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Many #altcoins have seen x2 to +10,000% price spike pumps such as this one in the recent weeks 🚀

this is how you profit 👇🏽🧵 Image
Firstly before I go over all reasons these pumps happen more common recently it's important you learn and understand a few concepts.
1) Market-makers: All altcoins listed on top tier exchanges have some sort of market-maker.

A market-maker or MM for short is a bot/algorithm that makes the market - meaning fills the buy and sell side of the orderbook with bids/asks. Image
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Lending and Borrowing is now live on @onchaintrade 's beta
The first ever DeFi platform on #APTOS to offer yield from Trading and Lending + Borrowing to it's users : Image
(1/3) You can lend (Deposit) Or borrow assets by heading to and selecting the asset you wish to borrow Image
(2/3) After selecting your chosen asset you review various informations about it before lending or borrowing it such as the Utilization rate, borrow and lending APR, 24h history, rewards..etc Image
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A thread on $QNT whale activity and macro performance. Below are the top 20 accounts on Etherscan. With exchange accounts removed they represent 34% of the total market cap. During this quarter a combined 164k QNT have been added.
#QNTTalent #cryptomarket
The top 21 to 40 accounts represent 6% of total market cap (rank 39 valued at £3.4m with 30k QNT). During this quarter a combined 24k QNT have been added.
QNT ranking on CMC since ICO. Figures taken from first week of each month...
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If you don't believe in technical analysis, don't open it...
Let's walk through the most common patterns used in TA...🧵👇
Falling wedges break out upward more often.

Rising wedges usually break downward. Image
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(1/8) #Altcoins🟡 are any blockchain-based digital project tokens apart from #Bitcoin ₿. This thread focuses on types of altcoins and their functionality. 🦾🧵
Learn more at 👇… Image
(2/8) All Altcoins use the #blockchain as an unchangeable, #decentralized public database that only accepts and records a payment if there is widespread agreement that it is authentic. 📊✅
(3/8) Numerous #altcoins have built off Bitcoin’s original concept but with differing ends in mind or by fixing some perceived shortcomings of the original. 🖨
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Well, $FTT collapse have taken in a huge hit in the market.

- Over $300M+ Liquidated.
- Market is now below $900B.

What if there are more projects & #altcoins on the verge of collapse? So here are some vital questions.

🧵 A must read if you are in #crypto👇 Image

Some users have pointed out that Kucoin could be the next one to collapse 🚨👇

Yet, @lyu_johnny clearly challenges the (what he calls) "fud" and provides his counter take 🚨👇

So do you think Kucoin will collapse?

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Trading is not easy. Takes lots of time just to master the basics. Here's my list of 14 top-quality master cheat sheets to help you learn faster👇🧵
#1 Master Cheat Sheet

Basic terms and definitions regarding polarity change principle, order blocks, as well as throwbacks.
#2 Master Cheat Sheet

Position sizing or money management is a subject to many theories to find the optimal size of an entry. This piece below can suggest where to start.
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I have scanned over 200 Binance #altcoins so you don't have to!

Here are the best charts I found 👇🏽
Before we jump in I'm just going to say I charted these assets quickly, trying to use less than 1 min on each (from airplane)

I will do in depth low timeframe analysis on the 5 ones with most likes.
1/ $MASK been pumping hard on good volume, looking for a few day 2 day consolidation here before possibly scampumping to $8.7 gap
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I joined #crypto in 2019 with $1500 and after 1 year I made my first $500,000

I didn’t do it with $BTC or $ETH, I did it with:

$BNB x30
$XVS x100
$SHIB x50
$CAKE x55
$FLOKI x80
$BAKE x25

This is how you can do the same with the #BSC ecosystem 👇🏽
When I joined crypto in 2019 I did a lot of research on what assets to buy.

I decided to go with $BTC, $ETH and $BNB.

$BNB has outperformed both $BTC and $ETH
Binance reported over $20B revenue and over $7.7T volume in 2021! 🦄

The $BNB token has a token sink mechanism where fees on the platform can be paid in BNB for a discount 🔥

Meanwhile most #altcoins in the top 100 are heavily inflationary and generate no revenue 😕
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Ultimate Gamefi Thread (2)

In 2021, the video game industry generated $180.3 billion

Tencent made $32.2Billion in 2021
Microsoft/Blizzard made$21 Billion in 2021
Sony made $19.2 Billion in 2021

All of them are moving into crypto

🧵Why gamefi ecosystems will explode

#GameFi Image
Ultimate Gamefi Thread (2)
Part 1 Introduction of high potential projects
Part 2 Gamefi Ecosystems
Part 3 ....? Coming soon

For those of you who missed part 1

$BNB #SolanaNFT #CardanoNFT #PlayToEarn #cryptocurrecy #altcoins #NFTGame #Avalanche
The biggest gaming companies in the world are either experimenting with blockchain gaming technologies and NFTs or are already investing to create the future of gaming

> Tencent
> Microsoft
> Netease
> Bandai Namco
> Square Enix

Just to name a few

#nftpolygon #PlayToEarn
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This is how to analyze #altcoins and #stocks charts from A-Z identifying trend, accumulation, distribution and more to find x2-x50 winners such as $MATIC, $APTS, $SOL, $ADA, $XRP

and most importantly creating a trading plan for each asset

Let’s jump right in 👇🏽
After opening a new chart we want to:

1) Map out key levels on high timeframes
2) Identify trend and stage of trend
3) Identify high timeframe accumulation/distribution with additional indicators
4) Make a trading plan based on your trading style
Example: $SOL

1) Mapping out key levels on high timeframes.

After opening a fresh chart I like to have no indicators on and go on a high timeframe. The first thing we are going to do is identify key levels on the highest possible timeframes (monthly/weekly/3D)
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High win rate moving average patterns that will earn you millions in #crypto and #stocks

Master these 2 often repeated Moving Average patterns to print millions on #altcoins like $APTS, $MATIC, $SOL, $GMT, $SHIB

Part 3 followup on my Moving Average series 👇🏽
I have been delaying with finishing this guide for days.

Most people won't ever get to use advanced techniques so I decided to make it simple.
This is a part 3 followup on my Moving Average series, if you haven’t read part 1 and 2 please do so here:

Part 1 (spotting trend and trend reversals):

Part 2 (Using Moving Averages as key levels of support/resistance):
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$BTC #Bitcoin

Is the bottom of Bitcoin in, or not?

In this thread, I would like to update you with charts and on-chain analysis on this topic, since my last thread was more than 3 months ago.

$BTC #Bitcoin

If you ask me, this is one of the most important trendlines for Bitcoin (for the last 5 years).

Every time $BTC has broken through it (whether down or up), the price fluctuations have been very volatile afterwards.

For now, the line is holding.


This chart shows quite clearly that structures can always repeat themselves. It doesn't matter, whether it is inverse, other timeframes, or other assets.

Left= $BTC '18-'21.
Right=Inverse-Chart $BTC '21-'22.

We should see a reversal very soon.

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Would you like to EARN while POSTING on social media platforms? 🤔

Stick with me.

In the world of today, Social Media helps to improve visibility either as an individual or as a brand. But most social media platforms don't pay you as you post.
However, here's one platform that can do the unthinkable- EMET @EmetOfficial

Emet is the first Web3 social media platform that PAYS you as you POST. The platform preaches data privacy unlike the Web2 platforms. The more you post, the more you earn.💰💰
It is an audited and KYC verified project that's here to stay.

Likewise, if you have a business, you can POST ADs on EMET and earn for each views you get.

EMET gives you the avenue to speak freely as it is BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE! Image
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This thread will teach you several more ways to find potential #crypto #altcoin gems such as:

$MATIC +44,000%,
$SOL +51,000%,
$EGLD +11,000%,
$LUNA +11,000% before it went to 0


A part 2 continuation of my first thread that you guys loved to help you print millions 👇🏽
If you haven’t read Part 1 that goes deep into tracking new #altcoins and narratives focusing on Binance launchpad assets, please do so here:

There are few times a year where the market literally drops you free money and you just have to pay attention and pick it up.

Why does it matter if we get into projects early, even before they are listed and trading?
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#QNT Medium term outlook from a technical perspective:

A chart thread 🧵

#cryptocurrency #Cryptos #altcoins #Quant $QNT #QNT #CryptoNews #Crypto

We all know how promising #QNT is from a fundamental perspective. In this thread I want to explore #Quant from a TA POV both bullish and bearish medium term scenarios


Bullish Scenarios-

The chart below displays #Qnt's impressive bullish momentum:

- Price above 50d, 100d and 200d ema (not many alts can say this!)

- Crucially, the 50d is above the 100d which is above the 200d. This formation is seen in bull markets such as 2020/21

3/9 Image
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Thread : En quoi consiste The merge ?

Pour ceux qui ne suivent pas l’actualité crypto, #TheMerge représente la première étape de la mise à jour de la Blockchain Ethereum pour aller vers un #ETH2.0 : adapté aux nouvelles contraintes et à l’évolution de l’environnement blockchain Image
On en entend énormément parler tout d’abord parce que sa réalisation aura un grand impact sur le marché global des crypto de par la puissance de #Ethereum
Cette mise à jour est annoncée depuis plusieurs années et enfin nous arrivons au moment clef
Concrètement, The merge représente une transition dans la méthode de validation des blocs de cette #blockchain (voir thread précédent pour en savoir plus). Jusqu’à maintenant Ethereum fonctionnait sous la méthode appelée “preuve de travail”, méthode qu'emploi le #Bitcoin
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The six important #bitcoin levels that really matters

Despite lower time frame noisy price action, there are actually six levels/areas where you need to keep an eye on, and where you can really make some decent profits trading $btc & #altcoins

let's explain them

$btc 60k Mar2021 close
The real ATH as Nov.2021 was nothing more than an echo-pump amplified by spoofing orders

the failure to close above in Nov.2021 was the real confirmation of macro level resistance followed by a real-painful drop & Bear market

it was a macro exit sign Image
$btc @ 35k
this is a key monthly level that formed in June 2021
it took months till we visit again in 2022, where the bounce of that level provided decent 38%+ bounce on #bitcoin, alongside with 2-3x on most of the #altcoins

this level is a macro resistance today✍️🏻 Image
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Je vais développer un peu ce top #altcoins

commençons par #EnergyWeb $EWT


🌐Energy Web [Thread] 🧵

1/ Image
2/ Energy Web Chain est un projet cofondé par le Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) et Grid Singularity (GSy), qui ont lancé en 2017 l'Energy Web Foundation (EWF). Image
3/ L'objectif principal d'EWF était le développement d'une blockchain à haut débit, de faibles commissions et d'une capacité de contrat intelligent, qui concentrera son fonctionnement sur le secteur de l'énergie.
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If you want to make millions next cycle you gotta start planning now.

This is my current bear market #crypto portfolio including #altcoins and my plan for buying.

spoiler: it's not what you might expect, let's jump straight into it 👇🏽
Bear markets are the absolute best for finding opportunities.

However a bear market can be divided in 3 stages.

Stage 1: Market turns bearish, money starts exiting the market. Denial, fear and desperation. Everything bleeds rapidly as liquidity dries up. Image
Stage 1 is not a stage where we want to buy and be long!

The only exception is extremely oversold days/days with liquidation cascades - these are the only days we want to buy oversold assets for the short term. Image
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If you are questioning how or why anybody would even consider the possibility of a green Monthly close today for #Bitcoin, congrats on not being a blind sheep follower. You should question every trade setup before you push any buttons. Let's analyze 🧵... Image
Depending on what exchange you're on, #Bitcoin had a July low of ~$18,763 and closed ~$23,322. A rally to that level would require a 15% move from here. Is that a high probability outcome? Absolutely not. More on that in a bit... Image
We can all agree that a one day, 15% run for #Bitcoin is ambitious, unlikely, and a bit crazy to consider.

We can also agree that PA has been crazy lately, and if any asset class has the ability to move like that, it's #Crypto.
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I made a free Price Action course not long ago - I'll share some detailed threads on portions of the course so you don't have to spend hours watching them when trading #Bitcoin & #Altcoins

We'll jump ahead to Module 4 - Ranges & Targets.

Why? Because I loved sharing this one!
What's in a Range?

A range is simply defined by anchoring two points on a chart based on:

A timeframe (daily, weekly, monthly etc)
Market structure
Or a combination of both

The method I use to anchor the range is a Fibonacci Tool, with values set at 1, 0.5, and 0
Range Tool Setup 1/1

1) First Select the 3rd item down on the left hand side menu
Then select "Fib Retracement"

2) Open up the settings of the Fib Retracement Tool, then set up the Fib tool to show the 0, 1, and 0.5 levels
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I've got a surprise for you with another strategy release on @tradingview for #Bitcoin & #Altcoins…

- SRSI & Optional EMA's
- Different SRSI conditions for signal
- Session Filter (Set to your waking times)
- 3 Commas Integration
- TP / SL %'s

Read on:
SL / TP %

You can set the strategy to the SL & TP levels that you'd like in terms of % (make sure youamend the pos size though to suit your SL %)

The general strategy is based on Stochastic RSI & EMA's, but you can turn off the EMA's as needed, & just run with SRSI.
There's also a neat funcion called Use Exit Condition

If you set the SRSI to 80 for overbought, & 20 for oversold & you enter a short at 80, there will be a signal to close at the opposing metric.

In this case, it would be the 20 level at the SRSI condition you set for a long
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#Meme season is back! 🔥
🔸 Narrative - #Altcoins on the shiny new #DogeChain 😉

This thread covers the following
🔸 What is Doge Chain?
🔸 How to bridge funds over
🔸 How to find best plays for #100x

A 🧵 👇
What is #DogeChain?

According to their website, #Dogechain supercharges $DOGE to bring crypto applications like #NFTs, games, and DeFi to the $DOGE community.

You can now do simply more than just hodl $DOGE!

How to bridge to #DogeChain?

First, you want to be sure you have some $Doge. You can buy on a #CEX like #Binance
Next, you send $DOGE to your wallet address. If you don't have one, you can create one using #Metamask
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