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Nice 5M $MATIC trade breakdown.

A quick share with you on the actual and potential on this one.

Low leverage move, result comes in.

Use this technique on your fave #Altcoins or #cryptocurrencies
So we establish the range, we can see that there are a couple of MSB's to the upside that set us up for an uptrend in price

A bullish order block / supply is hit, where price runs up to another MSB, which really confirms our bias for the next move
Then we can ask ourselves where is the liquidity that price is likely to be drawn to?

My feeling was that the recent range highs hadn't been run yet, so a good initial target resides there.

Resistance lives in the form of 5M bearish orderblock / supply as shown
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Siguiendo con los hilos de seguridad en las #shitcoins, hoy vamos a hablar del #honeypot.

La forma más común de que se queden tu dinero y se te quede CARA DE TONTO.

🔹RT y FOLLOW ahora para que escriba más hilos🔹

⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
🔴¿Qué és el honeypot ?🔴

🔸HoneyPot o pote de miel es una #trampa para abejas donde se pone miel al fondo.

🔸Las abejas entran en el tarro pero no pueden salir.

🔸Tú eres la #abeja y la miel es tu #avaricia.

🔸Podrás comprar comprar pero no vender.

⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
🔴¿Cómo detectar honeypot?🔴

Ves este gráfico tán bonito?
Es para hacer all in no? 🙄
Ésto es un honeypot . Lo bueno del honey es que se ve a simple vista.

🔴Si No hay ventas🔴ES HONEY hasta que se desmuestre lo contrario....
Qué fácil no? Ya sabes que no ...

⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
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Altcoin bear market short picks:
This thread explores a list of Altcoins for potential shorts in the bear market which may occur in 2022 according to my current projections. Thank you for reading, hope you find this useful, any retweets are appreciated. 👇👇
$ALTS #Altcoins $ETH Image
1. In this thread we will be establishing which alts may offer good short gains during the bear market by looking at how they performed to the downside during Bitcoin's mid cycle correction period: Image
2. Beginning with ICX offering a good percentage to the downside mid cycle: Image
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Something to remember if you are just getting into $BTC, #altcoins , or the #NFTCommunity. There is a small % of folks that are planning on HODLing indefinitely. The 💎💎🙌🙌 folks. "Pidgeon Traders" will sell as soon as they achieve the profit they want and move on forever. 👇👇 A note from the desk of Da Pons
"Dip and Runners" will sell, wait for a dip & buy back to increase their position. But they will continually do this and take profits along the way.

"Market Cyclers" are HODLing until they think a bear market is imminent. Then they will sell and wait for things to crash. 👇👇
I would say 10% or less are Diamond Hands.
30% are Pidgeon Traders
10% are "Dip & Runners"
10% are "Market Cyclers"

That leaves 40%. These are the "Bag Holders". These are the folks that everyone is telling to be "Diamond Hands" and to "Buy The Dip". 👇👇
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Sorry de casser l'ambiance mais les réponses sous ce tweet sont assez inquiétantes... Beaucoup sont dans les cryptos depuis 2020-2021 et n'ont pas connu de bear market.

Voici ce qu'est réellement un #bearmarket et ses conséquences 👇
Tout d'abord, un bear market correspond à une période où la baisse des prix persiste 📉.

On ne parle pas d'une simple correction mais d'un vrai changement de tendance court, moyen voir long-terme.

Attention donc à ne pas crier au bear tous les deux jours (👋 @genieducrypto).
C'est arrivé sur le marché crypto et ça arrivera (probablement) à nouveau.

A plusieurs reprises, #Bitcoin a connu une tendance baissière et des retracements de -80% à -90%.

Vous avez entendu parler des bear markets de 2013-2015 et de 2018-2019, mais ce ne sont pas les seuls. ImageImage
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Final Alt Season Picks:
This thread examines a short list of Altcoins to rotate into post Bitcoin's cycle peak if it occurs in such a manner as it did for the mid cycle peak. Thank you for reading, like and retweet if you find this useful 👇👇
$ALTS #Altcoins #Altseason #CTM
1. Disclaimer, in order for an Alt to make this short list we are looking for 2 things. One, an alt that made a powerful move to the upside and two, it made this move after Bitcoin had topped mid cycle:
2. Beginning with Ethereum. We can see that ETH had a move after Bitcoin peaked out mid cycle however this move was not very big. As @jclcapital pointed out small moves may not be worth the risk to reward, something larger may be preferable:
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DeFi-DeX Merkeziyetsiz Finans Nedir?

''Günümüzün 'Bankacılık Sektörünün' yerini alacak Merkeziyetsiz borsa (DEX), iki taraf arasında doğrudan kripto para işlemlerine olanak sağlayan eşler arası (P2P) hizmettir.

Bu sektöre hizmet eden #altcoin hangileri?⬇️
1-) DeFi-DeX Merkeziyetsiz Finans Nedir?
Merkeziyetsiz borsalar, merkezi borsaların aksine bir kişi,grup veye otorite tarafından yönetilmez veya çalıştırılmaz. Merkeziyetsiz borsa, arada hiç birşey, hiç kimse olmadan iki taraf arasında doğrudan işlem sağlanabilen P2P hizmettir.
2-)Merkezsiyetsizlik özetle, herhangi bir devlet, şirket, organizasyon veya kişiye bağlı olmayan, yönetimin ve gücün bir otoriteye değil, sisteme dağıtıldığı oluşumlardır.
Felsefesini Anlamak İçin Metni okumalısınız⬇️
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#altcoins Günün jesti: Sizlere bir çok koinin Alt/Btc “haftalık” paritelerinde gözlemlediğim,daha evvelde aylıkta kullanıp ve harika karlar elde ettiğimiz teorimizi flood biçimde izah etmeye çalışacağım.Lütfen daha fazla kişinin istifade edebilmesi için Retweet ediniz🙏Sevgiler💐
*Koinler 2021 yılında binance listelenmiş olmalı
*Psikolojik döngü “haftalık” grafikte oluşmalı
*Temmuz ayında dip, Ağustos ta tepe, Ekim ayında tekrar Temmuz ayı dibini test etmeli
*Döngüyü sadece Alt/Btc paritelerinde bulmalısınız.+++
*Koinler 2021 yılından önce 2020 ilk yarısından sonra listelenmiş olsa bile o süreçte hiç boğa yaşamamış olmalı
*Satış için Ağustos ayı tepesinin geçilmesi beklenmeli
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1/ Almost everyone knows/has heard about #Bitcoin today

The 2nd most popular #Crypto is #Ethereum

But there were scalability issues with $ETH & so we got #Polygon as the solution.

We are going to talk about the details of #Polygon in this thread

🦄💲Polygon Thread💲🦄
Q: What is Polygon? 🤔
Polygon is the 1st structured, easy-to-use platform for Scaling & infrastructure development on #Ethereum, supporting a multi-chain Ethereum Ecosystem.

3 Major Upsides:

⏩ Benefits from Ethereum's Network Effect

⏩ More Secure

⏩ More Open & Powerful Image
Q: Who are the Masterminds behind Polygon?

On October 2017, #Matic Network (now Polygon) was launched by:

1. @_jdkanani : A full-stack developer & blockchain engineer

2. @sandeepnailwal : A #Blockchain Programmer & #Entrepreneur

3. @_anuragarjun : A Product Manager Image
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The next 6 months / 9 years in #bitcoin and #crypto will probably be mega crazy! Many of you will have the chance to completely change your financial destiny.

Here's a guide on how NOT to screw it up 👇
1 Don't get married to your speculative bags of #NFTs and #altcoins. Sure some could go on to be long lasting, but most will fail. Choose wisely. Shave profits. Extract capital. Moon bags are dope.
2 Let winners run, even double or triple down on them, and cut the losers. Do this without mercy, there is ZERO glory in being a salty bag holder for years.
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I've seen a lot of floor concerns today. Although nothing is certain in Crypto/NFTs, here are some regular patterns that VERY frequently repeat themselves. Good to know for any newcomers...

-Money flows out of everything and into #Bitcoin when the price is pumping.

Thread (1/5)
-When Bitcoin starts to trade sideways, money flows into #Altcoins.

-When Altcoins start to pump, money flows from #NFTs into the native coin to chase the pump. For example, selling a #Solana NFT when $SOL is pumping in order to take advantage of the price appreciation.
-When Altcoins, or for this example, $SOL slows and starts to trade sideways, money then flows out of $SOL and into Solana NFTs.

Once again, these patterns happen often in this space and they also frequently happen in this order.
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Explico en un 🧵algunas consideraciones importantes que comentaba en el space junto con @paul_ironforce @Instinto_F el Viernes:
1- A medida que crece el market cap. de las altcoins y aparecen nuevas redes/protocolos/parachains, se necesita un $BTC con un precio cada vez mayor++ Image
para que la proporción en el #dominance se mantenga en los rangos de siempre.
2- No necesariamente las #altcoins que en la 1er etapa de esta #Altseason2021 pumpearon, lo harán en esta 2da etapa que se viene, ya que surgen nuevos proyectos novedosos y migración entre alts.++
3- A medida que transcurre un #BullMarket, los inversores le van perdiendo el miedo a las correcciones y el respeto al mercado, volviendo a confiar en "cualquier activo" y depositando de manera frenética dinero en cualquier shitcoin.++
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#Bitcoin 57.200$ üstü kalıcılığını sürdürmesi durumunda,

Portföyünüzde yer vermeniz gereken, projesi güçlü yüksek kazanç potansiyeline sahip 3 #altcoins ⬇️

📌1-) #Helium $HNT
📌2-) #Quant $QNT
📌3-) #Audios $AUDIO
1-) #Helium Proje WhitePaper Analiz⬇️
$HNT Ne işe Yarar?
Kurucuları kimlerdir? ImageImage
2-) #Quant Proje Whitepaper Analiz⬇️
$QNT Ne işe Yarar?
Kurucuları Kimlerdir?
New banking system 🤫👑 ImageImageImage
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''MEGA Altcoin Rallisi'' Ne Zaman Gelecek?
-Hangi şartlar oluşursa gerçekleşeceğini önceden anlarız?

''Mega Altcoin Rallisi'' Ne Demek?
''Kısaca #Bitcoin 'den ÇIKAN, #altcoins GEÇEN yüksek para yoğunluğuna dönemine denir''

Ayrıntılar⬇️ ImageImage
1-) İlk olarak #Bitcoin Dominasyonu tanımlamayarak başlıyalım. Bitcoin'nin marketteki hakimiyetini ve marketteki pay oranını sembolize eden bir göstergedir.

🔴Altcoin ALIMLARI için TAKİP edilmesi gereken en önemli ''İNDİKATÖRDÜR''
2-) Market, bir döngü şeklinde kendini sürekli tekrarlar,
Başrol oyuncusu #Bitcoin hakimiyetinin yükselişe geçmesiyle altcoinlerde düzeltmelere sebebiyet verir. (Alım fırsatı)

Bu döngünün son kısmı ise Bitcoin hakimiyetinin düşüşe geçmesi altcoinlerde yükselişe sebebiyet verir! Image
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#Bitcoin - Most of us probably know, some of us don't:
#BTC Dominance is a measure of how much of the total market cap of crypto is comprised of Bitcoin
🔹If BTC Dominance increases #altcoins lose value against BTC
🔹When BTC Dominance decreases #alts gain value against BTC
To keep it plain and simple; If #BTC dominance rises, #Bitcoin will outperform #altcoins, if it decreases vice versa. Seeing $BTC dominance drop can be an indication of an incoming 'alt-season'. Atm dominance is rising. As you might have noticed, your #alts look weak..
..while #bitcoin shows strength. This is (for now) nothing to worry about. Money flowing into the #crypto market finds #BTC first. Sooner or later, this money will find #altcoins. This is the moment #altcoins will start to outperform $BTC and dominance drops.
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Women are generally more risk adverse in their investment style. This is probs why the #crypto world is 75%+ male investors. What was the turning point for me entering this space as a female investor? Two reasons:
1. Don't count on the $. The world's least risky investment is becoming less so every day. Over time, the value of your savings is worth less. And if inflation stays high for even a short period, you would need almost 100% of your money in the stock market to overcome it *risk!*
This trend is not new tho.. Even if inflation spikes and returns to normal, the long-term impacts will be similar. Your dollar today will not get you the same luxuries tomorrow. Your money today has to make money. Investing diversification can narrow the inflation gap.
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This will be an update of the previous altseason explanation, where I will explain the reasons why a new phase of the altseason is likely to happen soon.

I will also post the invalidation points for this scenario.

Let's start! 💪
1) As explained previously, during bull markets money tend to flow from #bitcoin to #altcoins, because people is greedy and always want more profits. This is the main reason why altseasons happen.

2) Now Bitcoin is confirming the bullish scenario, and $100k and higher targets are likely to happen in the next few months. This would create the perfect scenario for people to get comfortable and start speculating on altcoins.

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1. Sanayi Devrimi (Buhar Gücü Yıl:1722)
2. Sanayi Devrimi (Teknoloji Devrimi Elektirik Yıl:1860)
3. Sanayi Devrimi (Dijital Devrim Bilgisayar Yıl:1976)
4. Sanayi Devrimi (Nesnelerin İnterneti Yıl:2011)

IoT (Nesnelerin İnterneti) Nedir?⬇️
Bu sektöre hizmet eden #Altcoins ⬇️ Image
1-)Geçmişi , tarihi öğrenmeden; geleceği öğrenemeyiz! Geçmişten geleceğe sizi yolculuğa çıkartarak sırası ile kısaca Tüm sanayi devrimlerini özetleyip günümüz ve geleceği sizlere paylaşacağım. Image
2-) ''1. Sanayi devrimi'' Buharın Gücü Atölyeden Fabrikaya Geçiş⬇️ Image
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. @michael_saylor on unregistered securities:

"It is a security. You are violating securities law, the law is black and white. The only people who think it's not a security are the people who don't know the law."
"If you look at everybody in the #crypto space outside of #bitcoin I think most of them have never taken a company public, they don't have general counsels, they don't understand securities laws at it stands."
"I can't go... It would be inappropriate, unethical and illegal for me to go and give a million shares of $MSTR to a quarterback, and then have him stand up and say " $MSTR Coin is the future" on Twitter. The whole point of securities laws is I have to disclose that via an 8-K."
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#Altcoins #altcoin Değerli dostlarım özellikle 2019 öncesi altcoinler için muazzam işleyen bir orta-uzun vade yatırım stratejisini flood şeklinde izah etmeye çalışacağım.Lütfen daha fazla kişinin istifade edebilmesi için bu iyilik zincirine Retweet ederek dahil olunuz🙏Sevgiler💐
Bu teori elinizdeki 2019 öncesi koinlerin boğa sürecinin neresinde olduğunuz hakkında size önemli ölçüde fikir verecektir.Daha evvel bu teoriye benzer döngüyü aynı indikator korelasyonu ile %400e varan kazançlar elde etmiştik ,bu teoride ise Aylık grafikte işleyişini anlatacağım.
*Coral Trend ıntokator (CTI_LB)

Tradingview de indikatör ismini aratıp “AYLIK” grafikte çalıştırıyorsunuz.+++
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What would you choose?

A Memecoin
- $FLOKI $SHIB #BabyDogeCoin

Or an Altcoin Gem

#Altcoins #altcoingems #cryptocurrencies
A Memecoin is a crypto inspired by jokes/memes.
The most popular memecoin is $DOGE which was created in 2013 as a parody.

Most of the time memcoins are ridiculed because they have no real utility compared to others #Altcoins

But they are still invested on because of Greed.
On the other hand #altcoingems are cryptos that have a strong real case utility and Fundamentals.

Like $MRPH is the official token for @MRPHSupplyChain where it can be used to pay for the services offered by platform.

What is @MRPHSupplyChain ?
Let me explain👇

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#Dominance #BTC #Altcoins Genel değerlendirme: Merhaba değerli dostlarım son dominance güncellememizde aylık ve haftalık grafiklerde Fake bir sırt oluşumundan bahsetmiştik ve gerçekleşti.Dominance btc nin ve altcoinlerin akıbeti açısından önem arz ediyor.Son durum ise şöyle++++ Image
Dominance 2017 yılında Fake bir sırt oluşum gerçekleşmiştir.2017 Aralık 18 inde bu sırt oluşumun destek hattı (Sarı hat) kırılmıştı ve akabinde alt/btc paritelerinde mega boğa yaşandı yıl 2021 Eylül yine derin bir dominance düşüşünden sonra bir sırt oluşumu gerçekleşti++++ Image
Elips içerisine aldığım bölgelerde çok net biçimde görebilirsiniz ve şu an tıpkı 2017 deki de mega boğayı tetikleyen sırt oluşumun destek hattındayız ( Sarı Hat) Image
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Repito que será introductorio, mucha gente ya sabrá de esto, pero es un concepto que quiero añadir más en mi perfil y prefiero tener lo básico explicado.

Se agradece mucho cada RT.❤️ Image
Este es el gráfico de la dominancia de #Bitcoin en el criptomercado.

En TradingView se encuentra buscando BTC.D.
Tiene soportes, resistencias, tendencias... es decir, tiene un análisis técnico claro y sencillo cuando lo entiendes. Image
Si la dominancia ahora mismo es del 44.5, significa que el 44.5% del 100% del dinero del mercado está en #Bitcoin
Esto hay que saberlo juntar con el gráfico del primer post.
¿Por qué siempre se habla de dominancia de #BTC? ⬇️
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We have been very vocal about $VYGVF and how much we love the stock. It is down -62% from it's high in April and we LOVE it more! Here is why you should BUY $VYGVF...
Why is the stock down? The first reason is that #crypto is also down. #bitcoin is down -46% from it's April high and many other #altcoins are down much more. Sentiment around #crypto has brought the $VYGVF stock price down with it.
In theory, results of $VYGVF are correlated to #crypto prices. This IS true but they are even more exposed to ASSETS UNDER MANAGEMENT and TRADING VOLUME. They make MONEY off of trading, not off the price of #crypto. They have NO direct exposure to #crypto prices for earnings.
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