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Legislation sets a minimum national standard limiting abortion past 15 weeks. It would also allow states, which choose to do so, to take additional steps to protect unborn children.…
Today, in some states, there are currently no protections for the unborn. These states not only allow abortion on demand — up to the moment of birth — but are actively encouraging women to travel to their state to receive taxpayer-funded abortions.
In Maryland, a new "all-trimester" abortion facility is set to open that will perform abortions as late as 34 weeks. While shocking to the conscience, Maryland is not alone. Other states, including California, New York, Illinois, and Oregon are following similar paths.
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It amazes me how many people say the Catholic Church is just #probirth. Sure there are some high-profile sinners, but there are many more Catholics supporting people from conception to death. Here is a thread of some examples. #prolife
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The irony here is that there are a lot of Republicans who like to imply that those of us who are #prolife but who are now voting for Democrats aren’t really pro-life.

But meanwhile its these some of these insincere Republican politicians who are scrubbing their web sites.
A lot of these guys don’t really care about the issue of abortion one way or the other. They’ve never really thought about it at any level of depth. They espoused extreme positions (no exceptions for anything) because they thought that’s what people wanted to hear.
And now they change their positions because they think that’s what people want to hear.

There are a lot of sincere pro-life people who actually care about both women and babies.

And a lot of insincere politicians who will alternately say or unsay anything to try to grab power.
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Πρέπει οπωσδήποτε να μειωθεί ο αριθμός των #αμβλωσεις και δεν το λέω από ηθικοθρησκευτική σκοπιά αλλά καθαρά εθνική. Δεν γίνεται κάθε χρόνο να γίνονται περί τις 150.000 #εκτρωσεις (αριθμός διπλάσιος από τις γεννήσεις) και κάθε νέο ζευγάρι μεταναστών να γεννάει 3-4 παιδιά (1)
Ο μειωμένος αριθμός γεννήσεων σε συνάρτηση με τις αμβλώσεις, την πληθυσμιακή γήρανση του ελληνικού πληθυσμού και την δημογραφική έκρηξη των αλλοδαπών, σκοτώνουν την Ελλάδα. Συνεπώς ένα από τα μέτρα που πρεπει να παρθούν για την Σωτηρία του Έθνους είναι η μείωση των #αμβλωσεις (2)
και η αύξηση των γεννήσεων. Η Ελλάς προορίζεται να ζησει και θα ζήσει.

#Με_την_εκκλησια #αφηστε_με_να_ζησω #ProLife #υπερ_ζωης #prolifeGR #απελασεις_τωρα #Αντικατασταση_Πληθυσμων
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Why a new version of my 2019 book, Red State Christians: a #thread for #launchday

Link to new version:… (also available on @amazon and @BNBuzz + an indy bookstore near you (my favorite!))
I spent 2018 traveling across America interviewing Christians in red states + counties to unpack Christian support for Trump in 2016.

Hillbilly Elegy by @JDVance1 had recently pubbed, and a certain sort of apologist narrative for white rural Americans was en vogue ...
This narrative had some merit (I've seen rural despair firsthand, + the ravages of the #opioidepidemic) - but it was often too shallow, and it lacked the theological depth that understood the role of religion + God in @GOP support for Trump
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#Prochoice and #Prolife, this is why the #RomanianOrphanCrisis came about. I think we can agree this is not going to happen in the US. "In 1966 Ceausescu’s regime made abortion illegal and each family had an obligation to the state to have at least four children... 1/6
"In a world where 10 eggs, 4 kilos of flour, 1 kilo of meat, and a pound of butter per person was the norm for a month’s supply of food, many Romanian families could not possibly support more than the required minimum quota of children, and that too was done with great effort 2/6
"However, with abortion being illegal, many parents could only keep their first four children and put the rest in orphanages.
Also, during Ceausescu’s reign, frequent malnutrition and low standards of living caused the life expectancy rate to be significantly lower than... 3/6
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1/ Ok. Serious question. Now that #abortion has been returned firmly to the status quo ante #RoeVsWade, to its status before the grave, urgent situation that mobilized #Catholics into a #ProLife mvmt, why was this article written?…
2/ And, I lied. That's not a serious question. I already know the answer. (I suspect @Pontifex does too.) I wrote it here 3yrs…

The answer is plain. "[D]ecades of binary cultural and political argument means that reversing Roe is no longer enough"
3/ We have been doing this so long, we simply don't know how to stop.

Don't believe me? Ask some serious people what the goal of the #ProLife mvmt is now. Their reply? I kid you not--

"A firm commitment to end #abortion"

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In my job as a pediatric neurologist, we consult with pregnant people if a brain abnormality was found on ultrasounds. We provide information on prognosis. If the prognosis is bad or high risk, elective pregnancy termination should be an option. (1/9)
We also prescribe anti seizure meds to people with epilepsy, who need to take these meds for months, often years. Some of these meds have potential to cause serious birth defects, or have unknown safety during pregnancy. (2/9)
Same goes for migraine meds, immunologic meds (treatment for multiple sclerosis, etc). Even if neurologists and insurance companies require a contract or proof of contraception, birth control isn’t 100% effective. (3/9)
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#ProAbortion activists harass Saturday church goers. At the end of the clip they begin singing ‘thank god for abortions.’

Credit: @poambrotherhood / Polish American Brothethood on YouTube Live Right now
It was live. My bad.
Full video:


the #ProLife group was on their way to #PlannedParenthood and the #ProAbortion group was trying to get in their way

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So my #prolife friends who haven't read #TheHandmaidTale have a better idea about the slippery slope some people in the US think we're on after the #DobbsDecision, in the novel Serena Joy was a public figure who helped bring about a theocracy ruled by men, in which 1/5
homosexual and premarital sex were punishable by death, and women weren't allowed to read or write and couldn't have their own money so they'd be dependent on men. Because Serena and her husband haven't been able to have children, they are allowed a Handmaid, 2/5
a woman who has somehow "sinned" against the theocracy and is known to be fertile. The Handmaids are ritually raped by the men to whom they are assigned in order to get them pregnant as surrogates for the infertile wives. 3/5
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Those of us on the #prolife side should keep an eye on the riot-friendly abortion activist take.

Keep an eye on media / unis that platform these takes, too!

They set the stage for #JanesRevenge attacks, now ranging from minor vandalism to serious arson.…
In 1993, an abortion militant poster read:
"Operation Rescue / Come to Our Town /
We'll Lock you in a church / And Burn the F--ker Down."

The poster showed a molotov cocktail about to be lit with a church in the background.…
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@Michael_J_New has posted beautiful tributes to #prolife heroes since passed. See thread.

Now Share your tributes and honor those who did not live to see the day that Roe fell.

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Today, as #RoeOverturned, some rejoice as others grieve. /thread #RoeVsWade
For those who rejoice: resist the temptation to over-simplify. Lean into the complexity. Ask the questions you were taught not to ask. Don't merely affirm pastors and leaders who say they are #ProLife. Insist they prove it with their actual, daily lives. (And do likewise.)
Align only with those who stand WITH and FOR those at the margins: the materially poor. The desperate. The terrified. Vote for those who work on behalf of the most overlooked (and hated) women in our country.
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Interesting points by @DavidAFrench, including his support for @MittRomney’s Family Security Act 2.0 with @SenatorBurr and @SteveDaines.

However, that bill creates some pretty awful and tragic disparities in how it adds pregnant women to the Child Tax Credit. (1)
@DavidAFrench @MittRomney @SenatorBurr @SteveDaines First, it adds pregnant women but excludes parents who do not have Social Security numbers.

How are parents defined? How do you prove that in the womb? What about the child who, if born here, is a citizen?

This rather tragically undermines adding the CTC to pregnant women. (2)
@DavidAFrench @MittRomney @SenatorBurr @SteveDaines Second, the summary reads, “A family must have earned $10,000 in the prior year to receive the full benefit…..”

This harms young adults, single moms, people with disabilities, families who survived an economic recession, farmers dealing with a crop failure, etc. (3)
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#TellYourStory how #RoeVsWade affected you. Here’s mine.

I was 17. I didn’t have high self esteem. My parents were either emotionally vacant or physically gone. I equated sex with love. I was wrong. The next part is so much like #ChristineBlasseyFord, I felt like I knew her…
My “boyfriend” took me to a party. He even came inside to meet my dad. No one had done that. I felt loved…until a couple hours later. He took me to a room in the back of the house. We’d been drinking. I had consensual sex with him. He said he needed to use the bathroom…
He left the room. closed the door. Seconds later it opened, but it wasn’t him. It was several other young men, some older - maybe in their 20s. My boyfriend came in and they tried to hold me down to gang rape me. I fought for my life and clawed one. I told them they’d have to…
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These 13 states will ban abortion completely within 30 days now that Roe v Wade has been overturned. #LifeWins

1. Texas
2. Louisiana
3. Oklahoma
4. Arkansas
5. Missouri
6. Mississippi
7. Tennessee
8. Kentucky
9. North Dakota
10. South Dakota
11. Wyoming
12. Idaho
13. Utah
7 states where abortion will likely be banned within weeks or months…

1. Georgia
2. South Carolina
3. Indiana
4. West Virginia
5. Ohio
6. Iowa
7. Alabama
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Die Wissenschaft geht derzeit davon aus, dass 70% aller befruchteten Eizellen in einer Fehlgeburt enden. (die meisten davon innerhalb der ersten 12 Wochen)

Warum erzähl ich euch das?
In den USA wurde heute das Recht zur Abtreibung gekippt.

Das bedeutet, dass der absichtliche Schwangerschaftsabbruch in einigen Staaten als Mord gewertet wird. (darauf gibt es u.a. noch die Todesstrafe)
Da aber 70% aller Schwangerschaften in "natürlichen" Fehlgeburten enden, wird jede Betroffene potenziell zur Mordverdächtigen.
Das bedeutet wieder rum, dass schwangere Frauen bei potenziellen Komplikationen berechtigte Angst vor medizinischer Versorgung und Krankenhaus Aufenthalten haben, weil sie Angst haben müssen dass ihnen Vorsatz unterstellt wird.
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😢 Met het terugdraaien van de Roe vs. Wade is #abortus in de #USA geen landelijk gegarandeerd recht meer maar wordt dit overgelaten aan de individuele staten. Een flinke stap terug qua #vrouwenrechten! Kort draadje. 🧵…
Op dit moment is 45% van alle wereldwijde #abortussen illegaal wv 95% in ontwikkelingslanden gebeurt. #Abortus is veilig mits goed uitgevoerd maar van alle doodsoorzaken tijdens zwangerschap is tussen de 4 a 13 procent te linken aan onveilige #abortus.…
Ik ben benieuwd hoe het er qua cijfers vlg jaar in #Amerika uitziet. Bijna de helft van de Staten (Republikeins) is #ProLife en zal #abortus dus naar verwachting extreem inperken of verbieden. Wat moeten de meisjes en vrouwen daar doen? Terug naar de kleerhanger of breinaald?
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Did you know that PP has moved into the transition teens and young adult business?
IMO they knew they lost the narrative on abortion when it was revealed they were selling body parts from late term abortions which is overwhelmingly unpopular with American voters. So...
They also knew which way the winds were blowing on SCOTUS.

They needed a new $ stream.

Enter transgender drugs.

Given out with no therapy or consideration at PP clinics.

Always follow the $.

They said for decades taxpayer $ was not funding abortion, but instead
Non existent health services.

Is our tax money funding the transition movement of our youth?

Why in the world are the Dems all in on this insanity?

Follow the $$

Who are their donors?

PP one of their largest donors.
Everyone keeps asking how did we get here so quickly

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💥JOIN US for the biggest pro-life event of the year💥

💢 RALLY for LIFE 2022 💢

🕐 Assembly at 1.00pm at the Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square, for the 2.00pm March.👣

#RallyforLife #WhyWeMarch Image
🚍🚍🚍🚍🚍 For transport from N.Ireland to Dublin, please call Precious Life on 📲 028 9027 8484 to reserve your coach seats early as seats on our 5 coaches often book up fast.

#WhyWeMarch #Rallyforlife #RestorePersonhood #RepealSection9 Image
👕 Be a voice for NI's unborn babies against abortion by wearing a Restore Personhood T-Shirt.

(Available in all sizes for gents or ladies)

💢 rrp £10 donation 💢

📲 028 9027 8484 to order yours today!

#Prolife #RallyforLife #WhyWeMarch #RestorePersonhood Image
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How many times have #prolife heard "no one is pro-abortion"? I wonder if the people in this thread will change their tune now that PP endorses the term?
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Full list of 192 House Republicans who voted against FDA Baby Formula Bill. They would rather create fake outrage and chaos, than prevent infant starvation.

They are not #ProLife, they are #ProBirth. Please share, retweet and VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT.
Long Thread 🧵
State of Alabama
Rep. Robert Aderholt - AL
Rep. Mo Brooks - AL
Rep. Jerry Carl - AL
Rep. Barry Moore - AL
Rep. Gary Palmer -AL
Rep. Mike Rogers - AL
State of Arkansas
Rep. Rick Crawford - AR
Rep. Bruce Westerman - AR
Rep. Steve Womack - AR
Rep. French Hill - AR
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🧵 WISCONSIN - 2022 Midterms Update:

Our Wisconsin team has visited more than 160,000 homes to ensure voters know what's at stake in the 2022 midterms and to urge them to vote for LIFE.


1/6 ImageImageImageImage
“I didn’t know that, & I don’t support it”

One man identifies as pro-choice, but didn’t know science has shown a baby in the womb can feel pain from as early as 12 weeks & will remember that when he votes. He doesn't support late abortion.

2/6 ImageImage
Alycia and Beth are visiting voters in Wisconsin, urging them to vote for life. They spoke with Jennifer: She and her husband adopted some of their children and are preparing to be foster parents again. They are 100% pro-life.

3/6 Image
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