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1/19 “The most brutal crimes are committed by #Chechens. Inhuman cruelty is not a Russian tradition". The leader of the #Vatican Jorge Mario Bergoglio (aka Francis, aka #Pope of Rome) made a statement shocking in its falsity and abomination.
2/19 In an interview with #America Magazine, the Jesuit announced that, it turns out, "the most brutal crimes in #Ukraine are committed by #Chechens and Buryats, because inhuman cruelty is not a #Russian tradition."
3/19 At the same time, the #Catholic priest explained his unwillingness to directly accuse #Russia of invading #Ukraine by the fact that it is "already clear." And he tries "not to specify, so as not to offend ... It is not necessary that I put the name and surname."
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Words matter, especially when they come from someone with influence.

That is the theme of my latest column in @FinancialNG, the impact of the words of @JoeBiden before he became POTUS.

Bear in mind, this was written before #America's mid-terms...
Faced with the implications of his words during his presidential campaign, the Biden administration rediscovered the concept of realpolitik and tried to make good with the Saudis by visiting #SaudiArabia in July and ending up with that infamous fist bump. Image
In November 2019, Joe Biden fingered MBS in the killing of @washingtonpost contributor Jamal Khashoggi and committed to making the Saudis pay.

He followed up upon assuming office by rejecting contact with MBS and stopping US assistance to Saudi efforts in its war in #Yemen.
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"#America is a free nation,
We should worship America,
Religions makes people slaves,
Liberalism is the solution to all our problem🤡".

Modernism is slowly but surely enslaving the masses,
People are enslaved if their voluntary thoughts and actions are enslaved
Even if he doesn't feel enslaved because of how slavery is perceived nowadays that is, to be fastened in fetters and chains ⛓️,

But in reality of the modern world, the masses are mainly enslaved by 4 entities,

Music, Media, Banking and modern education system,
And we can all guess who's controlling these entities!

Our one communal and common shadow enemy, enemy of the entire human race,

They're the ones who're preparing the world before the arrival of their assumed Messiah,
(signs of the end of times),
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This is common question I will try to answer of what it mean to be “ethnic #Russian” in former Russian slave state. It's sensitive topic and also complicated one. This thread is very simple explanation of what such question mean outside of Russia. 🧵
1. When Russia occupy country, they not only occupy it physically, they occupy it socially and even mind occupation. I use #America as example of what this look like. Imagine Russia invade America. They raze everything and first priority murder anyone who can resist.
2. They call these people “elites” but what this really mean is anyone who has strong cultural, natural, factual ties. They target prominent leaders, writers, thinkers, scientists, religious leaders, journalists, historians, activists. Anyone who has tools or standing to resist.
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1) #Russia is not a good country, BUT they are standing against the #WEF. #Ukraine embraces the globalist agenda, which is why America built them up to take on Russia.
2) What we are seeing is the monopolizing of ideas. #Ukraine was a fairly blank slate that we could prop up as a puppet against #Russia. We installed a carefully selected government there just like in Afghanistan, and their leader was our hand-maiden.
3) Ask yourself, why did the noble President of #Afghanistan flee the country leaving his people behind? Because, he was nothing without the #United States. He could not lead them without the help of our influence. He was weak, just like #America wanted him to be.
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Thread on the latest, really pretty pathetic, excuses #Israel has put forward for not assisting #Ukraine with air defence systems 👇🏼
Eran Lerman, former deputy NSC director, explains how powerful #Israel's military-industrial complex has become since February now everyone needs Jerusalem's help ... then says Israel can't help #Ukraine b/c "there are limits to what Israel can part with"…
Lerman has other strange ideas: that Russia must be appeased because it is a serious force in Syria; that Russia "restrains" Asad; that Russia's alliance with Iran started recently; and the maritime deal made with Hizballah undermines Hizballah in Lebanon.
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#UE #Occidente Siamo ora in un periodo storico incredibile in cui NON C'È FUTURO!Dove sta andando il mondo intero e come finirà tutta questa crisi? Ad esempio, alla fine della prima e della seconda guerre mondiali, i paesi vincitori disegnavano già i contorni del mondo futuro.⬇️
Gli #USA, guidati da #Biden, non offrono nulla di intelligibile se non una sorta di democrazia astrale. È ridicolo dire che l'orizzonte progettuale dei leader europei non è nemmeno di pochi mesi, ma di diversi giorni! L'élite britannica - la stessa combinazione delle parole ⬇️
"élite britannica" è già ridicola. La #Cina, come sempre, pensa solo ai propri interessi. C'è un enorme aumento dei punti di tensione nel mondo: Iran - Arabia Saudita Iran-Israele, #Russia - #NATO (no #Ucraina) #Kosovo, ecc. I polacchi per ogni evenienza odiano tutti. In ⬇️
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"Ciao, siamo appena arrivati ​​dall'#America in Dobass.Vengo dal Texas, il mio amico è di Detroit, abbiamo ragazzi del Minnesota e di altri stati con noi.Siamo qui per combattere il globalismo e per un⬇️
nuovo ordine mondiale, siamo qui per combattere il nazismo. La #Russia è l'ultimo posto sulla terra che sta combattendo il globalismo, il liberalismo e il nuovo ordine mondiale che gli #USA sta distruggendo. Se voi, fratelli del Canada, dell'America o dell'#Europa, siete dalla ⬇️
parte del nazismo, la vostra migliore soluzione è tornare a casa, perché stiamo andando e quando ci incontreremo sul campo di battaglia, sarà troppo tardi. Pertanto, devi tornare a casa e ripensare a ciò che stai facendo qui. Parlo per noi, ma penso che anche alla maggior ⬇️
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#Netaji #SubhasChandraBose and his #INA launched their struggle against the #British with the help of #Japan in #WorldWarII. But did you know that Indian #nationalists & #revolutionaries had deep ties with #Japan even earlier?
#history #LokmanyaTilak #Maharashtra #IndoJapanties
Indian revolutionaries were eager to go to #Japan and #America to gain knowledge in manufacturing arms and bombs to be used against the British rulers.
#freedommovement #nationaliststruggle
The rise of #Japan as a military and industrial power and the crushing defeat inflicted by it on #Russia in the Russo-Japanese war (1904-5) inspired Indian nationalists. The country was also seen as a counter-weight to the European powers.
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#America Present New Omani Mediation with Sana’a.

The United States present on Monday, a new Omani mediation in #Yemen, and this comes in light of mounting fears of a possible military escalation following AlDhaba attack.
US Assistant Secretary of State, Barbara A. Leaf,
1/2 Image
arrived in #Muscat earlier today. The Omani News Agency quoted on Leaf as stressing the importance of Omani efforts to extend the armistice in #Yemen, noting that the Sultanate’s role is pivotal and indispensable.

The new American move in the Yemeni file comes in light of
the stalemate in negotiations and their failure to extend the armistice amid indications of a possible military escalation.

The US had announced, through its Foreign Minister Antony Blinken, new proposals to extend the armistice, in the first comment on Sana’a’s adoption
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Thread: 24 October 2022: Day 243 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia is using #Iran's Shahed-136 drones, but #Ukraine is "increasingly successful" dealing with them. Even if President Zelensky exaggerates when he says 85% of them are brought down, they are slow, noisy, and a poor replacement for precision missiles Image
Foreign Secretaries of #America, #Britain, and #France issued a statement overnight "reject[ing] #Russia's transparently false allegations that #Ukraine is preparing to use a dirty bomb on its own territory". This is a "pretext for [Russian] escalation".… Image
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#FamilyCentric #PatientCentric #ConsumerCentric planning/care thread 🧵
Even prior to my career I was interested in care that was #centric to the person, re of scenario (#homelessness, #mentalhealth, #health, #disabled etc). In every position I’ve held I’ve always centered on 1/
Before anything listening to person and or family, planning being centric, based on strengths & needs of Ind and or family. People (those working in system) found it radical but it worked it was effective. It pushed systems, thus in many places the process retreated back to 2/
‘Business as usual’ which is exactly where the problem is. We have mounds of research on #engagement we know the benefits that could be produced yet going from point A to B, is ‘too difficult’. Yes, implementing authentic #engagement would come with changes and yes they are 3/
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*Exits Stage Left*

2 Minutes 2 Midnights.

HOLY #TRUCK !!!!!!!

Championship Belt Of Truth !!

Easy As 123 !
A Masterpiece ..
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This thread will get a little crazy, but I do hope you enjoy the ride:

#ThugLife #SocietalDecay #gore #SocietalCollapse
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Georgia: Police arrest and charge two Black men for the murder of high school football star, 18, Kemare Bryan & Chandler Richardson.

Elijah DeWitt was on a date with his girlfriend when they were approached by Kemare Bryan & Chandler Richardson who shot him. Image
The star of his school and community, a long-term stable relationship with a beautiful girl. And just like that his life and future was snuffed out by two low-life thugs who couldn’t be bothered to work.
Elijah’s father, Craig DeWitt, said he forgave the two murder who killed his son.

“Forgiveness is for the forgiver. We don’t want the hate in this household,” he told Fox 5.
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Desde su origen, el #IPGH es una entidad que colabora a favor de la paz, ya que su creación se relacionó con la solución de asuntos territoriales entre las naciones de #América.
Bajo esa mirada, casi un siglo después, el IPGH persevera en su misión, fomentando y difundiendo los estudios pertenecientes a las ciencias en beneficio del continente.
Por ese motivo, el Instituto dispone “La Ciencia al Servicio de la Paz”, al destinar en redes sociales una semana a cada Estado Miembro, y colocando un post diario relativo a las diferentes disciplinas del IPGH.
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So there are a few things that I want to cover today. It has to do with #Cuba🇨🇺 & the new #FamilyCodeLaw #CodigoDeLasFamilias #CodigoSi & why the Extreme Right Wing of the #CubanDissidents & #CubanExiles are against it #LGBTQRightsAreHumanRights #CubanConstitution #Socialism
So first what is #ElCodigoDeLasFamilias Or the #FamilyCodeInCuba. First we need a small lesson in #Socialism. #Marxism teaches that we need to use #Science & Common Sense to advance society.
Common sense says if you want a #Democracy to advance and flourish, you need to improve it with scientific precision. So, #Marxist countries make it very easy to have what is known in America as a #ConstitutionalConvention. Aka whenever they come up with something better for
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Há 50 anos, em 24 de setembro de 1972, corria o teste 106 da loteria esportiva (… ) +
Foram vendidas 50.843.255 apostas a Cr$ 1,00 cada, e o prêmio total foi de Cr$ 16.015.624,79. Houve 318 acertadores; cada um ganhou Cr$ 50.363,59. O dólar na época valia Cr$ 6,03. Todos os 13 jogos foram pelo campeonato brasileiro. +
Na data a Loteria Esportiva estava implantada no Distrito Federal e 16 estados: Guanabara, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Goiás, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, Espírito Santo, Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte e Mato Grosso. +
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Há 50 anos, em 17 de setembro de 1972, corria o teste 105 da loteria esportiva (… ), com todos os seus jogos pelo campeonato brasileiro.+
Foram vendidas 52.877.3520 apostas a Cr$ 1,00 cada, e o prêmio total foi de Cr$ 16.656.365,88. Houve 9 acertadores; cada um ganhou Cr$ 1.850.707,32. O dólar na época valia Cr$ 6,03. +
Na data a Loteria Esportiva estava implantada no Distrito Federal e 16 estados: Guanabara, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Goiás, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, Espírito Santo, Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte e Mato Grosso. +
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#Taliban's Al-Hijra Studio released a propaganda video about the group's prisoner swap with the United States of #America, that resulted in the release of #Haji_Bashar Noorzai, a former CIA agent and the so called "Pablo Escobar of the Middle East" in exchange for #Mark_Frerichs.
Soon after its release, the propaganda video was removed from the youtube channel of the TB's Al-Hijra Studio, then edited and re-uploaded.
The clips showing Americans in Kabul Airport, dealing with the TB, were apparently removed from the propaganda video.
See few scenes here...
Here are some photos of the apparently sensitive clips, that have been removed from the propaganda video of the #Taliban: ImageImageImageImage
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We know how Russia pays men like him. They don’t choose him because he is handsome, interesting or clever. Just like his best American friends, Russia pays them in underage girls.

#Ukraine, meet best friends of Michael:…
Tell me, men who do this in Russia stop in America? Or do they get to do this in Russia with no consequences in exchange for lies ?

Russia has type. These men are helping Russia commit genocide of my people. Why? 👇🏻…
@mtracey and his friends lie for mother Russia because they are monsters.

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Peligro en la bolsa! Recesion!! Hay motivos para alarmarse? Mejor seguir invertido o quedarse en liquidez?

Acompañame porque te presento las últimas 7 recesiones y como se ha comportado el mercado 👇👇

Primero aclarar que técnicamente una recesión se da cuando la tasa de variacion del PIB es negativa durante 2 meses consecutivos. Segun la Reserva Federal de datos económicos (FRED) estas han sido las últimas 7 recesiones. Image
RECESIÓN DE 1974-1975

Se produjo por la subida de los precios del petroleo OPEP junto con el proceso de estanflación (inflacion sin crecimiento) .Cómo reaccionó la bolsa? Para cuando la recesión estaba en su máximo auge, los indices ya habian hecho suelo y comenzaron a recuperar Image
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Trump’s team comes with a new catch phrase— “#Bharat & #America sabse achhe dost”‼️
I want more and more people to switch to calling India as Bharat, internationally. 😊
After all BHARAT VARSHA is how the subcontinent was called since ancient times. Image
I will also get rid of my habit of calling it #India in-front of an Indian audience. 🤔
So should we also give up on names like INDIAN OCEAN and INDO-pacific❓My answer to this is— if name BHARAT helps in the ascension of our nation, then I dont mind. 😊👇
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