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Every #thread will untangle something. 'Cause hiding truth is a crime against civilisation. Discovering #history, #dharma & #truth ...
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16 Aug 20
The 'Direct Action Day' on 16th Aug, 1946 was a dark chapter in Indian history.

Hindus had endured yet another religions fury, the fanaticism of the highest vile, an organised massacre under state patronage.

A #thread to throw some lights on the evil design of #DirectActionDay
Jinnah realised that he cannot become the 1st PM of an independent India & shifted his focus on the demand of a separate Muslim state.

Saying good-bye to any form of Constitutional possibility, the Muslim League gave a call to Muslims to observe 16th Aug 1946 as #DirectActionDay
In reality, #DirectActionDay was a call for the violent jihad against Hindus.

It was unleashed by the Muslim League in all big cities and towns.

In this #thread we will focus on the events that took place in Calcutta.

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23 May 20
Healthy diet is a key to the happy life.

When the whole world is battling with Corona, it is even more imp to look at the ways in which we can improve our immunity & avoid spread of such pandemics.

A #thread below to highlight benefits of a meat free life👇

1. Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Vegetarian diet is,
👉lower in saturated fat & cholesterol
👉higher in plant nutrients
Which reduce heart diseases.

A low fat diet is the single most effective way to stop the progression of coronary artery disease or prevent it entirely.
2. Cancer Prevention

🦀~70% of all diseases, including one third of all cancers, are related to diet

👉is devoid of fiber & nutrients that have a protective effect
👉 has carcinogenic compounds such as HCA & PAH that increase cancer risk

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6 Jan 20
सुखस्य मूलं धर्मः।
धर्मस्थ मूलमर्थः।।

"To attain happiness, one must follow Dharma;
To follow Dharma, one needs money/resources;"

A #thread to look at one of the most important ingredients of sustaining Dharma & what role we all can play to promote it.
Hindu society feel cheated in secular India.

The situation we're in explains our predicament - this is not the country our forefathers have sacrificed their lives for or put a foundation of human civilisation.

Shall we do something about it or forever remain destitute?
We Hindus,
👉cannot run our own edu institutes
👉cannot teach our scriptures in schools & colleges
👉cannot govern our religious places
👉are target of communal politics
👉witnessing our mother land getting ripped apart daily by Breaking India forces

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8 Dec 19
अशीच आमुची आई असती सुंदर, रूपवती।
आम्हीं ही सुंदर झालो असतो वदलें छत्रपती।।

"If my mother had been as beautiful, I'd have inherited the handsome looks too".

These were the words of Shivaji Maharaj, when the daughter-in-law of Kalyan’s Subedar (Mulla Ahmad) was presented to him.
Respect for ‘woman as a mother’ is the Hindu way of looking at women. Mata Jijabai would have felt proud for her son.

Shivaji Maharaj sent her home with gifts & humble apology.

His पुरषार्थ was committed for more worthier issues – the betterment for his people & society.
Maharana Pratab was furious at Amar Singh when he brought Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana’s womenfolk with him. Instantly ordered him to drop them back at their home.

This incident turned Khan-I-Khana, a Muslim in to a devotee of Bhagwan Shree Krishna.
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23 Oct 19
Ancient Indian culture has transformed our modern lives in the most fundamental ways.

With inventions touching daily life to the most complex academic discourses, Indian were among the world’s greatest innovators.

A #thread on India’s 🇮🇳 contributions from the past!
1. Zero
The number one invention of ancient India was ‘nothing’ / ‘naught’ or to be more precise ‘zero’ 0⃣.

It revolutionised mathematics.

It is for this revolution that zero brought to calculation (or ease of it), Einstein once remarked, “The Indians taught us how to count”.
Q: Why did zero matter so much?

A: Before the arrival of the Indian numbering system with zero included, world had only Roman numerals to work with.

Even a simple maths was a big struggle 😰😰

Imagine dividing MMDCCCVIII by IV

(M=1000, D=500, C=100, L=50, X=10, V=5, I=1)
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9 Oct 19
"You repeat a lie 1000 times & it starts appearing like an eternal truth".

But this trick does not come to the rescue of pathological liars who are exposed in the eyes of public.

A day spent in the company of anti-India left lobby in London.

A #thread to expose their agenda!
Event on “Resisting Fascism, Building Solidarities, India, Kashmir and Beyond” by South Asia Solidarity Group (SASG)👺

Their solidarity means ‘false propaganda, cynicism & hatred’ or in simple terms ‘a pack of lies’ 👎

They invited renowned liars to create anti-India narrative.
Disturbed by the abrogation of Art 370 & 35A in J&K - these propagandists gathered in London on 5-Oct-19 with the sole purpose of abusing,

🇮🇳Indian Govt
🇮🇳Indian Army

In this #thread, I'll expose them & their lies against worlds largest democracy.
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8 Jun 19
Cow is worshipped by Hindus as their mother.

It gives milk+other byproducts & serves us throughout its life but in return we're not even able to save it from a painful slaughter - so much for being a mother?

A #thread on 'गोरक्षा' (cow protection) and truths & myths behind it
Since Vedic age Hindus have considered Cows sacred.

Killing of cow was prohibited and strictest form of punishment was laid out for anyone who dares to break this norm.

Cows were associated with many of the Hindu Gods. Bhagwaan Shri Krishna spent his childhood as cowherd.
In-spite of Hindu sentiments attached to it - cow theft, smuggling & illegal slaughter is rampant throughout India.

Thousands of armed, vicious and deadly criminals are involved in this crime syndicate.

India-Bangladesh (BD) border is the hub of cross border cattle smuggling.
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