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THREAD: Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that the US gov is legally responsible for the #MentalHealth trauma that Trump’s #FamilySeparation policy inflicted on thousands of migrant families at the US/Mexico border.… (1/9)
This groundbreaking ruling recognizes that the Trump Admin knowingly put families in danger & is obligated to provide a solution. #MentalHealth svcs are a step on the path to healing for kids & parents who were torn apart simply for seeking safety. #FamiliesBelongTogether (2/9)
It’s also critical that we don’t forget the millions of children--the vast majority of whom are US citizens--who are increasingly vulnerable to or have already been separated from their parents due to ICE enforcement in our own communities. #FamiliesBelongTogether #NoRaids (3/9)
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New ICE data: >15,000 of the ~50,000 people in ICE jails are people the gov't already found to have a credible claim or persecution or torture. That's 15,000 people ICE should be releasing to be w/ loved ones during their cases, per ICE's own guidance. 1/…
My @NIJC colleagues are blogging about the human cost of ICE's abandonment of discretion over who it jails and for how long. Read here about Margaret, only 18 and stuck in jail for months despite a family longing for her and a winning asylum claim. 2/…
@NIJC And read here about Sebastien, who fled paramilitary groups in Nicaragua to find safety in the United States, but was greeted by a jail cell he could not escape simply because his family couldn’t afford the exorbitant bail set by the judge. 3/…
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This is a stunning #scotus brief filed by former senior Border Patrol officials in the cross-border shooting case.

Bottom line: The culture of violence and impunity within BP is completely pervasive and out of control.
TL:DR Two former BP bosses tasked with investigating allegations of misconduct by agents describe how the hyper-militarized agency culture and inadequate use of force training combine with weak external oversight and the blue wall of silence and obstruction. Kills accountability
There is, they say, no meaningful deterrent to Border Patrol agents illegally shooting unarmed teens and others if civil lawsuits against them cannot be filed. That’s precisely the result DOJ and the SG are advocating in this case.
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Thread: It’s day 3 of the U.S. gov’t running under a Continuing Resolution (CR). ICE is expanding its system of immigration jails. People are dying from medical neglect and 1000s are held in remote jails w/out lawyers. It's all connected and Congress has to act. #DefundHate 1/
A CR is supposed to continue ICE at *flat* funding carried over from its 2019 spending bill. In 2019, Congress funded ICE to jail approximately 45,274 people daily. ICE reports they have 51,302 people in jail as of the end of FY2019. 2/
If history is any guide ICE will continue to expand under a CR through a mechanism called an “exception apportionment” that allows ICE to basically borrow ahead and never pay it back. This is what they did under last year’s CR and during the shutdown.… 3/
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Today we've decided we're mad. We're fed up of all the BS going on.

-Women facing medical negligence at Karnes.
-Said women being transferred to keep things hushed.
-Making room for FAMILIES at said ^ facility.
-Slashing the refugee cap to 18K

The list goes on...
The thing with anger is that it gives you guts to speak up.

That's what this administration and big corps like GEO and Palantir haven't realized.

The more anger they produce, the louder we're going to get.
So if you're looking through your newsfeed reading these stories and find yourself getting mad..

Join us in emailing ICE to demand they #ShutDownKarnes, ask Congress to #DefundHate...but most importantly go out & protest these things and all acts of hate.…
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1/ Happening now: DWN, @NIJC, @ACLU, and @MigrantFreedom are holding a briefing with members of Congress to call for routine surprise visits of ICE jails in their districts and states. #EyesonICE #AbolishDetention
2/ ICE’s inspection process fails to provide an accurate assessment of the conditions people in detention face by lacking independent, regular, & unannounced inspections of detention facilities. We need #EyesonICE to hold the egregious agency accountable.
3/Immigration detention is the unjust practice of incarcerating immigrants while they await a decision on their immigration status. Within a broader system which targets low income people of color, @ICEgov locks up people in abysmal conditions where a culture of abuse permeates.
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Let’s talk about this!…
2) “ICE does not conduct raids or sweeps and does not operate roadblocks or checkpoints. The use of these terms evokes images of indiscriminate enforcement actions taken without probable cause.” 😳
3) Um yeah you do. At least the raid part. Mississippi Koch Chicken Plant. Ring a bell? Also, it’s interesting that ICE calls checkpoints lacking in probable cause. It’s true that Border Patrol is the agency doing this&not ICE. Nice to know you agree it violates the 4th Amend.
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We've all seen the guy at a Home Depot hoping to make a wage

He has no tattoos, only has work boots, he's never joined a gang

He asks a man if he can help but when he tries

The man says no, he gets on his phone and he calls ICE
God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in his boots
Cuz then you really might know what it's like to sing the blues

Then you really might know what its like
Then you really might know what its like
Then you really might know what its like
Then you really might know what its like
Mary got raped by a bunch of thugs while heading home for lunch

Her husbands gone, she can't call the cops, they're all corrupt

Three months later, two months along, and with no one to call

She leaves her land, to go and find her man, he's north of the wall
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The thought of ICE certifying detention centers would be laughable if we did not know that it will just resort in more deaths that no one will investigate. .@DHSMcAleenan claims family facilities will be like dormitories. 1)
2) Like they claimed children were being held in summer camps but they were actually held in filth, covered in lice and scabies with no one taking care of them but other children.
3) Like when they claim their detention centers are like a vacation but they have to take away asylum seekers shoelaces because they fear they will kill themselves in custody.
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.@ICEgov is secretly maneuvering right now to make it even easier for them to keep people in cages and launch mass raids in immigrant communities, so we wanted to break it down for you in a THREAD. 1/
As part of the fight to #DefundHate, Congress must end ICE’s “transfer and reprogramming authority.” What that means is that we want Congress to tell ICE they can’t steal money from other agencies (like the $10 mil they stole from FEMA last year). 2/…
Now, ICE is using this authority *again* to spend more money than Congress says they can. And they’re doing it to expand their abuses, such as conducting raids like the one that separated families in Mississippi or caging people indefinitely in concentration camps. 3/
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We are sent to Congress to lead, to legislate and to carry the stories and struggles of those we serve. More on why, with a heavy heart but clear eyes, I voted no last night → | #MA7 #CloseTheCamps
We should not be criminalizing and vilifying migrant families, especially children and our most vulnerable. #DefundHate #CloseTheCamps…
As the #ATeam mobilizes in #Boston in the name of transit #equity & #affordability, I'm in #ElPaso with the @HispanicCaucus & @HouseDemocrats meeting w/ activists & advocates ahead of touring @CBP facilitates and fighting for the humanity of our immigrant neighbors.
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A lot of people care about what is happening to child detainees right now, and are contacting us to ask what they can do. #DoWhatAmySays #CloseTheCamps #DefundHate #StopBorderTorture #AsylumIsTheLaw #ReleaseReunifyRepresentNow I am very grateful, and this is what we need:
1. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE. #CloseTheCamps. The conditions in detention are horrific, but don't advocate for nicer prisons for these kids. Children don't belong in jails, asylum is the law (8 USC 1158), and asylum seeking families deserve safety and legal representation.
2. BE VISIBLE AND MAKE A FUSS: Please make sure that your Congressional Representative and your Senators understand EXACTLY how horrified you are at this situation and how unAmerican (well, aspirationally) it is. If you can, go in person to your representative's local office.
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Don't like concentration camps? Here's what to do. Right now, House Dems are debating whether to increase or decrease funding for Trump's anti-immigrant hate machine, including these concentration camps. Some Dems want more $$$, others want less (this is a real live debate)...
Here's the explainer on what you can ask your House Dem (or GOP) Representative to do about this.…
If you're against concentration camps, tell your Rep to oppose them. (I can't believe I have to write that sentence). Seriously House Dems are actively debating what to do on this. They're afraid of looking "weak" on immigration, so might give Trump more $$$ for this BS.
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TODAY a gov't watchdog agency @DHSOIG released a NEW REPORT showing - again - that @ICEgov violates human rights of the 50,000+ people in immigration jails. This thread pulls out that report's most appalling findings.… 1/
Context: @DHSOIG & NGOs have REPEATEDLY raised red flags about unsafe conditions & impunity in @ICEgov jails. There’s no doubt @DHSgov leadership is aware of and intentionally furthering abuses in immigration jails. Round up of recent reports here:… 2/
In today’s report, the @DHSOIG Inspector General (IG) reports out on inspections of 4 jails in California, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Colorado. In all 4 the IG found immigrants face “unsafe and unhealthy conditions” in violation of ICE's standards.… 3/
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BLINDMELON @BlindMelon1967

My father was part of the greatest generation. He was 17. A Marine. He only knew he was poor and needed the money. He learned later how important his service was. He taught me how dangerous fascism is. We must fight for freedom.

Happy wife, mommy, empath, artist, cannabis activist, navy brat, spooni. Fight Like A Mother, BLM, LGBTQ Ally, Legalize It, End The Stigma, Gun Control, Team Pelosi
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If I were a member of A Democratic majority on the cusp of a major progressive wave, I'd think long and hard about whether I wanted my name on a bill granting billions of bonus funding to an agency that murdered two children in the last month. #DefundHate
I wouldn't rule out Harwood's scenario, it fits with the typically risk averse behavior we see from leadership. But Americans today understand what the "border enforcement" euphemism means - murder, torture, mayhem, sexual abuse of children - in a way they didn't a few years ago
And pundits are a lagging indicator for these kinds of perception shifts.

So keep calling.

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To the supporters of the "bigamist-traitor" @realDonaldTrump.
Yes "bigamist-traitor". Google the term "simile" and learn a new word.
EPISODE 1 | "How Republicans Really Think"
#FrameLab #PodCast @GeorgeLakoff @gilduran76

iTunes @iTunes 📰
SoundCloud @SoundCloud 📰
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📣 TODAY 12/16/18
is "Call Out GlaxoSmithKline" Day

everyone who

To say NO to GlaxoSmithKline @GSK @GSKUS! Say NO to racism, xenophobia, misogyny, fear & hate mongering @FoxNews!
☎️ To the CEO, Corporate Officers, Board of Directors, Shareholders, Management, Employees, Service Providers, Suppliers, Vendors, & Clients of GlaxoSmithKline @GSK @GSKUS

You have ALTERNATIVES! What can YOU do?
Say #NoToFox #GrabYourWallet #DefundHate @FoxNews
The only thing propping up @realDonaldTrump is @FoxNews. The only thing propping up Fox "News" are its sponsors. It really is that simple...
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📣 TODAY 11/24/18
is "Call Out Allstate" Day

everyone who

To say NO to Allstate @Allstate! Say NO to racism, xenophobia, misogyny, fear & hate mongering @FoxNews!
☎️ RETWEET to the CEO, Corporate Officers, Board of Directors, Shareholders, Management, Employees, Service Providers, Suppliers, Vendors, & Clients of Allstate @Allstate

You have ALTERNATIVES! What can YOU do?
Say #NoToFox #GrabYourWallet #DefundHate @FoxNews
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📣 TONIGHT 11/17/18
is "Call Out HomeAdvisor Night"

everyone who

To say NO to HomeAdvisor @HomeAdvisor! Say NO to racism, xenophobia, misogyny, fear & hate mongering @FoxNews!
☎️ RETWEET to the CEO, Corporate Officers, Board of Directors, Shareholders, Management, Employees, Service Providers, Suppliers, Vendors, & Clients of HomeAdvisor @HomeAdvisor

You have ALTERNATIVES! What can YOU do?
Say #NoToFox #NoToHate #GrabYourWallet #DefundHate @FoxNews
"The Dirty Dozen" @FoxNews
TOP FOX NEWS ADVERTISERS April 2018 - October 2018

Updated November 15, 2018 by @consumerfx
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Follow & follow back everyone who

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To say no to Fox, no to hate, grab your wallet, defund hate @FoxNews
☎️ RETWEET to the CEO, Corporate Officers, Board of Directors, Shareholders, Management, Employees, Service Providers, Suppliers, Vendors, & Clients of @choicehotels

You have ALTERNATIVES! What can YOU do?
Say #NoToFox #NoToHate #GrabYourWallet #DefundHate @FoxNews
The "Murder by lone wolf" technique also used by ISIS.
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Meet Lee Francis Cissna, Director of @USCIS — the man actively working behind the scenes to alter our country's immigration system in cruel, inhumane, and nativist ways. RT this thread and spread the word.
Under Cissna, USCIS has transformed to make life harder for people seeking to come to or live in the US. Recently, USCIS issued a new policy that lets them hastily deny green card applications without giving applicants notice or a chance to respond:…
Cissna also instituted the menacing denaturalization task force, which is designed to make even those who have attained U.S. citizenship fearful by taking away the assumption of permanence for the more than twenty million naturalized U.S. citizens:…
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(THREAD) There are a lot of great things you can do to support people on the front lines of fights to #KeepFamiliesTogether, #StopSeparation, #EndDetention, #DefundHate, #AbolishICE, and #AbolishCBP.

One of the best places to give $$$ is to a community bond fund.
Bond and bail funds don't have many overhead costs, so all or nearly all of your donations directly benefit impacted families. 100% of $$$ given to our Fronterizo Fianza Fund go towards paying bonds and small commissary/telephone deposits.…
Immigrant bond funds are doing great work. @eicommunitybond is working to free every person arrested during recent workplace raids in Iowa…
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