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A estas alturas decir que el independentismo manipula es un pleonasmo. Vamos a amargar el día a unos cuantos independentistas con verdades que les duelen. Abrimos hilo👇 (retuit)

1- El hermano de #Franco era diputado por el grupo parlamentario de Esquerra Republicana de Cataluña Image
2- En los libros de texto dicen que los catalanes no pudimos comerciar con #América. Desde el primer barco hubo catalanes. Un ejemplo fue el "colonizador de indios" Joan Orpí. Fundador de la ciudad de #Barcelona en #Venezuela

Por cierto una placa en catalán en pleno franquismo🤣 Image
3- A pesar de las burdas mentiras independentistas lo cierto es que la Generalitat de Cataluña antes de Felipe V era más patriota que @perezreverte. Mirad lo que decían las Constituciones Catalanas en 1701: "Monarquía de España", "Entera","Una", "Indivisible" con "Amor al Rey". Image
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Glenn: #BidenIsAFailure ‘Gender Strategy’ is a plan to RUIN the 'family' via @YouTube
THIS is the far left’s plan to CONTROL your money & budget #FuckJoeBiden
via @YouTube
A ’NATIONAL DIVORCE’ is coming one way or another. Here's why.
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Here are data for Rx opioid dispensing and drug overdose deaths in #America. The notable feature is the 📉 of Rx opioid disp rate having no impact in reducing overdose deaths, then the rise of illicit fentanyl contributing to a sharp 📈 in the mid-2010s.

*thread* 🧵
The U.S. drug overdose/poisoning death rate has increased almost every year since 1999 (2018 had a 📈), but in the mid-2010s, there was a larger than normal increase in that rate. The rise of illicit fentanyl in the black market has been a big contributor to this mid-2010s spike.
The health danger with illicit drug supplies is that the user has no clue exactly what is in the drug. Poor quality control by clandestine lab chemists in manufacturing these illicit drugs is nowhere near the level of QC performed by a legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturer.
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Them: We’re short staffed. We don’t have teachers, bus drivers, restaurant workers, delivery persons, nursing aides… people don’t want to work!

Me: It could be that… or maybe it’s that 715,000 people have died…& currently another 1 is dying every 47seconds. They were “staff”
Let me clarify a point, #Death is not the only thing that can keep someone from working, #disability can too. Studies show 20-50% of #COVIDinfections results in #LongCOVID. Well, 61% of the 44M Americans w/ #COVID are 18-74yo… that’s 27,454,517.

America, we have a problem

And I’ve said this before, will say it again, history is our greatest teacher.
#1918Pandemic showed that our nation’s economy is TIED to our nation’s health. The pandemic was 1918-1920. It had a great impact on younger ages, esp 15-44yos. The workers. And what happened in 1929?👇🏽
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Do you know the story of #coffee?

Sure you get it from Starbucks or grind it at home but its story was not as simple as farm to pot

The story involves dancing goats, Fatwa, babtization, kings, revolutions, patriotism, Beethoven

Coffee has a rich & troubling history

☕️ Thread
1/ 1st, the legend:

Legend has it that an #Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi witnessed his goats gamboling after eating coffee shrub’s red fruit. Perplexed, Kaldi tried the fruit himself and realized the same effect on him. A monk witnessed it & took some of the fruit with him.
2/ Now, the history:

The coffee plant and fruit has been used for 1000s of years but it wasn’t until the 13 century when the beans were roasted, which sky rocketed its popularity. Coffee originated in Ethiopia but it was across the Red Sea, in #Yemen, it was first cultivated.
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"malevolent state legislatures"?? Wow. This misunderstands our system so badly. STATES are in charge of presidential elections, not Congress. It's kind of the whole point of the system. Thread. 1/x
#ElectoralCollege #Constitution #America #freedom
1st: Assumption underlying "severely restrict malevolent state legislatures" is that states are only entities capable of acting badly. NO. Our Founders knew the opposite: Both national & state officials are imperfect humans. 2/x
#ElectoralCollege #Constitution #America #freedom
Both national & state officials will be tempted by greed, ambition, etc. Power corrupts, which means that it corrupts at every level of government. 3/x
#ElectoralCollege #Constitution #America #freedom
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Of 15 #Republican candidates for Secretary of State (the office that oversees #elections), in 5 battleground states,

10 lack confidence in the 2020 results or flat-out claim it stolen.

Only 2 of 9 interviewed acknowledged #Biden as the legitimate winner.
In 2020, #Trump, and #GOP legislators, not only undermined trust in elections, with false claims repeatedly debunked, they told partisan state legislators to send electors for Trump in states where voters selected Biden; a blatant rejection of #democracy.
It was only laws, and honorable officials holding to those laws, that prevented the #coup from succeeding.

The GOP are not done. Those protections are only going to get weaker with time.
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Patriots from around the WORLD, Australia needs your help, can we get #IStandWithTradies Trending number 1, Aussies are fighting a huge battle and it’s far from over. Let’s go! Together we are strong divided we are weak WORLD UNITING #IStandWithTradies 🙌
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Gentle reminder that I am very, very, VERY enamored of fashion and if you think of me as "That rude lady who goofs of people" please know that tonight I'm a whole other person; "That rude lady who has thoughts about dresses."

I'll thread it from here. Or, mute me.
We begin with a...side-mullet.

@cameronesposito is the only person allowed to wear one.

This is a bold decision without being a good decision.

Oh, Ilana.

This dress is a drain-trap of bad ideas. Unless I learn later this dress has singlehandedly restored the coral reefs I'm sticking with "Oh, Ilana."
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En el desierto #Nazca (o #Nasca) al sur del #Perú, unas misteriosas líneas trazadas en el suelo rocoso representan #animales de la fauna local y extrañas criaturas. ¿Quiénes hicieron estas figuras y por qué?
¡Adentro #hilo! 🧵
#Arqueología #Historia #LineasDeNazca #NazcaLines
¿Cómo trazaron las imágenes? Y lo que es más importante, ¿quiénes y por qué? Todo tipo de explicaciones esotéricas se han desarrollado en torno a las Líneas de #Nazca, cuya destreza parece fuera del alcance humano. ¿Pistas de aterrizaje realizadas por #extraterrestres?
Si lo que te atrae de las Líneas de #Nazca es el tema de los #alienígenas, siento decepcionarte, ya que este #hilo trata sobre #Arqueología y evidencias científicas. Intentaré explicar lo más singular de esta extraordinaria cultura, una de las más importantes de #Perú.
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#Spotlight: From the invasion of #Afghanistan & #Iraq, new #surveillance powers, to the opening of #Guantanamo, #September11 changed America | ImageImage
#September11: The total cost of the post-9/11 wars in #Afghanistan & #Iraq is estimated at $6tn, making them the most expensive in US history | ImageImageImage
#WATCH: After #September11, President Bush launched a #WarOnTerror & sent US troops to #Afghanistan & #Iraq. Read more here:
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1/ As a #teacher, I'm going to get slammed for this heresy, but you deserve to know the truth about "Social-Emotional Learning" (SEL) in #education. An increasing number of parents have raised their eyebrows at the introduction of yet another framework #schools are pushing on
2/ their children. Advocates of SEL have pounced on parental skepticism, insisting that "it's just about teaching social and emotional skills." This is what drives me crazy about education: intellectual dishonesty. Educators consistently masquerade political ideology in benign
3/ and euphemistic language because they know the public would never willingly let their children be instructed as future activists. SEL is NOT merely about teaching children better social and emotional skills. It is a framework meant- in part- to encourage "critical social
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1/9: #Afghanistan is a stark reminder that in foreign policy you need both to be clear about your goals and to execute them well. Over years the #US and its allies fell short on both counts.
2/9: The intervention was legitimate & justified (unlike Iraq). An act of self-defence to halt a clear international terror threat. The first purpose was not to end #Taliban rule, but to deal with a consequence of it. Of course the two rapidly merged.
3/9: Inevitably once we were there new goals were added. Suppressing poppy growing for opium, protecting & supporting #Afghanwomen, nation building, training armed forces. All laudable goals, but where to draw the line & how to define success?
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@timkaine, I’m a US citizen, your constituent in 8th CD in VA & a journalist who is by your office building with my son hoping to speak to you to seek redress for an incident my son & I experienced in #NYC. We hope you welcome us.

Our story:…
.@MarkWarner I’m your constituent & right outside of the Hart Building where your office is located. I know the building is closed but I see plenty of lobbyists cycle through the Capitol. I hope citizens are at least as welcome as lobbyists.

Our story:…
.@RepDonBeyer my son and I took a break from visiting the grounds of the US Capitol and waiting for a response to grab a bite to eat & get some water at Pho 79 across the street. Thank God we are not being discriminated against like we were in #NYC.…
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It is good that #Britain is prepared to play its role against #IS in Afghanistan. It is, however, a mystery what intelligence stream is going to be used and how planes in the Gulf could ever use such a stream in time.
Horrible to leave the dogs behind, though hardly a choice given hundreds of American and tends of thousands of Afghan humans were left.
#Pakistan overtly occupying a chunk of #Afghanistan in the south, even as it occupies the rest through the Taliban, Haqqani Network, and the other jihadists.
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This is what American citizens in #Kabul #Afghanistan are dealing with at #KabulAiport -- Taliban not letting them through despite docs, gunfire in the background. The kids crying is heartbreaking. Volunteers are busting their asses to save these peoples' lives.
If you've seen @RooftopLeader and @mikejason73 pushing hard about #Afghanistan, this is why. That video RIGHT THERE is why. US State, Global Affairs Canada, rest of those NATO allies.
This is gunfire near the airport. I've been with this story for nearly a week, well before the #KabulAttack that turned everything sideways. Look at this #Canada. Look at this #America. #Britain.
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#Iran no good for not being able to blow up even just 1 #atomicbomb. #CCP should arrest 8 more #Canadians & kill all 10 if #Canada dares to send #MengWanzhou to #US. #China needs a big purge, ppl like #VickyZhao should all be arrested. #XiJinping needs to learn from Chairman Mao
This is another speech by #LiYi, in which he laughed over the fact that only 4K people died (almost equals to 0 according to him) of #COVID19 #CCPVirus in China, while 220K died in #US. As the result, #China will push #America out of existence.
By the way, his original video is here: . If you care to check the comments, you can find he has many supporters. All reflect the mentality of the #CCP.
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Former US Ally Late Maulana Sami ul Haq explains how #USA & CIA financed #AfghanMujahideen (1979 to 1989) through him & his seminary

Ref :

#Taliban #Talibans #AlQaeda #TTP #Daish #ISIS #Afghanistan #Pakistan #OsamaBinLaden
1 - Mr Kamran Khan is nowadays very fond of #Talibans | 8 years ago he used to explain the effectivity & importance of #USA #Drones against Terrorist #Taliban

Ref : |

#Taliban #Talibans #AlQaeda #TTP #Daish #ISIS #Afghanistan #Pakistan #OsamaBinLaden
2 - Mr Kamran Khan quotes US Senator & Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee
Dianne Feinstein on the effectivity of #USA #Drones against Terrorist Taliban

Ref : |

#Taliban #Talibans #AlQaeda #TTP #Daish #ISIS #Afghanistan #Pakistan #OsamaBinLaden
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“There’s only two things that matter, the 3 November movement, what happened on the third of November, and then what happened in the Wuhan lab.

You get to the bottom of those two, everything else takes care of itself.” #SteveBannon (full text follows)…
As promised:

"If you’ve been canceled by social media, dismissed by Fake News or written off by Paul Ryan, don’t worry — there is still a home for you.
Twice a day Monday through Friday, and again for two hours on Saturday, you are welcome to Steve Bannon’s “War Room” for entertainment, education and a crash course in taking back your country.


You certainly won’t be alone.…
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This all of this 👇🏿! If you are a trucker & you follow me or I follow you, this is what needs to be done. Truck drivers HAVE BEEN THE BACKBONE SINCE DAY 1! Keeping all nations afloat, to not even be acknowledged.…
#AustraliaHasFallen #Truckersstrike
To constantly have to deal with issues be it idiot drivers, DOT regulations, piss poor shp/con dock areas, lack of truck parking facilities, piss poor food options, crap pay (for those who are comp drivers) to have to be out on the road daily, weekly & monthly.
Busting out asses for countries, companies & consumers who do Not Respect Truck Drivers. This massive strike should not stop with #Australia. All nations need to join in & #unify for the cause. #America you need to follow suit. The world watches you, so do something proper!
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#Biden's decision to stick to the Aug 31 deadline is bold -- it raises 2 key risks:

1) We'll be leaving people behind, certainly 1,000s of #Afghans & quite likely, a few Americans in hard-to-reach spots.

2) Other G7/NATO states have been rebuffed again by #Biden -- more anger.
"#Biden's decision to pull out troops was backed by most Americans, 53%-38%. But almost two-thirds, 62%, disapproved of the way his administration has handled that withdrawal."

Overall approval rating now 41%.

New polling on #Afghanistan's impact:… Image
BREAKING -- The US military has begun re-withdrawing from #Afghanistan, per US officials.

Very worrying sign for the 10,000s of those left behind - mostly #Americans, but some U.S. & European nationals too.
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This is Adolph Zukor, one of the 3 founders of Paramount Pictures. Zukor established the major studio practice of requiring movie theatres to show large blocks of films, including bad ones, in order to obtain the right to show the good ones. This system was called blind booking. Image
When senators got their feelings hurt over their portrayal in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, they passed legislation aimed at eliminating the blind booking arrangement in retaliation against Hollywood. Image
It is hard for many of us to grasp it now, but in 1939, some people were concerned that Frank Capra's classic film (and Jimmy Stewart's stunning performance) posed a threat to American democracy. Image
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The security situation remains poor in Kabul this morning, and to the extent any order is being brought it is by the Haqqani Network, a component of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.
There really is no excuse: Biden was warned for months and months, right out in public. It needed no intelligence assessment.
The administration's adoption of existentialist vocabulary when asked why they're so awful at their jobs doesn't seem to be just a coping strategy; it's an indication they're lying again, in this instance about staying as long as needed to get everyone out
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