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8 Dec
Where to for $BTC now?

When we look at the weekly range defined by the high and low of the previous week, ask yourself where your bias sits

Hopefully this breakdown introduces some logical thougth processes you may find value in

Where is the liquidity though?

#cryptocurrency Image

You can see that we have some bullish orderblocks on the daily that we've tapped on the wick down from the recent move

And as shown in second pic, a bearish order block at range high ImageImage

Looking on the Daily, we've also got three FVG's, with the recent wick move down filling and rendering this FVG as now closed Image
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3 Dec
Did a poll in my TG Group - and PA was what people wanted to see most, so:

Let's take a look at $SRM


- Range
- FVG's
- nPOC's
- Potential PO3
- Putting it all together
- $BTC and behaving itself

For this range, we're using the Daily Chart, with some market structure utilised to frame ourselves, and our bias
FVG's, Fair Value Gaps

What we're looking for here is where price moves away quickly from an area, leaving no corresponding candle closes between a candles body (ie wicks, or other candles).

FVG's can be used for bullish or bearish scenarios
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30 Nov
As promised folks, here is a method that will help your trading, I call it Structured Fibs or SF Method

There are four things to use

- Fibonacci levels (overall, and targets set ups below)
- Stoch RSI
- 200 EMA
- Market Structure

Let's take a look at this $BTC #Bitcoin set up
First, you want to set up your fib levels.

Follow the below to see how I do it.

First example are the full suite of fibs that you set up on a high level, second set of fibs are the target entry fibs
Then, the most important thing is this:

Set your fibs up on the timeframe ABOVE the timeframe you intend on trading on.

Eg I would set fibs up on the 4H if I was going to trade on the 1H, or I would use the 1H to trade on the 15M, or the 15M to trade on the 5M

4H & 1H below:
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20 Nov
Nice 5M $MATIC trade breakdown.

A quick share with you on the actual and potential on this one.

Low leverage move, result comes in.

Use this technique on your fave #Altcoins or #cryptocurrencies
So we establish the range, we can see that there are a couple of MSB's to the upside that set us up for an uptrend in price

A bullish order block / supply is hit, where price runs up to another MSB, which really confirms our bias for the next move
Then we can ask ourselves where is the liquidity that price is likely to be drawn to?

My feeling was that the recent range highs hadn't been run yet, so a good initial target resides there.

Resistance lives in the form of 5M bearish orderblock / supply as shown
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18 Nov
Keen for a quick range play technique but not 100% on using PA without some guidance?

Then read on folks, this will help 100%

Agenda for this one is:

- Range set up
- Range play
- Opportunities
- EMA's
- Conclusion
Range Set Up

What I did to set up my ranges is pull a fib from the swing low of the range to the immediate swing high following this move
Range Play

Liquidity swept from range high, with a market structure break of a swing low that then sees a retest of the range high / confluence with entry fibs

Even a simple move like this could net 2.81R
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16 Nov
I'm all for understanding why and how trades don't go as you planned them.

So let's take a look at $BTC, where I thought we would tap the nPOC and 0.618 level at least before any further move up or down from there.

I hope this can help you with your own trading! Image
First of all, we had a LTF range that was drawn at the top of the MTF range

Remember how the nPOC and 0.618 fib level were just resting above this zone?

When breaking down the price action, it was clear in hindsight that one of @RektProof's MTF plays were in effect ImageImage
In terms of resistance, you can see that the previous bullish orderblock becomes resistance Image
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15 Nov
Current and quick thoughts on $BTC #bitcoin Low Time Frame wise


- nPOC's
- Liquidity Runs
- Confluence
- Targets
- Conclusion

We have a Fair Value Gap that is presented to us in the form of a bullish $500 candle, where a portion of the candle's body has no exploratory wick or body from another immediate candle to balance price.

Note the liquidity in the form of buyside liquidity has been claimed also from the range high already.

We'd typically expect that with a range, that we alternate between range high and low for liquidity.

Assuming here that range low is up next
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13 Nov
Quick 5M PA breakdown of $MATIC.

I wanted to share this with you to show how a narrative can be built.

You know the drill, you can use this across #cryptocurrencies or any market, from $BTC, $ETH, $SOL $OMG $DOGE, hell, even $SHIB (shameless tags!)

Let's take a look:
The first key item to be drawn to here is the double bottom at range low.

Traders place their stops just below these levels, assuming that price will rise, which creates a liquidity pool which is subsequently taken out for a move upwards.
We can then see just above mid range, that a Fair Value Gap is apparent, even though price has traded close to filling this area.
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7 Nov
With trading, you've got to think like the market maker, rather than what the crowd looks for with #Crypto

So here's my interpretation of a couple of possible $BTC plays.


- Overview
- Premium / Discount
- nPOC
- Support / Resistance
- Plays
- Wrap up

$BTC has retraced after hitting ATH just recently.

We saw a range form, followed by a liquidity grab for sell stops, up to buyside stops in the form of range deviations
Premium / Discount:

With regard to an overall range from the ATH to the current range low, we can explore the concept of discount and premiums.

Mid range is seen as fair value, with anything less than this a discount, and anything more, price being at a premium
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5 Nov
I wanted to share this $ZIL trade with you so that you can hopefully learn some fundamental Price Action concepts

Here we'll explore:

- The Range
- nPOC
- Entry
- Psychology

Use these methods on $BTC any #cryptocurrency from $ETH, $SOL, $MATIC, $FTM $SHIB

I started off with drawing the range

You can see the notations on the drawings. Basically, I'm looking for the market structure before the sell off, and then the wicked candle that shows a liquidity tap that we assume will be run

Then we're looking for a FVG, Fair Value Gap, where price trades through an area very quickly, leaving a 'gap' that opposite trending PA will 'fill'.

This occurs on any timeframe as price is fractal
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2 Nov
I haven't done an educational run down of a potential trade for a bit, so here are the workings of a trade that could have been taken on $LINK

Use this method on any pairing from $BTC, $ETH, $SOL, $FTM, $RSR, the list goes on
So smash your traditional fibs up on the chart, from the swing high to the swing low.

Note that this is a higher TF than I usually use, but want to show you that you can trade using this method on any TF
When price starts to show signs of recovering, wait for the Market Structure Break as shown in the blue circle.

Then get your target fibs out as shown on the image. Note that the 0.702 and the 0.232 line up for entry here
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23 Oct
The importance of taking profit and actively managing your trade - $MATIC

Love a 5M chart bash - such quick feedback with your trading ideas, & so much further opportunity to continually refine the edge.

Hopefully this helps you.

Please share if it can help someone else too.
Price has run down, and a range has formed.

We've tested the range high with a deviation up to the bearish orderblock, but also swept some highs while we were up there
Retest of the range high occurs, which presents a great shorting opportunity with our fibs (that we've just looked at how to use on the recent vid I shared)

Target of beyond range low (as you do)

Further confluence is presented when we check the VPVR for VAH
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20 Oct
Are you struggling with understanding directional bias and how to plan your trades out?

"Eff me dead and bury me pregnant" you say, "how does he know that?"

Well, read on for a handy dandy pick me up if you've had a directionally biased arse whooping recently
Here's you:

- You've scanned a chart for donkey's years
- A you beaut entry is determined by thou
- Your arse is clenching as you squeeze the buy or sell trigger
- You think to yourself: This will be the move that establishes you as a trader...!

....and you get stopped out.
But why? Is this a contunuing trend that you find your self in?

How about you read the 7th word in this particular tweet.


You know the cliche saying - "The trend is your friend"

It's so true though.
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19 Oct
Quick breakdown on a possible $SOL trade, with some method behind the madness, true PA style only

Price action and price action concepts work in any market for any #Crypto or #cryptocurrency, or anything from forex to stocks.

Lets start on the 1H chart to get an idea:
We can see that we can define a range from MS that has formed after the impulse move upwards

From the initial impulse move outside of the range, we can leave this as a buyside liquidity target.

We see price sweep range high, and then range lows in its search for liquidity
Price hits the initial liquidity target and then, naturally, seeks the next liquidity target of the previous range lows where participants would have stored their stop losses
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17 Oct
Hi guys, are you keen to take a quick look at $FTM chart, where we show how price is fractal in nature? Remember the BTC 5M scalps I've been sharing? (Check the similarities)

If so, read on:

The same is true for $BTC, $ETH, $FTT, $LUNA, $SOL, $SHIB, you name it
Looking on the 4H chart, let's observe a key item:

There is a Market Structure Break that causes a shift in market structure

We can also set an objective for price to head to based on the liquidity of an untested low
And what about understanding the next price move up?

See the detail on the chart:

- Retest of the bearish orderblock
- Sell off encountered
- Boom
- We've now got a range to play with
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15 Oct
The past months have been amazing & we've been blown away by how many people have DM'd us for direct mentoring services

Proud to say that @C_ompounding and I are announcing that we are bringing you a Discord Mentoring Group to help you become a consistently profitable trader Image
We want to be upfront and honest in saying that there is a tiered charge for the mentor group.

We know that may not sit well with some, but to frame it, we are available 6-7 days a week in the server, and this is a task that we are putting our hearts and souls into for you all
This is not only to build you up as a trader, but also those around you as a supportive and strong community.

We want to be clear in saying that this is not a pump and dump group, but rather, we will be providing a full educational course with guidance and mentoring.
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12 Oct
Time for a quick PA $BTC scalping tutorial

Hopefully this can help you guys out a bit when trading #Bitcoin or any other alt like $ETH, $SOL, $ADA, $LUNA, $FTT etc

Let's start with a blank canvas.

Thanks @Delta_Exchange also for your ongoing support guys
Setting up our range fibs, we can utilise some market structure that is now established
You can see that price is drawn to where the liquidity lies.

Here you can see that price consumes the sell side liquidity just below the range low, and then is drawn up to the buy side liquidity at the range high.
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28 Sep
Great way to start the first trade with @Delta_Exchange on $BTC

This was a get in get out scalp move that I really enjoyed taking.

A quick run down per the thread below.

Feel free to head on over to Delta, using this link for a discount on fees

So we've already marked up our key HTF levels

Then we add fibs to suit the move on the 1H TF (15M TF shown here though)
As we see how price is playing out, we pull our target fibs on the recent swing low to swing high, and see that the 0.705 level of the target fibs lines up nicely with the 0.236 1H HTF fibs
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26 Sep
Quick $MATIC short mini thread step by step:

- Set up your daily levels
- Drill down to LTF
- Set up the daily range
- Enter when conditions present
- Exit at planned target Image
- Set up your Daily HTF key areas of S/R

- Set up your daily range (from prev daily high to prev daily low) Image
- Add a mid range fib to get your daily range

- You'll see that the mid range support is tested again and again until buyers are exhausted Image
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17 Sep
I find myself always tweeting bearish tweets (😂), but is just the market conditions that I see.

So I found a bullish setup in $XLM

As always, this method works well on any crypto from $BTC, $ETH, $SOL, $AXS, $XTZ, $COMP, (tags for reach!)

Using the @Bybit_Official chart
Righto - let's get this going.

Pull your fibs on the HTF 1H.

The reason I've selected these points is that they are relative to the local move itself rather than the sharp drop in price previously

We're now trading at the 0.236 key level
I've thrown on the Fixed Range Volume Profile tool that is available for free on @tradingview

You just pull this from A to B of where you want to explore volume.

The red and white bars give you the value area of a move. This is where 70% of the volume has traded in this area.
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16 Sep
A little snippet into a current trade of mine right now - $DOT

A mini day trade thread:

- First open the chart and assess the Price Action
- What we see is some previous market structure broken per the rectangle
- We've also now had 4 taps of support here
Now we set up our HTF fibs as shown, and then also check the volume

- Note that there was a large amount of volume to support the larger move, with much lower volume now where price is trading
Then we add our fibs on to suit as we love to do
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