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26 Jun 20
This is beautiful. Made locally by artisans from Tripura. Eco-friendly products and also provide livelihood to forest fringe communities. Extra marks for design and finishing.
For all those who want to place the order. Please contact at

- 9954926020
- 7005984264

Tripura Forest Corporation.
Some more design to chose from. They are coming up with many more.
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22 Jun 20
In case you missed it. Temperatures have reached +38°C within the Arctic Circle this Saturday, 30°C hotter than normal. Which will have immense effect on global circulation. #GlobalWarming is here.

GC @ScottDuncanWX @UNFCCC
Arctic circle can be considered as a barometer for the planet, as it is coldest part. And now it has recorded highest temp ever. Whether it is Asia or Europe, other regions are also recording temp anomalies. Some regions showing what 2100 will look like.
May 2020 is already estimated to be the warmest May since 1850, when recording started. Arctic gets warmer rapidly than other places due to 'Arctic amplification', due to its feedback loop. Here Global May temp anomalies. Graph sourced from
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7 Jun 20
Lets make eco-friendly products fashion again. Bamboo bottles. Thanks to Dhritiman Borah from Assam who took it as a business model. Also they provide livelihood to numerous local community members. India has immense potential in it, especially north east.
Bamboo is a forest product & India grows many species of it. The whole chain provides livelihood to people. From plantation, if taken up, to harvesting, selling & making product like these. Here one of our SHG. They harvest from forest & sell in market. All women SHG.
No only bamboo many simple products from forest provide livelihood to a lot of people. For example these ‘mala’ you must have seen in local fairs. They are made up of wood apple. Collected & made into products. Pics taken by me.
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5 Jun 20
Not a rocket science. Plain and simple. Source unknown.
Do not encroach natural way of #rivers. Go for river flood zoning. Here land use planning is done according to the potential of a river for flooding. Prohibited zone and Regulated zone are demarcated. Infra development is done according to risk assessment floods can cause.
- In prohibited zone no infra is created.
- in regulated zone infra like playground, parks etc can be created, which needs less intervention. Can be vacated immediately.
- no habitation in flood zones.
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3 Jun 20
We are facing one more #cyclone today. So let me remind you. #Mangroves;

- acts as buffer & reduce impact of cyclones & #storm surge.
- they break the #wind force
- provide #habitat to #animals during cyclone or otherwise
- they reduce #pollution.

We just need to protect them.
So how it works. Mangroves create a maze & dense habitat. With species which are salt tolerant & special adaptations. They act like buffer & consume the winds & energy. So after passing the storms get dampen. You must have read in ‘Theory of Vibration’.
They are prop roots. In #mangrove #ecosystem they are adventitious support roots. They Grow down from lateral branches, in a way support trees, with doing other root functions. Additionally roots buffer against damage to coasts & enhance biodiversity & carbon sequestration.
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29 May 20
Time for #BirdTwitter. Post your bird picture or favorite bird with location & name. From your garden, terrace, walk, forest or anywhere. With little info & watch how this thread will become colorful. Here White throated kingfisher through my lens.
Thank you all. This thread has 500 beautiful birds. All showing diversity & colours. 🙏🏻
Thank you for the pictures friends. Also I can claim this thread has some of the best pictures of birds. And #BirdTwitter actually made it into news also.…
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26 May 20
This time desert locust attack is severe. They have arrived earlier, in huge numbers & now reached till Panna in MP. The changing climate conditions are linked with locust growth in east Africa. The swarms has potential of eating everything & destroy the crops. This from Panna. ImageImage
In last two years we r seeing an upsurge in locust swarms. The reason according to experts is Mekunu and Luban cyclonic storms of May and October 2018 in Oman & Yemen. Which created condition for upsurge in population. You see climatic condition has such role in pest production.
According to forecast of FAO; #DesertLocust situation remains extremely serious in HornofAfrica, where new generation of swarms are starting to lay eggs, which coincides with the current planting season.

So if they have born in record numbers they fly eat to have food. Millions. Image
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11 May 20
Yesterday a one horn Rhino was poached in Kaziranga, horn was chopped off. Also empty cartridges of AK47 assault rifle were found.

Do you know how it is done. So what is the most grotesque scene you've seen so far in life. Long old thread reproduced with permission. Pic HT. 1/n
So what is the most grotesque scene you've seen so far in life. Just think about mind flooded with hallucinations of a rhino in Kaziranga wailing in excruciating agony, left to die in the most gruesome manner in a pool of blood. 2/n
Will send chill down in ur spine ? If not, let me narrate a sordid account of how a glorious animal : the Indian one-horned Rhino is poached in wildlife areas by poachers, for your info. The Indian one-horned rhino, despite being blessed with a thick hide/skin, has a major [3/n]
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4 May 20
He is Onon a Cuckoo. This bird was in Kenya on 29th April. Today he is in Madhya Pradesh. He has completed his crossing of the Arabian Sea to India and, for good measure, flown another 600 km inland also. It is 5000 Kms flying in a week. Feel that amazing feat. @BirdingBeijing
Imagine non stop flying over Arabian sea for days & for thousands of kilometres. Which machine can beat nature.

“He’s wearing a solar-powered transmitter, the signals from which are picked up by satellites and sent to a ground station in almost real time.” For info.
You can ask questions about technology, methods, processes of tracking birds. They will be answered by @BirdingBeijing. Shoot.
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3 May 20
Obituary of a #forest guard. She is Madhubala, from Jaldapara NP. She was born in 1930, served the Park for 50 years, patrolled over different beats, ranges & remote areas with frontline staff. She during its half century of service gave birth to 8 calves. No more today.
Elephants plat great role in rescue as well as protection duty. To reach places where there are no roads. Part of system from decades. For example this picture of KC Roy Choudhary (IFS 1940 batch) with a dept elephant & staff.
Even service book of elephants are maintained. For example service book of an elephant called as Jatraprasad. Entries are made about major life events also. From old records.
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28 Apr 20
Today let me share story of Amur Falcon, a bird which crosses Himalayas enroute to India from Mongolia & Arabian Sea for going to Africa. This bird covers 22,000 KMs flying. One of the nature’s amazing wonder. In Nagaland they come in hundreds of thousands & stay for some time.
While we were inside a female Amur Falcon named as ‘Longleng’, which flew non-stop for FIVE DAYS covering thousands of kilometres to reach Somalia in Nov last year, has returned to the Indian sub-continent. This reached India just recently.…
In one study three Amur falcons were radio tagged named as Naga, Pangati & Wokha. By 13 November they left Nagaland & by 25th December all three were in Southern Africa. With some halts in India. They took longest over water journey. Imagine the distance they covered flying.
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24 Apr 20
This is a #Pangolin, the most trafficked mammal on planet. Found across India naturally & un-harmful but millions are hunted & trafficked across Asia & Africa. All eight species of them are under threat for their use in medicines. There is no proof that they spread #Covid19.
They are Ant eaters & important part of ecosystem. Indian pangolin is found across India & now endangered. Everywhere they are on their last leg. Scales are used in traditional medicines mistakenly for ailments & reducing impotency. Huge market in China & SE Asia. Both AP images.
Last year Singapore seized 8.8 tonnes of #elephant #ivory & 11.9 tonnes of #pangolin scales in 3 containers en route from DR Congo to Vietnam. For which 33,000 pangloin were killed. This is only one such seizure. There is huge market & harmless creature hunted to the extinction.
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18 Apr 20
#Porcupine vs #Leopard. Porcupines are difficult to hunt as they have needles all over their body. Only few can do that, leopards are one of them. They turn them upside down. But this one is with less experience. Old video from Africa.
Here this one from India. When a leopard killed a porcupine & taking away. This is from last year shot by Zubin.
#Porcupine body contains thousands of quills, upto 30000, which acts as defence mechanism. Each quill has a topical antibiotic. In wild only few can kill a porcupine, #leopards are one of them. But not this time. Video from net. Of this size, from my archives. Image
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17 Apr 20
This is for all. Bats are source of many virus but they are not behind spread. It is our own actions. Bats help in

- Pest extermination
- pollination, hence food security
- increase soil fertility
- seed dispersal

Bats are not enemies wherever they are. In your homes & farms.
There are 1,400 bat species living in the wild. They are coexisting in cities, houses & farms also. No research to suggest that they pose danger.

Rather according to researchers In last 4 decades all major viruses are result of Human encroachment in wild areas. Not vice versa.
All species harbor viruses. Including humans.

The spillover of a human virus from an animal which is its reservoir is a complex process. Till today we dont know the exact way for Covid19.

We only know Covid19 is spreading from Human to Human. With exception of Human to animal.
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3 Apr 20
Ok. Challenge for all my photographer friends. Bring your best picture. Wildlife, landscape, portrait. Lets see the colours.
Please with some details. Like location. If wildlife, some info. It will be useful for all. Regards.
This thread & tagged comments has 5000+ wildlife pictures. Just look at them. Some are like out of the world.
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1 Apr 20
On this day in 1973 Project Tiger was launched in India. To bring back a charismatic species from verge of extinction, to protect habitat & garner support for conservation.

2006- 1411
2010- 1706
2014- 2226
2018- 2967

This pic by Sidharth Singh is what brings smile. A family.
Shri Kailash Sankhala (IFS 1953, CWLW Rajasthan) was given charge to spearhead the project. Which he brilliantly did. Later Sankhala was awarded with Padma Shri & other many awards for his work in field of conservation. Today there are 50 tiger reserves in India.
Today about 80% of wild tigers in world are in India. They are protected by conserving the habitat. In return the habitats provide immense ecological services to country from oxygen to water. We have tigers in dry lands of Rajasthan to Himalayas. From High forests to cold areas.
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26 Mar 20
A family. Turtle with hatchlings. Do you know turtles arrive at the same location for mass nesting where they were hatched once. In these days about 8 lakh turtles have arrived & laid some 6 crore eggs on Odisha coast. After 7 years we have daytime nesting. Old pic by unknown.
Watching turtle nesting is amazing in itself. I will narrate my experience. In such times the coasts are protected by staff. The turtles arrive in hundreds and thousands to coast. They perfectly synchronize their movement with each after swimming thousands of kilometers. 2/n
After coming out of water they reach above tide line. Then using rear flippers she digs a hole of about 2-4 feet deep. Perfectly balance her above the hole. If sense disturbance she will not go for laying eggs. This is what I have heard also in many cases. 3/n
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26 Mar 20
On this day in 1974 brave women started hugging trees & saving from felling. Gaura Devi with 27 other women of Reni village led #Chipko movement. The news of resistance spread like wildfire to nearby villages and more people joined in. A watershed moment in independent #India.
The original chipko movement was from September 1730. When king of Jodhpur sent teams to fell Khejri trees. Soon summons to a meeting were sent to 83 Bishnoi villages. The cry was “सिर साटे रुख रहे तो भी सस्तो जाण”. With this 363 bishnoi martyred to save trees led by Amrita Devi.
To commemorate the day of this 'bishnoi massacre' India observe this day as 'Forest Martyrs Day'.

The modern movement was spread in years & is considered as eco-feminist movement, led by women. And a movement for ownership of resources based on gandhian principles.
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25 Mar 20
Meanwhile #China announced a permanent ban on wildlife trade & consumption.

"Prohibiting Illegal Trade of Wild Animals, Eliminating Bad Habits of Wild Animal Consumption, & Protecting the Health & Safety of People"

But with loopholes. Trade for Traditional Medicine is exempted.
Indeed our immediate concern is to check #Covid19.

But we need more predictive models for Infectious Disease Outbreaks. Especially when we have 7 outbreaks in last two decades.

Can look into direction of higher mammalian diversity, broad leaf forests, pop density, low latitude.

2002 SARS
2005 Bird Flu
2009 Swine "
2012 MERS
2014 Ebola
2019 SARS-nCov

The predictions will not only save us from future outbreaks but also right allocation of resources. See where above factor converge, the countries which need resources. & Strict ban Wildlife trade.
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24 Mar 20
Now there are forwards of a new virus; #HantaVirus.

This is an old found virus. Transmitted from Rodents. It has not shown as contagious behavior as per data available. There are vaccines also for it. There were many records of it in past also.

Don't panic & don't forward.
According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); it is not airborne and can only spread to people if they come in contact with urine, feces, and saliva of rodents and less frequently by a bite from an infected host.

So they spread mainly by rodents.
It can cause #hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) and haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS).

There are no documentation of HPS Human to Human transmission. Whereas HFRS Human to Human Transmission are rare. Which means mostly non-contagious.

All sourced from CDC.
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15 Mar 20
Must read today: #Ecology of #Disease.

Sixty percent of emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic, originated in animals & more than 2/3 of those originate in wildlife.

In last 4 decades all major viruses are result of Human encroachment in wild areas.…
The Nipah virus in South Asia & Hendra virus in Australia originated from fruit bats.

AIDS, for example, crossed into humans from chimpanzees in the 1920s when bush-meat hunters in Africa killed and butchered them.

Disease, it turns out, is largely an #environmental issue.
"Diseases have always come out of the woods and wildlife & found their way into human populations — the plague and malaria are another examples."

When we break the ecosystem, say an intact tropical forests, by removing something we remove the protective link also.
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