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Anne-Marie Edward

Loved skiing so much that she was buried in her École polytechnique ski team jacket. After her murder, her teammates wore patches with her initials on their uniforms.

#16days #16jours #MontrealMassacre #SayTheirNames #VAWG
#WomenInSTEM Anne-Marie Edward
Barbara Kluczik-Widajewicz

Had fled (communist) Poland with her husband 2 years earlier. They were together when she was murdered. Her husband later said they had come to Canada because they believed it was the safest place.

#16days #16jours #MontrealMassacre #WomenInSTEM Barbara Klucznik
Maryse Leclair

Her father, director of public relations for the Montreal police, found her body. She was wearing the sweater she had worn at her last family dinner.

#16days #16jours #MontrealMassacre #WomenInSTEM Maryse Leclair
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Times up @UniStrathclyde.
Today with @StrathUnion we launch our Reportathon campaign.
We want a visible, accessible, closely monitored Report & Support tool we can trust.
We will show you how far from "rare" incidents are.
Have you been dissuaded from reporting an incident?
Have you felt reporting procedures were buried online?
Have you had people minimise your experience?
Are you hesitant to report your experience to a system you don't trust?
If you have reported, do you know:
Where your data goes?
Who knows about it?
If it gets recorded/counted?
Are departments informed if there are common names repeatedly reported?
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“It is imperative that we all take action against violence and discrimination that continue to affect women and girls” - @Scanlon_Leslie at 25th anniversary of the founding of @cpkorgpl , an amazing NGO working to #EndViolenceAgainstWomen #Thread
Congratulations to Urszula Nowakowska, founder of the Centre For Women’s Rights @cpkorgpl on your 25th anniversary. The devotion and dedication your team has shown in fighting Violence Against Women is inspiring.
The moving stories, of successful @cpkorgpl projects, told by the volunteers and partners of the Centre left us hopeful there is much we can achieve to end #ViolenceAgainstWomen if we act together.
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#SexWorkers remind us sex work is about work. Like all workers they #deserve #rights and #protection against violence at workplace, stigma and discrimination in society.

#EndGBV #accesstoredress #16days #AwarenessToAccountability #dignityatwork…
Current criminalisation (in majority of African countries) of sex work means #sexworkers are on the front-line of #GBV in that the perpetrator knows they are unlikely to report it, and that they are vulnerable and unprotected.

#EndGBV #accesstoredress #16days #dignityatwork
In the context of #MeToo: sex workers face judgement, stigma, blatant systematic discrimination. In media, they’re punished 4 their nonconforming sexuality by being criminalized/slut-shamed.

#EndGBV #accesstoredress #16days #dignityatwork #sexworkiswork…
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Today and tomorrow we will be looking at #policies in workplace and how different sectors are attempting to address #GBV and sexual harassment in workplaces and #protecting women workers' #rights

#16DaysofActivism2019 #ILOendGBV
ESCOM, #Malawi power utility company, created a Gender and Social Inclusion unit. It also developed/implemented policies to ensure a zero tolerance to sexual harassment and discrimination in the company.…

#16DaysofActivism2019 #ILOendGBV
Nien Hsing Textile company has partnered with #Lesotho based #unions and women's rights orgs to launch a program to prevent #SGBV in their garment factories, which employs more than 10,000 workers.…

#16Days #ILOendGBV
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Health professionals in the State of Maharashtra, #India, are pioneering better way to prevent and respond to violence against 👩🏻👩🏿🧕.
#16days #orangetheworld
@WHOSEARO One in three women experience intimate partner violence or sexual violence in their lifetimes. Yet, in the past, survivors seeking medical care in central-west Maharashtra, #India, were sent home without further help
#16days #orangetheworld
@WHOSEARO In Maharashtra, #India, 25 trainers, heads of department & managers from 3 hospitals have passed on the knowledge to 220 health workers, focusing on:
🔹Sympathetic response to build trust for a continuum of care
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Today is the International Day to End Violence against Women.

1 in 3 👩🏻👩🏿🧕 around the 🌍 experience physical or sexual violence by:
A husband
A boyfriend
An intimate partner
A lover
A parent
A relative
A colleague
A boss
A stranger

We must #ENDviolence against 👩‍🦰 & 👧!
@WHO_Europe @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO Violence against 👩🏻👩🏿🧕 has devastating costs and consequences on individuals, communities and societies. It is a major public health problem and a violation of women’s human rights.
#ENDviolence against women. #16days
@WHO_Europe @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO Violence can negatively affect women’s physical, mental, sexual, and reproductive health, and may increase the risk of acquiring #HIV in some settings.
#orangetheworld #16days
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For this year’s #16daysactivism , I will be focussing on the case of the 19 year old young woman who was forced to withdraw her complaint of rape.

There are going to be more court hearings as this case is ongoing. Please help keep this in the news.…
‘ The media have been aggressive in exposing and re-victimising a woman that has been in a particularly vulnerable position,’
Dissection of the retraction at the core of the Ayia Napa rape case.…

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TODAY: our major new survey on attitudes to sexual consent - up to a third of adults still doubt it’s rape if no physical violence, if there’s flirting beforehand, if woman changes her mind & if it’s marriage/long term relationship #Ibelieveher #MeToo…
Our survey also finds - 40% of people do not see ‘stealthing’ (removing a condom without consent) as rape; and there’s a big generational divide on attitudes to consent (over 65s less likely to see non-consent as rape) #Ibelieveher #MeToo
The attitudes are alarming - not only are these people potential jurors in rape trials, they are also the family & friends of women and girls who are assaulted, and they may question whether what happened was abusive & harmful #Ibelieveher #MeToo #16days
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As you know I get over a 100 calls daily on security matters involving threat to life across the country. But 2 of 5 of most calls border on Gender Based Violence. This one shocked me in the heart of Garki in Lokogoma. @CanHCNigeria #HearMeToo #16DaysOfActivism #OrangeTheWorld
Juliet (18) and her elder Sister Jane (21) were born into a family of 5, where the boy child is raised as king. They have 3 elder brothers who were raised chaotically according to her scary illustration. Now that their parents are weak- they’re all facing the consequences of this
The temper tantrums were nothing much to worry about as kids she quipped. But now that the boys are grown & out of school without much to do, they have become homegrown terror for all. Abuse of substances didn’t help their case and violent behavior became a culture. #HearMeToo
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Something else I try to do every year on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women is to tweet parts of Dworkin's "I Want a 24 Hour Truce During Which There Is No Rape." Read it in full here:… #MVAW #EndVAW #VAW #VAWG #16Days
Dworkin, addressing male allies: "We don't have forever. Some of us don't have another week or another day to take time for you to discuss whatever it is that will enable you to go out into those streets and do something." #MVAW #EndVAW #16Days
"We use statistics not to try to quantify the injuries, but to convince the world that those injuries even exist...But I hear about the rapes one by one by one by one by one, which is also how they happen. Those statistics are not abstract to me." #MVAW #EndVAW #16Days
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It’s the International Day to End Violence Against Women.
1 in 3 👩🏽 have experienced physical and/or sexual violence.
STOP violence against women and girls!
#16Days #OrangeTheWorld
Violence against women takes multiple forms:

Intimate partner violence
Female Genital Mutilation
Forced and early marriages

STOP violence against women and girls!
#16Days #OrangeTheWorld
Women who suffer violence are more likely to experience:

Self-harm or suicide
Unwanted pregnancies
Sexually transmitted infections

#ENDviolence against women and girls!
#16Days #OrangeTheWorld
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