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A member of the Supreme Political Council of #Yemen says after Saudi Arabia's heavy defeat in its war on the impoverished state, a possible military intervention by countries such as #Turkey is not a wise move, warning that the fate awaiting Ankara will
not be better than that of Riyadh.

"If #Turkish soldiers enter #Yemeni soil, they will have a fate worse than that of the aggressors who preceded them," Abdul Wahab al-Mahbashi told Iran's #IRNA news agency on Thursday.
The remarks came in the wake of media reports that said
"With all the oil [money] in their possession, the United States and the Persian Gulf Arabs' media outlets and mercenaries were defeated in #Yemen and forced to retreat and find a way out of the self-made quagmire," Mahbashi said.

"If T#urkey enters the battlefield in Yemen,
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Arabic written heritage is enormous. How are computers revolutionizing our study of history and of #Arabic textual tradition?

A short thread on my current work at the ERC-funded #KITAB-Project.

~ @aslishahqurbani

#digitalhumanities #Tweetistorian #medievaltwitter Image
At KITAB, I am working with a team of historians and computer scientists, digital humanists, working towards creating a platform for the computational study of the #Arabic book in the premodern period, and a forum for discussion. ~aq
The main focus of our collaborative research is the history of the pre-modern #Arabic written tradition up to 1500 CE. Our research is based on the corpus of machine-auctionable texts that we are building & curating- the #OpenITI. Check out more here ~aq Image
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🇮🇳 Take a #Hindi song by Hasrat Jaipuri and Shankar Jaikishan, झूमता मौसम मस्त महीना, sung here by Manna Dey and @mangeshkarlata. 1/5
🇬🇷 Would you like to hear it in #Greek? Listen to Beba Blanche in “Ligo Ligo Tha Me Sinithisis”. 2/5
🇹🇷 Mmm, #Turkish, maybe? Ladies and gentlemen, Olmaz Bu İş Olamaz, by Semiramis Pekkan. 3/5
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#Turkey began on Sunday the transfer of fighters from its terrorist groups in #Syria, to participate in the fighting within #Saudi-led coalition forces in Yemen, sources told #Yemen Press Agency.

The sources said that #Turkish planes transported mercenaries of the
#terrorist#AlQaeda and #ISIS” organizations from the #Syrian territories to the #Qatari capital, #Doha, in preparation for their transfer to the #Yemeni city of #Marib across the Empty Quarter desert.
Many mercenaries loyal to #Ankara would be transported in the
#Syrian #territories through #Turkish and #Saudi airports, the sources added.

This comes days after several local and regional media circulated news of a #Turkish-Saudi understanding about Turkey’s participation in the war on #Yemen.

In the same context, leaders of the
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For Aramaic (Sureth), follow the mass in (although here also Arabic and Aramaic (and Italian) are mixed #PopeInIraq #Aramaic
Apologies - most of the #Aramaic so far is in the form of Classical Syriac, not the modern spoken language (Sureth)
And the three readings from the Bible (OT, Epistles, Gospel) are in Arabic - obviously the language best understood by the majority of those present
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#JamalKhashkiji became a rogue & joined the #Turkish bloc. He had affiliation with the #MuslimBrotherhood & possessed state secrets. He became the liability for the #KSA as he was playing in the hands of #Erdogan against the KSA & damaged the national interests of the kingdom.
The #US can’t hold #MBS accountable for intelligence assessment as many #CIA’s assessments were classified wrong in the past.

The act of his murder & how it was dealt was wrong which MBS admitted, took his responsibility as a head of state & brought perpetrators to justice.
According to @AimenDean:

“ The victim is Saudi, the criminals were Saudis and it happened on Saudi jurisdiction, which makes his family (his sons) the only party that could seek justice and treat with the state! The state paid a hefty “blood money” to Jamal’s family.” Sorted.
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❗️Our Victory in #Garê✌️❗️

➡️ The #Turkish fascist state's defeat
➡️ Their crimes in #Garê + propaganda
➡️ The aftermath
➡️ The complicity of the international press
➡️ Importance to continue with actions

Read and spread 🔁 this important thread! ⬇️


The #Turkish state's aim was clear: Occupying South #Kurdistan, installing a buffer zone between South- and North-Kurdistan.Thus, attacks in #Gare have been attacks against the revolution and a major threat to us all! But the gerîla's heroic victory is our common victory!

Here's some background on events,on seeing the connections between #Rojava and the free mountains of #Kurdistan, on the continuous Turkish fascist state's threats of a new invasion into #Rojava and the long term goal to occupy #Shengal! ⬇️

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Thread: #Greek police and secret service discover #NGOs have been hiding hundreds of illegal immigrants in caves
Members of Non-Governmental Organizations have been hiding hundreds of #immigrants in the last weeks in coastal caves and forests of the Aegean islands, in order not to be detected by the Greek coast guard and thus to facilitate their #illegal entry into our country.
At the same time, due to their non-registration and taking health measures, there is a spread of the pandemic.
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The presence of the #terrorist & intelligence arm of #QudsForce on Turkish soil. How #Turkey enables Iranians to operate as a central base country, for the logistical & operational operation of QF & #Iranian intelligence vis-à-vis target countries in Europe & the Middle East.
Iranian intelligence sees it as #Iran's "operational backyard" vis-à-vis the Middle East and Europe, as #Turkey has a number of clear advantages, including:
- proximity to Iran and relatively easy mobility of operatinal it and through it (air and land)
- Iranian citizens do not need a visa to enter the country
- This geographical location central and attractive holding secret meetings with #terrorist organizations throughout the world (Middle East, Europe, South East Asia)
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#Turkey, #Pakistan: Inside the Ankara-Islamabad axis. By @jonathan_spyer.

#Erdogan forced #Pakistan to abandon policy neutrality to condemn #Assad attack that killed #Turkish soldiers.

And asked Islamabad to act against #Iran's #Zeynabioun /1
#Turkish & #Pakistani elites+militaries generally are pro-West liberals. This has changed with distinct religious nationalism of #Erdogan+#ImranKhan. Top #Lebanon analyst Hazem Saghieh feels both endangered Muslims in Europe last year. /2
Are #Erdogan & #ImranKhan forcing a permanent Islamist nationalist tilt in Ankara & Islamabad and reducing their militaries' political roles that helped balance policies?

Two trends to watch. @jonathan_spyer's analysis is an excellent curtain raiser.

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Air Raid Sirens are currently sounding in Shahr Ara and Marzdaran areas, western #Tehran. Cause currently unknown.
If you are seeing an news circulating of two fires being located on satellite imagery, ye….. no, ignore it.
The air raid sirens reportedly rang for at least 15 minutes… @flightradar24 shows the current air traffic around #Tehran, #Iran at the moment. Intersting flight path for the Turkish Airlines flight.
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🎉🎉🎉*Celebratory thread*🎉🎉🎉

Super excited to share news that my wonderful teacher Dr Akram Nadwi's long-awaited 43-volume biographical collection on over 10,000 #Muslim female scholars & transmitters of #Hadith has been published in Arabic today!#Muhaddithat #women #history
Based on decades of research carried out by Shaykh Akram Nadwi in #Oxford & in archives across the world, #Muhaddithat shines a light on over 1000 years of #Muslim women's scholarly histories, their teaching journeys across sea and desert & contribution to the Islamic tradition..
Those following the development of this fascinating work will know that the introductory volume to the encyclopeadia was first published in English in 2007 (revised second edition in 2013) - with translations in #Turkish, #Urdu, #Bosniak and one in #French soon to be published...
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TR and GR held 60 rounds of #exploratory talks over the course of 14 years. During this time, we have only seen a growing difference in parties’ claims, instead of a sign of reconciliation. Let’s hope, this new round of talks will be different and bring the peace the region needs
If TR gives up Libya deal, we might see a compromise. If not, no one should expect something useful from this new round of talks. Those who blindly support the #TR-Libya deal should understand how arbitrarily the Libya #map was evolved by only looking at the historic developments
With a Diplomatic Note on March 2, 2004, Turkey first time declared its continental shelf areas in the west of meridian 32°16’18”E. There was no hint on the Eastern and Western terminus of the boundary by then.
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@blondenfun1 Look what I just found in my mail?
Those evil Vikings/Varangians travelled the #Russian rivers to the Islamic Caliphate in those days 🤓 (Note: in fact the Swedish ancestors invaded the Russian ancestors 😂)…
@blondenfun1 They Varangians were merchants and slavehunters and had connections with the Khazarians🙈. The socalled 13th tribe converted to Judaism.😉 #Khazaria…
@blondenfun1 "The 13th Tribe" by Arthur Koestler
The Khazars, most of the '#Jews' in the USA, EU, #Israel, etc, are from #Turkish tribes.
#Antisemitism & why did mostly #Khazars survived #WWII and the jews didn't.

Think about it 🤔…
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Long Thread on #Turkey|’s 🇹🇷 role in #NagornoKarabakh and what India 🇮🇳 has to learn from this new dimension of asymmetric warfare!
Turkey 🇹🇷 supported #Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 not just diplomatically (supported by diplomats) & logistically (sending mercenary forces as reported by Reuters) but also by selling #BayraktarTb2 drones tilting balance against #Armenia 🇦🇲
The drone in question is #BayraktarTB2, (Tactic Block) a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) manufactured by Turkish company called #BaykarMakina
PC: Dailysabah Image
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#French warplanes have on Wednesday carried out sorties in the Gulf of Aden, off of #Yemen’s southern coast, #Yemen News Portal reported.

This coincides with a fierce conflict between several parties over the Balhaf LNG plant, which is owned by France’s Total, which holds
more than 39 percent of its shares and is currently controlled by the #UAE, while China is entering as a vital port operator in the Arabian Sea.

Air traffic maps in the Gulf of #Aden showed #French military aircraft flying off the coasts of Abyan and #Shabwah.
The aims of the #French moves, which follow the French parliament’s questioning of the government over the #UAE’s conversion of the Balhaf facility in #Yemen into a prison and torture facility, are as of yet not officially known.

However, its timing indicates that it is
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Why the UAE government represented by MBZ is called "the devil"

Thread: 0/100+

(Retweet) (د.عبدالعزيز) (مترجم)
1- UAE have planed & financed the military coup on the Government of #Egypt, resulted in the killing of 6000 innocent Muslims in #Rabaa genocide
2- UAE have Financed #Assad government and the #Russians to destroy #Syria
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Turkish troops to take part in the December 10th 2020 Victory Parade in #Baku, #Azerbaijan
R&U video
(Note: #NATO participates by means of #Turkey while #Israeli drones are shown too)
War Diary website by R&U…
Turkse soldaten in de straten van #Bakoe #Baku #Azerbeidzjan

Kürşad' ın narasıyla,
Nuri Paşa'nın ruhuyla.
Turan Ülküsü inancıyla,
Kafkas İslam Ordusu imanıyla...
Kahraman Türk Ordusu Baküde.

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#BREAKING_NEWS of the day from #Iraq

A very active #Iraqis in battlefield against #ISIS which created by nato & zionizt but investment of this was al saud & #UAE & still is them + ledes by #gs/#usa who bluffing to say we fighting terrorism & fuck u terrorist supporterz! CNTU ImageImageImageImage

The Commander in chief of #PMU/#PMF says in recently the #nato/#gs/#usa refused to airstrikes the strongholds of #ISIS in #anbar border to #Syria/#Iraq

He told they as usual says we r here to fight ISIS & that’s totally lies! Instead they supporting terrorism in #Mosul etc ImageImageImageImage
Suddenly more news from #Iraq & #سلیمانیه at least 6 innocents kurds got killed & dozens injured in #Suleimania

The usually ppl protesting since 2 12 2020

Why? Coz barzani s too rich & other #Kurdish ppl ve not money2buy food(all payments s stopped by #Baghdad coz of conflict ImageImageImageImage
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In September 1990, Petition for special leave to appeal (Civil) was filed against the judgement dated August 30, 1990, passed by Bombay High Court.
(1/n) @TOIIndiaNews #TipuSultan #TipuSultanJayanti Image
The Petitioners had produced the relevant Gazetteers of #Mysore and #Kerala and the letters of #TipuSultan at the time of hearing at the #BombayHighCourt. They had proved that:
1. He claimed to be a #Paigambar.

2. He adopted the title of #Baadshah.

3. He sometimes designated his own State as "Sircar-e-Khodadad -e- usud-ilhye -e- Ahmady" - in plain language, an #IslamicState.
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Is #Pakistan Arming the #Kashmir Centric #Terrorist Groups with #Turkish Drones?

🔶Lately, #Kashmir has witnessed several #Drone sorties from #Pakistan dropping weapons & cash. #Chinese #Kamikaze & #Turkish Bayraktar may be next lethal #weapons in hands of #Lashkar & Jaish.
🔶After article 370, it appears that so-called “#Kashmir issue” is tottering to its natural death. With every passing day, the false narratives, lies, & deceitful structures of jihadist violence are slowly & smoothly inching towards a dead end.
🔶Can #Pakistan afford #Kashmir slide out of its control? Once perception of “#Kashmir not being an issue anymore”gets ingrained in #Awam, #Pak faces existential threat. It won’t be able to justify mammoth budgets it has been accumulating for decades in name of #Kashmir to #Pak
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In Dec19 & Jan20,I tweeted about possible shipment of weapons from #Turkey to #Libya by #AeroTransCargo.They ordered me to delete my tweets,I refused & then they threatened me & I ignored. Now they are threatening every media that publishes my articles to cut my financial income! ImageImage
PTISI & DIASTIMA is one of the magazines that they have sent letters to threaten its editor. In this magazine, I have articles about Air Forces of Iran, Israel, Greece, France & etc. Nothing about the shipment of weapons by AeroTransCargo but they are trying to scare them! ImageImage
Despite the fact my articles are about world's air forces in these magazines, but their lawyer,@Paul_Tweed has kept sending threatening letters to these magazines!His goal is to scare them &force them to stop their cooperations with me.They want to put me under financial pressure Image
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So, it has come to this, the central question:

Are the Trumpists and Republicans (and not-a-few Democrats) right to doubt the polls that show #Biden winning an overwhelming victory over #Trump?

Keeping all musings on this momentous occasion in this thread.
Well, here we go
These early results are not entirely as it might have been wished they would be
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Has #Turkish PM taken leaf out of #Pakistan's policy of using #Terror as instrument of State Foreign Policy ❓

This is what provides encouragement to Terrorist

Praying for safety of victims of #ViennaTerrorAttack & Citizens of Austria

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