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Today is #WorldElephantDay! Sadly, African Elephants continue to be poached for their ivory and their habitats continue to be destroyed. Hope you will take a moment today to learn more about these magnificent creatures and how we can better protect them:
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It's #WorldElephantDay

யானைக்கு cancer வருமா?

மனிதர்களுக்கு புற்றுநோய்கள் வருவது நாம் அனைவரும் அறிந்ததே. பலசெல்உயிரிகள் அனைத்திற்குமே புற்றுநோய் வருவதற்கான வாய்ப்பு அதிகமெனில் யானை போன்ற மிகப்பெரிய, எண்ணிக்கையில் அதிக செல்களை கொண்டவிலங்கிற்கு அதிகமாக cancer வருமா?
Surprisingly, வருவதற்கான வாய்ப்பு மிக மிகக்குறைவு.
அது எப்படி சாத்தியம்? வாங்க பாக்கலாம்.

Thread கொஞ்சம் technicalஆ போகும்போது adjust பண்ணிக்கோங்க. (2/12)
பலசெல்உயிரிகளின் உடலில் இருக்கும் ஒவ்வொரு செல்லுக்குமே குறிப்பிட்ட ஆயுட்காலம் உண்டு. தன் ஆயுட்காலம் முடிந்த செல் நிர்ணயிக்கப்பட்ட மரணப்பாதையை (apoptosis) தேர்ந்தெடுத்து தன்னை மாய்த்துக்கொள்ளும். மேலும் ஒரு செல் இரண்டு செல்லாக பிரிந்து செல்களின் பெருக்கம் நிகழும் போதும் கூட (3/12)
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Throughout history, the magnificent elephant is much loved & an integral part of cultures around the world.
To mark #WorldElephantDay here are wonderful depictions of elephants in Islamic art & culture, starting with Al-Jazari's ingenious elephant clock invention
A thread...
1/ Twelfth century engineer Al-Jazari was fascinated by every kind of mechanism & designed machines of all kinds, shapes & sizes.
His Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices (1206 AD) described 50 mechanical devices, including water clocks #WorldElephantDay
2/ One of the engineering marvels of the medieval Islamic world is AI-Jazari's 800 year old automatic Elephant clock

A reproduction in Kasımiye Medrese , Mardin, Turkey
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From today's the hindu Quiz, I have also seen this on last year.
So this is the secret behind #UPSC's randomness(although we won't be able to predict that randomness & we can't)

All about elephant 👇🏻

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Just these duo from forest sending their wishes on #WorldElephantDay.
Power and grace.
They are true social animal.
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On #WorldElephantDay, a contentious court battle over Happy, a 50-year-old elephant at the Bronx Zoo, poses an important question: Is an animal a person or a thing? Wildlife Trade Investigative Reporter @rfobar breaks it down 🧵
In the eyes of the law, animals in the U.S. are considered ‘things,’ but earlier this year, New York’s highest court agreed to hear the case for declaring Happy a legal person. The @NonhumanRights Project wants her transferred to a sanctuary, where she'd be with other elephants.
The idea of personhood isn’t about if Happy is human—rather if she deserves legal rights. Corporations, bodies of water, animals, and even deities around the world have been recognized as persons.
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Happy #WorldElephantDay! 🐘 🎉

We'll be watching these baby elephants on repeat
Did you know: Elephants recognize themselves in a mirror—something few animals are known to do
A 50-year old elephant at the Bronx zoo named Happy stands at the center of a debate over legal personhood
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Look carefully. #Elephants are not crossing the road. Road is crossing the #forest. #WorldElephantDay
Do you know #elephant family is all women group. Made of #mother, #aunts, #grandmother & all other #ladies. Most of the times Male leave herd early. Kids are looked by all female elephants in herd, all are mothers. Grandmother makes all decision for the family.
Males keep on joining & leaving herds. Well one of the accepted theory is. That males when they get young are pushed out from the herd/family by dominant female, also called as matriarch. To check the inbreeding. Which only shows elephants are highly intelligent.
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This #WorldElephantDay, August 12, tune in at 10 a.m. on The Sanctuary's Facebook page (…) as our Education Manager speaks with Dr. Joyce Poole of @elephantvoices to learn more about their latest project – The Elephant Ethogram.
Years in the making, The Elephant Ethogram is a detailed catalog of African Savanna elephant behaviors and vocalizations. We will hear from Dr. Poole about how this project was created and how it benefits conservation efforts for wild elephants.
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Greeting everyone & happy Friday. Please welcome @LeninChisaira, an environmental and wildife justice lawyer. He is the founder & director of @Advocates4Earth. Lenin will be sharing insights on laws & issues relating to #wildlife & environment in #Zimbabwe. Feel free to ask
Lenin holds an LLB Hons (UZ) and Master of Laws from @UCC, Ireland and University of London. His research mainly focused on climate and environmental justice as well as the interaction of these rights with human rights. #ClimateCrisis…
Good Morning. It's a pleasure for me to be part of this week's Tourism and Wildlife Week by @mentroshipzim. I will try to be interactive as I share both my journey & also respond to any questions on wildlife & environmental laws. For starters, Wed this week was #WorldElephantDay
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A lot going on this #WorldElephantDay2020.

With Bauchi state govt, @WCS_Nigeria marks 0 elephants poached in Yankari Game Reserve since 2015. Image
A new infographic from WCS Tanzania team on how they are protecting elephants. @TimRBDavenport, @smarkestz Image
Congratulations to Singapore on crushing $18 million in illegal ivory, an important statement on the illicit trade.…
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Today is #WorldElephantDay. 🐘

All species of elephants are listed as vulnerable or endangered — some critically.

Their main threats are habitat loss and the illegal ivory trade, with at least 20,000 killed for their tusks each year in Africa alone. Image
Asian elephant populations have dropped by about 50% in the last 75 years.

Their major threats:
🐘 Unregulated ivory trade
🐘 Poaching for their skin (used for jewelry)
🐘 Habitat loss and human conflict
🐘 Baby elephants kidnapped for tourist trade
#WorldElephantDay Image
Sumatran elephants are critically endangered, with about half wiped out in a single generation, says @WWF.

Their main threat is deforestation — much of it for palm oil plantations — which has destroyed most of their home.

There are fewer than 3,000 left. #WorldElephantDay Image
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#Elephant is our national heritage animal. They are represented as drawings, sculptures, paintings and in many other forms. They are closely related to our culture, art, religions & traditions. Have added some of my sketches themed on the unique features of Elephant. Add yours.
The matriarch culture found in the #elephants makes them even better than the most civilised human race.
The young ones are best cared by all the adults and sub adults in the #elephant family.
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#WorldElephantDay: Baby Bhunte Explains Causes of Stress Among #Elephants and Ways to Assess It…

(Images credit: Dr Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel) ImageImageImageImage
#WorldElephantDay: Did you know that elephants get stressed too? They can get as tensed as a person hopelessly trapped in the rush hour traffic for hours, with vehicles honking loudly! - by @SanjeetaSharmaP…

(Images credit: Dr Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel)
According to the Ministry of Environment over 100 #elephants die each year due to human - animal conflict.

#Trivia #WorldElephantDay2020 #WorldElephantDay Image
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On #WorldElephantDay horrified to see this regressive unempathetic report from @MoEFCC  that fails to recognize the ecology & nature of #elephants, seeks to block their #RightOfPassage confine them to tiny slivers of #ProtectedAreas 1/n
It speaks of 'restricting #elephants in their natural habitat- Restricted by way of trenches , railway fences , cement structures and this is what such 'best management' practices do . 2/n
#elephants are migrants they will move...and try to break down barricades that hem in their #forests and block their passage.
Like this tusker from #Bandipur .3/n

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On this #WorldElephantDay, let us pledge to prevent any mistreatment of these magnificent animals and the cruelty they endure in captivity. Every effort must be made to curb elephant-man conflicts & habitat loss of #elephants

#HaathiHamaraSaathi Image
#Elephants form a crucial part of our ecosystem.They hold a place of great significance & reverence in our culture.They are empathetic, self- aware & socially intelligent.

Unfortunately, they face a number of threats from poaching for tusks to habitat loss to abuse in captivity
Due to relentless efforts of the government,India is now home to 60% of the global Asian #elephant population,with nearly 30 elephant reserves.
With enhanced community participation & concerted efforts of the governments,we must strive to further augment our elephant population
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1. It is #WorldElephantDay. This made me think of Hansken, a world famous elephant and that not only because Rembrandt drew her several times. Even more amazing: her skeleton can still be seen today.
2. Hansken's life is extraordinarily well documented. She arrived in Amsterdam in 1633 as a gift to the Stadtholder. From the time she passed into the hands of several private owners she is documented wherever she went in Europe, she must have been an amazing sight.
3. In 1637 and 1641 she was in Amsterdam, probably to perform at the annual fair not far from Rembrandt's house on Breestraat. He drew her twice.
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"The elephant in the room has a name, we’ve called her Happy." An essay inspired by the NhRP’s client Happy, written by longtime NhRP supporter Thalia Field and excerpted from her forthcoming book PERSONHOOD (@NewDirections):…
Thank you Thalia for your support for Happy's right to liberty and release to @PAWSARK2000 or @ElephantsTN and for sharing this essay with us! #FreeHappy
If you're in the #NYC area, please join us on August 10th—just ahead of #WorldElephantDay—for our Rally for Happy's Freedom:… #FreeHappy #RumbleForRights
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Do you know the story of the first elephant to arrive in America? It’s a rather remarkable tale. Gather ‘round for a #WorldElephantDay story… An elephant at the Oakland Zoo peeks out from behind a tree.
In 1796, a ship captain named Jacob Crowninshield went to go pick up a merchant vessel, called America, for a commercial fleet owner in Boston. But there was no sense in bringing home an empty ship. So Jacob stopped in Calcutta. That’s where he saw an elephant—and hatched a plan. A black and white portrait of Jacob Crowninshield, wearing a peacoat and holding a ledger. There is a ship in the background.
Jacob Crowninshield asked his brother Ben to invest in his plan. When Ben declined, he wrote to his other brothers. “I suppose you will laugh at this scheme,” Jacob wrote, “but I do not mind… of course you know it will be a great thing to carry the first elephant to America.”
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The #elephant is the national symbol for __ countries.
Need a hint? Check out our #WorldFactBook
6 have #elephant as symbol:
Central African Republic
Republic of the Congo
Cote d'Ivoire
National symbol is plant, animal, or object identified w a country.

Our #WorldFactBook lists countries & symbols:
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