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#WomensDay2022 #Womensday #Frauentag @Snapchat @SnapForBusiness fragte mich, wer mich inspiriert. ich sagte:

#maria #regula und #KatharinaVonZimmern-Festival 2022
mit sound wärs schon etwas inspirierender... abernu. bestimmt wollte ich es genau so (so?)…
die ganze playlist auf :-P
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Chères amies et inconnues, en cette journée internationale de la femme, j’aimerai rappeler ceci : nous sommes égaux en tous points! Il est inacceptable et choquant, en 2022, les violences physiques et mentales, les différences de droits, salaires, considérations, … 1/8
dont sont victimes les femmes. Il est inacceptable qu’en 2022, des politiciens fassent encore campagne avec un discours basé sur ces idées archaïques et nauséabondes fomentant ces inégalités et violences.
Je ne laisserai jamais dire et 2/8
je vous (femmes et hommes) encourage à ne jamais laisser dire que vous, femmes, filles, êtes moins capables ou que vous avez moins de droit qu’un homme, un garçon.
Je suis avec vous, engagé et 3/8
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6 things I wish I knew when I was 15:

#WomensDay #WomensDay2022 #womenempowerment

A thread 🧵
1. The Power of being Independent:

Growing up we all have been subjected to first-hand discrimination in a patriarchal institution in some way or the other.

My mom always told me that being able to stand on your own feet is the greatest sense of empowerment.
2. Do not be an emotional fool:

My dad always used to tell me that I make decisions emotionally and it will have a grave impact in my life.

Always take your brain with you wherever you take your heart. Don't be emotionally invested with poor ROI.
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This #InternationalWomensDay2022 let’s revisit the progressive judgments of the Indian Courts reaffirming the rights of the women and providing them better protection of the law.

#ICLU celebrates 21 judgments of the #SupremeCourt on this #WomensDay
1. The Apex Court providing for detailed guidelines for safety of women at workplace in Vishakha & Ors. v. State of Rajasthan & Ors. (1997) directed employers to provide a mechanism for redressal of grievances of employees. (1/2)
These guidelines were eventually formalised as legislation with the passing of the Sexual Harrasment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. (2/2)

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This #WomensDay, we take a look at some stories that show how social systems often exist with glaring inequalities for women, and some cases that show how these systems can be changed Check out this thread to read about women in IITs, femtech, female athletes, and more!🧵
We published a three part series about #WomenInSTEM, that looked at their journey of making it to prestigious universities, both public and private, and the challenges they face in these institutes. Here is part 1:…
Communities & individuals most affected by #climatechange are often left out the larger conversation of participation and solutions. @_Vaishnavi_R spoke to climate activist @SorengArchana about the role that women & Dalit youth play in conservation…
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Happy Women's day! Stories of women who changed the history of our world. @sarahjxckson @GirlUp
Hatshepsut was the fifth Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. She is the second-ever female ruler to rule Egypt and lived from 1507-1458 BC.
Agrippina the Younger was a Roman empress and is said to be the most prominent woman of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, which was the family of the first five emperors of the Roman empire. She lived from 15-59 AD.
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On #InternationalWomensDay we would like to shine a light on our wonderful Librarian Prachi. She is eldest of six siblings. Her father is a street vendor & owing to her large family she needed to aid her parents. She has made many sacrifices for her family, one being leaving...
..her own education behind. This curious 19-year-old lives close to the library at Bansa and gradually became immensely attached to it. She began to use the responsibility of dropping and picking her sisters up from the library as an opportunity to visit–spent hours talking to...
....the former librarian, asking her questions about the functioning of the Library. Prachi also regularly asked her younger sisters about the ongoings of the library when she could not be here.
Fast forward to this day, she is currently the Head Librarian at BCL, along with....
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Revealing today!
Surpanakha, the sister of Ravana, is famous for her tumultuous clash with Rama and Lakshmana, which led to Ravana abducting Sita. But it is believed that there is more than what meets the eye.
#nft #NFT #NFTCommumity #mythology
Surpanakha was married to Dustabudhdhi, who was a Lankan court member. She enjoyed major favours from Ravana. But as Dustabudhdhi grew greedy, he got into Ravana's bad books. This ultimately resulted in Ravana killing Dustabudhdhi.

#NFT #NFTCollection #mythology
Disgruntled, Surpanakha decided to avenge her husband's death. She knew she could not destroy Ravana on her own, so she needed to mastermind a plot that led to the downfall of her brother.
#NFT #NFTCollection #mythology
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''நான் பெண்ணில்லையா...?''

அமெரிக்காவின் ஓஹியாவில் 1851 ஆம் ஆண்டு பெண்கள் உரிமை மாநாட்டில் ஆப்பிரிக்க அமெரிக்கரான சோஜோர்னர் ட்ரூத் ஆற்றிய உரையை சர்வதேச மகளிர் தினம் கொண்டாடப்படும் இம்மாதத்தில் மீண்டும் நினைவுபடுத்த வேண்டிய தேவை இருக்கிறது.

''அங்கிருக்கும் அந்த ஆண் கூறினார்.. பெண்களால் பிறரது உதவி இல்லாமல் கடினமான வேலைகள் எதையும் செய்ய இயலாது..அவர்களுக்கு எப்போதும் சிறந்த இடம் தரப்படுகிறது என்று... என்னைப் பாருங்கள் எனக்குக் கடின வேலைகளில் யாரும் உதவவில்லை. எனக்கான சிறந்த இடத்தை யாரும் தருவதில்லை. நான் பெண்ணில்லையா?
என்னைப் பாருங்கள்... என் கைகளைப் பாருங்கள்... நானே உழுது நானே நடவு செய்தேன். எந்த ஆணும் என்னை வழி நடத்தவில்லை. நான் பெண்ணில்லையா...?''

இசபெல்லா பௌம்ஃப்ரீ என்ற இயற்பெயர் கொண்ட சோஜோர்னர் ட்ரூத், அமெரிக்காவில் 1797 ஆம் ஆண்டு அடிமைக் குடும்பத்தில் பிறந்தவர்.
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Last night I had a DEEP conversation with my wife about women in the workplace, and my eyes were opened.… #celebratingwomen #InternationalWomensDay #WomensDay #WomensDay2022 #InternationalWomensDay

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Since Venus is the only planet in the solar system named after a female god (the Roman goddess of beauty and love), it is only apt that its craters are named exclusively after important women. Among these are three Indians. Here’s why you should know who they were #womensday
The Joshee Crater is named after Anandi Joshi (1865-1887), one of India’s first women physicians. Despite severe resistance from the orthodoxy in India, Joshi acquired a degree in Western medicine from the Women’s College of Pennsylvania in the USA.
Joshi decided to study medicine when her 10-day old son died due to lack of medical care. She was only a teenager, but she dreamt big – and achieved her goal. Joshi died of tuberculosis at age 21.
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On #WomensDay, an appeal. Don’t give up your career for marriage or children. It’s never easy to juggle all, but honestly it’s not a choice we can make yet. Building a career is an obligation. 1/3
We got an education and the opportunity to work outside our homes because many many women fought the system and society before us. Don’t give it up. It is our duty to break more glass ceilings so that the generations of women who follow, find more workplaces led by women. 2/3
Don’t exit in the name of exercising a choice. Do justice to your gift. Pay it forward. And enjoy the journey 😊🙏 🌻
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திருமதி பாரதி பாஸ்கர் அவர்களின் கல்யாண மாலை நிகழ்ச்சி ஞாயிரு அன்று பார்த்தேன். முதலில் அவர் சொன்னது, எனக்காக பிரார்த்தனை செய்த அத்தனை நல்லுள்ளங்களுக்கு பாதம் தொட்டு வணங்குகிறேன். அவர் மறுபடியும் பேச வந்ததை பார்க்கும்போதே ஒரு மகிழ்ச்சி.
இன்று வணக்கம் தமிழாவில், பெண்கள் தினத்திற்கு Image
பாரதி பாஸ்கரின் பேட்டி. அஸ்வத்தை பார்த்து அவர் சொல்றார், நீங்க என்னை கூப்பிட்டது பதிலா ஒரு ஆணை கூட்டிட்டு வந்து பெண்கள் தின சிறப்பை பேச சொல்லிருக்கணும். அவர் கொடுத்த விளக்கம், ஆணும் பெண்ணும் சேர்ந்து பயணிப்பதே பெண்ணுக்கு கொடுக்கும் மரியாதை.
Gender Equality matters! #WomensDay
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This #InternationalWomensDay I’d like to remind my doctor colleagues that medicine has an androcentric history that may impact upon women patients. That woman isn’t « difficult », she’s under-researched and we know less (and even less has been translated to practice). 🧵
We can do Better. Women are also represented less in medical and anatomical textbooks. Here are some papers for further information.
Androcentricity in medicine:…
Misogyny in medical research:…
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This women's day! I'll be hosting Karamoja's very first female doctor who defied early marriage to finish school - Dr. Faith Nangiro. Hers is a story of hope! It's different, it's fresh! She proves that the place you were born doesn't define you! Plus she's a vibe🎉#LittleFaith
I travelled to Karamoja last year to meet Dr. Faith and document her powerful story.

This documentary was executively produced by @abercrombiehere (if you've watched the movie War room, she's the prayerful mama).

It was also produced by an all female crew that I directed.💕
Let me also add that this is my first thread ever🤯😂 jhus shayin.

Back to the mulamwa, this is not an ordinary story. We've often joked 'We shall not wait for Karamoja to develop' because it was a little too forth world for the rest of us😂😂

Well Faith, at only 7yrs said NO.
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A fascinating discussion with Mushaal Hussein Mullick, human rights activist, and wife of jailed Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik. She lived in Srinagar with her husband, before India jailed him.

#ChooseToChallenge#IWD2021#PlightOfKashmiriWomen#WomensDay#WomensDay2021 #YFK
Speakers included Dr. Samina Karim, Program Director and Lecturer in Social Work, University of Bradford; and Ms. Abida Rafique, Advisor to OIC, Jeddah, who covers Southeast Asia from Bangkok.

#ChooseToChallenge#IWD2021#PlightOfKashmiriWomen#WomensDay#WomensDay2021 #YFK
.@MushaalMullick narrated her story, her life in Kashmir, her impressions of Kashmiri women, and stories of Pakistani wives of Kashmiri men who denied travel documents by Indian authorities.

#ChooseToChallenge#IWD2021#PlightOfKashmiriWomen#WomensDay#WomensDay2021 #YFK
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1/17 Taking forward the theme of #WorldKidneyDay let’s discuss what it means for “#WOMEN to live well with #kidney disease” 💃
🧵ahead is for anyone who cares about 💃!
@womeninnephro #womenempowerment #WomensDay #WomensHistoryMonth
Q-Do kidney diseases affect women differently?
Women have
⬆️Autoimmune diseases (SLE, RA, Systemic Scleroderma)
In #Women of Color that's 2- 3X commoner, early-onset with⬆️ complications

⬆️UTI due to short urethra
In #Pregnancy ⬆️risk of pyelonephritis and sepsis…
3/17 Pregnancy poses a high risk of #kidney injury due to various etiologies (see pic) which can progress to CKD in the future.
#Preeclampsia is a definite risk factor for #CKD and #ESKD in mother and also for #cardiovascular disease
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Digital Gender Divide
A Thread
Digital space is expanding in Pakistan but this expansion is not gender-equal. Pakistan is among countries where gender gap is the highest regarding mobile phone ownership and mobile internet use. Pakistan Demographic Health Survey (PDHS 2018) 1/11
is a government survey that is conducted regularly to see progress in demographic areas. It has a section that captured digital divide among men and women of Pakistan. According to latest PDHS, only 12% of the surveyed women, aged 15-49, used internet during last 2/11
twelve months. While 28% men reported internet use during the same period. This disparity was higher in rural areas. In urban areas 22% of women and 40% men used internet. While in rural areas only 7% women reported use of 3/11
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She was married off as a minor, Abandoned by her husband before she turned 18 and never given a divorce till date.. That did not discourage her... She studied, got a job as a teacher, earned and supported herself.. Even though her husband never acknowledged their marriage (1/N)
acknowledged their marriage for nearly 50 years in public... And inspite of him being CM for 3 terms and PM for 2 terms., she has proved the power of being a stong independent woman.
A true inspiration for all independent woman in a male dominant Indian society.
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Today, on #InternationalWomensDay I'd like to celebrate 10 amazing academics who've changed the fields of #STS #STEM and social sciences, and made significant impact on my own research. Follow them, come work with them, read and cite their work! #WomensDay #AcademicTwitter
Alondra Nelson @alondra is the first #STS scholar to have become a science advisor to the President of the United States. Prof. Nelson is recognized for her pioneering studies of #genetics #race and #technology and for years she's worked to support social sciences in the US.
Shoshana Zuboff @shoshanazuboff. Everyone's read The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. It is in Prof. Zuboff's terms that we all discuss #BigTech and the privacy crisis that challenges our democratic institutions. #SurveillanceCapitalism
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On the 30th of January last year, I declared a global health emergency over the spread of the novel coronavirus.

At the time, outside #China there were less than 100 cases of #COVID19, and no deaths"-@DrTedros

"I wish to be very clear: a public health emergency of international concern is the highest level of alarm under international law"-@DrTedros #COVID19

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عورتوں کے بارے میں وہ پانچ باتیں جو اکثر مردوں کو یاد ہوتی ہیں.... 😁

1- *"إِنَّ كَيْدَكُنَّ عَظِيمٌ"* عورتوں کی چال بہت خطرناک ہوتی ہے
2 - *"مَثْنَىٰ وَثُلَاثَ وَرُبَاعَ"* دو، تین، چار عورتوں سے نکاح کرو.
3- *"النساء ناقصات عقل و دين"* عورتیں عقل اور دین کے اعتبار سے ناقص ہوتی ہیں
4- *"الرِّجَالُ قَوَّامُونَ عَلَى النِّسَاءِ"* مرد عورتوں پر سربراہ ہیں.
5- *"لِلذَّكَرِ مِثْلُ حَظِّ الأُنثَيَيْنِ"* (وراثت میں) مرد کے لیے دو عورتوں کے برابر حصہ ہے
🌹عورتوں کے بارے میں وہ پانچ باتیں جو اکثر مردوں کو یاد نہیں رہتیں🌹 🤭

1- *"وَعَاشِرُوهُنَّ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ"* عورتوں کے ساتھ بھلائی کے ساتھ زندگی گزارو.

2- *"استوصوا بالنساء خيرا"* عورتوں کے بارے میں میری وصیت کا خیال رکھنا .
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Hello, this is Sanna Ejaz, one of the founder of the Pashtun Taffuz Movement (Pakhtunkhwa) and on this women's day let me share my story.
#8March #internationalwomensday2021
#WomensDay # # #د_ښځو_نړېواله_ورځ
As young college student, I saw miseries of war in post 9 11 era.

Terrorist organizations were stationed in Pakhtunkhwa to bleed us for the vested interests.
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