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What is the new #IPCC AR6 report, and what's it about?

The report is written by hundreds of climate scientists, summarising thousands of papers.

It's basically the world's climate scientists saying "If You Read One Thing This Decade, Read This."…

2) This #IPCC report catalogues a terrifying flood of evidence that climate impacts are far worse, harming billions more people, than was predicted just a few years ago.

It marks a shift from climate change talked about as something in the future, to something that IS happening
3) The #IPCC report confirms what communities are telling us: that floods, droughts, cyclones & rising sea levels are increasing in intensity & frequency.

And that it is those in the Global South, particularly marginalised ppl and especially women, who are suffering the most.
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Now live-tweeting the #IPCC #ClimateReport press conference, sharing results from the largest scientific effort to analyze the #ClimateAction needed for a livable future for all.
Follow here and in this THREAD:
"The pace and scale of what has been done, and current plans, are insufficient to tackle climate change. We are walking when we should be sprinting. Impacts include illness and death, damage global economy, threaten our life support system." H-S Lee, #IPCC #ClimateReport /2
Effective, equitable action now can lead to more sustainable, just world; benefits for people and nature. Many feasible and effective options. Must cut global GHG emissions by almost half by 2030 "if we want a chance to stay at/below 1.5°C" H-S Lee #IPCC #ClimateReport /3
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1/13.⚡️USEFUL INFO⚡️: The @IPCC_CH is currently meeting at #IPCC58 to review and approve the #AR6 Synthesis Report and it's Summary for Policymakers, with released set for Monday the 20th of March.
More here:…

Why is this important for #LossAndDamage? 👇 IPCC Chair Hoesung Lee  | Photo by IISD/ENB
2/13. The #AR6 Synthesis Report and it's Summary for Policymakers will condense all of the scientific evidence from the reports of the @IPCC_CH working group's and all special reports published between 2018 and 2022.
3/13. For example the @IPCC_CH #AR6 Working Group II report made the following key points on #LossAndDamage very clear:

1⃣Human-induced #ClimateChange has already caused #LossAndDamage to both nature and people;
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1/9. 🌀Devastating tropical #CycloneFreddy, which has made landfall twice 🤯, has caused #LossAndDamage in #Madagascar🇲🇬, #Mozambique 🇲🇿 and #Maliwi 🇲🇼 including 220+ deaths, whilst breaking records as the longest lasting cyclone. Cyclone Freddy as it weakens over Mozambique following its s
2/9. In #Madagascar🇲🇬, at least 17 people have died due to #CycloneFreddy (7 from the first landfall on 21 February and 10 from the latest rains on 5 and 6 March), and nearly 299,000 people have affected.
3/9. In #Mozambique 🇲🇿, #CycloneFreddy has seen some provinces received as much rain in 24 hours as they would usually experience in one month. As a result 10 people have died and 14 have been injured, 1,900 houses have been damaged or destroyed.
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📢 @CANIntl - LIVE NOW: learn from experts & civil society leaders about upcoming @IPCC_CH Report, what it means for policymakers, and how it can scale-up global #ClimateAction.

w/ @1TeresaAnderson @JPvanYpersele @harjeet11 @sindra_sharma @kaisakosonen…
On 1.5°C limit of #ParisAgreement:

"Because the very reason this target was chosen, is not in terms of the easiness of achieving it.

It was chosen to avoid the most servere impacts. It's a must. We must keep it alive." - @JPvanYpersele
"It's a truly unique moment in human history.

1. Where we are today. Climate change is here today. It will get more severe sooner.

2. Climate change intensifies deep injustices.

3. There's a massive gap between where we need to be and what's happening..." - @kaisakosonen
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1/8. 🤯An eye-opening new tracker detailing the flight emissions✈️of the #SuperRich has been created by Akash Shendure a high school senior from Seattle in the U.S! But how do the emissions of the 1% relate to #LossAndDamage from the #ClimateCrisis?

2/8. 📈Although there are many ways to measure responsibility for the #ClimateCrisis, no matter which way you do it's the richest countries🌐, people🎩 and polluting industries🏭 that come out on top. 👇
3/8. Between 1990 and 2015 the proportional #CO2 emission of the richest 1% of the world's population were 15%, whilst in the same period the richest 10% accounted for 52%.

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1/5.📰New article from @joeloyo of @ClimateHome News highlights that fewer than half the seats of the Transitional Committee of the #LossAndDamage Fund agreed at #COP27 have been filled with the potential to hold up work on releasing funds.

🔗Get it here:…
2/5. Although the deadline for negotiating blocs & Parties to nominate 24 committee members passed on the 15 December 2022, only ten members have been announced as of the of 31 January so we are waiting for 4 Developing and 10 Developed country Parties to make their nominations. Image
3/5. With the #COP27 decision indicating that the Transitional Committee should have its first meeting by 31 March and lots of organisational matters that need to be agreed before work can start, this delay leaves even less time for the committee to get it work done for #COP28.
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1/6. 📜NEW PAPER: "Vulnerability and #LossAndDamage following the #COP27 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (@UNFCCC )" from @ccadapt and @angus_naylor looking at how #LossAndDamage intersects with vulnerability thinking.

🔗Read it here:… Image
2/6. The paper highlights how although the creation of a Transitional Committee to operationalise funding for #LossAndDamage at #COP27 could prove a seminal moment for the @UNFCCC...
3/6. In the context of #LossAndDamage and wider climate financing, discourses of vulnerability and mechanisms and indices for appraising the impacts of #ClimateChange remain unfit for purpose.
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Activists from SR Africa took action in different countries to demand climate action, specifically 1) to halt new oil & gas projects across the continent, 2) invest in clean energy systems, 3) pay up for losses in ecosystems & culture due to extractivism. ✊ #LossAndDamage (1/13)
This campaign happens in the midst of the development of major oil and gas projects in Africa, such as @EACOP_ and the Morroco-Nigeria pipeline. ☠️ (2/13)
The 'Morocco-Nigeria pipeline' is an extension of the West African Pipeline that would make it the world's longest offshore gas pipeline. It will cost about $25 billion dollars which could be invested in clean energy instead of fueling the #ClimateCrisis, (3/13)
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1/9.⚡️BREAKING⚡️: This morning @vanessa_vash, @GretaThunberg , @luisaneubauer and @SumakHelena spoke at the World Economic Forum (#wef23) in @Davos about and open letter to #FossilFuel CEO's —signed by 850k+ people— calling on them to end the fossil expansion. Climate activists Greta Thunberg, Vanessa Nakate, Helena Gua
2/9. This letter is a Cease and Desist Notice is to demand that #FossilFuel CEO's immediately stop opening any new #Oil, #Gas, or #Coal extraction sites, and stop blocking the clean energy transition that is urgently need.
3/9. The letter highlights that #FossilFuel companies KNEW for decades that fossil fuels cause catastrophic #ClimateChange. That they MISLED the public about #ClimateScience and risks (#LossAndDamage) and
DECEIVED politicians with disinformation sowing doubt and causing delay.
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1/12. In his latest @dailystarnews op-ed @SaleemulHuq of @ICCCAD explores the "The who's and how's of allocating #LossAndDamage funds" as we look towards the long road to #COP28.

🔗Read it here:…
2/12. Key points include:

1⃣ That although #LossAndDamage costs run will into trillions of US $'s, in the short term focusing on getting a few tens of billions of US $'s a year to support the poorest and most vulnerable communities would be wise.
3/12. 2⃣ Funds to address #LossAndDamage don't necessarily need to come from governments they could come from countries imposing a tax on every fossil fuel company registered in their jurisdiction.
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Voices from Global South: meet our activists in Tanzania!
SR activists from the Global South are first hand witnesses of the consequences of the criminal policies that produced & keep worsening the #ClimateCrisis, and they are speaking loud against them! (1/7)
Just between October and November 2022, they organized numerous actions and demonstrations to bring Global South voices to the #COP27 table. (2/7)
They protested in the streets of Dar es Salaam with the coalition #UniteAgainstClimateFailure to call out world leaders on their deadly inaction and demand reparation for #LossAndDamage. (3/7)
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1/30.📢NEW BRIEF: “What happened at #COP27 on #LossAndDamage and what comes next?” which details #COP27’s outcomes on issues related to #LossAndDamage and ways forward as we look to #SB58 and #COP28.

Full brief here:…

See some key takeaways below🔽 Image
2/30. Ahead of #COP27 the key issues that were expected to be discussed included:

1⃣Establishing a #LossAndDamage finance facility (or fund);

2⃣The operationalisation of #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage;
3⃣The integration of #LossAndDamage into the New Collective Quantified Goal (NCQG) on #ClimateFinance;

4⃣The inclusion of #LossAndDamage in discussions under the #GlobalStocktake of the #ParisAgreement;
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📌#COP27 is over. So much happened over past 3 weeks at & around the COP…
👀Time to look back / to look forward
Here is a thread of threads to review the good, the bad & the ugly in relation to key aspects of COP27, by some of the most astute observers of the process
2/ Before delving in specific policy developments, one must take a step back & remember stakes and expectations from the broader community, esp. after decades of procrastination by decision makers.
Luckily @vanessa_vash set the context right before #COP27
3/ 2022 was also a year of big scientific reports that were expected to remind us all of desperate urgency to take rapid action against root causes of climate emergency as well as to deal with existing impacts.
@KHayhoe has a great pool metaphor for you
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A lot happened at #COP27 which will make the base for future #Climate negotiations. If the rifts deepen, expect a v bleak scenario with of course no 1.5 degree goal or saving principles of #equity and #cbdr. Here's a compilation of @htTweets stories on #COP27 in sequence
In a first in UN Climate negotiations, #LossandDamagefunding put on the official agenda of #COP27…
Climate funding: Should emerging economies pay? Row emerges after Antigua and Barbuda PM says emerging economies and big polluters like India and China should pay up for #LossandDamage…
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White climate activists need to take a step back. Yes, the climate summits are flawed and there's work to do.

But the establishment of a #LossAndDamage fund at #COP27 is a historic moment for the climate justice movement, won by decades of activism from frontline communities.
The #LossAndDamage fund represents the first time the UN climate summit has formally acknowledged the need for climate reparations as part of climate action. Western countries resisted this for 30 years. Global South, indigenous, youth activists overcame powerful interests.
It isn't enough just to address climate mitigation and adaptation. Communities are being harmed by climate change right now. This agreement at #COP27 means that #LossAndDamage will be the third central pillar of climate action going forward. That's a big deal.
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Zur #LossAndDamage-Vereinbarung bei der #COP27: Diese wird als erster echter Nord-Süd-Kompensationsmechanismus für Klimaschäden gefeiert, den es dringend braucht, um historische Klimaschulden zu begleichen.
Die gesamten #LossAndDamage-Verhandlungen laufen mind. seit Paris 2015 unter der Prämisse, dass gemäß Pariser Abkommen kein Staat für Klimaschäden haftbar zu machen ist. Das bleibt rote Linie auch für die EU, die sich für ihre Rolle im Prozess feiert. 2/…
Explizit geht es also formal NICHT um Ansprüche auf Reparationen für Klimaschäden aus historischer Verantwortung, sondern um freiwillige Zahlungen. So ist es auch kein Wunder, dass die #COP27 die Frage, wer nun wie viel zahlen soll & wer Geld erhalten kann, vertagen musste. 3/
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What happened with human rights at #COP27?

Some good developments and some bad ones, all under the looming presence of Egypt's crackdown on free speech and expression.

Before & during #COP27, we were concerned about the lack of access to these highly important negotiations.

This inaccessibility showed up as:
📣 High costs of travel and lodging
📣 Lack of access to meeting rooms
📣 The presence of plain-clothed security documenting activity Image
Restrictions on civic space undermined the overall efficacy of this year’s negotiations.

While we got important wins, like a #LossandDamage facility, we also saw major gaps for human rights protections in the #GlobalStocktake and other key decisions.
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Jetzt muss ich doch mal "merkelianisch" werden: Es gibt keine Alternative zu den UN-#Klimakonferenzen @ABaerbock. Über die Schwächen der ägyptischen Führung wurde viel geredet, über die katastrophalen Schwächen der deutschen Diplomatie @COP27 wurde kein Wort verloren.
Fehlstelle 1: Deutschland ist gleich mit vier Ministerien und dem Kanzler jeweils in Stippvisiten medial präsent gewesen. Eine gemeinsame Strategie war bei den diesen Terminen nicht erkennbar.
Fehlstelle 2: In der Kommunikation mit den Medien gab es zahlreiche Probleme. Das breite Netzwerk an deutschen Medien war offensichtlich im Auswärtigen Amt nicht bekannt, die Akteure vor Ort überfordert.
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🧵One of the more underappreciated stories of #COP27 is the key role Colombia and Chile's Ministers @susanamuhamad and @Maisa_Rojas played in delivering some of the key outcomes.

Along with @climatemorgan, Rojas co-chaired the historic deal to create a #LossandDamage fund.
Colombia, who held the presidency of the @AilacCC negotiating block, was one of the most outspoken proponents of the need to create a fund throughout the two weeks in Egypt.

Along with Mexico, Paraguay, Panama, Honduras, Ecuador y Antigua y Barbuda and the European Union, Muhamad also pushed to include in the text a mention of the debt crisis and reform of financial systems, although this was ultimately blocked by China as @ferminkoop reported.
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In the spirit of stubborn optimism, I'm crowdsourcing a list of COP-firsts.

#COP27 was far from perfect (and that's an understatement!) but some pretty incredible things did happen for the first time ever (please add!)
Another first in the #LossAndDamage realm: #COP27 agreed to set up the #SantiagoNetwork on L&D

It will provide a match-making service between countries suffering from loss and damage and those organisations that can support them to respond.

More here:
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Die #COP27 hat in einer historischen Einigung anerkannt, dass die Hauptverursacher der Klimakrise - wie zB 🇩🇪 - für Klimaschäden zahlen müssen. Gleichzeitig hat man entschieden, endlos weiter Klimaschäden zu verursachen, statt das Ende von Kohle, Öl & Gas einzuleiten. Eine Farce.
Auf der #COP27 wurden Menschen, die heute von der Klimakrise betroffen sind, gegen die Betroffenen von morgen ausgespielt. Man hilft den einen durch #LossAndDamage, zum Preis für das Schicksal der anderen. Denn für die braucht es 1 radikalen Ausstieg aus allen fossilen Energien.
Eine klimagerechte Welt ist möglich - aber die wird nicht auf den 2 Wochen Klimakonferenz erkämpft werden - sondern in den 50 Wochen dazwischen. Von uns. Aktivismus wirkt & wenn wir das fossile Zeitalter nicht beenden, wird es - & das wissen wir nun sicher - niemand anderes tun.
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1/11. With the final gavel of the @COP27P behind us, here ends @LossAndDamage’s coverage of #LossAndDamage at #COP27. We thank you all for reading what we have shared with you. Now It is time for us to rest and travel home to our loved ones.
2/11. But before we do we wish to extend huge gratitude to all those within our Collaboration and beyond have worked tirelessly for months to deliver a #LossAndDamage fund and the operationalisation of the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage.
3/11. We are grateful for the solidarity and unity of the G77 and China and in particular the leadership of #Pakistan under the team led by H.E @sherryraham and lead negotiator #LossAndDamage @VicentePaoloYu.
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Political will delivers big step forwards with Loss and Damage fund at #COP27

#FossilFuel tensions still to be fully addressed: inches forward leave little assurance on the acceleration needed to keep temperature rise below 1.5C.

Read E3G's assessment 👉…
@KateLLevick @AlexScottLondon @CamillaFenning @TomEvansClimate @Mabeytweet @benomar_ines @chrislittlecott @C_BritoCecilio @aldenmeyer @laurasabogal “Through the leadership of vulnerable country groups, who pushed very hard for a tangible loss and damage outcome at #COP27, we reached for the first time in 30 years a breakthrough agreement,"

@benomar_ines #LossAndDamage…
“Finance issues were always going to be critical at this COP," says @KateLLevick on #climate finance at #COP27. "Beyond the negotiated issues there was a consensus that current financial architecture and rules are not adequate to meet the climate challenge."
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