1/3. ⚠️BREAKING ⚠️: The second plenary of the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) has closed without the adoption of the agenda. This means that all work done at #SB58 could be lost. Consultations will now continue to try to find a way to adopt the agenda at the closing plenary. Image 2/3.The issue at stake is the inclusion of a new agenda item proposed by the LMDC group and supported by the G77 and China, ALBA and AILAC on "scaling up ambition for #MitigationFinace". With the LMDC saying that it will not allow the agenda to include the #MitigationWorkplan.
Jun 12 5 tweets 5 min read
1/5. “It's the first time that no one is ignoring #LossAndDamage or talking #LossAndDamage under #Adaptation, especially developing countries who want to avoid their historic responsibility.” @SabineMinninger of @BROT_furdiewelt #BonnClimateConference (#SB58).🧵 Image 2/5. “What is needed is a #LossAndDamage Fund under the @UNFCC, with needs based finance, a window for rapid onset events, a window for slow onset and importantly a window for small grants directly accessible to communities.”
May 23 9 tweets 10 min read
1/9.📜NEW PAPER: "Time to pay the piper: Fossil fuel companies’ reparations for #ClimateDamages" from Marco Grasso and @rickheede gives clear guidance on the billions of $$$'s #FossilFuel companies should pay into the #LossAndDamage Fund each year.

🔗cell.com/one-earth/full… Image 2/9. Our key take always include:

The report finds that the #FossilFuelIndustry will be responsible for $23.2 trillion (USD) of economic #LossAndDamage (to GDP) between 2025–2050 under a 3°C warming scenario.
May 22 13 tweets 10 min read
1/13.⚠️USEFUL INFO: The second meeting (#TC2) of the Transitional Committee (TC) of the #LossAndDamage Fund agreed at #COP27 will happen this week from the 25-27th of May in Bonn, Germany 🇩🇪. This is what's on the agenda🧵👇.

🔗@UNFCCC page here: unfccc.int/event/tc2 Image 2/13. Following the opening of #TC2, TC members undertake an exchange of views with non-Party observer constituencies on the purpose and scope of the new funding arrangements for responding to #LossAndDamage and the #LossAndDamage Fund established at #COP27.
Apr 27 10 tweets 9 min read
1/10.📜NEW BREIF: From @CJRFund, highlights findings from their efforts to address #LossAndDamage and provides recommendations to inform the operationalisation of a fit-for-purpose #LossAndDamage Fund based on real-world efforts.

🔗Read it here: cjrfund.org/news/transitio… Image 2/10. Aimed at informing the work of the Transitional Committee (TC) of the #LossAndDamage Fund ahead of their first workshop (29-30th April) and second meeting #TC2 (24-27 May) the brief is also supported by @ACTAlliance, @UUSC, @Helvetas and Young Power in Social Action.
Apr 26 10 tweets 6 min read
1/10.📜NEW BREIF: From @vallejolola, Matthieu Wemaëre, Michel Colombier of @IDDRI_ThinkTank gives a useful overview of the tax🏭🛢️💰and levy ✈️🚢 instruments under discussion that could contribute finance to address #LossAndDamage from #ClimateChange.

🔗iddri.org/en/publication… Image 2/10. The brief aims to inform both the members of the Transitional Committee of the #LossAndDamage Fund. 👇

🔗 More info: unfccc.int/topics/adaptat…

And the upcoming the Summit for a New Global Financial Pact in Paris.👇

🔗More info: focus2030.org/Summit-for-a-N…