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Aug 27, 2023 15 tweets 6 min read
Today in Irony:

American Political Science Association (@APSATweets) annual conf features "#Disinformation Control" with...

Ex-academic @PiersRobinson1, who pushes disinfo for:

*#SyriaWarCrimes Denial
*#Coronavirus Denial
*"9-11 Truth"

Image Who is also in @APSATweets session on "#Disinformation" w ex-academic/disinfo pusher

Oliver Boyd-Barrett (now calling himself "Joseph"), who is on "Board" of Robinson group for #SyriaWarCrimes denial

He's using panel to push disinfo on #TrumpRussia

(2/x) Image
Sep 3, 2021 8 tweets 8 min read
Thread: #Syria, Chemical Attacks, & Disinfo

Interesting outcome from "BBC's Editorial Complaints Unit" re 13-part Mayday @Radio4 series

1. Series was on disinfo campaign -- pursued by #Russia, #Assad regime, and their allies -- contributed to death of James Le Mesurier

(1/x) 2. Series included episode on #Russia-#Assad-allies disinfo to deny #Douma chlorine attack, which killed 43 people, in April 2018

3. ECU outcome upheld series while criticizing "limited aspect" re ex-#OPCW staffer "Alex" (Brendan Whelan)


Mar 16, 2021 18 tweets 16 min read

1. Let's dissect latest effort at #Syria Chemical Attacks denial & undermining of inspections.

OPCW FFM Final Report - w *no* dissent by those n investigation - concluded "reasonable grounds" for chlorine attack n April 2018, killing 43 people n building n #Douma

(1/x) 2. As soon as #OPCW issued report in March 2019, #Russia launched campaign to discredit & undermine inspectors. This has been parallelled, & sometimes interwoven w, #Syria Chemical Attacks denial by activists in "West".…

Dec 23, 2020 9 tweets 9 min read

Dear @RobertWrighter:

I have benefited in past from @BloggingHeads, so it is disturbing that the platform was handed over for 90 minutes to an activist pushing misinformation on #Syria, primarily to attack #WhiteHelmets and to deny #ChemicalAttacks. In 90 minutes, the activist offered almost no reliable information. Instead, he used @BloggingHeads for a series of misrepresentations and sometimes falsehoods.

1. He claims "journalistic malpractice" in BBC Radio 4 documentary #Mayday w/o citing single example.

Jun 11, 2019 20 tweets 23 min read
Thread: Pro-#Assad Activists, Disinformation, & Ignorance

Roll with me while I describe a case illustrating how pro-Assad activists amplify #Russia #Propaganda --- but don't know basics of disinfo they spread.

It begins w latest smear of #WhiteHelmets in northwest #Syria (1/x) Background: Since they formed n 2013, & especially since #Russia military i-vention n 2015, #WhiteHelmets are top target of disinfo

Part of this is to cover #Russia-regime bombing & mass killing of civilians. Part is to demoralize people amid pro-#Assad offensives.

#Syria (2/x)