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1/25. Today is the ninth day of the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) and it saw the continuation of discussions on the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage, a number of excellent side events, and importantly the adoption of the agenda. Here are some of our highlights!🧵 Image
2/25. This morning kicked off with three #LossAndDamage side events happening at the same time! Sadly we could not get to them all, but the good news is that there are webcasts with which to revisit them.
3/25. They included: "#HumanRights, #ClimateChange and disaster induced migration and #Displacement: Regional Perspectives" with @UUSC, @esperance_ong, @ALIANZAAMERICAS.

📼See the webcast here:
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1/38. Today is the eighth day of the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) and it saw the closing plenary of the Technical Dialogue of the #GST, discussions on the #SantiagoNetwork, the continuation of the #NCQG’s 6th Technical Expert Dialogue and the first stocktaking plenary. 🧵 Image
2/38. Today also saw a focus on #HumanRights with a number of side events and an action drawing attention to the key message that “there can be no #ClimateJustice without #HumanRights”.
3/38. Joining "No #ClimateJustice without #CivicSpace and #HumanRights: zooming in on the @UNFCCC process"* with @ciel_tweets, @amnesty and @350, we heard important messages on the need for safe #CivicSpace under the @UNFCCC so that we can make our #LossAndDamage demands heard!
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1/30. Today is the seventh day of the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) and it saw an intense second plenary on the adoption of the agenda, discussions on the #SantiagoNetwork and the start of the New Collective Quantified Goal’s 6th Technical Expert Dialogue on #ClimateFinance.🧵 Image
2/30. This morning kicked of with the event “Linking #LossAndDamage to Conflict Affected and Fragile Settings” held alongside the #BonnClimateConference (#SB58) with @FriEnt_news, @IDOS_research and @BROT_furdiewelt. Key messages included:
3/30. Steffen Bauer of @IDOS_research: “#LossAndDamage has become a reality even only at 1.1°C degree of heating. It puts lives and livelihoods at risk today…Every increment of warming that we can avoid makes a difference.” Image
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1/30.📢NEW BRIEF: “What happened at #COP27 on #LossAndDamage and what comes next?” which details #COP27’s outcomes on issues related to #LossAndDamage and ways forward as we look to #SB58 and #COP28.

Full brief here:…

See some key takeaways below🔽 Image
2/30. Ahead of #COP27 the key issues that were expected to be discussed included:

1⃣Establishing a #LossAndDamage finance facility (or fund);

2⃣The operationalisation of #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage;
3⃣The integration of #LossAndDamage into the New Collective Quantified Goal (NCQG) on #ClimateFinance;

4⃣The inclusion of #LossAndDamage in discussions under the #GlobalStocktake of the #ParisAgreement;
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In the spirit of stubborn optimism, I'm crowdsourcing a list of COP-firsts.

#COP27 was far from perfect (and that's an understatement!) but some pretty incredible things did happen for the first time ever (please add!)
Another first in the #LossAndDamage realm: #COP27 agreed to set up the #SantiagoNetwork on L&D

It will provide a match-making service between countries suffering from loss and damage and those organisations that can support them to respond.

More here:
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1/11. With the final gavel of the @COP27P behind us, here ends @LossAndDamage’s coverage of #LossAndDamage at #COP27. We thank you all for reading what we have shared with you. Now It is time for us to rest and travel home to our loved ones.
2/11. But before we do we wish to extend huge gratitude to all those within our Collaboration and beyond have worked tirelessly for months to deliver a #LossAndDamage fund and the operationalisation of the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage.
3/11. We are grateful for the solidarity and unity of the G77 and China and in particular the leadership of #Pakistan under the team led by H.E @sherryraham and lead negotiator #LossAndDamage @VicentePaoloYu.
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1/18.📜#COP27 OUTCOME: Members of the @LossandDamage Collaboration share their thoughts on the outcome of #COP27 on all #LossAndDamage elements.

🔗Read it here:…
2/18. 📢GOOD NEWS: #COP27 has established a #LossAndDamage fund! Following courageous and consistent championing for 30+ years by countries on the frontlines of the #ClimateCrisis. This is a historic moment that sets us on a pathway to #ClimateJustice.
3/18. During this time, climate-vulnerable countries were supported by the tireless efforts of #CivilSociety who have and will continue to demand that polluters #PayUp4LossAndDamage. We’ve put our heart and soul into this for decades now and we are not stopping anytime soon!
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1/25.📜It’s day thirteen of #COP27. We’re in overtime now and behind closed doors, Parties have been working with the @COP27P to find common ground on funding arrangements for #LossAndDamage.🧵
2/25. At 12:00 today @CANInt held a press conference to give a state of play update during which we heard from @mohadow of @PowerShftAfrica , @Eddypc of @CANRacCanada, @LiShuo_GP of @GreenpeaceEAsia, @RachelCleetus of @ucsusa, and @TasneemEssop of @CANInt.
3/25. Key messages included, @RachelCleetus on the G77 and China’s continued expectations for #COP27: "Climate-vulnerable countries came with a clear ask. They want a #LossAndDamage fund under the COP and the CMA. Then we can talk about getting it operationalised."
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1/28. A serious issue has been bubbling under the surface at #COP27 and it's reaching boiling point as we near the final plenary: the importance of the Convention(@UNFCCC) and its ongoing role in @UN #ClimateChange negotiations. Here is why this is important for #LossAndDamage.🧵
2/28. In the informal stocktaking plenary last night, we heard many interventions from developing country Parties highlighting their concerns regarding efforts by developed country Parties to remove references to the principles of the Convention across all thematic areas.
3/28. Under the Convention, Parties agree to protect the climate system “on the basis of equity and in accordance with their common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities (CBDR-RC).” These are important agreed principles that must be preserved.
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1/9.🤯WOW!: We have just learned that on Tuesday 13 members of #US Congress (including @AOC) led by @JamaalBowmanNY and @IlhanMN sent a letter to #US @ClimateEnvoy @JohnKerry calling for the establishment of a #LossAndDamage finance facility at #COP27.

🔗… Image
3/9. The letter argues that as the world’s largest historical contributor to #ClimateChange the #US has “ a moral and a strategic responsibility to provide comprehensive support for countries facing #ClimateDisaster, including #DebtForgiveness and #Reparations.”
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1/21.📜 It’s day ten of #COP27 and here is your #LossAndDamage focused thread for today. Today was a massive day for the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage and continues to see crucial developments in the negotiations on #LossAndDamage finance.🧵 Image
2/21. This afternoon an informal consultation on the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage followed an informal informal with Parties only during which Parties huddled in breakout groups to work on outstanding issues yet to be resolved in the text.
3/21. At the start of the informal consultation- which was open to observers - breakout groups reported back on progress and proposed changes to the text. Parties also added some additional aspects to the text.
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1/4.⚡️BREAKING⚡️: The text on the institutional arrangements to operationalize the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage to provide technical assistance to countries and communities impacted by #LossAndDamage has now been agreed by all Parties at #COP27.
2/4.The room erupted into applause at the news and Parties said they look forward to the #SantiagoNetwork delivering much needed technical assistance to people and communities on the frontlines of the #ClimateCrisis.
3/4. #Humanrights are indirectly mentioned in the text and impacted communities are represented on the Advisory Board and when Parties and observers heard that #Indigenous people were specifically included there was more applause!
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1/20.📜It’s day nine and the second day of the second week of #COP27 and here is our #LossAndDamage focused daily thread. Today we have seen a #PayUp4LossAndDamage action and negotiations on the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage and on funding arrangements for #LossAndDamage.🧵 Image
2/20.This morning, @anuahsa, The #Maldives Minister of Environment, #ClimateChange & Technology, spoke to youths at the @CYPavilion to stress the need for a “mosaic of solutions” to address #LossAndDamage including an operating entity under the financial mechanism of the @UNFCCC. Image
3/20. “We do need a “mosaic of solutions” to address #LossAndDamage. But first and foremost, we need to establish a dedicated funding facility under the @UNFCCC system, where all parties have equal equitable access, and predictable access, to #LossAndDamage finance.” @anuahsa Image
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1/18.📜NEW BLOG: We have seen quite a few pledges that have been framed as “finance for #LossAndDamage”. But are they really? This blog provides an overview of all the pledges thus far at #COP27 in chronological order.

🔗Read it here:… Image
2/18. On the 20th of September, #Denmark🇩🇰 pledged €13m for #LossAndDamage, a package which includes finance for the #GlobalShield Against Climate Risk, support for CSOs to do projects on the ground, and some other money that is yet to be allocated for a specific use.
3/18. Crucially, all of this money is new and on top of #Denmark’s 🇩🇰 0.7% commitment to ODA, therefore not a diversion of cash from other vital #ClimateFinance projects.
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1/19. 📜It’s day eight and the first day of the second week of #COP27 and here is our #LossAndDamage focused daily thread. Today saw the launch of the #G7’s #GlobalShield Against Climate Risks, negotiations on the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage and #LossAndDamage finance.🧵 Image
2/19. Today was #Gender & #Water Day at #COP27 and there were many events that profiled the importance of #Gender responsive #ClimateAction. At @CaninT’s press briefing we heard from @lntongai of @ActionAid_Kenya how #LossAndDamage impacts women in Kenya.
3/19. Today #Germany with the @V20_Group launched the #G7’s #GlobalShield Against Climate Risks with speeches from @SvenjaSchulze68 and @JohnKerry that emphasised that it “can provide effective support to countries as they seek to avert, minimise, and address losses and damages".
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1/16. Its day three at #COP27 and here is your #LossAndDamage focused daily thread. Today we saw several pledges of funding to address #LossAndDamage from developed countries and the start of negotiations on #LossAndDamage finance.
2/16. Before negotiations kicked off this morning @LicypriyaK made a powerful intervention at the @ResilienceFron1 pavilion in which she urged leaders to “give #ClimateFinance to the vulnerable countries who are affected by #ClimateChange to pay for #LossAndDmage”.
3/16. First up was continued negotiations on the operationalisation of the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage during which parties continued to discuss the structure of #SantiagoNetwork including the potential for an advisory board, secretariat, focal points and network members.
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1/14. Its day two at #COP27 and here is you #LossAndDamage focused daily thread. Today saw the World Leaders Summit in which #LossAndDamage was a hot topic and the first negotiations on the #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage. 🧵
2/14. Before the World Leaders Summit @CANint held a press conference in which @mohadow of @PowerShftAfrica made it clear that #LossAndDamage is happening right now in #Africa:
3/14. Then as the World Leaders Summit began we heard from @antonioguterres the @UN Secretary-General who called for all governments to tax the windfall profits of #FossilFuel companies and redirect that money to countries suffering #LossAndDamage:
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1/17.📢The core team of @LossAndDamage has arrived at #COP27 and we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. Please come and say hello 👋 and let us know 📩☎️ if you’d like to meet 🗣️to learn more about #LossAndDamage and our work. 🧵
2/17. Our founder @Rininreallife is working with us virtually 💻 for this COP. Erin, alongside @HeidiMareeWhite, will be providing technical support on #LossAndDamage for several negotiators from the #GlobalSouth. Together, Erin and Heidi lead our Support Centre.
3/17. @Rininreallife also leads the support team to the #NewGeneration, a group of young negotiators from from the #GlobalSouth that @LossandDamage works with alongside @youthmakechange and @IIED.

Find out about the #NewGeneration here:
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1/10. 📜 NEW BLOG: from @LossandDamage's own @Rininreallife on why we must remain optimistic about the outcome of #LossAndDamage negotiations (and beyond) at #COP27.

🔗Read it here:… Image
2/10. As @Rininreallife explains, not only does optimism feel good but focusing on what we want also creates our reality. (@shawnachor, @Oprah @drrhanson)
3/10. Our reticular activating systems filter information and our expectations determine what information gets in and what stays out. Focusing on the good, literally brings more good.
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1/17.📜NEW BRIEF:“The Operationalisation of a Fit For Purpose #SantiagoNetwork for #LossAndDamage (#SNLD): An African Perspective”, detailing how the #SNLD must address the needs of those on the frontlines of the #ClimateCrisis in #Africa.

🔗Get it here:…
2/17. The brief begins by making it clear that #LossAndDamage from #ClimateChange in a reality today in many African countries, despite the fact that Africa has contributed less than 4% of total carbon emissions.
3/17. Examples of #LossAndDamage in #Africa include:

1⃣ Tropical storm Ana which struck Malawi at the end of January, causing #flooding that resulted in 46 deaths, 152,786 people being displaced and extensive property destruction.
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1/28.📜NEW BRIEF: Today we launch “THE COST OF DELAY: Why finance to address #LossAndDamage must be agreed at #COP27”, which makes it clear why a #LossAndDamage Finance Facility must be established at #COP27 in #Egypt. 🧵

🔗Get it here:… Image
2/28. The brief begins with messages from The Prime Minister of Barbados @miaamormottley, Mary Robinson Chair of @TheElders, and @MohamedNasheed; Former president of the #Maldives and @TheCVF ambassador for ambition, on why there can be no further delay on #LossAndDamage finance. Image
3/28.The first chapter “As Wealthy Countries Delay” starts by highlighting that #LossAndDamage from #ClimateChange is not a future reality, but something happening right now caused by developed country emissions for which communities in developing countries are bearing the costs.
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Here is our #LossAndDamage focused update from the 8th day of the #BonnClimateConference. With negotiations likely to continue into the early
hours of tomorrow morning, we are reaching a decisive moment on #LossAndDamage at #SB56. UNclimatechange, Attributio...
Yesterday the second technical expert dialogue on the New Collective Quantified Goal on climate finance (NCQG) took place where #LossAndDamage finance was raised by several developing countries.
Going forward it will be important for developing countries to continue to raise the importance of integrating #LossAndDamage finance into the NCQG so that it is captured in the final text at #COP27.
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Here is our #LossAndDamage focused update from the 7th day of the #BonnClimateConference which saw continued focus on #LossAndDamage as attention turned towards making #LossAndDamage an agenda item at #COP27.
Highlights included @1TeresaAnderson of @ActionAid on the #LossAndDamage that is happening right now due to drought in the Horn of #Africa in #Somaila, #Ethiopia and #Kenya.

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