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This magnificent depiction of #mahabharata episode on stone is true testimony of how creative & advanced our civilization is
Lets Decode 🙏
The #elephant seen here is “Supratika” mounted by “Bhagadatta”
In the trunk of Supratika is Bhima,who is holding the elephant in one hand
Again Bhima is seen attacking Bhagadatta with mace on top of the Supratika

The episode goes thus.
Bhagadatta, Son of Naraka,was on Kaurava side in great war.

On 12th day of war, when Kauravas sent elephant army, Bhima vanished all the elephants creating havoc in Kaurava Sena
Bhagadatta,the great elephant rider came on his elephant Supratika to fight Bhima. Supratika took Bhima in trunk & crushed under its feet.

Bhima escaped narrowly creating havoc in Pandava Sena

In Continuation, Arjuna enters the field for which Bhagadatta releases the
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Truth is out.

In #ElephantDeathCase Wilson has been arrested by Police. A1 & A2; Abdul Kareem & his son Riyasuddeen are absconding.
Police say, these guys are into illegal poaching in similar manner.

Unlike them, we worship elephants. Come on liberals. Share some cartoons now.
This is video proof of Kerala Police with the accused no.3 Wilson linked to #ElephantDeathCase. From sources I got to know that he's merely a worker. A1 & A2 Abdul Kareem and other are still absconding.
Do you Liberals still believe these people worship Lord Vinayaka?
After Police caught Wilson Bin Hassan, as a procedure, they took him to plantation premises for gathering of evidence. He was a merely a tapping worker and overseer in the plantation you can see in the video.
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*Man lynched--no reaction
*If he is Muslim, term him 'thief' or bring any other negative angle to make him appear a criminal, even before basic probe
*Once you find he is Bangladeshi, then predicable reactions
*Person's name was 'RANJIT'. So, now, blame WB govt. But sadness?
*No sadness, no tears because you are incapable of empathy.
*You are capable of just hate, if incident is in one district, find a nearby 'Muslim district' to create more confusion.
*Not just loonies, papers too carry reports on these lines. Same pattern. #Humarn or #Elephant
*There is never any genuine grief. Every incident, every death just part of the plan to target 'Muslims, seculars....' and whatever they've been fed for yrs now
*This is the most unique species, its entire existence rests on falsehoods, hate & propaganda…
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Dear animal lovers,

Shall we study on unnatural deaths of #Elephant s in India from 2015-19?

During this period 510 Total unnatural Elephant deaths happened in India.

States with high unnatural elephant deaths are listed as below
1. Assam - 128
2. Odisha - 80
3. Karnataka - 63
4. West Bengal - 63
5. Tamil Nadu - 49
6. Kerala - 42
7. Uttarakhand - 24
8. Chhattisgarh - 18
9. Meghalaya - 11
Assam countributes to 25 percentage of unnatural deaths in India.
1. Assam 25%
2. Odisha 15%
3. Karnataka 12.3%
4. West Bengal 12.3
5. Tamilnadu 9.6%
6. Kerala 8.2%
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Sir, it was in Palakkad not Mallapuram.
And why the Indian culture remarks? #Kerala #keralaelephant
Let's not forget Mr Javadekar had defended the culling of animals like nilgai, wild boar. Supported by farmers-
Javadekar, who held the post of Minister for Environment defended animal culling, insisting it is done on the request of states to protect crops…
End of the day we have a huge problem between farmers and animals that destroy their crop. Needs a solution so farmers don't resort to firecrackers & tragic #elephant deaths like in Kerala. Mr Javadekar had supported culling of nilgai etc because of this…
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Pl be clear that

1. The pregnant elephant in Kerala was not intentionally fed with pineapple filled with firecrackers by someone.

2. It accidentally ate the explosive snare that was kept to ward off wild boars to protect the crops.

#Elephant #ElephantDeath
3. Though illegal, this method is used in many parts to fend off wild animals that invade cultivated area and destroy crops.

4. The incident happened in Palakkad district, not in Malappuram.

5. There is ABSOLUTELY no communal connection to the incident.

6. Both forest department and police have registered cases and investigations are on.

7. Forest department, as soon as they came to know of the incident tried to rescue the elephant, but in vain.

8. The elephant died on 27th May, not yesterday.

#Elephant #keralaelephant
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Don't know why this recent #elephant death has become such big news. Elephants have been dying after biting into explosive-filled fruit (usually meant for wildpig) for decades. If it is bec the elephant was pregnant, most adult female elephants r either pregnant or lactating. 1/7
News of this is terrible but we seem to have become excessively focused on single individuals (like Avni the tigress) and absolving ourselves of the ultimate reasons for such situations. 2/7
As long as there is stark inequality amongst humans, a great emphasis on money and economic growth for its own sake, or unnecessary consumerism, conservation is just a dying battle. 3/7
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This is a #Pangolin, the most trafficked mammal on planet. Found across India naturally & un-harmful but millions are hunted & trafficked across Asia & Africa. All eight species of them are under threat for their use in medicines. There is no proof that they spread #Covid19.
They are Ant eaters & important part of ecosystem. Indian pangolin is found across India & now endangered. Everywhere they are on their last leg. Scales are used in traditional medicines mistakenly for ailments & reducing impotency. Huge market in China & SE Asia. Both AP images.
Last year Singapore seized 8.8 tonnes of #elephant #ivory & 11.9 tonnes of #pangolin scales in 3 containers en route from DR Congo to Vietnam. For which 33,000 pangloin were killed. This is only one such seizure. There is huge market & harmless creature hunted to the extinction.
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Do you know #elephant family is all women group. Made of #mother, #aunts, #grandmother & all other #ladies. Most of the times Male leave herd early. Kids are looked by all female elephants in herd not only mother. Most experienced female makes all decision for family. #WomensDay
The male usually leave at the age of 12-15 years. Then keep joining & leaving herd, same or another temporarily. A kid is raised by all females. They raise them and impart all the accumulative wisdom, since an elephant has long lifespan they do have acquired wisdom.
This joining of another herd by a male is not that easy. The existing male (temporary) tries to resist. Some incidents led to fights also, which goes for days. Some such fights are fatal for one. Result of one such, where this was trying to join a herd. Was killed in infighting.
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Nobody needs #elephant tusk more than an elephant.

But some don't agree. Botswana has decided to remove ban on hunting. In first auction license for hunting 70 elephants has been approved. Where best will be hunted & tusks will be taken as a trophy. For Conservation !!
Concept of trophy hunting is that money will be pumped back for conservation. Since many governments cant afford. People miss;

- hunters always chose best progeny. Since they are paying for it. With time population lose best genetic material. 2/n
- elephants have complex social structures. They learn from old members for many years, especially female members.

Hunters hunt big & old only. It breaks the families. With this breks the social setup also. 3/n
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#elephant #attachment #parenting
The mother and son elephant don’t play or bathe with the others because the mother elephant is very protective and apparently the son causes trouble. FWIW. The stories of how these elephants were rescued were heartbreaking with implications for how sick Trump’s border policies r.
In elephants, the effects of child separation would bring tears to any decent person’s eyes. Consider people.
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Starting a #thread on #AssamFloods #Kaziranga with this first rescue of a hog deer @action4ifaw @vivek4wild
Follow this thread for more updates on #wildliferescue over the coming days. +
As floodwaters enter fringe villages of #Kaziranga and people move out, #wildlife needs higher ground to be safe. This is where we come in to rescue animals displaced or injured by #AssamFloods with #AssamForestDepartment and @action4ifaw
@vivek4wild @AzzedineTDownes +
Fleeing deer caught on camera by Rabin Sharma depict the state of #wildlife in most parts of #Kaziranga that is expected to go under water by tomorrow #AssamFloods
@action4ifaw @vivek4wild @AzzedineTDownes
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Q has said the following:
"It's always been out in the open."
"Symbolism will be their downfall."
"Symbolism = END"
Why end? Because the elites use a language of symbolism: colours, poses, mythos, etc to hide from you in plain sight #Qanon
It's the end because when people learn this language we win. It's like this clip from They Live (We Sleep)

To see the world like this requires learning hundreds of symbols. An entirely new language, and thinking in a new way, it's not easy!
Colour Coding System
Orange/Sunset = End
Red/Fire = Punish
Blue/Water = Info
Tiffany Blue = Secret Info
Green/Trees = Ally
Yellow/Sunshine = Reward
Brown Dirt = Nourish
Purple = Communication
Pink = Weak
Dark = Hidden
Light = Visible
e.g. Dark to Light = To Make Visible.
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Saving a speared baby #elephant. Earlier this wk, we received reports of a little calf who had been speared in his left haunch, leaving him with a deep & painful wound. Our DSWT/KWS Mara Vet Unit found him & his mother standing in the mud, with the calf clearly suffering.
His mother seemed to realize the team's good intentions and complied when they used their vehicle to gently push her away so they could treat the patient unencumbered. Here, the Vet examines his wounds,
After cleaning the wound and packing it with green clay, they gave the calf antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications before reviving him and sending him on his way.
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And now I present: a thread based on my love of #science, #scicomm, and #animals, and the fact that I'm a huge #nerd:
The other day at the library, I got this book by Ann Tompert for my 2yo (2/?):…
The premise: an elephant and a mouse want to ride a see-saw. #Physics has other ideas, so some other animals come to help. (3/?)
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