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14 Jan
BREAKING: New report from internal U.S. government watchdog confirms intentional conduct by @TheJusticeDept to separate families at the border:…
The report confirms what we already knew: separating children from their families is cruel, inhuman, and traumatizing.

The U.S. government's intent to punish asylum seekers is consistent with PHR’s own findings:

Family separation amounts to torture.…
It will unfortunately take years to reunite migrant families and help them recover from the trauma inflicted upon them.

This new IG report is another necessary step in the process of exposing the harms of these policies & holding the architects of family separation to account.
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12 Jan
PHR's @ranitmd on Trump's visit to TX:

"Donald Trump presidency ends as it began: by attacking immigrants, spewing disinformation, & violating human rights. His visit to Texas is a clear attempt to distract from the violent insurrection at the Capitol he incited last week. [1/7]
While the President touts his immigration record in Texas, PHR today published a new report that exposes some of the profound damage caused by his administration’s anti-immigrant policies and its abject failure on COVID-19. [2/7]…
Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) subjected people detained in its facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic to systemic abuses, lack of adherence to public health measures, and medical neglect. [3/7]
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12 Jan
We spoke w/ 50 people formerly detained in U.S. @ICEgov facilities who suffered systemic abuses, lack of adherence to public health measures & medical neglect, including lack of even basic #COVID precautions.

Full report…

Here's what we learned (THREAD)
- Masking was not universal: Detainees could not protect themselves against #COVID19

- Lack of #socialdistancing: Nearly all detainees slept less than six ft from their neighbor

- Inadequate protocols: Majority were not tested or isolated after reporting symptoms to @ICEgov ImageImageImage
“I put in a medical request five times, the fifth time they finally saw me.... They didn’t listen to my lungs or ask me questions, they didn’t even let me sit down.”

41-year-old man from Ghana, held at Stewart Detention Center, GA Image
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12 Jan
NEW investigation by @P4HR and @harvardmed details systemic abuses, lack of adherence to public health measures, and medical neglect in U.S. @ICEgov detention facilities during the #COVID19 pandemic.

Read the report:…
As COVID-19 spread across the United States, @ICEgov’s health & safety practices did not comply w/ @CDCgov guidance or w/ ICE’s own Pandemic Response Requirements, subjecting detained people to health risks that violated their constitutional & human rights.
We call on @ICEgov to immediately release people from immigration detention to safely social distance at home – in line with public health best practices, international human rights, and constitutional standards.

Take action today:…
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5 Feb 20
In a new precedent, two #Syrian documentary films, @forsamafilm and #TheCave, have been nominated for Best Documentary Feature in the 92nd #AcademyAwards.

More in our latest blog, “A Tale of two Hospitals.”…

#StopBombingHospitals Image
@forsamafilm @TheSyriaCmpgn @sams_usa @AmnestyUK @Crisis_Action @SafeguardingHC @MedGlobalOrg @intrfthalliance .@forsamafilm and #TheCave tell a hauntingly similar story of health care under systematic attack by #Syrian government forces and their allies. Learn about the years-long illegal attacks on medical personnel and hospitals in our interactive page:…
@forsamafilm @TheSyriaCmpgn @sams_usa @AmnestyUK @Crisis_Action @SafeguardingHC @MedGlobalOrg @intrfthalliance Dr.@AmaniBallour and her colleagues operated #TheCave Hospital, an underground facility in Eastern Ghouta. Our case study details an attack on #TheCave in which 4 hospital staff members were killed– 2 nurses, an admin manager, and an ambulance driver.… Image
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19 Nov 19
LIVE now: PHR Asylum network member Dr. Todd @Schneberk testifies at @HomelandDems hearing on examining the human rights and legal implications of DHS' Remain in Mexico policy. #SaveAsylum #DefundHate
@Schneberk @HomelandDems My work has changed dramatically since the Trump administration rolled out MPP ... I regularly witness the dire impacts of the MPP and I am here to share my assessment that this program should be halted and defunded immediately.
@Schneberk @HomelandDems In February of this year, I was part of a PHR team that documented the cases of asylum seekers in Tijuana. These findings later formed the basis of a PHR report entitled, “If I went back, I would not survive.”…
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