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21 Nov 20
[Thread] Wrong, @FrMatthewLC. Your argument is based on the false premise that the primary purpose of the #DeathPenalty is the protection of society from dangerous criminals. That is secondary. The primary purpose is to punish the guilty as an act of retributive justice.
God Himself makes this principle of retributive justice quite clear in Genesis, something He *requires* (not suggests) for upholding the dignity of man: "Whosoever shall shed man's blood, his blood shall be shed: for man was made to the image of God." (Gen. 9:6)
No amount of sophistry can deny the immutable legitimacy of #CapitalPunishment. Scripture and Tradition are clear. Aquinas is clear. The Roman Catechism is clear. *No one*, including @Pontifex, can validly claim that a precept of divine and natural law is now "inadmissible".
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19 Aug 20
[THREAD] A few responses to today's "Vortex" — specifically 3:11-4:20 (see below for first 50 secs of said time stamp), during which @Michael_Voris clearly intends to impugn Trad outlets...
Re: CM's position on Pope Francis, Voris says: "Unlike other outfits...we have never said he's not the real pope, or he's a heretic, or Benedict is still the secret real pope, or the conclave to elect Bergoglio was rigged."

Let's unpack this string of statements.
(1) Re: the identity of the current Roman Pontiff, @cathfamilynews has maintained (and continues to maintain) that Francis is the one and only reigning Pope (see the following, which first appeared in CFN, Sept-Oct. 2016 issues:…).
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23 Aug 19
[Thread] @DawnofMercy, in response to your recent and lengthy diatribe -- principally against @cardinalrlburke, @Patrick_Coffin, and @TaylorRMarshall, but also naming @EWTN, @NCRegister, @EdwardPentin, @SophiaInsPress and others -- I offer a few observations.
@DawnofMercy @cardinalrlburke @Patrick_Coffin @TaylorRMarshall @EWTN @NCRegister @EdwardPentin @SophiaInsPress 1a) With all due respect, you're making a mountain out of a molehill re: @cardinalrlburke's replies to @Patrick_Coffin's questions. Nowhere did +Burke state that we (the faithful) should hold in doubt the validity of @Pontifex's election. Furthermore, the peaceful and ...
@DawnofMercy @cardinalrlburke @Patrick_Coffin @TaylorRMarshall @EWTN @NCRegister @EdwardPentin @SophiaInsPress @Pontifex 1b) universal acceptance of @Pontifex as the Supreme Pontiff following his election constitutes a dogmatic fact (…), which makes this entire conversation moot anyway. See the following link for further details:…
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