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1/On #InaugurationDay  we are here to demand profound changes to the racist, xenophobic, evil immigration system.

We will except nothing less.


2/Save Pro Se.
3/Right to council.
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THREAD: Trump's Justice Department just made a shameful, last-ditch attempt to restrict asylum.

The Acting AG issued a new decision in our client Ms. A.B.'s case - which has become the battleground on the issue of whether domestic violence survivors can qualify for asylum. (1/6)
(2/6) Back in 2018, then-AG Jeff Sessions plucked Ms. A.B.'s case from the courts, using it as a vehicle to declare that "generally" DV survivors, people targeted by gangs, and others fleeing abuses by non-government actors should not qualify for asylum. #ImmigrantWomenToo
(3/6) The ruling, known as Matter of A-B-, led to a sharp downturn in asylum grant rates for people fleeing epidemic levels of violence in Central America, as reported by @humanrights1st.…
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Wierd thing happens when I watch border/asylum stories on tv. Like every Sunday, I’m watching @LastWeekTonight but this week its focus is asylum & I keep having to pause it to catch my breath. I have seen all this in real life but somehow watching it on tv rocks me every time.
This happened to me with the scene in @OITNB where Blanca was leaving prison and was put on an ICE bus. I was sitting in my living room inconsolable watching her boyfriend stand there with flowers waiting for her, knowing she wouldn’t come.
In the show Vida there was a scene where a guy got picked up by ICE & I wasn’t expecting it and I cried so hard I almost threw up. But in real life I would’ve been the lawyer there, all business, explaining what to do and not crying. Cause no one wants their lawyer to be crying.
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I took the day off yesterday. Today I learned that one of our #AsylumSeekers clients, a #translatina from El Salvador, was stabbed 14 times and nearly killed in an act of hate. My staff didn't tell me until today, because they knew I needed a day off. This is the job.
Hatred towards #immigrants and #transphobia, legitimized by our government leaders, makes the US a place where often times #AsylumSeekers don't find the safety they seek and desperately need.
If you're a black, LGBTQ, or Latinx immigrant, often times you experience racism, hatred, and violence in the US. The govt lies, calling you rapists and murderers, and making others believe your life matters less. That you can then be killed with impunity.
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Just last week the number was thought to be 2K, @CBSNews reports nearly 9,000 unaccompanied children have been expelled from the border during the pandemic. After fleeing severe violence, the U.S. is just sending them back to it. #SaveAsylum
" find out that our government has literally taken children who are seeking protection and sent them back to the very places they fled in such high numbers really took my breath away." - @L_Toczylowski spoke with @camiloreports for @CBSNews #SaveAsylum #ParoleThemAll
All this needless trauma when according to @L_Toczylowski the government could be conducting rapid testing before children and families to sponsors so they can quarantine and continue their immigration proceedings outside of detention. But that wouldn't fit their cruel narrative.
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1/Fascism & militarism are a global epidemics.

In the last two weeks, federal soldiers with no IDs have kidnapped peaceful protestors in #portland & thrown them into unmarked vehicles. "Acting" secretary #chadWolf continues to overstep. #AbolishDHS
2/Right now, in Hondorus, 4 #Garifuna community leaders and organizers were kidnapped from their homes & their communities as unmarked vehicles holding men outfitted with bulletproof vests, AK-47s and Uzis. #CumplimientoSentenciaYA…
3/They were pulled into Triunfo de la Cruz, in the department of Atlantida in #Honduras As the unarmed community looked on in horror, the kidnappers proclaimed they were law enforcement. They know that law enforcement does that have access to weapons of that grade. #SaveAsylum
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Trump & ICE are moving closer and closer to their vision of white supremacy.

Here's some of what's going on JUST THIS WEEK:
1) ICE is planning on using a recent ruling to pull children away from their families. They can #FreeTheFamilies at any time, but instead, they choose this:

2) ICE is starting a "Citizen's Academy" in Chicago to train people on "firearms familiarization" and "targeted arrests".

They want to show civilians how to target, intimidate, and harm immigrants. This is, simply put, Nazi shit.

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MAJOR UPDATE in our lawsuit AOL v. Wolf. The 9th circuit just prevented the gov from applying the asylum ban to people who were “metered” at the border before 7/16/19! This means thousands of people previously robbed of their legal right to asylum can now apply! #saveasylum
After the legal + emotional whiplash of the past week, this is welcome good news. Eternally grateful for our legal counsel in this case @immcouncil @theCCR @splcenter #MayerBrown who made this victory happen 💥! We are 🙏🏽this decision remains in place long enough to save lives!
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UPDATE: Day 2 attempting to present non-refoulement interviewees at the border. After staying at POE until 8pm+, our attorneys are heading back now. We are presenting 11 clients, 1/2 of which are children at SD/TJ border. @CargioliM #RestoreAsylumNow (THREAD) Image
Our Attorney @CargioliM just landed at POE & will be taking over the account to report.
The young children are patiently awaiting for the U.S. government to recognize their right to a non-refoulement interview. #MPP #SaveAsylum Image
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BREAKING: Our clients are being barred from presenting their non-refoulement (fear of MX) interviews at the border. Approx 30 @ImmDef @AlOtroLado_Org clients have been barred since noon. Our atty @CargioliM is taking over to report the latest updates #RestoreAsylumNow (THREAD) Image
Children and families who have survived multiple kidnapping attempts, those assaulted by MX police, families held at gunpoint - all NOT ALLOWED non-refoulement interviews for the last 5 hours @CargioliM
Among the vulnerable families we are presenting at the POE is a family with a 6 year old who were threatened by narcotics traffickers in Mexico. #SaveAsylum Image
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Our tax dollars should be invested in education, housing, prison alternatives and health care programs that provide opportunity and increased well-being for all - not in the Trump administration's anti-immigrant and racist policies. #DefundHate #SOTU
The Trump administration continues to promote discrimination against immigrants, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and Muslims. #DefundHate #SOTU #SOTU2020
The Trump administration is ripping apart health care and nutrition programs for low-income people. #DefundHate #SOTU #SOTU2020
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@FlySwiftAir you must be so proud. Do you think your children and grandchildren will be proud of you when they find out how you oarticipated in this genocide? Can’t help wondering if the corp execs will be proud when your name is mentioned in future history books🤔1/15
From a post by Janice Rosenberg to Witness Tornillo Target MPP-Here's an update on the Honduran woman with the two sick children who was deported Tuesday to Guatemala City. They've been located by Every.Last.One and are being given support there:
On 12/30/19, a young mother & her 2 daughters (ages 1 & 6) entered U.S. after fleeing death threats in Honduras. A gang was demanding protection money which they could not pay. Threats were not idle, as this gang had already killed neighbors of theirs, including children.3/15
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Although it made 1 DHS agent pretty angry, 3 of us were there to watch as 5 buses, likely full of deportees, got onto a @FlySwiftAir jet at Brownsville Airport, and likely were transported to somewhere in Central America.1/5
This is the promised ramp up of the PACR (Prompt Asylum Claim Review) program, designed to send asylum seekers as far away as possible without giving them time or the means to make their case.
We are watching to see if this is the beginning of the end for MPP, or just supplementary cruelty to handle the new caravans, or poor people’s marches, as I like to think of them, coming up from the ravaged countries south of Mexico. 3/5
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One year later, Remain in Mexico has proven every bit as cruel and catastrophic as we feared. 🧵

#RestoreAsylumNow #EndMPP #SaveAsylum
Since January 2019, nearly 60,000 people have been forcibly returned to Mexico under the program, including thousands of families and young children.

#RestoreAsylumNow #EndMPP #SaveAsylum
There have been 816 documented cases of murder, sexual assault, extortion, kidnapping, and other serious violence perpetrated against people entered in the program.

#RestoreAsylumNow #EndMPP #SaveAsylum
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@L_Toczylowski is taking over ImmDef’s Twitter this morning to live tweet from #MPP court in San Diego. Follow this thread to get a peek inside a border court where asylum seekers’ due process rights are being violated every single day. #RestoreAsylumNOW #SaveAsylum #EndMPP
While we wait for the CBP bus full of asylum seekers to arrive from the border, I am taking a look at the posted docket lists: 37 ppl have court this morning, & only 1 has a lawyer. This afternoon 107 ppl have court, & only 4 have lawyers. #RestoreAsylumNOW
Waiting for hearings to start. Asylum seekers here now. ICE detention officer just walked into courtroom & asked another guard “can you ask the aliens if anyone needs to go to the bathroom before we get started?” She asks in Spanish, the terrified, tired looking group all decline
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The Trump administration has weaponized the immigration courts as a deportation machine. Tune in as the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship holds a hearing about the U.S. immigration courts crisis. #AbolishTheDeportationMachine #SaveAsylum
The immigration court backlog is over one million cases. Thousands of asylum seekers wait years for their court date. #AbolishTheDeportationMachine #SaveAsylum #RestoreAsylumNow

Read our report on immigration courts:…
Our nation’s immigration courts make life-and-death decisions every day for people seeking #asylum.

We're suing to bring integrity to the immigration court system. #AbolishTheDeportationMachine #SaveAsylum #RestoreAsylumNow…
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Last night I arrived in Texas w/ my @HispanicCaucus colleagues for an important trip to investigate the Trump administration’s harmful #RemainInMexico policy. We’ll be observing conditions for asylum seekers on both sides of the border today. Follow along here. #DemsAtTheBorder
Crossing the border to Matamoros, Mexico, where families are being sent to stay in dangerous conditions while seeking asylum under the Trump admin’s #RemainInMexico policy. #DemsAtTheBorder
I’m extremely concerned about the conditions asylum seekers are staying in and how long they have to wait to make their case. #DontLookAway #DemsAtTheBorder
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I told her that it was a special Xmas because I had given her the United States. My daughter hugged + kissed me + told me, ‘Mommy you are the best Christmas present I could have. As long as we have each other, nothing else matters.’ But on the 25th something different happened.
This video was taken by @unkyoka of @ACLU in February of this year jdays before we presented a group of 29 parents at the border demanding they be reunited with their children from whom they had been cruelly and illegally deported.
We are happy to report that we have since been able to reunite Luisa and Nery (featured in this video) as well as the rest of the parents with their children and they are currently pursuing their asylum claims as a family.
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If you read one thing today, it should be this haunting article. Let it sink in that our government photographed the injuries this father suffered being tortured in front of his 3 year old child, and then sent them both right back into danger in Mexico.…
Jose's terrifying story is onestory but there are 1000s of desperate asylum seekers living in fear for their lives today after they sought protection at our border. Please #stayoutraged. Fight compassion fatigue. Let Jose’s story really sink in & imagine if this was your family.
Read Jose’s story, share it, talk about it with your friends and family as you gather for the holidays this week. Do not let our government do this in the shadows, shine a light. #SaveAsylum #migrantpersecutionprotocols. #EndMPP #KeepFamiliesTogether…
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UPDATE: Atty just got off the phone with mom who was crying happy tears! Thank you to all, especially @JoaquinCastrotx & the @HispanicCaucus, for applying public pressure to @CBP to release these children. After a terrifying night facing the unthinkable, they have been released.
The fight for justice for this family is far from over, but the kids were given an order of supervision allowing them to go with their parents at least for now. Remember, this outcome is likely only because this family is one of the less than 2% of #MPP cases with an atty.
The absurd & terrifying situation yesterday is one we will continue to see b/c of the #asylumban & other recent changes. But many families will face this alone. We must keep fighting with everything we have to shut this whole damn #migrantpersecutionprotocols down. #SaveAsylum
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The Trump administration has weaponized the immigration courts into a deportation machine. This must end. We’re suing. #AbolishTheDeportationMachine #SaveAsylum…
We filed a lawsuit today with @ThinkLawLab on behalf of our organizations and @asylumadvocacy, @santafedreamers, @LasAmericasIAC and @cliniclegal. #AbolishTheDeportationMachine #SaveAsylum
Our nation’s immigration courts make life-and-death decisions every day for people seeking #asylum. They depend on a functioning court system to protect them from persecution, torture, and death. #AbolishTheDeportationMachine #SaveAsylum
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An immigration judge granted my MPP (“Remain in Mexico”) client a bond. He is an asylum seeker. Dept. of Homeland Security requested a stay to the Board of Immigration Appeals. It was DENIED.
Today the bond was paid. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ACCEPTED the payment. I presented my client at the San Ysidro Port of Entry along with the Immigrant Judge’s ORDER and ICE’s confirmation of accepting payment.
We waited 4 hours into the evening to be told my client would NOT be allowed to enter the U.S. My client was crushed. I am not giving up because glaring due process violations must be extinguished.
#SaveAsylum #rightsmatter
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LIVE now: PHR Asylum network member Dr. Todd @Schneberk testifies at @HomelandDems hearing on examining the human rights and legal implications of DHS' Remain in Mexico policy. #SaveAsylum #DefundHate
@Schneberk @HomelandDems My work has changed dramatically since the Trump administration rolled out MPP ... I regularly witness the dire impacts of the MPP and I am here to share my assessment that this program should be halted and defunded immediately.
@Schneberk @HomelandDems In February of this year, I was part of a PHR team that documented the cases of asylum seekers in Tijuana. These findings later formed the basis of a PHR report entitled, “If I went back, I would not survive.”…
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