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Trail trees are trees that have been shaped by human intention rather than environment or disease, and they have been used for centuries to mark the way through the woods across the Americas. Image
A network of pre-Columbian roads and trails denoted by these trees, most often oak and maple, have been well documented across First Nation territories. Their uses varied between nation and specificity of the region but may have included pointing out a fresh water source Image
off a main route, minerals or other resources that may have been important to Native Americans for medicinal and ceremonial purposes, or designated areas of significant importance such as council circles and gathering points. Image
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Following revelations were shared by the #Dalit #Adivasi and EBC communities at a national convention held by the All India Union of Forest Working People #AIUFWP in Delhi in August 2021, 2 years after forced social isolation.
Report by @Countercurrents…
"caste still remained one of the key instruments of oppression in the remote interiors of India, especially in the feudal domain of the Hindi heartland."
#FRA2006 #UttarPradesh #Hindi #Forest #IndigenousPeoples
Rajkumari, village Naya Basti, Ghoom Nagar in District Sonbhadra in UP, said that her traditionally inherited land in the forest comprising 60 bigha, used for cultivation was set on fire by the local goons during lockdown and destroyed the crops of arhar dal and wheat in 15 bigha
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Let's celebrate #ValentinesDay with a tribute to a love for #nature, trees, and forests! [A thread]
According to legend, the first ever Valentine’s letter, sent by the eponymous Saint, was written on a heart-shaped leaf that was just within reach outside his cell window somewhere in Rome. The leaf was from the violet flower – now the floral emblem of New Brunswick!
St. Valentine's Day became associated with love and romance in the Middle Ages. The tradition first started in France and England, where it was believed that birds started their mating season on February 14. Likely under the cover of the #forest…for privacy 😉
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Read this lobbyletter:
"Keeping in mind the significant role of bioenergy for our energy and climate objectives...."
The ministers knows their audience: politicians writing to politicians, who care about (insufficient and counterproductive) climate 'objectives', not the climate.
Read the above lobby letter on #forest #biomass sent by ministers from #Sweden Finland, Slovenia, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic & Hungary.
Burning forest biomass for energy is a counterproductive climate policy in two senses: According to the JRC report, it increases emissions compared to fossil fuels over the next crucial decades & reduces the EU's land-based carbon sink; forests.…
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India - State of #forest report from Forest Survey is out. If you get news articles (how forest covr increased/decreased), read it with caution. Will write detailed comments later, but some small fun for now:

In ch-13 maps, they have given Shaksgam away! Illegal to publish..
They had some city level maps of forests.. And their statistics depended on boundary files and the file for Mumbai is riddled with gaps between subdivisions. There are white patches in between because someone didnt digitize it properly and these errors creep into stats
For the other major cities, the boundaries used were municipal corporation boundaries but for Bengaluru alone they have used planning area boundary (BDA has a larger area than BBMP and covers some forest patches). Comparison shown below and this would affect numbers
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I love my garden 🪴. (1/25 😂)
( Thread 🧵) ImageImageImageImage
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فاقمت سرعة الرياح وحرارتها من حدّة الحرائق التي اشتعلت في #بشامون، أمس الإثنين، ما جعلها تمتدّ وتتوسّع.
#الحرائق #البيئة #لبنان
وقد تعرّض متطوّع في #الدفاع_المدني لحروقٍ أثناء إخماد النيران، فيما طلب #وزير_البيئة #ناصر_ياسين عبر حسابه على تويتر «صهاريج مياه للتوجه إلى #بشامون حي الصحراء لتأمين مياه لسيارات الإطفاء»، في خطوةٍ تعكس عجز الدولة عن متابعة أي أزمة بيئية في #لبنان.
Fires ignited in #Bchamoun on Monday keep spreading due to high wind speed and rising temperatures. A volunteer #firefighter with the #civildefense suffered from burns as he attempted to put them out,
#Fires #Forest #Environment #Lebanon
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Look carefully. #Elephants are not crossing the road. Road is crossing the #forest. #WorldElephantDay
Do you know #elephant family is all women group. Made of #mother, #aunts, #grandmother & all other #ladies. Most of the times Male leave herd early. Kids are looked by all female elephants in herd, all are mothers. Grandmother makes all decision for the family.
Males keep on joining & leaving herds. Well one of the accepted theory is. That males when they get young are pushed out from the herd/family by dominant female, also called as matriarch. To check the inbreeding. Which only shows elephants are highly intelligent.
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What is The #Coal Bearing Areas (Acquisition and Development) Amendment Bill, 2021 proposed in the #ParliamentMonsoonSession ? #CBA2021

#coal #mining #FossilFuels #land #lawforall

@iep_india @CBA_Raipur @JharkhandJanad1 @AdivasisMatter @ForestRightsAct

#CBA2021 amends #Coal Bearing Areas Act, 1957 which currently allows #CentralGovernment to acquire #land only for Govt Companies i.e #CoalIndiaLimited & only for #mining purposes.

#Land was not be used for permanent infrastructure e.g.roads, rail… 2/10
The #CBA2021 will allow central government to do three things:

1. Give rights to #State Govts to lease #land to successful bidders of 2020 #CoalAuctions.

Private sector is incentivised and spared of #landacqusition #compensation
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- Over the past few years, the #government has proposed to #amend several #environmental #laws and create entirely #new ones.
- The government has also proposed very large #industrial and #developmental projects which would effectively ruin the environment of the areas. [1/10]
#KenBetwa #River Linking #Project
This project would drown almost the entirety of the #PannaNationalPark, a richly biodiverse national park, hosting tigers, leopards, and even critically-endangered #vultures.
Read more about the project at 'The Vanishing' by @prernabindra [2/10]
2018-19: #Holistic Development of #Islands
- The #NITIAayog published a series of documents, laying out a plan to 'develop' the Indian Islands into tourist hubs.
- These documents ignored the #people and #ecology of the islands completely.
Read more: [3/10]
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Indian wild #Truffles being sold in street-market. These #Rugra #Putu #Katarua #Phutphut grow around #Sal_trees & erupt in rains.Closely related to other truffles of d world& expensive #delicacy.

#Wildlife #Nature
Also called "Black #Diamond" cost Rs 1000/ kg in early &late season. This flavourful #Natures_bounty is worth savouring.Some #delicious_dishes- Masala-Rugra, Rugra-Chicken, Rugra-Mutton, Rugra-Biryani. 4 types of wild #truffles r eaten in Central india.
#wildlife #Nature #forest
Ever wondered why #Truffles grow near #Sal_trees? #Truffles grow from spores that live underground in a #symbioticRelationship with Sal #Trees..#Fungus helps d #tree extract nutrients frm ground& d tree gives #truffleFungus carbohydrates, to grow.
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Today, on #TheMisplacedMenagerie -

We report the exotic (for #India) apple #snail, #Pomacea diffusa, also known as the spike topped apple snail, from the #Mumbai region, as part of our ongoing studies on #urbanwildlife, and the #ecology of introduced species, in #India, Mumbai.
The study was officially published in the 'ELA Journal of Forestry and Wildlife' - a peer reviewed #science journal, which is also the official journal of the #Maharashtra State #Forest Department.

Link to paper:…

#sciencetwitter #TwitterNatureCommunity
Spiked Topped Apple Snails in #Mumbai (and other parts of #India) are the direct result of the #aquarium trade - either as accidental, or deliberate releases from home aquaria.

#InvasiveSpecies #sciencetwitter #ecology #naturalhistory #urbanwildlife
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#Lidar is an operational technology for #forestinventory. Single-photon lidar (#SPL) may provide an acquisition advantage for large areas. How does #SPL perform in an area-based #forest inventory? Some things we have learned (i.e. a thread)!

2/ We used #SPL and 269 field plots to generate an area-based operational #forestinventory over a 15000 ha study area of temperate mixedwood forest representing a complex assemblage of tree species, forest structures, and management histories.
3/ We validated our #forestinventory estimates at the stand-level using independent field measured data. Why? Because the stand is the fundamental spatial unit for forest management and planning, and the unit at which decisions are made. #CFSEFI
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Grau de investimento: crucial quesito avaliador na concessão de crédito…
"O #Brasil em 2018 não recuperou o seu grau de investimento perdido em 2015.

Após uma melhora na economia que sucedeu uma grave recessão, as agências justificaram a falta de medidas para conter o déficit fiscal como motivo de não elevar a nota do país."…
#Brasileiro é o turista mais rejeitado do mundo, diz pesquisa @IATA…
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#Fires burn through the summers in most dry #forests of India till monsoon rains quench them. In the hills in Uttarakhand, in the Nilgiri plateau in Bandipur, now in Bandhavgarh #fires are making news in India. (Thread 1 of 4)
Fires can be set by locals for getting fresh grass for their livestock or to collect minor forest produce. They are also set by #foresters to manage grasslands to get fresh grass for wild ungulates or even to reduce dry tinder in forests (pix P Dwivedi) ( Thread 2 of 4).
Fires are also set to manage fires by setting them in opposing lines. In this landscape of fire and forest several species fall prey to the raging flames, especially amphibians, reptiles& ground dwelling birds or their chicks. Others make hay ( 3 of 4)
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1/3 Interested in #lidar and enhanced #forestinventory? Here's everything you need to develop practical hands-on training materials & lab excercises, benchmark your algorithms, develop innovative solutions for the #forest sector, and support your research #CFSEFI #PRFSS #EOchat
2/3 Included are #lidar data, contemporaneous field reference data, derived lidar predictors (point cloud metrics), EFI outputs (prediction rasters for volume, biomass, basal area, etc.), helpful guides, & software tools. All part of our #remotesensing #supersite #PRFSS #OpenData
Field plots:
Predictors (metrics):
EFI rasters:
How-to guides:;
Software tools:
#OpenData #PRFSS
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Managed #forest landscapes is how big part of the #climate solutions that we need?

Here's some background and some thoughts. /1
Starting with the annual update of net sink in Swedish forests: A continued large net uptake by trees and soil (35 Mt CO2/yr)

This is the enduring effect of long-term investments in the forest-based sector. But what about the rest of the world? /2…
At EU level the net forest sink is 400 Mt CO2/yr which corresponds to 10% of EU emissions. Forests are actively managed and #wood harvest is well below (2/3) of the growth.

But this is not the full story of climate solutions from EU managed forests. /3…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/12/2021…
Large-scale commodity farming accelerating climate change in the Amazon…

#ClimateChange #forest #farm
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#SupremeCourt expresses grave concern over forest officials being attacked by poachers across the country. Asks SG Tushar Mehta so that the Assam model can be followed and arm their forest guards with bulletproof jackets. Asks states to tighten belts of home departments
CJI: Mr Divan has pointed out the danger and helplessness the forest staff is subjected in the course of protecting flora and fauna of forests. Examples of Maharashtra and Rajasthan has been brought on record.
CJI: Senior Adv Divan says these officials often face FIRs for acting to guard forests. We are not going into truth of allegations.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/07/2020…
Capitalist Systems and Income Inequality | naked capitalism…

#inequality #income #capitalism #systems
The Social Life of Forests - The New York Times…

#biology #forest
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Our new paper @GlobalChangeBio
outlines 5 key aspects for #research on Amazonian fires, especially for those using remote sensing and broad climate indexes – a thread.…
@GlobalChangeBio 1 - Amazonian #vegetation is not only determined by climate. As such, Koppen-Geiger climate zones can lead to wrong assumptions, such as characterizing all the southern part of the basin as savannas instead of forests. Image
@GlobalChangeBio 2 – The Amazon Basin does not have a single precipitation pattern or a single dry season – there are marked spatial differences that are essential to be considered when studying #fires in the region. Image
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The RED Talk on The #Business and #Science of #Healthcare is now live! Still time to join us at
The next big issue facing NICE & #healthcare will be our relationship with the European Medicines Agency after Brexit; it will impact our #medicines research, trials. We could see a dramatic reduction in research, access to medicine and disrupt the supply of meds - @steve_mccabe
The British #taxpayer makes a phenomenal contribution to the development of new #drugs - but these can then be prohibitively priced. We need to improve access to new medicines and there is a question around cost, access and funding. @steve_mccabe
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